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A podcast for new and returning motorcycle riders, and the folks that want to help them learn how to ride, hone their skills, and enjoy a lifetime of safe and fulfilling motorcycling adventures.

A podcast for new and returning motorcycle riders, and the folks that want to help them learn how to ride, hone their skills, and enjoy a lifetime of safe and fulfilling motorcycling adventures.
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A podcast for new and returning motorcycle riders, and the folks that want to help them learn how to ride, hone their skills, and enjoy a lifetime of safe and fulfilling motorcycling adventures.




Episode 017: Test Rides of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and Versys 1000 LT and Ninja ZX-6R

In this episode I give my thoughts, comments and reactions after test riding the Kawasaki Ninja 650, Versys 1000 SE LT+ and the Ninja ZX-6R during the Kawasaki Demo Truck Days at Maximum Motorsports in Riverhead, NY. I enjoyed riding all 3 bikes, but by far the Ninja ZX-6R was the stand out. I loved the power and performance and the quick up-shifter feature. Riding this bike definitely aligned with my desires to start doing track days. While I previously considered starting track days on a...


Episode 016: Hanging out with WRWR Founder Hayley Bell

In this episode Gina and I interview Hayley Bell, the founder and the main driving force behind the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR), a worldwide pursuit "to ignite a global sisterhood of inspirational women to promote courage, adventure, unity and passion for biking from all corners of the world and do something that’s never been done before to this scale." I also share what I have learned so far from Keith Code's "A Twist of the Wrist" books and DVDs, discuss a new part I installed on my...


Episode 015: Test Rides of the Yamaha NIKEN and MT-09 and R3

In this episode I included the audio from my video review of the test rides of the Yamaha NIKEN, MT-09 and R3 that I did back in May. You'll also hear audio clips of the engine and exhaust notes of all three bikes. And I provide updates on WRWR, the Keystone TT, my Motojitsu White Belt, and the motorcycle skill and techniques book that I'm reading now. Episode Links * On The Road Again Motorcycle School (OTRA) ( * Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)...


Episode 014: First Update from New Rider "G4"

In this episode, John Gardiner IV (G4) joins me to give us a full update on how he likes his 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT, and how he is progressing on his riding skills development and working on his Motojitsu belts. We find out how it was that John actually came to the conclusion that it was time to become a motorcyclist and buy his first motorcycle. We talk a little about negotiating when buying a new motorcycle from a dealer. John also talks about how his grandmother helped him out so that...


Episode 013: Fireside Chat with DanDanTheFireman

In this episode, DanDanTheFireman and I have a nice chat and get down to the nitty-gritty of motorcycle safety and the importance of training and wearing proper gear to reduce the inherent risks associated with motorcycling. Having worked as an EMT for a little over 10 years, Daniel has seen it all when it comes to traffic accidents, in particular related to motorcycles. His passion is educating motorcyclists, especially beginning riders, on the things they can do to get better informed and...


Episode 012: Chat with Justin Edson from Jedz Moto

In this episode I have a really cool chat with Justin Edson who I have come to know as a fellow listener of some other podcasts that we share an interest in. It is Justin's attitude towards life and his extensive experience riding and wrenching on motorcycles that gave me the idea to have him on as a guest of the show. We talk a little bit about Jack Daley, a great friend and riding buddy of Justin's, who unfortunately passed away a couple months ago, and we discuss why Jack was such an...


Episode 011: Talking Braaap with Shahin Alvandi

In this episode, Shahin Alvandi joins me to discuss lots of motorcycle related topics. Shahin is the co-host on the Brap Talk! motorcycle podcast, spent many years working at MotoCorsa, the largest Ducati dealer in North America, is president of the Ducati Owner’s Club of the Pacific Northwest, is currently the owner of a beautiful Ducati Multistrada, does trackdays and is planning to start amateur motorcycle racing next year! Shahin shares stories about how he met Jensen Beeler, the founder...


Episode 010: Discussion with Tony Terribilini on Keeping the Sport of Motorcycling Alive

In this episode listener Tony Terribilini and I discuss several different topics which are pretty much summarized by the links below. Scan the links and you'll get a good idea of what this episode is all about! In a nutshell, we talk about his experience with millennials, how motorcycle marketing to the millennial and following generations needs to change, where we see growth opportunities, and the importance of helping keep existing motorcyclists in the community by making sure they are...


Episode 009: Interview with Fast Eddie from Motojitsu

In this episode I have a special guest, Greg Widmar (aka Fast Eddie), who not only is a very experienced Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control Training motorcycle rider trainer and coach, but he has also developed his own Motojitsu Master Rider Training Program to help students and riders build their skills by doing a carefully laid out series of steps or "belts", similar to the systems used in various types of martial arts. Students are awarded various belts in sequence as they...


Episode 008: Interview with New Rider and New Motorcycle Owner "G4"

In this episode John Gardiner IV (aka "G4") joins me to discuss his journey in becoming a new motorcycle rider and the also his adventures in shopping for his first bike. John found my podcast when he started searching the internet for help on getting started in this sport that we all love so much. So I was elated when John agreed to come on the show to discuss his own story, as one of my goals for this podcast is helping new people from all walks of life find the activity of motorcycling...


Episode 007: Old Man Slacker and Motorcycle Philosophy

I recorded this one on my birthday! In this episode I explain the origin of the nickname "Old Man Slacker" that I have adopted, what it means to me, and why I adopted it. I also go over the different facets that I see as comprising this thing we call life and I introduce the subject of "Motorcycle Philosophy" and what that means to me. I talk about losing my dad and the influence that had on me and why I have dedicated my podcast to him. I give shout-outs to Jedz Moto and the Loud Pipes!...


Episode 006: Interview with Eugene and Shana Sanderson about WRWR

In this episode I have two special guests. Shana Sanderson, Executive Vice President of Operations for the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR). And her husband, Eugene Sanderson, who has been instrumental in supporting Shana in her day to day role in WRWR, and who also handcrafted the batons that are passed woman to woman in the WRWR Global Relay and the WRWR U.S. Ripple Relay. We discuss what motorcyles they each ride now and the motorcycles they started out on, as well as how they got started...


Episode 005: Interview with Sarah Worthylake from WRWR

In this episode I have two special guests. My girlfriend, Gina Bratkowsky, joins me as my co-host and helps me interview Sarah Worthylake from the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR). Sarah is the Global Relay Moderator and the U.S. Ripple Relay Coordinator for WRWR. She started riding about 3 years ago, and her first and current bike is a Honda CBR600RR sport bike. Her fiancé got her interested in riding and she learned how to ride in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Basic Riders Course...


Episode 004: What's In Your Top Case?

In this episode I discuss the Hepco & Becker rack system I have on my Kawasaki Z900RS and the Givi universal base plate I use to make it very easy to switch my Givi V47 top case between this bike and my Kawasaki Vulcan S. I also cover in detail the various items I carry from tools to first aid gear to trauma kit, etc. and why I feel each of these items is very valuable to carry and have on hand. To me, part of motorcycling is about being prepared. For sure you want to get training and take...


Episode 003: A Fun Thing to do with Your Motorcycle in May

In this episode I talk about the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge (MPC) which is hosted by RDub Studios and the Loud Pipes! podcast. I give a "Cliff's Notes", high level overview of the MPC rules, how I got involved last year, why I love to do the challenge and why podcast listeners and podcast hosts should participate. If you have never done the MPC, please listen to this episode, find out all about it, and find out how you can get any questions answered and how to sign up to participate. If...


Episode 002: To Gear, or Not to Gear

In this episode I talk about why wearing protective gear can be controversial and my views on why wearing gear is so important, and more importantly how to choose gear that will work the best for you. I also discuss the important of budgeting for your gear when you are first starting out and before you buy your first motorcycle. I discuss some past experiences with machinery, bicycling, skateboarding and rollerblading, and how those experiences shaped my opinions about wearing gear and what...


Episode 001: What's It All About?

In this first episode I introduce what this podcast is all about and what motorcycling is all about to me. I talk about why I started the podcast and how you can help me shape the direction and future of the podcast. Ultimately this is a podcast for you, and what you need and want to get the most enjoyment possible out of your motorcycling activities. What does the artwork for the podcast mean? What I ride 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S...