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Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.

Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.
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Sports Wednesday gives you the right amount of sports talk in the middle of the week. Sports talk for the medium-level fan.






07.11.18 Mt. Rushmore of Baseball Villains, plus All Star Game trivia, World Cup, #LogoMadness, Wimbledon and an all new Maestro decides

We argue out the Mt. Rushmore of Baseball Villains. Plus, were at the All-Star break in Major League baseball, and we talk possible MVPs, All-Star trivia, Wimbledon, World Cup and an all-new Maestro decides.


07.04.18 Laker LeBron, Croatia Rising, NL West Breakdown and Coach Says the Reds Still Stink

What can LeBron expect in LA and where does this leave the Cavs? Can Croatia win the World Cup? Plus we break down the NL West, revisit #LogoMadness, and Coach explains why he thinks the Reds still stink. And...the cancer question returns, we dare to ask "what hat are you wearing?" You'll learn all about Tony Gwynn in NL West trivia, and some zany final thoughts.


06.27.18: Logo Madness update, NL Central Breakdown, World Cup locks, NBA MVP

The Sports Wednesday crew breaks down the results from week one of Logo Madness, breaks down the NL Central, and picks the sure-things in the World Cup's knockout round of 16. Plus we talk NBA MVPs, hats and baseball trivia.


06.20.18: Best American League logos, World Cup picks, NL East break down + trivia, plus 'what hat are you wearing?,' another fantasy baseball loss, and final thoughts

The Sports Wednesday team argues out the top 8 American League logos and sets up a two weeks of Twitter polls to decide the winner. Plus: * This week's World Cup picks * Breakdown: The NL East * NL East trivia * Fantasy baseball update * Minor Leaguer update * Final Thoughts Brought to you by Support our Pelotonia ride:


06.13.18: Tattoo vs. Urkel, LeBron's New Home, Justify's Triple Crown, plus AL West breakdown and trivia, Stanley Cup and Maestro's Shame

Who would you rather jockey your horse: Tattoo from "Fantasy Island" or Urkel from "Family Matters"? We debate, along with our NBA finals recap, LeBron predictions, Justify's triple crown and the Stanley Cup, plus we break down the AL West


05.30.18: Cavs-Warriors IV and Rocky IV; AL Central breakdown, Stanley Cup Finals and Maestro's Oddball Sport Roundup

We've been anticipating Cavs-Warriors IV as the NBA Final for months. Now that it's here, can the Cavs upset the heavily favored Warriors? How does the matchup compare to Rocky IV? Plus, we talk Stanley Cup finals, break down the AL East and listen to Maestro discuss the world of sports outside the Big 4 leagues. Some music and sound effects in the show are courtesy of the websites and Follow us on Twitter: SportWednesday...


05.23.18: AL East breakdown, NBA Playoffs, plus the Roper vs. Furley Smackdown

We kick off a division-by-division look at MLB, starting with the AL East, break down the East and West conference championships in the NBA, plus locks of the week, upset specials, trivia and for our GenX listeners, we share an all-new Maestro Decides that pits Mr. Roper against Mr. Furley. Brought to you by ( Sign up for our email list and be among the first to get a Hoopsters set. Links: Sports Wednesday on iTunes...


Save the Crew! Plus Cavs-Celtics, Bad Baseball Trivia, Cargo Shorts and Maestro's Shame

We're talking Major League Soccer and the movement to keep the Columbus Crew SC in Columbus, plus we break down Cavs-Celtics, talk NHL Knights-Jets and have Bad Baseball Trivia, a Cargo Shorts Controversy and explore Maestro's deep shame...


05.09.18: Cavs-Raptors live audio experience, NHL playoffs, defunct soccer team trivia, plus Coach's Mother-in-Law and an all new Maestro Decides!

What was it like inside the Q for LeBron's Game 3 buzzer beater? In a word - insane. Our live audio experience gives you the visceral thrill of being there. Plus, we talk NHL playoffs, try out some defunct soccer team trivia and roll out an all-new episode of Maestro decides. It's gonna be great!


05.02.18: NFL Draft review with guest, Shortstop Trivia, plus NBA and NHL playoffs

05.02.18 Football analyst Cole Medvec from the website joins the SW crew to break down the 2018 NFL draft and look ahead at the 2019 QB class, plus we've got Baseball Shortstop trivia, we catch up with the NBA and NHL playoffs, Maestro finally gets his prize for winning the NCAA tourney pick'em and of course the intense "What hat am I wearing?" Prophet of the Sandlot ( Joey Wears Chandlers Clothes...


04.25.18: Fake Baseball Rules? NFL Draft Predictions, plus NBA and NHL playoff recaps

The Coach challenges Maestro and the Big Man on Campus to spot the fake baseball rule. We head into Week Two of the Non-stop 24-hour David Blatt Coaching Job Watch, recap the first round of the NBA and NHL playoffs, predict the top 5 NFL draft picks, try some NFL Draft Trivia and update you on our fitness streaks and more... Brought to you by ( Sign up for our email list and be among the first to get a Hoopsters set. Links: Sports Wednesday on iTunes...


04.18.18: Greatest Sports Streaks, NBA/NHL Playoff Update, Baseball Catcher trivia and more...

The NBA and NHL playoffs got underway this past week and we've got the medium-level scoop for you. Plus, we talk greatest sports streaks of all time and have Baseball Catcher trivia. Yep: catchers only. Plus Locks of the Week, Fantasy Baseball update, Corrections and Final Thoughts... Baseball Catcher Trivia Tripod Page ( 25 Most Unbreakable Streaks in Sports ( Brought to you by...


04.11.18: NBA Playoff Preview, Around-the-Bases Recap, NHL playoff picks, plus guess what hat I am wearing...

The Sports Wednesday team looks at the NBA playoffs and picks key first round our take on the first 10 games of MLB, the Ohtani hype, NHL Stanley Cup predictions, plus a live audio experience from this past weekend's around-the-bases physical challenge, locks of the week and trivia. Brought to you by ( Sign up for our email list and be among the first to get a Hoopsters set. Links: Sports Wednesday on iTunes...


04.03.18: Wrapping up the Madness, Opening Day, NHL Live Audio Experience, plus the Zinger vs. Twinkie Throw-down you won't want to miss...

We wrap our March Madness 2018 with a bow, talk about opening day and enjoy a live audio experiences from a recent NHL game. Plus, we argue Zingers vs. Twinkies in a new edition of Judge Maestro and clips from the lost episode of Sports Wednesday...


03.21.18: Mad March and Coach's Regrets, Sweet 16 preview, plus Cavs - Warriors injury reports and NHL playoff preview

This week we're all about March Madness: we review the first two rounds and mourn our terribly busted brackets, and preview the Sweet 16 matchups and identify upset specials in the remaining games. Plus we check in on the Cavs and Warriors and take a peek at the NHL's stretch run. Brought to you by ( Sign up for our email list and be among the first to get a Hoopsters set. Links: Sports Wednesday Second Chance Sweet 16 Bracket: Bracket busted? Redeem...


03.14.18: The Madness of March, the Cleveland Browns and Jingles in a Minor Key

We're all about March Madness: we talk brackets, seeds and upset specials. Plus we break down the 36 hours of trading madness conducted this past week by Cleveland Browns. And we have a few things to say about the NIT. Sponsored by Join the Sports Wednesday Pick'em here: NIT Pick'em:


03.07.18: We take the Wonderlic, College Hoops a'plenty and Judge Maestro presides

03.07.18: We talk about the NFL Draft combine and share our experiences taking the Wonderlic test. Then it's college basketball conference championship week, and we pick our winners and predict the 4 #1 seeds. Plus, we provide updates on our adopted MLB prospects and dive into 1980s baseball trivia. Finally, Judge Maestro presides over a dispute between the Coach and the Big Man on Campus. Links Kevin Love on dealing with mental health issues....


02.28.18: Teams that Tank, Minor League Mascots and Olympic Reflections, plus conference tourneys, trivia, upset specials and some hockey

The Sports Wednesday crew checks in with the NHL following their trade deadline, talks NBA teams that are tanking, visits Spring Training and picks our favorite minor league mascots, plus final thoughts on the Olympics, our locks of the week, upset specials, trivia and more. Sports Wednesday is brought to you by Hoopsters, the greatest basketball-themed board game you've never played. Sign up on our mailing list at to be the first to know when Hoopsters sets are available.


02.21.18: Old men kicking field goals in the snow, plus NBA All Star weekend, Winter Olympics and College Hoops

The Sports Wednesday team makes good on the field goal kicking challenge issued in our Feb 07 episode. Hear what happens when two men in their late 40s wearing sneakers attempt to kick field goals during a snowstorm. Plus, we talk "Shut up and dribble," the NBA dunk contest, Winter Olympics update, Spring Training prospects and College Hoops. Plus trivia, Locks of the Week, upset specials, episode corrections and, as always, an all-new jingle from the Maestro.


02.14.18: Who are these Cavs? Return of the Flying Tomato, and the march to March

The Cleveland Cavaliers reinvented themselves overnight. Will the gamble pay off? Plus we talk Winter Olympics: Curling, Luge and Snowboard, and breakdown what went wrong in Coach's lock of the week. Plus College hoops, baseball trivia and we make our World Series picks for 2018... Links: Go Fund Me page for Westerville Police Officers families: US Pond Hockey Championships Everything Cleveland Did at the Trade...