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35: Episode 35: Barrie McDermott, participation & fielding not enough players

Barrie's gonna get youuu... One of the toughest men in the history of Super League, and now a key member of the Sky Sports RL team, Barrie McDermott joins the lads in the studio for to chat rugby league! The semi-finals look exciting as we await to see who is off to Old Trafford, the Million Pound Game will see the return of London to the top flight or the berth of Toronto into the elite. BUT for every positive there's a sour negative and Leigh have nine players for the Shield final... NINE....


34: Episode 34: Dream Team, Widnes Relegation and Classy Beers

Ogi, Jy and TMagz are together for another episode of the Six till Eight Debate. The gang have many things on their rundown for this show, including the NRL grandfinal, the Billy Slater shoulder-charge, the structure of the Super League and Championship, Widnes' relegation and a debate about which beers are 'classy' and which aren't...


33: Episode 33: Jake Webster, ta-ra to tradition & celebrating

The boys are joined by fellow Castleford Tigers player Jake Webster who discusses his move to Bradford Bulls, his time as a Tiger and all the key issues following the EGM meeting. Oli, Jy & Tom are in studio as ever to dissect the rugby league world, talk about an 8-year-old driving to McDonalds, trying to get concert tickets and so much more as ever. #SixTillEightDebate #RugbyLeague


32: Episode 32: Daryl Powell, EGM & #ReallyOneMoreYear?!

The boys needed to be on their best behaviour because the boss came into the studio... Daryl Powell, the Castleford Tigers head coach joined Oli, Jy & Tom to chat loads of rugby league. Topics up for debate this week include: Castleford being better positioned for a Grand Final win this year, the EGM meeting determining the future of the game AND could Jy be really getting ONE MORE YEAR?! Well... Oggy has stitched him up, find out why on the Six till Eight Debate.


31: Episode 31: Stevie Ward, academy sides & #OneMoreYear

A Rhino is amongst the two Tigers boys this week, Leeds Rhinos' player Stevie Ward joins Oli, Jy & Tom in the studio to chat all things rugby league and any other random nonsense. Some of the topics up for discussion this week include: Hull FC's terrible performance against Warrington, how Stevie has found it with the Rhinos in 2018, injuries and academy sides for clubs. Also some of the random discussion includes a sting ray stinging... something... Og's new new car and #OneMoreYear for...


30: Episode 30: Cup final review, catfishing & quiz off

Wemberlee has been and gone and the Catalans Dragons are the winners of the Challenge Cup 2018, the boys discuss what it means for the competiton. Plus Jy's weird news is very, very weird involving a husband and wife and a knife... Oh and Oggy is MEGA MAD this week at everything! Hence his increased swearing


29: Episode 29: Wembley, boats and rolling cars

Oli has put Tom out of work this week by taking his spot in the desk chair! So whilst Og learns how to do a radio broadcast the boys discuss the rugby league world as ever with the Challenge Cup final days away, the structure for next year rumoured to be announced and the second round of Super 8s action to review. Plus in non-RL news the lads discuss Jy failing to park his own car, Oli’s FANTASTIC boat story during his trip to Croatia and much more randomness. This is the Six till Eight...


25: Episode 25: Adam Milner, call ups and Fortnite porn

Fresh off signing his new deal with Castleford Tigers and getting a call up into the England Elite Performance Squad, Adam Milner is the special guest on this week's show! With the split now one round away it's getting exciting in the Championship but also deals are flying all over the shop with Leigh having a mass exodus of players and Salford asking fans for more cash. Oli has had his own call up into the England Knights EPS and Jy... well Jy is in a fiery mood -this is the Six till Eight...


24: Episode 24: Ireland, Rimmer & bizarre laws

Loads to discuss as ever with two rounds to go until the split and a thrilling round of fixtures coming up. In the news Ireland rugby league have announced they plan to limit their heritage players to 5 in the squad and Ralph Rimmer is now full in charge of the RFL. Jy brings up some weird laws from around the world and Oli is proper peeved at his boots, again.


23: Episode 23: Losing £2M, Sinfield & is p**s a swear word?

It was coming home so that's why the show is a day late this week, hey ho c'est la vie, Six till Eight Debate discusses all the key issues in rugby league as ever! Leeds Rhinos have had a busy week the lads discuss the new coaching setup with Kevin Sinfield back and James Lowes as first team coach. It didn't spark a win for them though over Castleford, Oggy gives his view of the match. Jy is getting excited by the close of the regular season in the Championship with it tight in the top four...


22: Episode 22: Jy on another planet, McDermott sacked & It's Coming Home

Jy Hitchcox iss back in the studio after a week off due to his injury, if you didn't know he's sadly broke his back. Don't worry he won't mention it much... On this week's show the guys discuss Castleford's trip to the South of France that ended up with a big loss to the Catalans Dragons, Brian McDermott getting sacked by Leeds Rhinos and dual-registration. All that and more silliness as ever!


21: Episode 21: James Clare, Jy’s injury & RL in the USA

Sadly our favourite Australian Jy ‘The Postman’ Hitchcox was not able to join the boys in studio for the show due to his injury which could leave him on the sideline until further notice, he has broke his back for goodness sake… BUT stepping into the man’s seat this week is fellow Castleford Tigers winger James Clare. Straight from the start of the show James wants honesty and then proceeds to annoy Oli at any opportunity he can… It’s another fiery edition of the Six till Eight Debate.


20: Episode 20: Mick Morgan, Cumbria & cheesecake

I CAN'T SPAKE! It's only rugby league royalty Mick Morgan joining the lads in the studio! Mick discusses his career from his playing days in various positions on the field, to the various position he's worked for Castleford off the field. Tom has a present for Jy after scoring four tries at the weekend, but Jy says he has a present in return... The long awaited tattoo on his backside has happened! Part of the topics up for discussion this week include: Cumbrian rugby league, Danny Richardson...


19: Episode 19: Structure, technical difficulties & RL is at war?

The boys are back with another episode of rugby league discussion and debate with the future of Super League and the RFL making headlines they aim to try explain what’s going on, they won’t solve anything and might not help but it gets rowdy! Plus with both Oliver & Jy getting on the Castleford Tigers scoresheet we aim to settle who got the better try! It’s another jam packed episode of the Six till Eight Debate!


18: Episode 18: Luke Gale, The Tomkins & Love Island

Man of Steel winner in 2017 and Castleford Tigers star Luke Gale joined Oli, Jy & Tom in the studio this week to discuss everything in the rugby league world! The Challenge Cup quarter-finals gets reviewed, Luke discusses the work done on his hair and Oli is not happy about the lads stitching him up... all that and much more on the Six till Eight Debate.


17: Episode 17: Garreth Carvell, RLPA & Summer Bash

Joining the Six till Eight Debate this week is former Hull FC, Warrington Wolves & Great Britain forward Garreth Carvell! Topics up for discussion as ever revolve around mainly rugby league with the Summer Bash getting a lot of discussion, the Rugby League Players Association (which Gaz does a lot of work with), Castleford's loss to Saints and more. Plus Jy brings up the topic of genetic editing and his annoying parking ticket he got from going to the gym...


16: Episode 16: Magic review, skinny legs & Royal Wedding

After a win at Magic Weekend 2018 for Castleford Tigers both Oliver Holmes & Jy Hitchcox are in jubilant mood with both of them scoring tries against Leeds Rhinos. But whose was better? Tom Maguire behind the desk as ever stewing the debate about the future of Magic Weekend, should it stay in Newcastle or head to New York? The future of Shaun Wane is discussed, the week's upcoming fixtures, Oggy's skinny legs, the Pub Quiz and even the Royal Wedding gets discussed. A jam packed episode of...


15: Episode 15: Andy's Man Club, #ItsOkayToTalk & Magic Weekend

After last week's discussion about mental health and Andy's Man Club: Oli, Jy & Tom are joined by the founder of AMC Luke Ambler and Luke Storey to discuss mental health even further as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. The first hour is an honest and open discussion about the issues surrounding mental health, depression and suicide - if you find those subject matters upsetting please feel free to skip to the second hour. With Magic Weekend days away the guys discuss the festival of...


14: Episode 14: Ryan Hampshire, Andy's Man Club & Million Pound Game

Bit of a late switch on this week's show as we were expecting Zak Hardaker but due to unforeseen circumstances he couldn't join us BUT a late call-up, and a bloody great addition to the panel, Ryan Hampshire joins Oli Holmes, Jy Hitchcox and Tom Maguire to chat all sorts of rugby league. On the agenda this week the guys discuss the Million Pound Game, review all the action from last week and get into a serious conversation about mental health and how Andy's Man Club is helping spread the...


13: Episode 13: Obstructions, League One & major tattoo drama

You want twists and turns in a podcast? Does this week's show with Oli Holmes, Jy Hitchcox and Tom Maguire have some. There was some big points margins this week in rugby league with York City Knights breaking a world record of most points scored, but is League One actually competitive? More controversy thanks to the obstruction rule and the video ref, so naturally the chaps debate it once again alongside reviewing all the week's action. Plus, there is major drama surrounding the tattoo...