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World Champion lol smiths Pete and Joe take you on a hazardous haha journey through the world of Mixed Martial Arts. A variety show combat sports didn't ask for.

World Champion lol smiths Pete and Joe take you on a hazardous haha journey through the world of Mixed Martial Arts. A variety show combat sports didn't ask for.
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World Champion lol smiths Pete and Joe take you on a hazardous haha journey through the world of Mixed Martial Arts. A variety show combat sports didn't ask for.






10.5 - Mid Week PPV Preview - UFC 237 Edition

UFC 237 is nearly upon us which means we’re back with another Mid Week PPV Preview. Expect some mega lols as we massage some gloriously mirthful MMA analysis directly into your ear drums. Plus a quick recap of UFC Fight Night 151 which saw our beloved Cowboy get his big wristed saddle hand raised for the third time on the trot, (horse pun well and truly intended) Listen, subscribe, share with your Gran, she loves sweaty men!


10. The Globalists Are Invading. I Can See Them Approaching on the Horizon, Because the Earth is Flat.

Episode 10! We follow Super Sage Northcutt on a mission down his inquisitive wonder hole for answers to questions nobody else dares (or thinks) to ask. What are Pyramids? 3D Triangles, or something more? Next we check in with pebble brained warrior cherub Tim Kennedy, who appears to be planning for all out global warfare. We look at Kennedy's range of Sheepdog defense products, and ask ourselves, what will be the true price of freedom? (IN DOLLARS) And finally, taking our cue from Eddie...


9. UFC 236 Review/UFC FN149 Preview

Join shiny headed lol sprout Pete Phillipson, and MeToo Garden Knome Joe McMenemy as they storm the Normandy Beaches of MMA, firing accurate analysis bullets, and throwing grin-aids into the enemy trenches of combat sports commentary. In this weeks episode, we cover the legendary night of brain damage that was UFC 236, before moving on to the dismal evening of dog turds that this Saturday's FN149 promises to be. Overeem? Oh yes, Overeem. Tall lad. Lovely hair. Listen. Enjoy. Submit your...


8.7.5 - Mid Week PPV Preview - UFC 236 Edition

Choo Choo! UFC 236 is rapidly nearing the station, so it's time for us to steam through a cheeky Mid Week Pay Per View Preview. Are you on the Holloway train, or have you booked a first class ticket aboard the Poirier express? Whatever happens we’re in for a glorious evening of off the rails MMA action, so jump on board fight freaks. Professional, serious, factual mixed martial arts content. Plus! more train puns!


8.5 - Mid Week Half Decent Card Breakdown - UFC on ESPN 2 Edition

What is happening? Where am I? And who is this man kicking me repeatedly in the legs? Does it hurt so much because I'm a redhead? And will I ever Unicycle again? Hi there combat comrades, and welcome to THE MID WEEK HALF DECENT CARD BREAKDOWN. Catchy non? Just a quick analysis one two, we look at shin disliker Edson Barboza, and CTE pilgrim Justin Gaethje, and the match that promises record levels of violence. PLUS! whoever else happens to be on UFC on ESPN 2! David Branch you say? Oh yes,...


8. The Legend of Conor McGregor

Surproise Surproise mother flippers, we’re back with a very special episode indeed, the complete biopic of Mr Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, the notorious has left a giant, gobby, ginger mark on the UFC, transforming not just the promotion but the entire sport of MMA. This episode focuses on Mcgregor’s colourful journey from job centre to juggernaut. Featuring performances from Dean Gaffney, Bruce Jones and Harold from Neighbours. Hard cores and fan boys you do not want to miss this...


7. Best Price Guaranteed/UFC Fight Night 146 - Plus! Technical Difficulties

Episode 7! Research is key here at the Sparked Out studio, which is why our mixed martial arts statistics are always 100% correct and never made up on the spot when our Wi-Fi connection is down. As part of our commitment to diamond tipped trivia, we have decided to invest in the most cutting edge AI tech from our friends accross the pond. “United Stats of America”, market leader in sports analysis AI, have, at GREAT COST, supplied us with our very own chat and analysis fight bot. A...


6. Daddy Did It - UFC 235 and the Working Men of MMA

Episode 6! Big name fighters in the UFC wake up in silk sheets, throw on a 20 grand suit and get their butler to chauffeur them to the pay per view presser, but what about the guys who are stacking shelves instead of dollars bills? This week we give you the definitive working class top five. The burly men. The men with crisps in their beard. Night shift in the cage and day shift on the docks. Employing our combined IQ, of ONE HUNDRED AND SIX, we then drive our analysis truck, flat out...


5.5. Mid Week PPV Preview - UFC 235 Edition

Ladies and single 21- 40 year old Gentlemen. We have a beautiful bonus episode for you ahead of this weeks UFC 235 card. Tyron Woodley even popped into the Sparked Out live lounge to perform a world exclusive debut of his new single. Such a lovely bloke we’ll never slag him off again. Casuals, hardcores, casuacores, get on it!


5. The Stones on Jon Jones and This Week's Greatest of All Time

Episode 5! We investigate the skills and thrills of UFC wild man Jon Jones. He’s very talented but why can’t the lad just bloody behave himself? Also, who is this weeks undisputed greatest all time pound for pound fighter in the universe that has ever lived? As usual we have an onslaught of wondrous content including a new sponsor which may interest those gentlemen who, like us, struggle to maintain an erection. An exciting pre-planned prolapse of content and analysis. Tune in you media...


4. Welcome to the Party - The Sausage Fest at 155 lbs

This week it’s all about the dick magnet of UFC weight classes, dat sweet sweet lightweight division. The top 10 rankings at 155lbs are enough to give even the most casual fan a more than casual erection and we explain why. Specifically covering some of the most pivotal lightweight bouts which have recently taken place and all the sexual match ups we’d like to see. As usual we have a barrage of content including a promo for an upcoming UK card taking place in one of England’s biggest...


3. Welter Skelter - Disorderly Haste and Confusion at 170 lbs

Askren’s ass be asking, Woodley’s locked himself in the bathroom with the belt and distraught Trump princess Cindy Cockington threathens a Judge Judy on the UFC. Till was last seen in his cousin's garden and Kamara Usman has cucked the lot of them. This week we discuss one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC and our impatience to see them all do the fisted shuffle. A jam packed episode featuring a charming interview with welterweight Merseyside everyman Darren Till and a worlds first...


2. Look Who's Talking Shit - A Rough Guide to Trash Talk

Episode 2! We discuss the fighters who produce more shit from their mouth than their bum hole. Why does verbal jousting sell fights and how come we bloody love it so much? This rough guide to trash talk will take you through the smack mouthed rhetoric of the best and worst in the business and what we think it takes to master the art of oral warfare. As Ken Shamrock once said 'I am going to beat you into the living death' As usual we have a cavern of exclusive content plus an exciting...


1. The Nice Guys of MMA and The Ballad of Chris Weidman

Our Debut episode. MMA's sweethearts. The fighters who don't talk smack. Handsome, gentle Joseph Duffy and earnest intellectual Ross Pearson. Pre-fight presser pleasantries. This week we ask, what's the space for the nice guys of combat sports? After suffering yet another painful KO loss, we ask if one time golden goose Chris Weidman should hang up the jockstrap. Is it time to turn off life support on his title aspirations? Is there a safe fight out there for him? This, and a wealth of...