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Discussing the best in college athletics spanning from the Big 12 and beyond. If you've got an opinion about college sports then this is your place. Keep in mind though, we see the world through Crimson And Cream Glasses. This Podcast was created using

Discussing the best in college athletics spanning from the Big 12 and beyond. If you've got an opinion about college sports then this is your place. Keep in mind though, we see the world through Crimson And Cream Glasses. This Podcast was created using
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Discussing the best in college athletics spanning from the Big 12 and beyond. If you've got an opinion about college sports then this is your place. Keep in mind though, we see the world through Crimson And Cream Glasses. This Podcast was created using




SoonerNation Podcast | Are Staff Changes Enough To Reinvent Oklahoma's Defense?

Matt and Rich are back together again (Apologies for the poor audio) and we probably spent too much time talking the NFL Draft for a mid-January podcast? Will Kyler Murray be a Top 10 pick in the draft? How many Sooners will go in the first round overall? We'll hit on both of those discussion points. In addition, the Jalen Hurts sweepstakes is winding down. We'll tell you why Oklahoma is the obvious choice for him and also discuss whether 2019 will be a wasted year if he doesn't come. As...


Sooner Nation Podcast | Kyler's Big Decision And What To Expect With Oklahoma's Defensive Changes

In an abbreviated version of the Sooner Nation Podcast, Matt shares some final thoughts on the college football season. Here are the talking points. - National Championship Game - Oklahoma's New Defensive Coordinator - Reloading The Offensive Line - Kyler Murray's Big Decision - The Two Things Oklahoma Basketball Must DO


Sooner Nation Podcast | The Orange Bowl Aftermath

Oklahoma's football season came to an end in Miami. So what does the future look like for the team? In this episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast we discuss the following... * General thoughts on the Orange Bowl * Who was more at fault...offense or defense? * Lincoln Riley's contract extension and what it means to the program * Players leaving early * Kyler Murray's future * Is 2019 a rebuilding year? * Bedlam Basketball


Sooner Nation Podcast | Oklahoma/Alabama CFP Orange Bowl Preview

It's almost time! The Sooners and Crimson Tide are about to square off in the Orange Bowl with a berth in the national championship game on the line. In this preview episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast we discuss the following. * Injury Updates * Offensive Game Plan * Is The Defense Giving Us False Hope? * Defensive Game Plan * Players That Must Come Up Huge For The Sooners * Game Intangibles That We May Have Overlooked * Score Predictions


Sooner Nation Podcast | Signing Day & Orange Bowl Preview With Chris Plank

Oklahoma Football sideline reporter Chris Plank joins us to talk Sooners & Crimson Tide in the Orange Bowl. We'll also discuss OU's 2019 football signing class, throw out some thoughts quarterback play heading into next year and run down the Big 12 bowl schedule.


Sooner Nation Podcast | Oklahoma/Alabama Top Storylines

Discussion topics in this episode. * Kyler Murray's Heisman Trophy and subsequent apology. * The future of the quarterback position at OU (Transfer rumors). * Defensive coordinator discussion. * Early entries into the NFL Draft * Oklahoma/Alabama Bowl Matchup * What will it take for OU Basketball to get ranked?


SoonerNation Podcast | Big 12 Championship Addition (Red River Rematch)

The Sooners have the opportunity to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive Big 12 Championship on Saturday. Matt & Rich preview the Red River Rematch! Talking points in this episode are... * Horns Down - What it really says about the Texas Longhorns * What is at stake for Oklahoma on Saturday - Kyler Murray's Heisman chances - The Oklahoma/Ohio State Debate * Offensive Keys for Oklahoma * Defensive Keys for Oklahoma * Oklahoma Basketball Update * Big 12 championship score predictions


Sooner Nation Podcast | Shootout In Morgantown Is Coming

Here's what's on tap for discussion in this episode. * Root of Oklahoma's defensive struggles * Kyer Murray's Heisman Chances * Oklahoma's running back depth * Taylor Cornelius' Biggest Flaw * Oklahoma State's Big Losses Are Greater Than Their Big Wins * Is Russell Westbrook A Team Player? * Taking advantage of Golden State's disfunction * Offensive and Defensive game plans for West Virginia * Our Top Post of the week * OU/WVU score prediction


EPISODE308 - The NBA Draft Edition

This week, we talk about Trae Young and the upcoming NBA Draft. However, it wouldn't be complete without a little Thunder talk and what to expect during the offseason.


EPISODE307 - Previewing The Oklahoma Offense

Oklahoma center fielder Kyler Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics with the ninth overall pick in the MLB Draft on Monday night. Shortly after, he announced that he fully intends to be in Norman this fall to play football for the Sooners. Does putting his Major League Baseball career aside for football mean that Murray is going to be the starting quarterback for Oklahoma this fall? Rich and Matt have different opinions on that. We also break down the remainder of the offensive...


EPISODE306 - Oklahoma Quarterback Competition

Our latest podcast is up and weâ??re a little bit all over the place. As summer approaches, there are tons of story lines to follow. The Sooners are about to get started in the NCAA Baseball Tournament and the Womenâ??s College World Series. Football summer workouts are also about to get started and thatâ??s what we spent the most of our time on. The NBA Finals are also upon us and we kickoff the podcast with an impromptu conversation on the NBA over the decades. Have things really changed...


SoonerNation Podcast | Preseason Football Rankings & Basketball Transfers

Weâ??re back with the latest episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast and, in typical fashion, we found something to argue about. Wichita State guard transfer Austin Reaves puts Oklahomaâ??s guard numbers back to where they were during the 2017-18 season but with one of the absent players being Trae Young, what should the expectations be for Oklahoma Basketball next season? Itâ??s the time of the year where just about every message board and every website has their way too early Top 25 rankings...


SoonerNation Podcast | Trading Russell Westbrook & Discussing Big 12 QBs

Weâ??re back with another episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast. We started this episode rehashing bad memories of what went wrong in the Rose Bowlâ?¦all because a listener asked us to. From there we got into a pretty healthy debate on the possibility of trading Russell Westbrook. One of us thinks itâ??s a great idea and the other canâ??t think of a worse idea than getting rid of the face of the franchise. Feel free to weigh in on that one. Athlon came out with their quarterback rankings and...


Here's why Baker Mayfield shouldn't start in Cleveland next year

Baker Mayfield was the #1 overall selection in last weekend's NFL Draft but Matt doesn't think he should play as a rookie. The question is, does his argument make sense and can he get Rich to buy in. Orlando Brown and Mark Andrews were also selected by the Baltimore Ravens and we've got some thoughts on that Dynamic Duo as well. We also can't ignore what's going on with the Oklahoma City Thunder either. The work train wreck comes to mind here and we think it may just be the perfect...


SoonerNation Potcast | Westbrook's Meltdown & The NFL Draft

Rich and Matt are back to talk Oklahoma sports. On tap for this episode is Oklahoma City's disastrous performance and Russell Westbrook's epic meltdown in Game 4. There's going to be some fallout from the Thunder's tanking in the playoffs so we visit those possibilities as well. Oklahoma Baseball is better than it has been but by how much? Will softball lose a game in conference play? How many first round draft picks will the Sooners have? We'll talk about that and tell you where we think a...


SoonerNation | Rose Bowl Preview

As for the Sooners and Bulldogs, thereâ??s certainly a lot to talk about. Itâ??s power vs. speed, downhill running vs. the spread attack. Each defense must focus on taking an aspect of their opponentâ??s offense away and that may be one of the biggest advantages for Oklahoma.


Sooner Nation | College Football Signing Day & Trae Young, The Best Ever?

The early signing period went into effect on Wednesday with Oklahoma signing 17 of their 20 commitments. Who are the top names in OU's 2018 class and what is the strength of the group? Also, what approach should Oklahoma take with the three recruits that have yet to sign? Trae Young is bringing Oklahoma back to the forefront of college basketball. How good is the Freshman Phenom? Well one of us is ready to declare him as the best freshman in program history.


Sooner Nation Podcast | Big 12 Offense Or SEC Defense?

As Oklahoma and Georgia move another week closer to playing one another, one of the topics of conversation is the strength of the SEC defenses. Just a thought here, is is possible that SEC defenses have posted the stats they have because offenses in the conference are stagnant? Weâ??ve got some stats that may proveâ?¦or disprove that theory.


Sooner Nation Podcast | Initial Thoughts On Georgia, Rodney Anderson And Th

Our latest episode discusses the final CFP rankings, the Heisman Trophy ceremony, and much more.