Episode 46: "Annihilation" w/Matt

Matt and I go through the absolute maze that is the recent Netflix-distributed production that is "Annihilation." This confusing, weird, and beautifully shot film has a lot to go over between all of the strangeness that unfolds that it gave Matt plenty to go over as we talk our way through what exactly happened on that screen.


Episode 45: Musician & Producer Theo Möll

This week, I play a full conversation I had with musician and producer Theo Möll. Theo is a very accomplished musician across genres and has also been on the other side of the booth in handling some aspects of music production. With such vast experience on both ends, Theo has a very strong knowledge of the music world, in both performance and the nuance of music theory. We keep it pretty tame, though, so people of all musical backgrounds should still find this to be highly accessible and fun!


Episode 44: NFL Draft Rd 1 Recap w/Corwin

A later drop this week than usual is a recap of the first round of this past weekend's NFL draft that Corwin and I recorded over the weekend. Though we make no mention of the other 6 rounds, the all-important and highly-coveted first round is by far the most important, and most watched, round in all of sports.


Episode 43: Electronic Musician Christian Royle

On today's episode, Christian Royle spends some time telling me about electronic music, his experience with it, and a bunch of tangents surrounding it. His passion for the art he's creating is exceedingly clear, and if you're interested in hearing more from him, you can check his SoundCloud out at: https://soundcloud.com/christian-royle And his record company's (Xpanse Records) site: https://www.xpanserecords.com/ And finally, check out my episode at Wholesome...


Episode 42: Joseph Riggs aka The Midi Boss

On this Monday's episode, Joseph Riggs (aka The Midi Boss) took some time to talk to me about himself, his work, and his art. He explains what he does, what on earth Midi is, and goes through all of the things that occupy his time and mind. If you have any interest in electronic music, midi devices, or different facets of music production--this is for you! If anything Joseph said stuck out to you in particular, you can find him on Reddit as u/TheMidiBoss and on Snapchat as TheMidiBoss with a...


Episode 41: "The Death Of Stalin"

The movie reviews are back! It's been a little while, but I've done some soul-searching and some movie-searching and got a chance to watch the great new movie, "The Death Of Stalin." Well worth the watch, this political comedy does a fantastic job on all fronts and is a strong combination of thoughtful and hilarious. Give it a watch, give this a listen, and become part of the discussion!


Episode 40: Composer Khris Clymer

All the way from his vacation in Alaska, composer Khris Clymer takes some time to talk about what goes into the art of composing, what it's like to be involved in the world of commercial and film work, and just music in general. A fun, laid-back, and informative conversation that certainly helped me to appreciate an understand what goes into this kind of work. To find out more about Khris, check out: http://www.khrisclymer.com/ "Instructions For...


Episode 39: Around The Horn w/Corwin & Ethan

Ethan stops by and Corwin joins in on Skype as we go around the leagues and talk about some current topics in the worlds of baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. It's been an exciting start to the MLB season, a fascinating NFL offseason, and we're right at the start of the NHL playoffs, so lots to go over in this episode!


Episode 38: Talking Hockey w/Ben Part II

Ben and I have another conversation about the current status of the NHL as we begin the most exciting playoffs in all of sports. We talk about the Devils, the Golden Knights, and why everyone hates Brad Marchand.


Episode 37: Movies And Pop Culture w/James Baker

James Baker, host of the podcast Pop Cult Net, takes some time to talk with me about movies and a few topics adjacent and on the forefront of the world of pop culture. This episode is, once again, led off with some sports talk, including some thoughts on the Bronx Cheer that Giancarlo Stanton faced in his first appearance in pinstripes. I also encourage you all to check out James' podcast at https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/james-baker-2/pop-cult-net and twitter at @PopCultNet


Episode 36: "Loveless"

A relatively quick review on the recent Russian submission to the Best Foreign Film category at the 2018 Oscars. A very interesting look at modern-day societal trends, set to the backdrop of a missing-persons mystery. Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any takes on it!


Episode 35: In The Car w/Ethan

Ethan and I chat about the recent Knicks-76ers game while driving home from it! It was both of our first NBA game, so we talk a little bit about what the experience was like, in addition to the game itself and a little bit about the section that surrounded us.


Episode 34: Jacque Rabie

The usual brief sports update, followed by a conversation with film student Jacque Rabie in which we navigate the creative process, the affects of film school, and a lot of general film conversation. Great conversation from someone who very clearly knows what he's talking about and loves being involved in it.


Episode 33: "Veronica" w/Dan

After a heartbreaking New York Rangers loss, I play a conversation between my good pal Dan that we recorded directly after watching the recent Netflix-distributed film "Veronica." Listen as we go horribly off-topic and loosely try to stay on course in our original conversation topic.


Episode 32: Tyler Grutsch

A quick recap of the NY Jets recent draft-trade which put them up to the 3rd overall pick. Following that, I have a conversation with filmmaker and film production specialist, Tyler Grutsch. If anything Tyler talked about interested you, or if you should ever find yourself in Montana, his can be reached through his website: http://wisefoleyentertainment.com/


Episode 31: Noah Nathanson Of Sippin' & Swearing

After a little recap of what's going on with the teams I follow, guest Noah Nathanson and I move through several topics of interest for both of us, including baseball, movies, and music.


Episode 30: What Pete's Gotta Say About The NY Giants w/Pete

Peter comes back on the show after a bit to talk some sports topics, with a decent chunk of it revolving around our local New York Football Giants. I also mention that our friends Laura Marchoff and Alex Canellas have been releasing tracks on YouTube, please give them a listen! They can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk3QfjpZAIw-nax7n0-MKxg Or by searching for portalschannel on Twitter!


Episode 29: "A Fantastic Woman"/"On Body And Soul"

The all foreign film episode! I start (belatedly) working my way through the Best Foreign Film category with the winner of the cateory as well as the Hungarian competitor. Very high-minded and intense films, I thoroughly enjoyed working my way through the concepts and ideas thrown out in each of these films.


Episode 28: Oscar-Winning Reaction

I sat down and actually watched all 900 minutes of Hollywood high-fiving themselves and have carefully sculpted my reaction to the awards ceremony, but more importantly, a brief reaction to the days winners and losers.


Episode 27: Interview with Laura Marchoff and Alex Canellas (aka Portals)

I have director Laura Marchoff and musician Alex Canellas (who also goes by the name Portals), who together make up the NYC-based artist collective, RM-R Media. We spent some time together talking about their collaborative efforts, specifically in regards to a music video that they made, as well as other various parts of each of their individual crafts.