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What happened in Miami? Bruins hanging in there

In this week’s episode, Steven and Chris recap the debacle Miami including the uncharacteristic mistakes we never see from the patriots ( missed fg, extra point, Brady at the end of the first half, etc.). We also have an in depth Bruins conversation with Papa Bruin from Big Bad Bruins Nation. If you don’t follow him Facebook, he is definitely worth a follow. Find him on Facebook at Big Bad Bruins Nation. Here is a brief recap of what is talked about on the episode: What happened to...


Celtics Starting To Find Their Game?

Bruins Young Players Stepping Up! In this week’s episode, Steven and Chris discuss the state of the #Bruins including the play of the young defenseman ( Lauzon, and Clifton), and Tuukka Rask. The boys also talk about last week for the Celtics including the following topics: 3 wins in a row now: The boys talk about how the #Celtics are starting to find their game, and that means for the rest of the NBA. Here is a preview of what they discuss: Gordon Hayward: He is starting to get his game...


Should the Bruins Make A Trade?

Bruins mistakes: Jay said the “Bruins are making the same mistakes they did last season, and it is definitely frustrating”. Can they correct them with the current team, or is a trade needed? Bruins big trade coming? Jay touches on the potential for a trade, and also hints at a different approach that is intriguing to Chris and Steve Celtics Still Struggling On Defense: Losses to the Knicks, and Mavericks are extremely frustrating, and Chris and Steve discuss the defensive issues in...


Celtics struggles to start the season with Adam Kaufman

The boys from the Boston Sports Blitz podcast check in with Adam Kaufman on why the Celtics are struggling to start the season, and much more. Chris and Steve also discuss the Boston Bruins injuries, resigning of Steve Pearce for the Red Sox, and how the patriots will fix their issues in the second half of their season.


Boston Sports Blitz #65 - Red Sox and Patriots discussion with Thomas Murphy

In this episode, Chris and Steve have a #patriots and #redsox discussion with Thomas Murphy. He is an author on our website , a co host of One Patriots Place, and the Sports Infusion. We recap the red sox amazing championship season, what they might do for a closer next season, who they might target in the offseason. We also talk about the patriots first half, and what they need to correct after the bye week.


Red Sox in World Series- Patriots In Chicago- Celtics recap

Episode Recap: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Red Sox vs. Astros series recap 11:00 Red Sox vs. Dodgers World Series preview 15:00 Who sits for the potent Red Sox Outfield in LA 31:00 Who are the game 3 and 4 starters for the Red Sox 37:00 Patriots vs. Bears game recap 43:00 Van Noy's stellar play this season 60:00 Celtics week in review 65:00 Wrap Up


Patriots vs. Chiefs, Celtics opening night

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 00:30 Patriots vs. Chiefs game recap with Ian Glen from full press coverage 24:00 Redsox vs. Astros game 3 quick recap 49:00 Who Pitches Game 5 in Houston? 53:00 Celtics regular season opener against the 76ers 57:00 Who might lose minutes when Hayward is back at full strength ? 59:30 Wrap Up


Bruins Talk With Conor Ryan , Pats Talk

Episode Recap: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Bruins first week recap with Conor Ryan / Boston Sports Journal 13:00 What is the weak link for the Bruins so far? 27:00 Redsox vs. Yankees Games 1-3 recap 39:00 Starter or Bullpen duty for David Price ? 49:00 Patriots vs. Colts recap 52:00 Patriots vs. Chiefs preview 65:00 Wrap Up


New England Patriots recap, Boston Red Sox Postseason, Boston Bruins Opening Night

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 01:00 Fantasy Football week in review 05:00 Patriots vs. Dolphins game recap 10:00 Keys to Patriots defensive improvement 24:00 Edelman impact on offense 26:00 Who might excel if Gronk is out against the Colts 29:00 Patriots Vs. Colts preview 50:00 Bruins open the season tomorrow 55:00 Should the Bruins go with mostly veterans or play the young players? 60:00 Celtics preseason 69:00 Wrap Up


Patriots Recap With Bernd Buchmasser From Pats Pulpit

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 01:00 Patriots vs. Lions recap with Bernd Buchmaster from @PatsPulpit 9:00 Can the #patriots defense get better? 11:30 Malcom Brown analysis 16:00 Is Hightower playing hurt? 21:00 Can Josh Gordon help the #patriots offense? 47:00 Josh McDaniels play calling 60:00 Celtics Media Day 74:00 Wrap Up


Redsox postseason talk w Christopher Smith- Patriots game recap

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 00:30 We discuss the #redsox upcoming series against the #yankees with Christopher from 03:00 Who can Alex Cora trust from the bullpen in the postseason ? 10:00 Who starts game 1 for the #redsox? 14:00 Which position player is in danger of missing the postseason roster? 23:00 What went wrong for the #patriots against the #jaguars yesterday? 44:00 Josh Gordon trade reaction 61:00 Wrap Up


Patriots talk with Thomas Murphy - Red Sox vs. Astros

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 00:30 We discuss how Gronk was almost traded this past offseason with the cohost of One Patriot Place Thomas Murphy 27:00 Corey Coleman signing 31:00 Patriots vs. Texans game recap 60:00 Astros vs. Red Sox series recap 62:00 Red Sox bullpen issues 77:00 Wrap Up


Patriots Week 1 Preview with Doug Moore - Red Sox Week In Review

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 00:45 Doug Moore from @patspulpit and discusses the @patriots initial 53 man roster including surprise cuts 08:00 Reaction to Brandon Bolden joining the @dolphins 17:00 Will the @patriots become a running team without Edelman? 54:00 Red Sox week in review 56:00 When are Sale and Price returning to the rotation? 67:00 Wrap Up


Mark Schofield talks Patriots preseason -Red Sox week in review

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 00:30 Mark Schofield/ / The Score joins us to talk the patrios preseason up to this point. 32:00 Chris and Steve talk potential suprise cuts 35:00 AFC challengers 44:00 David Price finally figured it out ? 53:00 Erod and Sale injury news 69:00 Wrap Up


Evan Lazar Patriots preseason, Red Sox talk

Episode Recap 00:00 Intro 01:00 Evan Lezar/ CLNS Media Network discussion on first 2 preseason games. 35:00 JD's 31st birthday is today 40:00 Erod and Steven Wright injury update 47:00 Red Sox vs. Ray series recap 49:00 Red Sox vs. Indians series preview 60:00 Which potential playoff opponent is a bad matchup for the Red Sox? 74:00 Wrap Up


053: Big Jim Murray from 98.5 the sports hub

00:00 Episode Intro 01:00 #RedSox discussion with Big Jim Murray from #98.5thesportshub 03:00 Discussion regarding him removing the asterisk from the #RedSox 07:30 Concerts Jim has been to recently 11:00 Happy Walters impersonation 21:00 Chris and Steve recap the #Yankees series 25:00 Redsox playoff rotation predictions if a series started today 28:00 Dave Dombrowski report card for this season 41:00 #Patriots preseason preview 63:00 Wrap Up Find us on twitter : @chris_blackey...


Sean McAdam and Christopher Price from BSJ

00:00 Episode Intro 01:00 Sean McAdam from the boston sports journal gives his thoughts on how Nathan Eovaldi will fit in with the team. 04:00 Sean discusses potential deadline moves for the red sox. Will it be a major impact player, or a minor move? 08:00 When should Rafael Devers be back in the lineup 10:00 Latest injury news regarding Steven Wright and Erod 13:30 Chris Price from the boston sports journal talks about his time so far at BSJ 18:00 Chris discusses the potential impact...


Red Sox First Half Impressions, Smart contract, Patriots training camp

Show Recap 00:00 Episode Intro 00:55 First half impressions of JD Martinez JD’s impact on the #redsox 10:00 Potential trade deadline moves for the #redsox 33:00. Future for Malcolm Mitchell with the New England Patriots 35:15 Thoughts on if we would take a shot with Dez Bryant 37:00 #Patriots training camp starts this week 40:00 Biggest question mark for #patriots going into training camp 53:00 Our reaction to Marcus Smart’s contract 60:00 Wrap Up Find us on twitter :...


Greg Bedard, John Karalis, Mark Allred, John Sapochetti

01:45 Greg Bedard from the #bostonsportsjournal joins us to talk about why he founded the boston sports journal, latest on the Gronk contract situation, which rookie might be a surprise start this season, and when Sony Michel will sign his rookie deal 29:00 Mark Allred / Black N Gold Hockey Podcast joins us to tell us all about some up and coming prospects, a few that might not pan out, and why he started the Black N Gold Hockey Podcast 61:11 John Karalis / Cohost of Locked on Celtics...


Mike Petraglia / CLNS Media - Redsox talk, Smart Situation, Bruins talk

1:00 Chris and Steve talk about Marcus Smart's contract situation, Robert Williams needing help adjusting to the NBA 32:00 Gronk contract status, Brady's training video with his son 36:00 Mike Petraglia / CLNS Media talks to us about the Red Sox record ( legitimate or fools gold?) How will team adjust to Christian Vazquez's injury 46:00 David Price's recent struggles 60:00 Chris and Steve debate if JD Martinez has exceeded expectations 68:00 Chris and Steve react to Tavarez signing with...