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Ep. 083 Free Agency Frenzy / WR Review

Free Agency Frenzy and Our Wide Receiver Review NFL is being reshaped. Cleveland looks like the favorite in the AFC North having added coveted OBJ to the roster.. The Browns added to its booty with the radioactive Kareem Hunt. Although the Steelers were able to retain its own Eli Rogers, we unfortunately lost Jesse “The Outlaw” James to Detroit. We review the Steelers acquisitions: Steven Nelson - CB from the Kansas City Chiefs Donte Moncrief - WR from the Jacksonville Jaguars In...


Ep. 082 Antonio Brown’s Mic Drop

AB got his way. Unless something flukey happens between today (March 10) and March 13 at 4:00 pm when NFL trades can become official, he will once again be the highest paid wide receiver in the game. He will purportedly receive a new contract worth $50.125 million over the next three seasons. Of that amount $30.125 million will be guaranteed. In more positive news: Pouncey’s contract extensionRamon “The Big Ragu” Foster re-signs,Finneygets 2nd round tender Unfortunately, we say a fond...


Ep. 081 Exclusive: Antonio Brown Kevin Colbert Phone Call

Exclusive Tape Through intrepid detective work, we were able to procure a recording between Kevin Colbert and Antonio Brown*. OK, we only recorded Kevin's side of the conversation, but you'll get the gist. Antonio Brown Saga Continues AB is due $2.5 million on March 15. Will this press the Steelers into dealing him, or will they keep a steady hand on the tiller in search of the best deal they can make? AB is making his case in the traditional media through this ESPN interview and on...


Ep. 080 Colbert Steps into Media Cesspool

Colbert Interview Notes Man, the media did not miss an opportunity to jump all over an innocuous comment by Kevin Colbert about Ben Roethlisberger's leadership of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His interview gave the media another chance to jump all over Ben with all the insight of armchair psychiatrists, diagnosing the so-called Steeler lock room ills, attributing everything from AB's demand to leave the team to climate change on Ben's lack of leadership. Colbert cleared up the Steeler's...


Ep. 079 What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal?

What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal? Nick flies solo in this episode with time literally in the air and unavailable at game time. Antonio Brown has been in existential crisis since at least last summer, starting with his complaint that he hasn’t been allowed to express himself.AB held aTwitter Q&Aon February 16. Unless you are AB’s therapist, you’ll need a cryptographer to figure out what he said, but we try to decipher it.He referenced Ben’s “owner mentality”, his seeming impunity...


Ep. 078 What Do the Steelers, AAF, NFL, Supreme Court and Congress Have In Common?

The Kardashians were relatively quiet this week, although we have some updates to talk about. 1. Steelers 2019 Opponents Announced 2. Steelers Put Final Touches on the Coaching Picture 3. Steelers Permeate the New American Alliance of Football 4. How Long Would a 2021 NFL Lockout Last? 5. The First Player to Fight the NFL in Court and Win 6. How Did the 2018 Draftees Do Against Our Predictions?


Ep. 077 Super Boring Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday Yesterday we witnessed the Super Bowl. In what could only be described as the most boring game in Super Bowl history, the Patriots joined the Steelers at the grown ups table, amassing their 6th Lombardi Trophy in a game that resembled a baseball game in mid-June. The Patriots game-planned the 11th most prolific offense in NFL history into scoring purgatory, 13-3. Tony Romo showed his prodigious broadcasting and prognosticatory chops during the game. We talk about his true...


Ep. 076 Can We Keep This Team Intact?

The Steelers keep giving us red meat to talk about, even as the we stare seven months until the next game in the face. In this episode, we talk about: Pro BowlJuJu’s injuryOur concept of a Pro Bowl weekend that will preserve athlete's bodies for REAL football while sating the competitive thirst of football fansAR II’s most recent commentsImminent re-signing of BenRe-signing the entire offensive lineAB’s Jerry Rice fetish and the Antonio Brown brandHow much fault do we pin on Ben?Super Bowl...


Ep. 075 Circus Maximus and the Revolving Door

In this episode: Mike Munchak Departs Family is thicker than football. Five years after he arrived to coach the offensive line, Mike Munchak departs for the same position in Denver, having molded the Steelers offensive line into the #1 rated line in the NFL. Shaun Sarrett steps into the role, having served as assistant offensive line coach in 2018. He previously was an offensive assistant with the team from 2012-17, working mainly with the offensive line. Morgan Burnett Ready To Move...


Ep. 074 AB Fades While Butler Ascends

Quizzical Decisions About Coaches In this episode Emmanuel Sanders Waxes On AB Manny Sanders was on NFL Game Day week and he had a whole bunch to say about his buddy Antonio Brown. Although he slings a little hypocrisy in there, Sanders does have insight into AB and he doesn't like what he sees. We break this down because it's better than reading all the conjecture from people who have never played the game. Teryl Austin Fresh from an uninspiring stint as the Bengals Defensive...


Ep. 073 AB's Curtain Call?

As Alfred Hitchcock once said, "What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out?" And certainly with Antonio Brown there is never a dull moment, which was reinforced by Jesse James who said "Ah man, we are — Kardashians.” The thought that Pittsburgh, a town with its share of troubles and one that has shown resilience in the face of adversity, has a wide receiver who just got a 4-year, $68 million pay day makes you wonder why AB's not getting more heat than he is. We talk about the...


Ep. 072 It’s Just a Game, Right?

Steelers 16 Bengals 13 OK. We lied. We said that there was no way the Steelers would make the playoffs this year. We said that we weren't going to get invested in this game against the Bengals. For a while, that was true. Until it became possible that the Steelers might LOSE and the Browns would WIN in an ironic, cruel twist of incompetency. Then things started swinging our way. The Steelers took a tie into the 4th quarter and managed to scratch and claw its way to victory. Meanwhile,...


Ep. 071 Steelers Take Saints to the Wire

Steelers 28 Saints 31 This was a body blow. This game was starting to give you the belief that the Steelers could sustain a run into the playoffs by taking it to the Saints in the Super Dome. Of course that hope was extinguished as we entered into the final phase of the game with some costly turnovers, but elements of the demise emerged early in the game with letdowns on defense and some agonizing (and questionable) penalties. Officiating Because of its inconsistency and the way it...


Ep. 070 Steelers Gronquer Patriots

Steelers 17 Patriots 10 Battling the history of five straight losses to the Patriots, the Steelers achieved redemption in a surprisingly low-scoring affair. While there's always something to criticize, this is a victory to be celebrated, to be savored for the rare vintage it has become. 1. Throwback Dirty Steelers Win a. Wasn’t always beautiful b. Immediate Pats TD was terrifying / Brady got ball back with 2:30 c. Offense played better than 17 points d. Defense almost crumbled late...


Ep. 069 Steelers the Headless Tomlin Gunner

Steelers 21 Raiders 24 Unless you were keyed into Warren Zevon in the late '70s, you might not get the title of this episode (but it's a great song!). Suffice it to say that we are quickly losing confidence in HC Mike Tomlin. Here's what we talk about in this episode: Yet Another Loss in Oakland - Tomlin taking some serious heat for leaving Dobbs in while Ben was good to go. Chris Boswell 0/2 + hits upright on XP. Is Tomlin on the “Hotseat”? - He won't get fired this year, but since the...


Ep. 068 Steelers Chastened by Chargers

Steelers 30 Chargers 33 This was decidedly one of the worst losses in two years. We finally stop a prolific offense and QB in its tracks while simultaneously rolling to a 23-7 half time lead, only to revert to our tendency on defense to bend then break and for the offense to sputter. It was a tale of two halves certainly as the Steelers went 0-7 on third-down conversions in the second half. We have PLENTY to say about the abhorrent officiating that gifted two TDs to the Chargers, but...


Ep. 067 Squandering a Prolific Performance

Steelers 17 Broncos 24 The race is not always to the swift. In a scene reminiscent of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Steelers stood slouched against the wall near the finish foot on the sidewalk, the other propped against the red brick building, fedora hat tipped forward over the brow and Marlborough hanging jauntily from their lips, figuring that once again, they would saunter from the shadows to achieve yet another heroic finish with time expiring. It was not to be. The...


Ep. 066 SuperBen Stares Down His Kryptonite

Steeler 20 Jaguars 16 This game seemed inevitable from the start, with the Steelers stumbling to 19 yards and 3:41 TOP in the first quarter, then further disintegrating as Ben threw his customary interceptions (although he only threw three this time). Pittsburgh couldn't see the Jaguars side of the field with a drone until the end of the 1st half when the broached midfield. But lo!! It seemed that a savior arose as Ben lofted a pass to AB who loped for a 78 TD reception! Unfortunately, it...


Ep. 065 Herding Cats - Can the Steelers Control the Feral Kingdom?

Two teams in a row with mascots from the cat family...(and don't forget, we already beat the Bengals) In this episode we wrap up the overview of the Steelers overwhelming 52-21 victory over the Panthers. We look ahead to next week's contest when we take on another feline opponent.... the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have been Pittsburgh's bogeyman. Two humiliating defeats in 2017 against a team that exceeded expectations with a much maligned Blake Bortles. While we scoffed at him,...


Ep. 064 Carolina Carnage

Steelers 52 Panthers 21 Nerves quickly gave way to pure joy in this contest that saw statistical pornography as the Steelers ran, passed and scored at will over the hapless Carolina Kittens this past Thursday night. We wanted to get a quick show out to share our joy with Steelers Nation. We'll do a full episode this weekend where we'll provide more context and talk about the story lines. In the meantime, if you have any questions, perspectives or suggestions, Please drop us a...