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Soccer 2 the MAX: All-Star Edition

On this episode, Rachael and Erik break down the big news of Jill Ellis steppind down as head coach of the US Women's National Team, and talk about everything from the timing to what's next for the team and US Soccer in general. Who's up next? How will the transition be? Will the first name be monosyllabic? Also, the duo cover all the different updates with the USWNT lawsuit, including the now infamous letter from US Soccer President Carlos Codeiro and how the men's team is stepping in as...


Soccer 2 the MAX: Rants and Recaps Edition

On this episode, Rachael and Erik celebrate and review the US Women's National Team for their World Cup victory in France, and discuss what this means for the women's game now and going forward. The pair also talk about the NWSL, what their new sponsorship and TV deals could mean for this season, and where the league can go from here; as well as how things will change with the return of the international players. On the men's side, the duo talk about what went right and wrong for the US in...


Soccer 2 the MAX 6-19-19

In this episode, Rachael and Erik talk about how good the USMNT's 4-0 win over Guyana to open up the Gold Cup really was, and the contributions of a former Mailman! Later, Erik puts some perspective on a particular blowout performance by the USWNT at the FIFA Women's World Cup, and Rachael helps him realize he may be on the path to being a Vegas sharp after all as the duo look ahead to the big match against Sweden. For that, Erik sits back and gives Rachael the floor for a rant on our good...


Soccer 2 the MAX: Women's World Cup Recap/Groups D, E, and F Preview

On this episode, Rachael and Erik review the first games of Groups D and E, and discuss what this will mean for each group going forward compared to expectations. Yes, they also preview Group F with the USA, and why it may not be as big of a cakewalk through the group stage as first thought. Finally, the duo recap the first action from Groups A, B, and C, talking about everything from what VAR got right to the teams that could make even more noise as the tournament goes on.


FIFA Women's World Cup Preview: Groups A, B, & C

On our first preview episode counting down to the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup, Rachael and Erik talk about the favorites and dark horses from each of Groups A, B, & C, and discuss the upsets that could happen to prevent some favorites from winning it all. Also, they do a deep dive into Ada Hegerberg's protest and what the future could hold for Brazil if things don't go their way.


USWNT World Cup Roster, NWSL Early Season Thoughts - Soccer 2 the MAX

On this episode, Sean Garmer, Rachael McKriger, and Erik Watkins are back with an all Women's soccer show. First, the crew discuss the 23 rumored names for the United States Women's world cup roster. How do the trio feel about the list, and will any of the names change once the official reveal is made? Who are some players that should be there instead? Rachael certainly has some thoughts on this that you want to hear. After that, it is a major focus on the National Women's Soccer League,...


USMNT Draw With Chile, 2019 Gold Cup & Nations League Groups, MLS Week 5 Thoughts - Soccer 2 the MAX

On this episode, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins go without Rachael to discuss the U.S. Men's National Team draw against Chile and assess the overall feel of the team through Gregg Berhalter's time in charge. Then they move on and talk the 2019 CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup fields. Are Canada and Cuba a cakewalk for the U.S.? Who got the toughest group in Nations League? Plus, how do they feel about the 16 team Gold Cup, future hosting possibilities, and the final field. Finally, they...


USMNT Defeat Ecuador, USWNT Named, Inter Miami Troubles - Soccer 2 the MAX

On this episode, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger discuss the U.S. Men's National Team defeating Ecuador 1-0. Who played well, who didn't, and who surprised. What about the experiment of Tyler Adams at Right Back? They discuss it all. Next, Rachael breaksdown the U.S. Women's National Team roster for their upcoming frendlies against Belgium and Australia. Plus, more on the USWNT versus USSF lawsuit, U.S. U-23 roster, Inter Miami FC heading to Fort Lauderdale, and more.


USWNT Sues U.S. Soccer, MLS Week 2 Thoughts - Soccer 2 the MAX

On the return episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger discuss the latest in America's beautiful game. First up, Rachael gives thoughts on the United States Women's National Team's play in the recently completed SheBelieves Cup. Did anyone standout? Or was it an all-around depressing slate of performances? And what did Jill Ellis do wrong this time? The trio also spend time on the lawsuit filed by the USWNT against the United States Soccer Federation. Do...


Soccer 2 the MAX 1-5-19

Yes indeed! 2019 starts off with a brand new edition of Soccer 2 the MAX! In the first episode of the new year, Rachael and Erik discuss and react to the news that the Columbus Crew are staying home, and what this could mean for MLS and US Soccer in general. The duo also discuss what is...and isn't...going on with the NWSL and their coaching searches, as they're less than a week away from their college draft. Also, what's going on in the world of USWNT fandom, and how this could shed a bit...


Soccer 2 the MAX: New USMNT Coach, NWSL 2019 Schedule

On this episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer returns to his hosting duties along with Erik Watkins and Rachael McKriger. They discuss Gregg Berhalter being named U.S. Men's National Team head coach. They talk about the appointment, the process, what to expect, their excitement level and more. They also discuss the NWSL 2019 schedule key points. Is it a good idea to start a month later than last season? Do they take enough of a big break for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup? What about...


Soccer 2 the MAX 9-27-18

On this episode, Erik and Rachael discuss some of the reasons why North Carolina winning the NWSL championship is extra special. Also, Rachael gives her reasons why the NWSL awards are well...a joke, especially this year. Finally, it's that time again, as the duo go over Jill Ellis' latest USWNT roster for CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.


Soccer 2 the MAX 9/12/18

On this edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Rachael and Erik discuss the next generation of the US-Mexico rivalry, and give their opinions on the USMNT during the international break. Also, the one bold step...they both give their NWSL playoff predictions.


Soccer 2 the MAX 8/28

On this week's episode, Erik and Rachael take the reigns, as they discuss what's right and what's (mostly) wrong with the USWNT roster. They also make sense of the stretch run in the NWSL, and Erik may have found someone else to aim his rage at...for once.


Soccer 2 the MAX

In the absence of awesome producer Sean, Rachael and Erik talk about why Miami really isn't a soccer town, and how the NC Courage upset not one, but two powerhouses to win the Women's International Champions Cup. Also, USWNT head coach Jill Ellis doesn't escapte their grasp, as the duo talk about what happened against Australia, and who needs to be on the pitch for the US to win the Tournament of Nations.


S2M: 2018 World Cup Final Review, Overall Tournament Thoughts

On the final World Cup edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins are joined by Last Word on Soccer's Matt Pollard to discuss all things 2018 World Cup Final. * Sean's audio apparently has a problem where it is scratchy, we apologize for that. Erik and Matt sound just fine though. * The guys breakdown the game, their thoughts on France and Croatia throughout the tournament. The future of both countries national teams looking ahead to EURO 2020. Then, things end with a...


S2M: 2018 World Cup Final Preview

On this World Cup edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger discuss the two Semi-Finals, France and Croatia's road to the Final, and they make predictions on who wins. Not to mention, you want to listen for the big wager between Erik and Rachael depending on who wins as well.


S2M: World Cup 2018 Quarterfinals Review

On this World Cup edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger discuss all four of the quarterfinal games. What to expect in the Semi-Finals, and who we could see making it to the Final.


S2M: World Cup Day 17: Penalties For the Win

On this World Cup edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and the "Resident Russian" Rachael McKriger discuss Russia's big upset victory over Spain. Could Russia really go even further in the tournament? What exactly made Rachael cry when it was all over? And they give a big thanks to the goalkeeper hero. Well, it was the day for penalties, as Croatia and Denmark was also decided the same way. They discuss if perhaps the better team didn't get the win, is this Croatia's...


S2M: World Cup Day 16: Messi & Ronaldo Out

On this World Cup edition of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss what happened in the first set of Round of 16 games. Lionel Messi's Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal are out. Two of the tournament's biggest stars defeated in the Round of 16. What does it say about both men, and the makeup of their teams. What's next for them when it comes to the international realm, and what do the guys make of their absence in the game that mattered. On the other end, France...