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Simon Ward and Matt Lawrence

This week’s guest is an athlete that I’ve worked with for the last 11 years. Matt Lawrence and I first met back in 2007 when he asked me to help him improve his Ironman performance. As time progressed, Matt’s goals changed from improving his time to seeing if he could qualify to race at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona. As with most of the triathlon journey’s experienced by athletes, this has been a long road with many ups and downs, dead ends, and u-turns. As you will learn...


Simon Ward and Tim Heming 2018 Kona Predictions

Hey Folks, this year it's the 40th anniversary of the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and it promises to be one hell of a race in both the male and female events. Our regular forecaster, Tim Heming, is back with his annual Top 10 predictions. Tim does a lot of work in advance of making his picks. It's not just simply picking the big names. In the conversation he outlines why he selected certain athletes and why others didn’t make his top 10. Last year he dropped a monumental clanger when...


Simon Ward and Bob Babbitt

Today’s guest is not an elite athlete, coach, or even an expert on some part of the athlete training process. He is, however, an integral part of the triathlon scene in the USA and has been for quite some time, the late 1970’s to be exact. Bob Babbitt has a rich history in the Ironman scene in the US and especially on the West Coast. Today’s conversation is like a journey through triathlon time, and Bob has been right at the centre of it for many years. You will hear us chat...


Simon Ward and Dr. Phil Maffetone

This week I am joined by a man whose methods are currently at the forefront of my mind both from a nutrition and a training standpoint. I have recommended the book Primal Endurance to many people in the last 24 months, and I know of many people who are currently trying out the principles of today’s guest, Dr Phil Maffetone. This is a long conversation - almost 90 minutes - which means I have given you 200% more than I promised. I know how to deliver value for money!! Considering that we...


Simon Ward and Brad DeVaney

Every time I see a triathlon bike I look at the design wonder “what were they thinking” when they came up with this idea? Have you ever thought that? Today I get to interview the man who designed the triathlon bike that I’ve been riding all summer, the Quintana Roo PRSix ( and the rest of the QR range. His name is Brad DeVaney and he is the bike design guru at American Bicycle group, who also happen to own Litespeed titanium bikes, my particular...


Legends of British Triathlon * Simon Ward and Mike Harris

This week I have another legend of the British Triathlon scene from the 1980’s. My guest today is Mike Harris, who was at the top of his game around 1986-1990. In fact, it was around this time that I started to take part in triathlon events and Mike’s name invariably occupied the top of the results list, especially if the race was based in the north of England. He was British Triathlon Champion 3 times, and 1987 was his best ever year. In an era when there were not really any full time...


Simon Ward and Mike Reilly

If you have ever raced an Ironman then I’m pretty certain that the ONE phrase you wanted to hear as you crossed that finish line was, ‘You are an IRONMAN!” My guest today is Mike Reilly, the man who came up with that phrase and who is known as “The Voice of Ironman”. In this conversation not only will Mike share some amazing insights on his role as the man who calls you across the line, on top of that you’ll be able to feel the passion and enthusiasm that he has not only for the sport but...


Legends of British Triathlon * Simon Ward and Steve Trew

In some recent podcasts, I have been reminiscing with guests about the ‘early’ years, way back in the 80’s and 90’s. These conversations proved more popular than I imagined so I have decided to create a parallel podcast series called "Legends of British Triathlon". My guest today was one of the pioneers of the sport in the UK. Since completing his first triathlon, Steve Trew has forged a career based around triathlon - as a journalist writing for triathlon running and cycling magazines,...


Simon Ward and Gill Fullen

This week marks our 52nd podcast, which means that we are almost celebrating our first anniversary! To mark this special occasion, I have a very special guest today. A lady who will inspire you because of her athletic achievements all the while overcoming a very serious personal challenge. Gill Fullen came to triathlon late, only completing her first triathlon in 2009. By 2011 she had represented GB at her age group in the world championships and completed her very first Ironman. Since...


Simon Ward on How to Avoid Over-Training, Under-Recovery, and Getting Injured

This week Simon is answering more of our listener's questions and focussing on subjects that have been very topical on the various social media platforms and always at the forefront of the endurance athlete's mind. None of us like to get injured or ill, and yet these two major disrupters of training (and of a healthy life) seem to come around far too often. Some see it as a side effect of pushing the boundaries and chasing elusive goals, while others see them as entirely avoidable . . ....


Simon Ward and Simon Blackburn

This week's SWATcast guest is another of Simon’s triathlon buddies from the 80’s. You may not have heard of him but Simon Blackburn has been involved in some pretty significant triathlon history in the UK, and recently he has embarked on another ground breaking venture which is sure to have an impact on the future delivery of triathlon events in Great Britain and beyond. Simon and Simon start off by reminiscing about the good old days of triathlon and some of the great names that they both...


Simon Ward and Jack Maitland

This week I am speaking with another guest who is firmly rooted in the history of British Triathlon. Jack Maitland has been involved in endurance sport for over 40 years from a junior competitor to an elite athlete and then onto an elite coach. This conversation takes us on a journey of one man's life and the impact he has had on the sport of triathlon including: To contact Jack and find out more about triathlon coaching or yoga email him via For more...


Simon Ward and Iain Hamilton

In this week's podcast and ahead of this weekend Outlaw Full I managed to grab a precious few minutes with the Outlaw race director and One Step Beyond owner, Iain Hamilton. Iain is part of the DNA of UK triathlon with his involvement in the sport stretching right back to the late 1980’s when he raced as a junior. In this chat we cover a wide range of subjects such as: Reminiscing about the very beginnings of triathlon in the UKIain’s involvement with one of the very first UK triathlon...


Simon Ward and Tim Heming

Our roving triathlon reporter is back this week as Simon chats with Tim Heming about what's been happening in the triathlon world recently. In this week's conversation Simon and Tim chat about: If you have any subjects that you’d like Tim or I to discuss in our next chat, please post them on the Facebook page, simon.ward1. For more information please go to, or, or email


Simon Ward Answers Nutrition Questions

In this episode of TheTriathlonCoach SWATcast, your host Simon Ward answers more listener questions. This week the discussion is centred around nutrition, a topic that promotes even more chatter than swimming. Nutrition is recognised by most triathletes as being an important part of their performance and yet it remains an under utilised ‘training tool’. In this show Simon covers a whole range of topics including: The critical importance of planning and preparation for your everyday...


Simon Ward and Dave Schell

TrainingPeaks is the premier online training diary in the world, and it's the one I have chosen to use for the last 10 years both for my own personal training calendar and analysis, and also for those athletes that I work with. Currently I have over 500 people signed up to TrainingPeaks who are linked with me. If used properly, this platform can be used to analyse and then prepare a much more accurate training programme whether you are an athlete or a coach. That's why it gives me great...


Simon Ward and Sam Dickinson

Following on from the huge triathlon success of the Brownlee brothers, there is a new wave of triathletes eager to continue flying the flag for British Triathlon. Many of them are based at the High Performance Centre in Leeds including today's guest, Sam Dickinson. At 20 years old Sam is one of the brightest prospects in the UK, and a member of the World Class Performance Pathway group. In today's podcast we talk about: To find out more about Sam Dickinson find him on Instagram at...


Simon Ward and Karl Alexander

Karl Alexander is one of the UK’s top age group triathletes. He is a 2-time winner of Outlaw Half and is also a brand ambassador for the very popular Erdinger Triathlon Team. If you have ever raced any of the Outlaw events, or an event supported by Erdinger, then it's likely that Karl will have served you with a post race recovery Erdinger. In this episode we discuss: You can follow Karl on Instagram at Karl.alexander1, or on Twitter @karlralexander. Karl doesn’t have his own website but...


Simon Ward and Josh Sprague

I love the idea that you can turn a hobby into a business. Why wouldn’t I? It's exactly what I have done! My guest today has done similar, turning his hobby for adventure racing and mountain biking into a business called Orange Mud. It's not your typical triathlon podcast, but if you’ve ever wanted to turn your hobby into a business this is a podcast you must listen to. Oh, and Josh is a real fun guy as well. Josh Sprague founded the company in 2012 making hydration packs that he could use...


Simon Ward and Kit Walker (bonus)

Kit Walker - BONUS edition I recently interviewed Kit Walker about his life as a professional triathlete. During that interview I completely failed to ask Kit about his first professional victory at Outlaw in 2016, and his repeat victory in 2017 when he set a course record. It's a much shorter episode than normal as we only focus on these two races and we talk about: To find out more about Kit Walker you can follow him on Twitter @kit_walker_tri, on Instagram at kit_walker_tri, Facebook at...