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Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.

Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.
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Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.






11.14.18: Let's talk Tanking: solid strategy or betrayal of the game? Plus D3 mascots, Heisman trivia and great fan moments

More teams are tanking than ever before - deliberately losing games in order to get better draft picks. Is this a legit rebuilding strategy or a betrayal of the fans? We also share great fan moments, D3 mascots, Heisman trivia and, as always, locks of the week.


11.07.18: College Football Playoff Picture, NFL Wild Card Speculation, Maestro's Time Machine and knee-jerk reactions! Plus, games to watch, lineman trivia, locks of the week and more...

We talk through this past weekend's college football games and how the CFP is impacted, pluswe make our NFL wildcard picks, explore Maestro's idea for a time machine, stumble through a segment called "knee-jerk reactions" and, as always, have lineman trivia, locks of the week and final thoughts about LeBron, LeVeon and unresearched claims about youth sports. It's a hot mess of goodness.


10.31.18: BoSox Reign, the Ghost Coaches of Cleveland, Best Non-bar Candies, College Football Playoff Rankings, plus the strangest technical glitch of all time, D3 mascots, Pro Soccer trivia and Locks of the Week

10.31.18: BoSox reign supreme, we make our 2019 World Series picks, we're haunted by the Ghost Coaches of Cleveland, We debate the Best Non-bar Candies, and review the College Football Playoff Rankings. Plus, experience the strangest technical glitch in the history of podcasts, learn some new D3 mascots, listen to us struggle with Pro Soccer trivia and as always, Locks of the Week...


10.24.18 World Series! Ohio State's Fall from Grace...Plus Cavs Win Watch, D3 College Mascots and Defunct Team Trivia!

The Fall Classic is underway and we break down this World Series, plus we look at Ohio State's fall from grace, discuss the new top 4 college teams, fire up our Cavs Win Watch ticker and have some fun with D3 college Mascots and defunct sports teams.


10.17.18: Greatest Sports Mustache Champion Crowned, plus #SavedTheCrew, NHL Preview and loads of NCAA and NFL football talk! Not to mention Games to Watch, D3 College Mascots, Hockey Trivia and more!

MustacheMadness comes to an end as we crown the greatest sports mustache of all time! Plus the Columbus Crew has been #saved, we look at the upcoming NHL season, talk loads of NCAA Pretenders and Contenders, NFL football parity, highlight the games to watch this weekend and have D3 college mascot and hockey trivia.


10.10.28: Mustache Madness Finals! Baseball League Championship Series, NBA Preview, D3 college mascots andmore

10.10.28: Mustache Madness heads into the finals. We preview the matchup for our effort to determine the greatest mustache in sports history. Plus, we talk ALCS and NLCS and possible series matchups, make our 2019 NBA picks, locks of the week, October trivia and D3 college mascots. Vote in the Mustache Madness Finals: Where have you gone, Alan Bannister?


10.03.18: FIGHT NIGHT! Hats of the Week gets nasty! MLB Playoff predictions, Mustache Madness update, NFL picks, D3 College Mascots and more

FIGHT NIGHT! Coach and BMOC throw down over hats of the week, plus MLB playoff predictions, Mustache Madness update, a new card is drawn from the big box o'cards, D3 college mascots, locks of the week and Wild Card trivia...


09.26.18: Greatest Sports Mustaches, Winner, Winner Browns and Tiger, D3 Mascots and Listener Mail

09.26.18: We seed the top 8 sports mustaches of all time in preparation for Mustache Madness, plus we have live audio of the Brown's win, talk Tiger Woods and Tinder, plus Listener Mail, D3 Mascots, and Baseball Playoff trivia


09.20.18: NFL, NCAAF - What we do and do not know after 2 weeks; plus Patriot Josh Gordon, MLB regular season winds down and

We're a few weeks into the NFL and College Football seasons. What do we know and what do we not know at this time? Plus, the Browns send Josh Gordon to the Patriots and sign a new kicker: is this the week they get their win? And Major League Baseball's regular season is winding down. We have what you need to keep an eye on. As always: locks of the week, hats of the week, trivia and more.


09.04.18: Football, Football and also Football: College, NFL and more

Are you ready for some football? The SW crew recaps week one of college football and makes bold and insane predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Plus we talk tennis, alumni soccer and an all-new Maestro Decides.


08.29.18: Nicknames on Jerseys! Plus CFB Week One Picks, Urban Update, No Way - Yes Way and Maestro's upcoming match

What the heck is MLB "Players Weekend" and why are there nicknames on their jerseys! Plus College Football Week One Picks, Urban Meyer update, No Way - Yes Way, Mickey Klutts Update, and we talk about Masetro's upcoming Alumni Soccer Game.


08.22.18 College Football Predictions, Cupcake games, MLB Update, Rants, Trivia and Hats of the Week

The SW team picks conference winners for College Football, explores the cupcake game phenomenon, talks through the Cubs-Nationals trade, predicts how many games out the last place teams will finish, plus rants, trivia, hats of the week and more. Sponsored by ( and the GOAL ringtone (


08.15.18: The Urban Meyer Sitch, We Review 'American Fiasco,' plus CFB picks, the death of Logo Madness and when it's OK to retire a hat

How hot is the water OSU coach Urban Meyer finds himself in? We review the podcast 'American Fiasco' about the USMNT in soccer, plus we pick our CFB national champion, finally put #LogoMadness out of its misery and discuss when it's OK to retire a hat. And hats of the week, locks of the week and trivia!!


08.01.18: The Giant Gumball, One Thing I'd Change..., Baseball HoF, Logo Madness Post-mortem

Having lost a bet to Coach, the Big Man on Campus has to complete a segment while chewing a giant gumball, plus we decide one thing we'd change about a sport, weigh baseball hall of famers and NFL training camp, plus hats of the week, locks of the week, trivia and an all-new BMOC rant.


07.25.18 The Minimum Viable Fan, plus Tiger Woods, Mickey Klutts and Last Place Trivia

What's the minimum bar you have to clear to be a fan of a team? Plus is Tiger Woods back on track, have we tracked down Mickey Klutts and Last Place Trivia...


07.18.18: MLB Trades, World Cup

What are the big trades probable baseball trades ahead of the July 31 trade deadline? We recap the World Cup, update on #LogoMadness and we unveil the Big Bucket o' Cards. This episode is 100% Maestro-free.


07.11.18 Mt. Rushmore of Baseball Villains, plus All Star Game trivia, World Cup, #LogoMadness, Wimbledon and an all new Maestro decides

We argue out the Mt. Rushmore of Baseball Villains. Plus, were at the All-Star break in Major League baseball, and we talk possible MVPs, All-Star trivia, Wimbledon, World Cup and an all-new Maestro decides.


07.04.18 Laker LeBron, Croatia Rising, NL West Breakdown and Coach Says the Reds Still Stink

What can LeBron expect in LA and where does this leave the Cavs? Can Croatia win the World Cup? Plus we break down the NL West, revisit #LogoMadness, and Coach explains why he thinks the Reds still stink. And...the cancer question returns, we dare to ask "what hat are you wearing?" You'll learn all about Tony Gwynn in NL West trivia, and some zany final thoughts.


06.27.18: Logo Madness update, NL Central Breakdown, World Cup locks, NBA MVP

The Sports Wednesday crew breaks down the results from week one of Logo Madness, breaks down the NL Central, and picks the sure-things in the World Cup's knockout round of 16. Plus we talk NBA MVPs, hats and baseball trivia.


06.20.18: Best American League logos, World Cup picks, NL East break down + trivia, plus 'what hat are you wearing?,' another fantasy baseball loss, and final thoughts

The Sports Wednesday team argues out the top 8 American League logos and sets up a two weeks of Twitter polls to decide the winner. Plus: * This week's World Cup picks * Breakdown: The NL East * NL East trivia * Fantasy baseball update * Minor Leaguer update * Final Thoughts Brought to you by Support our Pelotonia ride: