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All Sports views, news and opinions! Discussing and debating the hottest topics in sport both locally and from around the world.

All Sports views, news and opinions! Discussing and debating the hottest topics in sport both locally and from around the world.




All Sports views, news and opinions! Discussing and debating the hottest topics in sport both locally and from around the world.




NBA & AFL Finals Special

This week we pay tribute to the legendary Dean Jones. Here we are, 1st round of the NBA Finals and the AFL finals and the boys discuss it all. Sinners & Winners featuring NFL, AFL, Bundesliga, EPL, NBA and WNBL are featured. The water cooler includes the NBA finals, The collapse of the LA Clippers, Do we have sympathy for Harley Bennell?, Jack Watts and Jesse Hogan, Who we think will win the AFL grand Final and The 3 most influential AFL players of 2020 and What the hell happened to Ben...


The Bubble Boy

SWP is back reviewing all the big news in sport. Also on the "Watercooler" agenda......


Times up for Clarko

On tonights agenda: largest contract


Part 2 - The Great Debate! Taking a knee.

The boys get heated over the taking a knee stance in AFL football. Is this a great platform for players to express themselves or should politics stay off the field? We discuss. Was Conor Mckenna treated unfair? Should Sam Newman of been sacked from Channel 9? Should the A League be moved to Winter? Where should the AFL Grand Final be played this year? Adelaide, Perth or a empty MCG? #Save community TV & Save Channel 31


Express - #SaveCommunityTV & C31 Melbourne

We are not on C31, and we no have any affiliation with them. However we would like to throw our support to the local arts and TV community and ask @PaulFLetcherMP to extend the licence so they can remain on tv. Nate, Dan, Damo and Liam talk about it on the latest SWP. Please get around c31 Melbourne and show some support!


Part 1 - #PuntR. Ft. Mike Elrington

Part 1 of this weeks podcast. We discuss the Sinners & Winners of the week, featuring the superstars of the Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, & Aussie Rules Footy worlds. The Local Legends segment returns as we catch up with Caleb from #PuntR - The Punter's resource, an open forum changing the face of punting communities in Australia and around the world. Plus, we chat about the NBA opt out, a new NBL coach, Brad Green, Eddie Betts, Novak Djokovic, Burnley FC, Conor Mckenna, Matt Rowell and the...


Footy's Back!

We celebrate the return of AFL with a light hearted look at this week in sport. We discuss the Sinners & Winners of the week featuring the superstars of the Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Wrestling, Rugby & Aussie Rules Footy worlds. Liam inducts the first Legend in the sinners and winners hall of fame. The boys look at the Lance Armstrong's 30 for 30 documentary, J.R Smith day, someone gets stuffed in to the car boot, This week in NRL, what sports are using to create a crowd atmosphere with...


Bonk Ban

The team watercooler topics include


The Last Dance

The boys review the last dance. Is the 90's era better than todays NBA?


The Iso Beard - Part 2

The Watercooler


The odd couple.

Another example of the love Damo & Dan share.


Cocaine Cassie - Part 1

The podcast is back after a hiatus to give you an escape from isolation. The boys select their Sinners and Winners from this year so far. They discuss the top 5 people they'd like to isolate with. Damo gives some inside mail on who will win this year's Gold Logie and some new AFL coaching appointments. Liam rates how the NRL have dealt with the pandemic. We get Dan's thoughts on the Micheal Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" and Nate gives channel 7 and Alastair Clarkson a clip.


Wrestlemania Special - Part 2 + JXT Interview

Nate catches up with JXT as he talks us through life as an independent wrestler, his NXT and Tough Enough tryouts, Why his last American tour was canceled and whether we will ever see NXT Australia. We go through part 2 of our Wrestlemania recap, run through all the matches, breakdown our Mount Rushmore of wrestlers and give you some tips on what to binge on during this down time.


JXT on will there be a NXT Australia?

JXT on will there be a NXT Australia?Did Triple H say it? and what tag team legend chewed JXT out.


Australian Independent Wrestler JXT - Preview

A preview of what it's like to be an independent wrestler. Imagine training your whole life for a shot at your dream and a simple mistake stops everything, the a virus sweeps the world. An Australian wrestler tells his story. This is a preview of an interview I am currently editing and will drop the full episode tomorrow.


Wrestlemania Special - Part 1

The Podcast thats too big for just one podcast. All the SWP favourite segments same but different. Sinners and Winners. The Watercooler Wrestlemania Part 1 review. The boys discuss all the action from night 1. How big names like Kane, The APA, Sting and the Ultimate Warrrior can be included in future bone matches. Road stories featuring Marty Jannetty, Hulk Hogan and the red rooster. How Tim Watson and Eric Bishoff has grinded our gears. All this and much more.


Smooth Segways

Last show for 2019! Huge show to finish of the year! - Massive Sinners and Winners of the week - Some firey Summer Beer Garden debates: - NBA, AFL, Cricket, Boxing, Soccer PLUS the boys count down their: TOP 3 SPORTING MOMENTS of the decade!!


Hang On Man!

The lads are finally back from hibernation with the first episode of the Summer series of the Sports Week Podcast! Monster show to kick things off! An all new guest host makes his debut! Sinners and Winners of the last 2 months! Firey Debates in the Summer garden! - Why is the NBL and it’s crowds going from strength to strength while the Cricket and Soccer crowds in Aus are dropping? - The curious case of old mate Joe Daniher - Biggest surprises and disappointments from the NBA season...