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Episode 26 (10/16/18) "Knicks Season Preview!"

The Hicks official open up the season with their new, incredibly insightful Season Preview. They break down the preseason, answer the tough starting PG question, say farewell to Joakim one last time, talk about a potential hypothetical Terry Rozier acquisition, answer audience questions.... So much content packed into this episode you'l have to listen to it over and over and over again just to get the subtle hidden gems of basketball knowledge peppered througout in order to reach true...


Episode 25 (9/20/18) "The Butler Did It!"

The Hicks kick off the new season with an in-depth analysis of the Jimmy Butler rumors... I mean, what else do you want to hear about right now? Ron Baker's new children's book? They also talk about stretching Noah, a little bit of Frank talk, Tim Hardaway Jr.'s worth and all other New York Knicks goodness, or crappiness, whatever you like.


Episode 24 (6/27/18) "Knox to the Knix!"

The Hicks are back!... again.... And there was much rejoicing... So of course the fellas cut right to their always astute draft analysis. They express their feelings about the current Kawhi situation. The mix in a little Kanter banter. They preview the Summer League Roster and make fun of the NBA awards. Literally, what more do you want out of a New York Knicks podcast?


On the road to the Knicks -Hornets Game

On the road to the Knicks -Hornets Game by Lunarverse Productions


Episode 23 "Big Ballin' Knicks Christmas" 12/21/17

T'was a few Days before Christmas and the Hicks finally got off their @$$'s to deliver you a real gift of a podcast! This time around, the boys are actually fairly positive and digging for something to be grouchy about, call out the Pro-Tank crowd Knicks fans. They recap the showdown in the Garden against Lonzo and the Lakers, which leads to an oddly nice take on Lavar Ball. Melo's homecoming is briefly discussed. They run down the players that are contributing good things to the surprising...


Episode 22 "Welcome Back: Delusions of Grandeur Show" (11/17/17)

After another lengthy hiatus, suspension... whatever you want to label it. This Hicks are back and up to their old ways. With so much going on that's actually good, the fellas are all a dither in their gushing about this team of young, hungry, Knicks... especially compared to last episode. KP, Timmy, MCDunketts, KP, and all the guys get a little love. Also there is a lot of coughing up of lungs. So heres the 22nd episode... Enjoy.


Episode 21 (10/20/17) Season Opener vs OKC!

The Knicks open the season against an all-too familiar face, former Knickerbocker Carmelo Anthony and the OKC Thunder, and frankly things get a little weird on the podcast! But before all that, the Hicks use their deft observation skills to breakdown the first game of the season and what it means going forward as only they can. I hope you're as excited as they are for what is sure to be a fantastic and incredible season!.... Serenity Now!!!


Mini Episode 1 (10/19/17)Knicks at OKC Prediction

KJ of the Hicks decides to give his quick and dirty thoughts and prediction for tonight's opening game of the season against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He discusses the matchup between Carmelo and KP. He gives a quick breakdown of the two rosters going at it and finally gives you his pregame pick... Its only 15 minutes! That's a win right their considering KJ's long winded, hack "analysis". What else do you have going on?


Episode 20 (10/7/17) "Pre-Seasoning"

With 2 preseason games under the Knick's collective belts, the Hicks give a breakdown of how each player has performed thus far. Included in this episode: Abnormally long take on how to pronounce Frank's name, a Melo retrospective, The New Players first appearances, wax poetic on Connie Hawkins, impromptu bashing of Knicks media personality Tommy Dee and others in NYC radio, probably too many Major League references (yes the old baseball flick) and all of the other wonderful Hicks Talkin'...


Episode 19 "Carry on My Wayward Son" or The Beasley Era Begins!

The Melo-Drama has ended in a whimper and we give our take. We also preview the last few Knicks roster moves and try and figure out a starting lineup from this mess. Wefumble through the question of Porzingis becoming the man in NY. It's the usual Hicks goodness with the new edition of answering listener emails. Buckle up S.H.T.N.Y.K.s, we're in for a long season! We apologize for the slight decrease in audio quality due to new equipment but we'll figure it out!


Episode 18 (7/6/17) "How to Free Agency the Hardaway"

The Hicks follow up their legendary return with a new show centered around the "potential" theft of Tim Hardaway Jr. Also a healthy dosage of the usual Melo speculation and also how the Knicks failed as an organization to land any cheap young players so far in free agency. Basically the usual depression fueled Knickerbocker doldrums illustrated through gallows humor posing as analysis. Enjoy!


Episode 17 (6/28/17) "An 11 Time Champ Gets the Axe"

The Hicks return to kickoff their Second season of the show. There is a lot of discussion about Phil Jackson's tenure and canning. The fellas try to project the future direction of the Knicks, now triangle free. The unending "what to do about Melo" crap continues. Draft talk. Finally an in depth look at possible free agents that may join our merry band of miscreants.


Episode 16 4/19/17 (2017 Exit Interview)

The Hicks are back, recording from a hidden potato field in Latvia in a perfect viewing area for KP's bicycle rides... This time they brought some friends: Big Dan returns and new guest JD from LA joins the discussion and hilarity ensues. After the first 20 minutes of catching up with news and B.S.-ing about the Knicks in a free flowing conversation, do not miss the fellas tear apart the entire roster from Plumlee to Melo, handing out grades for this year's performance. It's an in depth...


Episode 15 "Which is Flatter? Earth or the Knicks?" 3/23/17

After DNP-Rest last week, the Hicks break down the Knick's tanking prospects, draft prospects, Alejandro's prospects, Noah's prospects... So more gallows humor, Knicks negativity, and other hijinks. The Hicks go in depth on a few of top prospects that they'd like to see the Knicks draft. So enjoy...


Episode 14 "The Chasson Randle Era Begins" (3/9/17)

The Hicks are Back! Finally! The Knicks are so garbage that we figured we'd hit you with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 7, not... okay well, 2 podcasts in One. Last week and this week combine to form the Voltron of Knicks podcasts... So unwrap this bountiful treasure of Knicksiness to discover more of the 'Tank Debate', Trade Deadline foolishness, Derrick Rose rants, Knicks as an organization are dumb, all the classics for Knicks fans, also at least 2 Major League (The movie) references to search...


Episode 13 (2/21/2017) The All Star Teams Play Slightly More Defense than the Knicks

The Hicks drop off a short installment for the All-Star Break. Oakley is mentioned and then thrown out of the show. More possible trade senarios, this time surrounding Derrick Rose. They talk about the last three games in small detail. And finish off with the Beast of the Week Picks.


Episode 12 (2/6/17) Should We Tank?

The Hicks whine about the Knicks' continuing troubles. They go over more trade scenarios with Carmelo, Rose and Co. and what they mean short and long term. Discuss what the Celtics should do with their coveted #1 Pick. Noah gets bashed a bit less. HernanGomez gets some love. Somehow Pastor Troy pops into the conversation. KJ calls out the Porzingod! Bronson has to get severely edited. But mostly they talk about what the Knicks should do about Melo... I mean, do they talk about anything else?


Episode 11 (1/25/2017) Did we just win 2 out of 4???

The Hicks return to revel in their "massive" improvement by winning 2 out of the last 4 games. They rehash Melo Trade issues, Noah's ineptitude. Talk about Jrue Holiday as a potential target for next year. Philly Chris Returns to the show (There was much rejoicing)


Episode 10 'The Annual Melo Trade Panic Meltdown' (1/17/2017)

Tonight the Hicks fight the depression attached to 11 out of 13 game losing streak, Derrick Rose No-Call No-Show fallout, Melo Trade Rumors, More Joakim Noah complaining, Beast of the Week Futility, Porzingis Injury mystery... basically nothing to be happy about. Stick around after the Outro music for a special guest appearance by a friend of the show...


Episode 9 (Emergency Podcast) Derrick Rose Situation (1/10/17)

The Hicks jump all over the Derrick Rose Situation with the little information that we know (Hey, it's never stopped them before!) Also more Knicks futility. Game Analysis for the last 4. Rose analysis is up first with the original podcast following it. Basically more whining, moping, and grumbling from your Southern Knick Fan Connection.