24 Facebook attacks Bob, Steve Terada and Karate Combat

Live on Facebook Bob attacks the Facebook crew of attackers against his comments last week. Steve Terada joins the show to chat up some creativity issues and why he left the sport. Bob recaps the latest Karate Combat overall as a show and (spoiler alert) it was DOPE. Links Century Martial Arts Fighters Inc NASKA Karate Combat Steve Terada Facebook Steve Terada YouTube AKA Warrior Cup Infinity National Championships NEMAC

22 We announce our picks for AKA Warrior Cup and Bob drops a house mortage on one player this year

Show Notes Live on Facebook again for a killer episode talking some AKA Warrior Cup predictions and Bob bets big on one player this year. We talk about what N.A.S.K.A. stands for and how people need to stop calling themselves “World Champion”. We play everyone’s favorite game “Name That Person” at the end of the show as well. Links: Century Martial Arts Fighters Inc NASKA AKA Warrior Cup website AKA Warrior Cup Livestream


21 were live on on Facebook, J Wolf joins the show, Kim Do speaks his mind and we play some games

Show Notes We are live on Facebook for our podcast for the first time in well….. EVER. Check out the show Sunday’s at 7:00pm Eastern all January long on our Facebook page. Episode 1 didn’t turn out anything like we planned but Jacob Wolfman joins the show to co host with Bob, Kim do rises from the grave to speak some hard subjects and Jacob and Bob play some fantasy match ups. All this and more in this episode of Sport Karate Radio. Links: Century martial...


Sage Northcut a fad? Karate Combat, Cass Sigmond and Justin Ortiz secret sweet tooth is exposed

Show Notes The US Open is the apex of sport karate tournaments and yet it's just an annual "check in" of Caitlin Dechelle. We talk about this in depth as well as how Super Sage Northcut was a fad. Cass Sigmond gives us some straight talk on a possible come back and how big of a sweet tooth Justin Ortiz had before he got his hands on his diet. Kim K of Karate Combat gives us an inside look on the upcoming Karate Combat as well as if we have to pay or not to watch upcoming events (you don't)...


Season 2 Episode 8 NASKA vs the world

Show Notes Bob talks some Karate Combat and what he thought as well as some upcoming events. What separate NASKA from the rest? He can't figure it out. He also catches up with Jeff Doss at a tournament where he told us first hand about his realty business and his private jet. Links: Century Martial Arts Karate Combat NAKSA Jeff Doss on Social Media


Season 2 Episode 7

Show Notes Your hosts discuss the pro's and con's on Karate Combat. Adrian Galvan from Karate Combat joins us to give the inside scoop into Karate Combat as well as some NASKA info on his part. Ethan Fineshriber talks NASKA as well as ATA with some differences between the leagues and hits on one of his long time milestones on YouTube. Rich and Corey FINALLY guess correctly in the "Name that Person" portion of the show and we learn that Corey likes jingles... Links: Karate...

Season 2 Episode 6 ft. Danny Etkin

Show Notes Danny Etkin talks about Amerikick Internationals, his injury and more. Karate Combat is discussed briefly and WHY groin kicks are STILL allowed in sport karate. Links Century Martial Arts Danny Etkin on Social Media Danny Etkin signature chux Amerikick Internationals Karate Combat


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