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87: How To Identify The Victim Mentality

HOW TO IDENTIFY THE VICTIM MENTALITY 1. Look for signs of blame. A major indicator of the victim mentality is the tendency to place blame on outside sources such as referees, play-calling, coaches, and the weather. Maybe you blame your parents because they didn't invest in that one camp that you really wanted to attend. Maybe you blame your coaches for not calling more pass plays. No matter where blame is directed, it’s essentially useless. When you blame others, you give them power over...



THE WORST THING YOU CAN YOU AS AN ELITE ATHLETE The worst thing you can do as an elite athlete is to consume an excessive amount of sugar, processed foods, and the wrong fats. There's more but the subject of nutrition can be quite cumbersome. Shawn Jenkins - MS, CSCS, ATC answers the question. Why is Sports Nutrition so important? At the most basic level, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform the activity. The food we eat...


85: The Dark Side of College Football

THE DARK SIDE OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL In this interview, Terrence Wood delivers priceless information regarding the multi- billion dollar industry of college football. Throughout the interview, and in his book, Terrence uncovers the dark side of college football. At the end, the athlete and parent are enlightened with increased confidence to make the right decision. Before you go pro is an online mentoring company, designed for football players between the ages of 13-19 yrs old. The...



MOST STUDENT-ATHLETES FAIL BECAUSE THEY DON'T BECOME A STUDENT OF THE GAME. There’s so much that can come out of watching game film, whether it’s learning your game, analyzing a offense/defense, or studying each and every move of your opponent. It’s often practiced at all levels of athletics from high school to the professional level but taken more seriously at the collegiate and professional level. Studying Yourself Analyzing and breaking down your own game is very important. It can...



WHAT IF MY COACH DOESN'T LIKE ME? FT: SHAWN JENKINS - MS, CSCS, ATC Hey Coach....What's wrong with me? You told me before I joined the team that I'd be your number one guy, that I'd start in my position. The whole team played really bad in that first game, yet you benched me and then didn't play me for two whole weeks! What's wrong with me? You told me to keep working hard and that when I played well I'd get my starting position back. So I believed you and really busted my butt. After I...


82: How To Address Sport Specialization... pt 2

HOW TO ADDRESS SPORT SPECIALIZATION Structural Strategies to Avoid Overspecialization and Exclusive Specialization Long-term athletic development should always trump specialization when it comes to youth sport. And the benefits of strength training during youth and adolescence have far-reaching health benefits, including: No athlete should be restricted from diversification through high school participation. This recommendation is designed to preserve young athletes’ rights to...


81: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Of Early Sport Specialization

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY OF EARLY SPORT SPECIALIZATION In this episode, we discuss sport specialization. What is sport specialization? When did it start? Why? How is it trending? What are the harmful side effects of early sport specialization. Does early specialization promote long-term success in sports? Will we ever see another Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Jackie Robinson, or Jim Brown? In what sports are there exceptions? Why is strength & conditioning of vital...


80: Old School vs. New School Coaching Styles

OLD SCHOOL VS NEW SCHOOL COACHING STYLES Listen and learn as we explore 'old school coaching' vs 'new school coaching' styles. Coaching styles are often debated and argued by administrators, coaches, psychologists, parents, and athletes. My intention as a coach is to help the athlete grow as a person and as a competitor. This topic stirs emotions and stimulates questions. WHAT IS COACHING? Here are a few definitions: Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own...


78: Parents Speak #3 with Andy Chitty

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Chitty. His son Sam attends Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. This was a conversation that uncovered several metaphors, ironies, and paradoxes of life. The interview with Andy was open, candid, and very informative. I would suggest any parent of a student-athlete to listen to this episode. We uncovered some valuable gems in this conversation. Some of the highlights of our conversation were: The goal here is to share information,...


79: How To Develop Young People - Andre Griggs

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE LEAGUE Andre Griggs, founder of the Restorative Justice League has created a program that promotes social and emotional learning. In an atmosphere that develops self-awareness, Andre is helping students foster relationship skills, communication, and leadership development. Most important, he said, he’s seen a boost in confidence in students who participate in the program. “It’s an evolution process,” Griggs said. “They start believing in themselves. They see their...


77: How To Push Beyond Your Limits

Everyone has dreams and goals. However, very few people actually achieve them. This is because the majority of us let our limits hold us back. These limits take various forms. Examples are physical inability, doubt, fear or a negative past. When you meet your personal limits, you feel resistance. This makes everything feel much harder to accomplish. Many people around the world are unable to hold on when it gets to this point. Therefore, they give up. It is important to learn how to beat...


76: Parents Speak #2 with Duante Barnett

Duante Barnett, father of 5 kids is also known as The Professor. He holds a masters degree in athletic administration. After 12 years of semi pro football and 10 years of coaching at all different levels, Duante` Barnett has been delegated to just coaching and writing about semi pro football in the NW. He has played QB, FB, TE, WR, OT, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB & MLB in his 12 years of semi pro. As a coach, he has been at little league, high school and the semi pro level. 2014 DB Coach for...


75: Parents Speak #1 with Erin M.

After taking three weeks off to contemplate the future of the podcast, I arrived at a few interesting conclusions: It's time to start interviewing parents and coaches. I really feel that the parents are the first coaches of the student-athlete. To further this thought, I addressed my Facebook community. What I had in mind was to start a conversation with parents and coaches that would lead to an interview. The goal is to share information, experience, and dialogue to better help our...


74: Respect The Process

RESPECT THE PROCESS “MOST PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE BOREDOM. THAT MEANS THEY CAN’T STAY ON ONE THING UNTIL THEY GET GOOD AT IT. AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY’RE UNHAPPY." —50 Cent More often than not our position in sport or life is something that we endure. We wish the season to be over and dream of the future. We are not engaged in the daily activity of the sport. Being constantly distracted, we never harness our full mental powers. Mastering a sport, subject, skill, or trade is not as exciting...


72: How To Handle A Disappointing Situation Perfectly

The key to defusing anxiety and avoiding stress to an overresponse is the reframe the event. You can learn to avoid stress by developing the habit of consciously examining events from a different perspective. Take a look at these steps. It's easy to remember them as S.E.E.D.S. that you sow in anticipation of reaping future success. 1. S - ituation 2. E - valuation 3. E - motions 4. D - o 5. S - elf esteem As you listen & learn about how Jalen sowed his SEEDS, think about your own...


71: How To Unjam Your Mind

The arrival of a new year signals new expectations. And when you feel stuck in anything from a relationship to career decisions or even family matters, you may feel more than a little blue. It’s easy to be swept away by a whole cocktail of negative emotions. The reason for this is that most people don’t want to bring old baggage into a feeling of newness. There are many possible ways to rid yourself of feeling like you are spinning your tires in muck. One regiment that I have found works...


70: How To Free Yourself From False Beliefs

How To Free Yourself From False Beliefs 1. How To Identify Your False Beliefs a. Do you become anxious or fearful in situations that pose no actual threat? b. Do you feel that "things just happen" that prevent you from achieving success? c. In pursuing goals, do you ever find yourself blocked by such thoughts as "I can't," "I'm no good," or "This is too much..." c. Do you sometimes feel that you're moving toward some desired outcome only to find yourself stymied by procrastination,...


69: Six Ways To Turn On Your Creative Imagination

Six Ways To Turn On Your Creative Imagination Prepare to go deeper into harnessing the powers of your imagination. In this episode we review reflective relearning, explore a new imagination exercise, and offer strategies to enhance your imagination. I. Reflective Relearning - It's the process of using your creative imagination to select positive images for yourself and eliminate the false, destructive, images your subconscious mind may be acting on as if they were true. II. Release the...


68: How To CRAFT A New Self-Image

HOW TO CRAFT A NEW SELF-IMAGE How can you take control of your mind and CRAFT a new Self-Image. Change comes about through awareness of a negative self-image, by challenging the bad habits that support this image, and by creating a new, positive self-image that allows you to set and achieve worthwhile goals. It’s easy to remember these steps if you think of reprogramming your Self-Image as a CRAFT. C - ancelR - eplaceA - ffirmF - ocusT - rain Cancel old, negative data. Go about...


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