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Independent football podcast. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed. Weekly since 2009. Football Supporters Federation award nominated

Independent football podcast. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed. Weekly since 2009. Football Supporters Federation award nominated
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Independent football podcast. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed. Weekly since 2009. Football Supporters Federation award nominated




Sound Of Football Podcast 399 - La Liga TV

Following the launch of La Liga TV in the UK, could this be the model for other leagues looking to control the way their product is presented? And in this our 399th podcast, we look at what The Athletic is playing at by seemingly flooding the market with new podcasts that don't sit behind their content paywall. What's in the Weekend Boxset? It's FA Cup fourth round this weekend and there's a choice of viewing on Friday night. Or maybe a Rome derby is more your thing. Get our FREE weekly...


Sound Of Football Podcast 398 - Double or quits

The controversy surrounding betting companies having exclusive streaming rights for certain FA Cup fixtures has shone the spotlight back on to the relationship between football and gambling. With half of the clubs in the Premier League and Championship, and the EFL itself being sponsored by bookmakers and online casinos, is football relying too much on gambling for income? What's in the Weekend Boxset? Plucky Manchester United become the latest sacrificial lambs to be to put to the...


Sound Of Football Podcast 397 - Monitor duty

It would be lovely to start a new decade with optimism and hope, unfortunately we kick it off with a discussion on the latest developments in the English implementations of VAR. Sorry. It's use in only some of the ties in the weekend's FA Cup 3rd matches has brought more controversy to the troubled system, while one referee saw the opportunity to finally use the pristine pitch-side monitors. While many have called for the use of the monitors, will it actually make any difference to public...


Sound Of Football Podcast 396 - 2019 Advent Calendar

Our annual Christmas present to you our listeners, our advent calendar, is back and is bigger and better than ever. Join us with a host of our friends as we discuss all the key people and events that will be making the football headlines in 2020. What's in the Weekend Boxset? It's the last weekend before Christmas and our last Boxset of the year sees City take on in form Leicester in a match that will be far more entertaining than the Club World Cup final. Get our FREE weekly newsletter...


Sound Of Football Podcast 395 - Just say nyet

This week, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned Russian teams from the next Olympics and the Qatar World Cup in 2022. The ban does not prohibit the Russian national side from qualifying but, as in the recent Winter Olympics, it does prohibit them from competing as Russia. While the benefits of using performance enhancing drugs in professional football are obvious, very few cases are ever discovered at the top of the game. In a sport where the rewards are so great, how has football...


Sound Of Football Podcast 394 - Some enchanted ebening

Having performed our own draw in the last pod, this week we discuss the outcome of Saturday's official Euro 2020 draw, especially for those countries unfortunate enough to be drawn into Group (WT)F. With the prospect of another Merseyside derby in the FA Cup we look at Liverpool's fixture pile-up with the upcoming Club World Cup jammed into their Christmas schedule. Jose Mourinho's is back but Unai Emery is gone. Resident What should Arsenal do to stop the obvious rot that has set itself...


Sound Of Football Podcast 393 - Unofficial Euro 2020 draw

In the very early days of this podcast, we hit upon the rather left-field idea of recording a show based around a simulation of the draw for the 2010 World Cup. We had so much fun doing it we have repeated it every two years, before the draw for each major tournament. Now we are proud to present our fake draw for Euro 2020. With so many hosts already assigned to their groups and many teams still to qualify for the tournament through the play offs, it's a very different type of draw but...


Sound Of Football Podcast 392 - Sister clubs

Taking advantage of the international break, last weekend was Women's Football Weekend in England, a chance for the WSL to build on the positivity towards the women's game generated during this summer's World Cup. Taking centre stage was the North London derby, not only the first to be played in the WSL but also the first time Spurs' women's side had played at the men's ground. The game broke attendance records for a women's league game in England but where are all the new fans coming...


Sound Of Football Podcast 391 - Mixing it up

A few weeks ago UEFA announced that they were re-jigging the format for the second running of the Nations League. Gone are the three team groups that provided so much excitement last year. Added to that, with the top two leagues expanding to 16 teams, none of the sides relegated are going down a level - good news for Germany and both parts of Ireland. How does changing a competition's format change the perception of its value amongst fans? When does setting something apart from the norm...


Sound Of Football Podcast 390 - Follow the fireworks code

Fan pyro at football grounds is in the news again after ugly scenes at last weekend's Berlin derby which saw a section of Hertha ultras escalating their light show from waving flares to firing rockets into the Union stands. With pyro seen by many as an intrinsic part of the spectacle ultras bring, can fan groups be trusted to police themselves when their exuberance becomes a danger to regular match goers. Also this week, we discuss whether UEFA should have been harder on Bulgaria for the...


Sound Of Football Podcast 389 - Resetting football

Following another weekend of crazy results and crazy decisions in the Premier League, we ask if football is due a reset. As VAR's influence grows so does the anger from both sides of the debate, which is excellent news if you run a media platform that welcomes "outrage clicks". If VAR is here to stay how will it and the game have to change to accommodate it. And what happens when the outrage of fans turns into apathy when they realise they no longer enjoy the game? What's in the Weekend...


Sound Of Football Podcast 388 - Why isn't VAR working?

The implementation of VAR in the Premier League has not been an easy process. While it is still in early days in England, the system itself has been around for a while in other leagues and competitions so why hasn't its introduction been easier? Do we even know what we want from the system? Dr Tom Webb, Senior Lecturer at Portsmouth University and the Coordinator of the Referee and Match Official Research Network joins us to give his expert analysis of the issues involved in implementing...


Sound Of Football Podcast 387 - The management transfer window break

Definitely a pod of two halves this week. Recorded on Monday night during the second half of England's Euro 2020 qualifier in Bulgaria, we start this week talking about the racist behaviour of a large section the home crowd which saw the game stopped twice in the opening half. The second part of the podcast is altogether lighter. As seems common these days, this international break has seen a spate of managerial changes across Europe. Should these breaks now be known as managerial...


Sound Of Football Podcast 386 - Up for The Cup

For many football fans, the FA Cup is something that starts in the middle of winter and hopefully ends in glory in May but for the vast majority of clubs in the competition it's something that starts their season and can set them up for the whole year. Between August and October, 644 non-league clubs fight it out for the 32 places available in the competition proper. The draw for the 4th and final qualifying round of the competition was made on Monday and our non-league side, Whyteleafe,...


Sound Of Football Podcast 385 - O Captain! My Captain!

How important is the choice of captain for a side? Given the response on Arsenal Twitter on Granit Xhaka's appointment as Arsenal captain, more important than we'd at first imagine. Also, returning from his holiday in Spain, Graham reports back on his trip to the tiny Ipurua Municipal Stadium to watch SD Eibar at home to Sevilla in La Liga. What's in the Weekend Boxset? Manchester United go to Newcastle looking to turn around their poor start to the season. Something that Hertha and...


Sound Of Football Podcast 384 - The Club

Rich Nelson from the Betamax Video Club podcast joins us to discuss what we believe is the best football film ever made: The Club (1980, Bruce Beresford, Australia). The only wrinkle in that assessment of the film is that it's not about actual football - well not football as we would think it on this podcast. The Club is about the boardroom battles of an Australian Rules football club that could easily be imagined on to any professional sports club. Made almost 40 years ago for a shoestring...


Sound Of Football Podcast 383 - Three Lions 2019

Chris Nee from the England podcast The Stiles Council joins us again to discuss England's progress towards the 2020 Euros. With so many exciting young attacking and defensive options, will Southgate's side continue to struggle against the leading nations in the middle of the park? And with the problems caused by English fans in Porto this summer, what will happen when tens of thousands of them turn up ticket-less in Dublin when England win their Euro 2020 home-based finals group. What's in...


Sound Of Football Podcast 382 - What now for Bury?

After expulsion from the Football League, where on the pyramid should Bury be allowed to start again? Should the EFL recognise their failures in the disaster that has befallen the 134 year old club? Should the snake always take anyone who lands on it back to square one?


Sound Of Football Podcast 381 - Bury and Bolton

Should more have been done to protect Bury and Bolton from the situations they now find themselves in? What responsibility does the EFL, and football as a whole, have towards the communities that support them? While a common occurrence amongst clubs at every level a decade ago, when Bolton went into administration in May, they were the first league club to do so in six years. Is this a sign that Financial Fair Play, as it applies to the EFL, is performing its job? And if so, how have Bury...


Sound Of Football Podcast 380 - Ahead of the curve

Having celebrated promotion to Tercera Division at the end last season, Spanish regional club Mostoles Balompie changed its name to Flat Earth FC in keeping with player/chairman Javi Poves beliefs. Having already found fertile ground in social media to promote their anti-science and anti-intellectual agendas, will other movements and crackpot conspiracy theories also soon find a home in football? Also, with the Bundesliga getting underway this weekend Terry gives a quick catch-up on what's...