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SOGP Episode 026

In Episode 026 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim & Janet discuss the Virginia shooting, Ruger's re-call of the Mark IV pistols, A strengthened Stand Your Ground law signed by the Governor of Florida, a restaurant worker that served up a side order of lead to an attacker, three little teenage thugs in Cali that got what they had coming during a robbery attempt, a new laser by LaserMax, the Taurus Tracker .22 revolver, a professor who's dumb as a stump, carrying concealed in the summer...


SOGP Episode 025

In Episode 025 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim & Janet discuss the television show, House Of Cards, a re-call by Daniel Defense, a new pro-gun law in Tennessee, a teen who got ventilated attempting to rob someone exiting from a bank, a mom that went all Clint Eastwood on the bad guy, Free Shot Timer by Innovation Apps, Liberty Safe's 'Revere' model gun safe, our latest Dumb As A Stump honoree, Janet tries her hand at gangster rap, 10 concealed carry mistakes, and much, much more!


SOGP Episode 024

In Episode 024 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim and Janet discuss the non-winner of last week's contest, concealed carry on the rise, a Civil War era rifle that caused an uproar, a Jesse Pinkman wannabe that got a bullet for his troubles, a woman defending herself makes the perfect head shot, the Kimber Micro 9, the Legal Heat App, a new Dumb As A Stump honoree, crazy things pacifists tell us about guns, and much, much more!


SOGP Episode 023

In Episode #023 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim and Janet discuss Janet's co-worker's parking lot encounter, the announcement of their first podcast show contest where you can win a shooting book, thieves that target unlocked cars, a sheriff in Texas that's gone rogue, armed neighbors who captured a home invasion suspect, a convenience store robbery that could have gone very, very wrong for the untrained clerks, the Holosun Paralow Red Dot Sight, shooting journals, the latest dumb as...


SOGP Episode 022

In Episode 022 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim & Janet discuss Peace Officers Memorial Day, the birthday of a firearm industry icon, a new gun hitting the market that looks like a smart phone, the anti gunners claiming false victories, a hero who went to work on four masked home invaders with an AR-15, a lady in Texas that told it like it is, the LaserLyte Mighty Mouse Laser sights for North American Arms line of guns, Trijicon's XD HR night sights, a Dumb As A Stump honoree from...


SOGP Episode 021

In episode 021 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim & Janet discuss getting gassed at the gun range, Tim's acquisition of his new long sought after plinking gun, the wrap up of the NRA meeting in Atlanta, a new scheme gun grabbers have come up with to get your guns, a Marine veteran who took up arms to protect his neighbor, a woman who defended herself with a rifle against an ex that just can't "let it go," Colt's updated Gold Cup Trophy 1911, the Urban Carry Holster, their latest Dumb As...


SOGP Episode 020

In Episode #020 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim and Janet discuss the NRA kicking the USCCA out of their sandbox, a new Ohio bill that allows you to keep your mouth shut, an ex-boyfriend who stalked his former girlfriend but got ventilated by her NEW boyfriend, a 76 year old woman who popped a cap - but not in the burglar's @$$ who was attempting to break in, the coolest range bag item ever - A FRICKEN' FLAME THROWER, the awesome Rock Island Armory GI 1911, their latest Dumb As A...


SOGP Episode 019

In Episode 019, Tim & Janet discus Tim's seemingly never ending search for a Ruger Mark IV Hunter, the Easter holiday, Bloomberg's deep pockets, North Carolina's lawmakers messing with their citizens rights, An Air Force officer who took decisive action with his carry gun and stopped a murder, A home owner vs. two masked men in a wild shoot out, Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters, Howard Leight's Honeywell Vapor II Sharp-Shooter Safety Eye-wear, Our latest Dumb As A Stump...


SOGP Episode 018

In episode 018 of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim and Janet discuss You-tubers like Hickock 45 and others facing ad pulls, Delta's new rules for us "evil" gun owners, A guy with a crowbar vs. a guy with a gun (guess who won?), A guy who used an AR-15 to defend himself and the crybaby victims family and friends who didn't think it was a fair fight, The new Smith & Wesson Shield in .45, The Bullseye Ammo-Cam, a five year old desperado with a stick gun, the five must have guns that every...


SOGP Episode 017

In Episode 017, Tim & Janet discuss gangsters who don't know what kind of guns they're carrying, Tim's upcoming big decision about which gun to buy, Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination/appointment, California's silly micro-stamping law, A spunky Texas grandma who offers shotgun lectures to thieves, A dumb robber who picked an unusual item to try to rob a pizza joint with, Last Stands target holding system, Liberty Safe's HDX-150 Biometric Smart Vault, A four year old desperado from...


SOGP Episode 016

In Episode 016, Tim and Janet are back again discussing a variety of topics. One of which is the EXCELLENT customer service provided by holster maker Alien Gear. An awesome company that really care about their customers! They also talk about Australia's new amnesty program, Three new pro-gun bills making progress in Florida, A home invader in South Carolina who caught four bullets for his efforts, A father & son concealed carry team who successfully stopped an armed robber, The ACR...


SOGP Episode 015

In episode 015, Tim & Janet discuss their recent trip to the gun show, the potential reality of national reciprocity, payment processors screwing with the gun industry, a home invader who brought a pick axe to a gun fight, a robbery suspect who was shot by his victim in his man-land, the OPTX 20/20 Hydro-Tac Magnifying Lenses, the B.A.D. Lever for AR-15's, another loser film company who has made an anti gun film (that nobody will see), the top ten health benefits of going to the shooting...


SOGP Episode 014

In this episode, Episode 014, Tim & Janet provide you their lame excuse for not getting a podcast out for the last two weeks, They also discuss the FNRA, Alabama going to permit-less carry, The ATF "White Paper," A Vietnam vet who taught two thugs what it feels like to be a "Charlie," a good samaritan who was in the right place at the right time, Velocity's new 3 pound straight AR trigger, and Laser Max's sighting systems. They also introduce a new show segment called "DUMB AS A STUMP."...


SOGP Episode 013

In this episode of the Speaking Of Guns Podcast, Tim & Janet recap the Super Bowl. They also discuss a newly proposed law that hold establishments liable for injuries resulting from their gun prohibition rules, Some new Minnesota gun laws regarding use of force, Some trouble that happened at the Shrimp Shack where a robber got more than a shrimp in his belly, a Texas jewelry store robbery that went really, really bad, The new Taurus Spectrum .380 pistol, Gun Vault's Biometric Mini Vault,...


SOGP Episode 012

In Episode 012, Tim & Janet talk about upcoming Superbowl 51, The TSA's knack for finding guns in carry-on luggage, Some new anti-gun laws being proposed by some buffoons in Washington, A cougar that you wouldn't want to run into at the bar, a man armed with the Virgin Mary, The new Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0, The slicky goodness of Ballistol gun lubricant, Ten misconceptions about us gun owners, and much, much more!


SOGP Episode 011

In Episode 011, Tim & Janet welcome our new President, Donald J. Trump. They also discuss the new 4473 forms now in use by all gun dealers, Obama's one last nipple twist on gun owners before he left office, A 78 year old who pooped a cap in a robbers @$$, A weird, knife/sword/gun fight in North Carolina, Ultimate Holster's Cloud Tuck Belt-less Holster, the Taurus Millennium PT 111 Gen 2, ten shooting skills that every gun owner should know - and much, much more!


SOGP Episode 010

In episode 010, Tim & Janet discus New York wanting to ban the importation of Africa's "Big Five," An Anti Gun zealot's daughter hooking up with a pro gun dude, More silly anti gun proposals from Oregon, A store owner who popped a cap in some dirt bag's face, A Negan wanna-be who brought a baseball bat to a gun fight, an armed civilian comes to the aid of a deputy in trouble, a 17 year olds lesson in how robbery and self defense works, Canick's new Elite series handguns, the Chapman...


SOGP Episode 009

In this episode, Tim & Janet provide you with the lame excuse why they didn't get a podcast out last week. They also discuss armed Eagles, A Florida woman who got a bang out of her Christmas present, a football player who won't be pointing at the goal posts any more, Some new gun bills introduced in Florida, a cuckoo bird who wasn't too cuckoo that he didn't know to stop stabbing people when a gun got pointed at him, People of Wal-Mart and their guns, A guy that brought a machete to a gun...


SOGP Episode 008

In episode 008, Tim & Janet party with a Garrand and an Uzi, They also discuss the emergence of the term "snowflake," Smith & Wesson's identity crisis, Kansas getting serious about making mass shooters dust in the wind, A husband and wife team who prefers "leaded" at the Shell Station, A home owner in Atlanta with two barrels and a backbone, The Universal Handgun Case by Cruzer, Hanks Gun Belts, steps to choosing a first handgun for yourself or a loved one, and much, much more!


SOGP Episode 007

In episode 007, Tim & Janet announce the pathology results from their four legged daughters recent surgery, They also discuss the Second Amendment Caucus, The significance of 15 million concealed carriers, some holiday precautions for firearm safety, A woman who shot her ex for choking her sister, A man's luck that ran out at a Las Vegas 7-Eleven, A man who used a deer rifle for home defense, And a critical error made by some criminals in their victim selection process. Plus they also talk...


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