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Simon Ward and Karl Alexander

Karl Alexander is one of the UK’s top age group triathletes. He is a 2-time winner of Outlaw Half and is also a brand ambassador for the very popular Erdinger Triathlon Team. If you have ever raced any of the Outlaw events, or an event supported by Erdinger, then it’s likely that Karl will have served you with a post race recovery Erdinger. In this episode we discuss: You can follow Karl on Instagram at Karl.alexander1, or on Twitter @karlralexander. Karl doesn’t have his own website but...


Simon Ward and Josh Sprague

I love the idea that you can turn a hobby into a business. Why wouldn’t I? It’s exactly what I have done! My guest today has done similar, turning his hobby for adventure racing and mountain biking into a business called Orange Mud. It’s not your typical triathlon podcast, but if you’ve ever wanted to turn your hobby into a business this is a podcast you must listen to. Oh, and Josh is a real fun guy as well. Josh Sprague founded the company in 2012 making hydration packs that he could...


Simon Ward and Kit Walker (bonus)

Kit Walker - BONUS edition I recently interviewed Kit Walker about his life as a professional triathlete. During that interview I completely failed to ask Kit about his first professional victory at Outlaw in 2016, and his repeat victory in 2017 when he set a course record. It’s a much shorter episode than normal as we only focus on these two races and we talk about: To find out more about Kit Walker you can follow him on Twitter @kit_walker_tri, on Instagram at kit_walker_tri, Facebook...


Simon Ward and Amy Kilpin

Have you ever tried to get sponsorship to help your triathlon participation? Maybe you qualified for a GB age group place and tried to get help from some local companies to ease your financial burden? If you have, then today’s guest will have some familiar stories for you. Amy Kilpin calls herself an average age group triathlete and yet she has managed to gather together a group of very impressive sponsors (which you can see if you visit her web page here….. In...


Simon Ward and Kit Walker

In today’s episode, Simon interviews professional triathlete and reigning Outlaw triathlon champion Kit Walker. Although he races as a Pro, Kit also has a part time job as well as a young family. In this conversation he candidly discusses the reality of life as a professional triathlete and how that differs massively from the lifestyle that most age group athletes think of. We discuss: To find out more about Kit Walker you can follow him on T [...]


Simon Ward and Gerry Rodrigues

How to be “Race Ready” with Gerry Rodrigues. This week’s guest is from a place where open water swimming is an absolute pleasure, the beaches of Santa Monica, California. In fact his swim squad is named after the lifeguard tower where the swimmers meet, Tower 26. His name is Gerry Rodrigues and certainly on the West Coast of America he has an awesome reputation for the work he has done and still does with both novice and elite swimmers. Our first call was hampered by technical issues so...


Simon Ward Answers New Member Questions

In a change to the regular format, there is no guest this week. Instead, Simon answers a selection of questions submitted by The Triathlon Coach Cafe members. This week’s topics are based on the ever popular subject of how to train for triathlon. For the next 45 minutes listen in while Simon provides answers to the following questions and more.


Simon Ward and Tom Hughes on race nutrition

Dr. Tom Hughes is back to discuss some of the practicalities around nutrition leading up to and during your races. In today’s conversation we discuss the difference between low carb and lower carb. In particular we try to outline the ideal nutrition strategy for race week and race day for athletes who habitually consume lower than average levels of carbohydrate including:


Simon Ward and Dan Plews on HRV

Dan Plews - More on Heart Rate Variability Yorkshireman Dr. Dan Plews is one of the world’s top exercise physiologists, and researcher at Auckland University. He is also a leading expert on the subject of Heart Rate Variability having written at least 8 papers on the subject. ( He has spent the last few years advising the Kiwi Olympic Gold medalist rowers. On top of that, he currently advises 3 of the world’s top Ironman distance...


Simon Ward and Matt Bottrill episode 2

Matt Bottrill is back for part 2 as we discuss some of the aspects of training you might want to consider in order to get your best performance in the bike section of your triathlon. In this episode we will reveal: To book a session with Matt Bottrill or receive his weekly newsletter please visit You can also follow Matt on Twitter @BottrillMatthew. For more information please go to


Simon Ward and Matt Bottrill part 1

Matt Bottrill part 1 of 2 - Bike aerodynamics Matt Bottrill is currently one of the hottest cycle coaches around, working with some of our best known long distance triathletes including Lucy Charles, Tim Don, Suzie Cheetham, Rachel Joyce and Will Clarke. During this conversation Matt and Simon discuss the crucial role of aerodynamics in helping you to achieve your best bike performance. You will discover: To book a session with Matt Bottrill or receive his weekly newsletter please visit...


Simon Ward and Tim Heming on Commonwealth Games

This week our roving triathlon reporter Tim Heming is back as he and Simon discuss triathlon events at the Commonwealth Games last week. In particular they chat about what lessons you can learn from the performances on the Gold Coast including: For more information please go to [...]


Simon Ward with Kate Offord and Mel Hayes

This week we have a podcast just for the busy mums among you. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t useful information for everyone struggling to fit training into a busy day, just that this advise is dispensed by the perfect people to answer the question, “How does a super busy Mum fit in her triathlon training?” My guests, Kate Offord (L3 triathlon coach and head coach at Manchester Tri club) and Mel Hayes (personal trainer and age group world duathlon champion) are both mums with 2...


Simon Ward and Louisa Edmonston, part 1

Louisa Edmonston - How the “White Witch” performs a bike fit For anyone riding a bike competitively, a regular bike fit is a necessity. In the last few years there has been an explosion in the number of people offering a bike fit using a range of different methods, many employing the latest line of computer software and technology. Today’s guest is a former professional triathlete turned physiotherapist, who uses nothing more than her trained eyes and hands to help a rider find the...


Simon Ward and Robin Brew part 2

Elite swim coach Robin Brew returns and the conversation turns to some specific training tips to help triathletes become better swimmers covering topics such as: For more information please go to


Simon Ward and Robin Brew part 1

This week’s guest is Robin Brew, the former Olympic 200m Individual Medley record holder, professional triathlete and head swim coach at Mount Kelly College. In the first of 2 conversations Robin shares his philosophy on swim training for triathletes including: For more information please go to[...]


Simon Ward and Graham Brookhouse

In this week’s podcast there is a slight change of direction as Simon and Graham Brookhouse answer questions sent in by members of Simons Facebook group, “The Triathlon Coach Cafe”. Simon and Graham provide answers to: For more information please go to


Simon Ward and Tom Hughes

Today we have another guest returning to the show. This week it’s Dr. Tom Hughes and in this episode we revisit the current hot topic of low carbohydrate/high fat and provide some practical tips on how to integrate it into your daily routine. You’ll discover: To find out more about Dr. Tom Hughes go to his website, [...]


Simon Ward and Paul Cardwell-Hounam

Most triathletes train in the pool to swim in the open water. And yet the opportunities to train in open water for most UK triathletes is limited. Today’s guest is Lanzarote based, open water swim expert Paul Cardwell-Hounam. He trains lifeguards, teaches surfing and stand up paddle boarding, runs a regular swim clinic in Lanzarote, and he’s an Ironman University coach. Basically, if you want some help with being a better open water swimmer Paul is the man to listen to as we talk about:


Simon Ward and Sarah Pitts

Sarah Pitts likes to do things differently. an injury reversal specialist who eschews traditional foam rolling and stretching for her very own SMARTT mobility system. In the last 18 months, Sarah has been helping me to work on my mobility and reduce my injury count as I get to that age where it important to stay injury free. In today’s conversation we discuss…