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The #1 combat sports, pro-wrestling, action flick, and anime podcast for leftists & progressives!

The #1 combat sports, pro-wrestling, action flick, and anime podcast for leftists & progressives!
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The #1 combat sports, pro-wrestling, action flick, and anime podcast for leftists & progressives!






27 – Modern Martial Arts: Henry Cejudo vs. TJ Dillashaw w/ David Christian

Cejudo vs. Dillashaw, Mayweather vs. Nasukawa, Mighty Mouse, Hajime no Ippo, Dragon Ball, and MMA Internet Intellectualism with David Christian of The Modern Martial Artist. This is not your grandfather's MMA podcast. If you like the stuff we're putting out, support Southpaw on Patreon: You can find Southpaw on Facebook: and on Twitter: You can also find Sam on Twitter:...


26 – Not Man vs. Nature but Man WITH Nature w/ Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte

This episode is jam-packed and might be worth listening to more than once, and definitely worth sharing with your friends. We cover environmentalism, biocultural diversity, traditional knowledge, human rights, stewardship, martial arts, economics, and many other topics with environmental lawyer Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte. If you'd like to help us with the costs of running the show, please sponsor Southpaw on Patreon: Things...


25 – Jon Jones & USADA: Making an Unfair Playing Field

Have you been confused by the whole Jon Jones steroids controversy and the UFC changing venue for him? So were we. And in trying to get to the bottom of this, we see that it's not just about Jon Jones but really about how the UFC treats fighters. We previously used Chris Weidman in the previous episode (24 – Is the UFC Killing Fighters like Chris Weidman?) as one example of how fighters are treated. Jon Jones is another example. The point of USADA was to make the UFC fairer for fighters. Or...


24 – Is the UFC Killing Fighters like Chris Weidman?

*Support us on Patreon: Breaking down the career of Chris Weidman, and answering: Was he hype, a has-been, or a victim of the system? And really, it's all three. He came in at the right time to beat Anderson Silva. His style matched up just right to do what Dan Henderson, Travis Lutter, and Chael Sonnen almost did but couldn't, which was to dethrone the king. But what happens after a lifetime of weight cuts? Several last minute UFC fights where you pass...


23 – The WOKEst UFC Postshow Eva! w/ Elias Cepeda

UFC 232, Slavoj Žižek, Noam Chomsky, Richard D. Wolff, & Ralph Nader—you know, just a typical UFC postshow Today we sat down with MMA writer Elias Cepeda to discuss UFC 232 but ended up discussing every important topic worth discussing because it all still connects to MMA. I kid you not, this is the most WOKE UFC postshow you will ever listen to. A must for every MMA fan, and a must for every progressive who's never had an interest in MMA. But I guarantee, for some of you, this is the MMA...


22 – Sex Trafficking in India, Broken Education, and Martial Arts Life Skills w/ Mary Stevens

This is probably our most serious and important episode as we discuss Fair Fight with martial arts instructor Mary Stevens. Fair Fight is an organization that empowers and educates vulnerable girls in India, many of whom have been rescued from child prostitution. We also discuss the broken educational system in the US and UK. Then Mary explains to us what she considers to be a well-rounded martial artist—not only someone who can defend themselves, but also someone who works hard at school,...


21 – The Final UFC on Fox Poststructuralist Show

Dan Hooker vs Edson Barboza: What the hell was Dan Hooker doing, calling out Edson Barboza. It seemed like bad style match-up on paper, but we were curious if Hooker was seeing something we weren't. Nope. It was a bad style match-up. Kevin Lee vs. Al Iaquinta: Lee has been calling for a rematch with Iaquinta and, man, does Iaquinta have Kevin Lee's number. PLUS a postshow breakdown of episode 20 with Tom Petruno.


20 – Journalism, Financial Crisis, and Trump w/ Tom Petruno

Everyone has political opinions these days, but after you listen to this episode, you'll actually know what you're talking about. Sam and Paul grill former LA Times columnist Tom Petruno and get to the bottom of how the economy works, what's been going on in politics, what do people mean by Fed and interest rates, how the US government spends more than it taxes, and how places like Ohio turned to Trump. But according to Tom, there's still hope—shalalala.


19 – UFC 231 Poststructuralist Show

Man... if you love MMA striking, or if you're an up-and-coming MMA fighter, this is the episode for you. We saw one just brutal and fun opening fight with Thiago Santos (who is in Sam's opinion, the most exciting fighter in the UFC) vs. Jimi Manuwa (a one-punch knockout artist with a glass chin). The first round was amazing. Then you saw striking clinics from Valentina Shevchenko over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and Max Holloway over Brian Ortega. This is an episode for hardcore MMA fans.


18 – People Who Think Bad and Other Stuff, Too

Sit back, relax, as we educate your ears with many of the reasons why people can't think good, and other stuff, too. (Who needs college when you got Sam & Paul? Amirite?)


17 – Martial Art Tactics and Philosophy (Plus Fury vs. Wilder) w/ The Modern Martial Artist

In this episode, we're joined by David Christian of The Modern Martial Artist YouTube channel. We have a long and winding discussion into his background, how he makes such scientific combat sport breakdowns, what MMA could learn from traditional martial arts, using film school for YouTube, making YouTube a career... but this isn't an interview. We bring on guests to discuss topics, to look at the crap beneath the crap. So with David, we dig into the evolution of MMA, the fundamentals of...


16 – Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz III Poststructuralist Show

So it seems obvious why Tito Ortiz beat Chuck Liddell, right? That's the obvious crap. But we look at the crap beneath the crap. Why did Tito this time look so much taller than Chuck? Can Chuck's style hang in modern MMA? How much has Tito improved? Why didn't Chuck change his style or fight more defensively? Why was he wearing old shorts for a website that no longer exists? This fight is really a time capsule, how much MMA striking has evolved and how one fighter not only aged, but how his...


15 – Early MMA vs. Teaching High School w/ Albert Rios

We sit down with former MMA fighter (Bellator & Affliction) Albert Rios and discuss the early days of MMA (before it was legal). We discuss how the original pioneers went into it with no promises of a future or a career, and how a lot of them were just street fighters. Then we discuss what training was like before super camps and all the BJJ and kickboxing schools became widespread, how fighters made ends meet, knowing when to retire, and how Albert had a backup plan with school and became a...


14 – Gen Z Hustle Struggles w/ Rachel Fox

We go deep down the rabbit hole to discuss Gen Z, Libertarian, Hollywood, AP econ, hustle-porn struggles with actress, speaker, and teen financial guru Rachel Fox. Along the way, Paul and Sam share their own generational struggles, Sam discusses his first job, Paul shares prison stories, we discuss Rachel playing the bad child on Desperate Housewives, why school wasn't for her, what socially liberal and fiscally conservative really means, cryptocurrency, modern monetary theory, Ayn Rand,...


13 – Sussertown w/ Evan Susser

In this episode, we're joined by writer, producer, and professional podcast guest Evan Susser. His most recent work is Fist Fight, starring Charlie Day and Ice Cube. He's also attached to Wedding Crashers 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Jetsons. But in our opinions, his most important work was being involved in a Funny or Die short with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. We discuss the magic of movie storytelling, the magic of pro wrestling storytelling, how to write a fight scene, how to break into the...


12 – Marvel Movies vs. DC w/ Jonathan Cooke

Our very first guest! Jonathan Cooke from the Screen Verdict podcast. We break down what makes Marvel movies good, what makes DC movies bad, and we also dig into all the subsets of the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. Then Jonathan uses MMA to explain what makes Zack Snyder good, what makes him bad, and what Batgirl would be like if Wes Anderson directed it. Sam explains how he lost friends because he didn't think Black Panther and Wonder Woman were all that good, and how Suicide Squad...


11 – UFC 25th Anniversary Poststructuralist Show

What happens when you put two fighters who are all offense and no defense? An epic fight. And that's what happened with Korean Zombie in the main event against Yair Rodriguez. And also Donald Cerrone fought Mike Perry, which looked a lot like an early Royce Gracie fight. We dissect what fighters need to work on between fights, how important is having the right camp, and the importance of timing in an MMA career. Also, Ben Askren in the UFC!


10 – Politicians and Their MMA Doppelgangers

On this episode, Paul takes the lead as he gives us his dissertation on how certain politicians are very similar to MMA fighters, or maybe it's the other way, certain MMA fighters are similar to certain politicians. We also delve into the differences between training to fight and violence. Hopefully, this dissertation will be good enough for Paul to get into grad school...


9 – UFC 230 Poststructuralist Show

Daniel Cormier becomes the first double UFC champion to have defended both belts; Derrick Lewis has knock knees which makes him easy to takedown; Jacare has a bit more gas than Chris Weidman who tends to look great in round one and then fades; then great new prospects in Israel Adesanya and Karl Roberson, and the failings of veterans like Sijara Eubanks, Ben Saunders, and Lando Vannata. We bring you results, we tell you how the fights played out, and the factors within the factors that led...


8 – What If MMA: No Gloves PLUS Headbutts

What would modern MMA look like if we took away the gloves and brought back the headbutts? We make a great case why the headbutt becomes the great equalizer, especially for shorter fighters. And gives wrestlers one more tool for striking. It's a much bigger change than just taking away the gloves. It gives one more limb for attack. It changes the clinch, the takedown, it adds one more range of striking, and so much more. Listen to episode 7 to hear the first part where we talk about what...