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Ep. 056 Calling All Communication Majors

Steelers 37 vs. Chiefs 42 This is what a real life loss feels like people. It wasn’t last week when we eeked out a tie with the Cleveland Browns, in spite of what Cam Heyward said. This was rib-kicking, gut wrenching, rub-your-nose-in-it failure of the highest order. We have a glimpse of the future and it looks a lot like 2017. It’s hardly worth doing the analysis. We need only pull out the defensive stats for any number of games against real NFL quarterbacks last year as they eviscerated...


Ep. 055 Steelers Decline Browns Offer of an Easy Win

Steelers 21 Browns 21 The Cleveland Browns were trying to be the perfect hosts… They put out their finest linens, polished the silverware and sat the Steelers down to a banquet where they could feast to their heart’s content. The Steeler, gracious guests that they are would have none of it. On a rain-soaked afternoon, in the only stadium outside of Pgh where Ben Roethsliberger is the #1 winning QB, the Steelers graciously handed the Browns their first non-loss in 624 days achieving a...


Ep. 054 Steelers Throw Convention to the Curb

Roster Cut Down On Saturday, the Steelers cut 37 players to get down to its 53 man roster. The reason you don't listen to the so-called "experts"? No one was calling for Landry Jones to be cut. More amazing - Josh Dobbs is now the backup for Ben Roethlisberger. Really? We had that dude on the practice squad for the Panthers. We delve into this strange choice as well as the one that valued Jaylen Samuels about Fitz "The Fumbler" Tousssaint. The New and Improved Cleveland Browns The...


Ep. 053 Steelers Starters Burnish Blades on Tennessee Titans

Steelers Starters Burnish Blades on Tennessee Titans Steeler 16 Titans 6 It didn't take long for the Steelers to throw off the rust and hurl the Titans a third loss in the preseason. Ben acquitted himself well, going 11/18 for 114 yards and a touchdown. Interestingly, the Steelers defense prevented the Titans from moving past the 50 yard line in their first seven series and in six of those series the Titans did not achieve a first down. It's always good to see those interceptions...


Ep. 052 Steelers and the Bermuda Triangle

Steelers and the Bermuda Triangle It wasn't as bad as I thought once I reviewed everything play-by-play. However, what is abundantly clear is that we have not solved a holdover problem from last year - the Bermuda Triangle which is the middle of the field and a place that opponents go to automatically pad their passing yardage statistics. It's most likely due to a thin cupboard of inside linebackers, but it seems that all you've got to do is run across the middle in front of the ILBs, grab...


Ep. 051 Steelers Preseason Opener - Have We Upgraded?

PRESEASON - GAME 1 STEELERS 31 - EAGLES 14 It's nice to see Boz breakout in this inaugural exhibition game, going 3-3 in FGs and 2-2 in XPs. Other than that, we saw some of the same flaws on defense that we hoped had been addressed, realizing that we didn't uncover the second coming of Ryan Shazier through free agency. There were some disturbing gashes against the d-line, especially after Jordan Berry (with and assist by Marcus Tucker) buried the Eagles at their 1 1/2 yard line, when Jay...


Ep. 050 Training Camp and the Depth Chart

Training Camp - Who's In? Who's in Trouble? Training Camp ThemesDepth ChartInjuriesLe’Veon We have enough training camp data to identify some trends and themes. We get our first view of competition outside training camp with a pre-season game against the reigning Super Bowl Champions (doesn't it just make you grit your teeth?) Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. There are the usual dings during training camp, but so far no arrows of outrageous fortune. And then, just because he's been out of...


Ep. 049 Training Camp Begins

FOOTBALL IS BACK! Finally! Training camp isn't exactly the kind of football we're looking for, but a raindrop in the desert is a deluge to a thirsty man. In this episode we talk about: Please drop us a note: Hit us up on Twitter at @Steelersoutpost Leave us a note at the website - Shoot us an email at


Ep. 048 2018 Predictions We’ll Be Accountable For

2018 Predictions We’ll Be Accountable For We pull out our crystal balls to look at: We will compare our forecast once the season is over and learn how well we understood this team. We also talk about the MAN who was at the helm at the threshold of greatness. The MAN whose steady hand guided the Steelers into the Dynasty that Pittsburgh would become in the 1970's. Join us on this journey to greatness. Please drop us a note: Hit us up on Twitter at @Steelersoutpost Leave us a note...


Ep. 047 For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls At 4:00 pm today, July 16, it became official. Le’Veon Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers threw in the towel. There will be no long-term contract for our superstar do-all running back. He receives the franchise tag for the second year in a row, all but ensuring his departure in 2019. We talk about the obvious negatives of this development, which was all but expected, other than the Pollyanna-ish wishful thinking by some pundits, Mike Tomlin and Bell himself. We...


Ep. 046 Football vs. Futbol

Football vs. Futbol Iceland with .001% of our population advances in the World Cup. Why doesn't the USA put out a juggernaught soccer team?! Given our abject lack of knowledge of soccer, we take on this question in this episode. We think it has to do with the fact that our best athletes stop playing soccer after they're 5 years old. Why? It's hard to figure because soccer pays now. There are a lot more outlets beyond the MLS... Europe, South America.....No OTAs Could it be that there's...


Ep. 045 Greatest Steelers Wide Receiver

Headlines Le'veon's Contract Le’Veon seems more upbeat about the possibility of getting a contract done for this season. He appearEd on the NFL Network's Top 100 and said that he's closer to an extension than last offseason. "Obviously, the people in the organization try to do what's best for them, and I'm trying to do what's best for me," Bell said. "We're working on it. We're a lot closer than we were last year at this time. That's what I'm happy about. None of that matters if we...


Ep. 044 Greatest Steelers Running Back

Greatest Steelers Running Back We’re going to take issue with a recent ranking we saw of the Steelers all-time best running backs. The list was: Franco HarrisJerome BettisWillie ParkerLe’Veon BellJohn Henry Johnson Now, it appears that the compilers of this list were looking at the RB’s entire Steeler career, but Steelers Outpost likes to take nuanced view of these things. There’s no accounting for a team’s era, coaches, playing style, etc. So we just looked purely at the statistics for...


Ep. 43 The Magically Disappearing Martavis

Headlines Martavis Continues to Amaze Can this guy do any more to suppress his potential. It's just a rumor now, but where there's been smoke in the past, there's been a forest fire. Does Martavis survive the 2018 off season? Ben and the Little Children Sixty-five percent of Americans won't let their kids play tackle football. Ben sets out to do things right. Where does he stand with his own Killer Bees, Benjamin, Baylee and Bodie? Ben and The Backups Hot off of Ed...


Ep. 042 AB's Meltdown

AB's Meltdown Antonio Brown never fails to perform and never fails to entertain! But he does seem to be in some kind of existential crisis, asking what all the money, fame and attention is all about. Join us as we discuss what he said and what's behind the outpouring of frustration. Please drop us a note: Hit us up on Twitter at @Steelersoutpost Leave us a note at the website - Shoot us an email at


Ep. 041 Origin Story

Headlines Steelers Outpost Podcast - Origin Story Origin Story Listen for the BIG REVEAL!!!! Who the hell are we and from what primordial ooze did emerge! We talk about how we became Steelers fans and what force compelled us to do this podcast. Most Under-Appreciated Steelers Nick responded to a question from out pal at @PittsburghSport who asked: Most Under-Appreciated @Steelers by position: WHO DO YOU GOT? Listen as Nick justifies the following selections: WR Nate Washington RB...


Ep. 040 Killer B's: Commitment & Cohesion

Headlines OTA and Injuries Jerald Hawkins' and Jake McGee's season is over....even before OTA are done. Careers that were always tentative at best. Have the missed their last chance? Hawkins and McGee were undone in the Official Team Activities, known as OTAs. What is the value of these practices? Are they a chance to ramp up by teaching basics, learn the schemes and socialize the team? Or do they just widen the window of risk, exposing your stars to potential injuries? Killer B's Will...


Ep. 039 Steelers Toxicity

Headlines 2018 Upside We spent a lot of time these past two weeks administering a dose of reality about the upcoming season. While we do have concerns about several positions, the Steelers are still poised like a crazed mongoose in a room full of pythons, ready to strike with the venomous fangs of its vaunted offense, while perhaps the “known unknowns” about the defense will materialize as positives in the upcoming season. Steelers Toxicity "Toxicity" is a somewhat esoteric...


Ep. 038 Who is in the Steelers Way?

We are fortunate to have Patrick join us on this show. Pat is a fellow Washington DC outpost denizen who spends hours each week endlessly debating with Nick the issue of the day attendant to the National Football League. We thought that instead of commiting all of that effort to the ether we would capture it and bring the the conversation to you. Who is in the Steelers Way? Of course you can't project your chances just by looking at your draft choices and returning veterans. During this...


Ep. 037 Prospects for Steelers 2018 Season

Prospects for Steelers 2018 Season Did the Kevin Colbert and crew improve the Steelers' chances for a Super Bowl in 2018? We talk about whether the revolving door of players' comings and goings brought in a net positive impact on talent, or became the exit door for our chances for getting to Atlanta next February. Please drop us a note: