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LeBronathon | Second City Sports Ep. 14

LeBron James has made 8 consecutive NBA Finals so it seemed fitting to spend the majority of this week's episode talking about him, his legacy, and all that he's accomplished. We talk about how many Finals does he have to win or if making it to the Finals is enough. We try to figure out yet again where he might go this summer and if the Rockets or Warriors gave him a better chance at winning the title. One of us even managed to talk themselves into betting LeBron no matter what. We also...


NBA Draft Lottery and Moving Sucks | Second City Sports Ep 13

DC and Jer quickly learned how much it STINKS to move. The boys have been on hiatus while 2/3's of the show moved homes but we're back and ready to talk some MLB, NBA Draft Lottery, and NBA Playoffs. Who fits the Bulls the best whether it's at #7 or if they traded up? Should it be best player available or who fits the roster the best? How much longer do we have to deal with the Warriors running wild on the rest of the NBA? Can they make some trades to make the playoffs more interesting...


NFL Draft Reactions | Second City Sports Podcast Ep. 12

This might have been the first Chicago Bears draft where there was a near consensus agreement on it being a success. The boys break down the draft and what it means for the Bears immediately and in the future. Has Ryan Pace figured out drafting in the modern NFL?


2018 NFL Draft Live Reactions | Second City Sports Ep. 11

Jer and DC are here with a special edition podcast reacting live to the top 10 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft. You'll see just how random our brains work while we wait for the next picks to react to and celebrate the Bears' selection of Roquan Smith.


NBA Playoffs, NFL Schedule, NFL Draft | Second City Sports Ep. 10

The reports of Second City Sports' death were greatly exaggerated. The boys are back after a hiatus that didn't exist to give out some TWTW and Chicago Dog of the week (2:31) talk about the NBA Playoffs (16:45) and whether Philly is the best in the East and where Lebron might go after Cleveland gets bounced in the playoffs. They then shift gears to the Bears NFL schedule release (30:35) and pick which away game to go to and what the hardest stretch of the season will be before making some...


The Funeral Episode | Second City Sports Ep. 8

Second City Sports is evolving which means we have to go into hibernation for awhile. While we figure out our next move, enjoy some predictions sure to be wrong. Thank you to all of our loyal listeners for the support, interaction, and friendship since we've launched. We're not going away, we're just figuring some stuff out. Hit us up on Twitter if you can help or know someone who can @davecreagh, @chipeopleschamp or @jerryscherwin. Much love, Chicago


Beer Vending, Wrestlemania, & The Masters | Second City Sports Ep. 7

There were three big events in the sports world this week, Wrestlemania, The Masters, and Baseball with a side of snow. We talk all about wrestling, Patrick Reed winning a very entertaining weekend of golf and how Champ is dealing with vending in the blizzard conditions that are hitting Chicago this spring.


National Championship, The Masters, Wrestlemania | Second City Sports Ep. 7

It's the best week in sports and we've got it all covered. The boys talk about the National Championship game and Villanova becoming a dynasty. They talk about The Masters, MLB, NBA and even Wrestlemania and Yodelling.


Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox MLB Preview | Second City Sports Ep. 6

Jerry returned from Mexico with a laundry list of issues (including issues with laundry) but that won't stop us from previewing the MLB season for the White Sox and Cubs. Who/What are the most intriguing things for us in 2018? Who do we think will be in the World Series and who do we think will win in it all in 2018? Will the White Sox find some hidden gems through this rebuilding season? Will the Cubs stay healthy? Will Kyle Schwarber's new bod provide results?


#TigerBack & NCAA March Madness | Second City Sports Podcast Ep 4

Tiger Woods is back and this time DC isn't around to rain on the parade. Jer and Champ react to Tiger's performance at the Valspar Championship and what it means for golf. The NCAA and TBS released the tournament brackets in a dumb way but we still break down the brackets so you can win your March Madness pool against Linda from accounting.


Chicago Sports Baffling into the New Year

The weather outside is frightful and the Bulls are playing delightful so naturally we're here to talk about the need to lose. Speaking of losing, John Fox is an expert at losing as the head coach of the Bears. We talk about another Bears loss and start looking to the future and who we want to be back with the charter franchise in 2018. Champ and DC are back to keep picking bowl games in the "Crown Their A**" bowl pick 'em and we have a punishment for the future loser!


Bears Beat Bengals - Mitch is a Savior Again

The boys figured out their tech problems and are back to talk all about a surprise Bears beatdown of the Bengals. They try to figure out where this playcalling has been all season, how great Sunday was for Ryan Pace and whether or not anyone still wants changes made to the Front Office? We debut a new Gambling segment inspired by Dennis Green's memorable rant against the Bears and make Jerry talk a little baseball ahead of the Winter Meetings in his home of Orlando.


Bears Siesta

The Bears are in a full hibernation and the Champ is rocking his Patriots gear. The Boys play Siesta or Fiesta to break down the Bears most recent loss. It's Thanksgiving Week so we take turns sharing what we're thankful for in Sports and talk about SpoCo Radio's favorite QB's latest antics getting him into trouble.


Wild College Football & The Same Old Bears

It was a depressing week in the sports world for our 3 best friends. It was so bad, they're making people run suicides instead of handing out gameballs. They talk about the crazy week in College football, how it impacts the Playoff Rankings before getting into the miserable performance of the Bears. How confident are we in the Bears finishing above 500? Not very! Check out the episode, subscribe to the show and share with your friends!


State of the Bears with 'Coach Fox'

The 3 best friends are reunited for a live podcast! They talk all about Iowa's upset win over Ohio State and the Big Ten's chances at the Playoff. Champ and Jer gush about their mancrush Baker Mayfield before Champ has to apologize for his Bulls flip flopping. The boys talk about how the Bulls might be able to speed up this rebuild. Then we welcome a special guest, Coach Fox joins the show to give us his thoughts on the first half for the Bears and answers a few questions.


Chicago Bears Word Association and College Football Playoff Rankings

The Champ is back from New Orleans and we play word association to recap the Bears loss to the Saints. What potential Bulls trade would make the Champ more interested in watching the Bulls? The initial college football playoff rankings have been released and we debate who is the safest bet to wind up in the Final 4.


The Monsters of the Midway

The Monsters of the Midway are officially back! The Bears are on a 2 game win streak and we power rank the top performances from a great defensive effort. We ask Champ what else he's watching besides the Bulls. Jer tries to get DC and Champ to agree with his hot Bulls takes. Champ and DC put a bow on the 2017 Cubs season and make World Series predictions


Chicago Bulls Preview

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We have Football, Basketball and Playoff Baseball all going on in the city of Chicago and we're your source for all of it. How has Mitch Trubisky looked through 2 games? Would John Harbaugh be the preferred coaching candidate for the Bears if available? Is there a better starting 5 combination for the offensive line? What about the Bulls? Is Baby Dirk the most valuable piece on the roster or is it Zach LaVine? Will it just be another Warriors-Cavs...


Mitchell Trubisky Debut

Mitch Trubisky made his debut and we finally noticed how bad the rest of this Bears roster really is. Who is the reason why the playbook is so basic? Who are the five most valuable members of the Bears roster moving forward? Who do we see in Mitch Trubisky? We discuss all of that as the rookie signal caller takes over. Jer then rants once again on his beloved Chicago Bulls and their inept front office. Is he #done with the Bulls until GarPax is shown the door?


State of the Bears & MLB Playoffs

As Lovie Smith says, we're through the first quarter of the NFL season and the Bears have been an utter disaster. What might the guys inside the Bears be saying about this team if they were transparent? We role played to figure it out. DC threw out a potential coach replacement for John Fox and DC and Champ previewed the Cubs playoff run.