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Bruins are red hot, some trade targets

Chris and Steven recap last week for the boston bruins, and discuss some trade targets for them.


Cheap Red Sox Ownership, Brady testing free agency?

Chris and Steven and joined by one of our favorite guests Thomas Murphy from One Patriots Place.


Mookie is gone, Bruins are rolling

Chris and Steven give their opinion on the Mookie Betts trade, discuss the past weeks for the #bostonbruins and the #bostonceltics.


01-28-20 Bruins trade options, Montana advice

Chris and Steven discuss the upcoming trade options for the #NHLBruins, and the all star game. They also discuss Montana's advice to Brady, and much more.


01-21-20 Brady Dilemma, Bruins Can't Play 60 minutes

* Brady Dilemma * Patriots Cap Situation * Will they draft a QB ? * Bruins can't play 60 minutes * What is wrong with the #Celtics? * much more


12-31-19 Patriots brutal loss to the Dolphins, Bruins injuries

Chris and Steven recap the brutal loss to the Dolphins including: * Gilmore's struggles * Why did the defense struggle ? * Play calling of Josh McDaniels still an issue * Injury bug for the #bruins * #bruins week in review * #Celtics week in review * much more


12-24-19 Patriots clinch the AFC East, Bruins in a funk

Chris and Steven recap the victory against the BIlls and much more. * Standouts on offense and defense for the #patriots * Harry continues to improve * Playcalling of Josh McDaniels * Bruins continue to struggle * Tatum and Brown becoming stars * much more


12-18-19 Progress of N'keal Harry, impact of Marcus Smart injury, Bruins struggle

Chris and Steven recap the victory against the #Bengals and much more. * Defense continues to carry the team * Stephon Gilmore DPOY? * Progress of Brady and Harry connection * Bruins week in review, and this week's preview * Bruins in a funk * Celtics Marcus Smart injury * much more


12-11-19 Fallout From Chiefs game, NFL Refs stink, Bruins issues

Chris and Steven recap the loss against the #Chiefs and much more. * Impressive second half for the defense * Brady's trust in the young guys on offense * Inexcusable performance by the NFL refs * Bruins week in review, and this week's preview * Celtics week in review * much more


12-05-19 Texans Loss Analysis - Celtics and Bruins Rolling

Chris and Steven are joined by Scott ( from our diehard facebook group ) to analyze the loss to the #texans. Some of the topics include: * Communication issues on offense continue, can they be solved? * Can we take away any positives from the offense in the texans game? * Sign Dez Bryant ? * Chiefs game preview * Pastrnak's scorching season, goalie tandem discussion * impact of Marcus Smart injury * Impressions of the young guns for the #Celtics * much more


11-28-19 Legit Patriots win ? - Marcus Smart Thoughts

Chris and Steven discuss if the win against the #cowboys counts, or if it is another " fake win "


11-14-19 Patriots head to Philly, Initial reaction to Bloom

* How will the #patriots defense cover Ertz and company ? * Does the #eagles offense scare us? * Will the #patriots be able to move the ball on the #eagles defense? * How does Nick Wright have a job ? * Were we surprised JD Martinez stayed with the #redsox * Initial reaction to Bloom Check out our website Follow us on twitter: @chris_blackey @bostonsportsblz @sthompson603


11-11-19 - Bruins are in a funk, Celtics red hot start to the season

Chris and Steven discuss the following topics on this episode: * Bruins struggling the past week * Why are turning the puck over so much? * Bruins injury bug * #Bruins playing down to their competition * Kemba is a perfect fit for the #Celtics * Brown and Tatum are off to amazing starts * Celtics week in review


11-5-19 - 1 Loss Patriots are in Great Shape, Bruins on fire

Chris and Steven discuss the following topics on this episode: * What went wrong in the #patriots game against the Ravens? * Why are some people so doom and gloom? * Can the #patriots correct their mistakes agains the run game? * Positives from the game * Bruins amazing start to the season * Pasta is red hot * Is there a better goalie tandem in the #NHL ? * Jaylen Brown's infection * Celtics week in review * much more


10-29-19 - What's Wrong with the 8-0 Patriots, Bruins coming in hot

* We discuss the "flaws " of the 8-0 #patriots with Dave and Mike from the #EntitledTown Podcast. Some of the topics include: * Can they win consistently with this offensive line? * Why the the #boston sports media so negative ? * Will the #ravens game be a battle or a blowout ? * Week in review for the #bostonbruins * Much more


10-24-19 - Patriots destroy the Jets, Celtics season preview

* We recap the patriots destruction of the #Jets on Monday Night Football * Sanu trade early reactions * Tom Brady Netflix drama * Offensive gameplan against the Jets reaction * Celtics opening night- Season Predictions * Much more


10-15-19 - Patriots early season recap with Mark Schofield- Bruins rolling

* We discuss the state of the #patriots with Mark Schofield from #profootballweekly and #PatsPulpit . Some of the topics include: * How good is the #patriots defense? * What is wrong with the offense? With no fullback, how will the offense change? * How will Ben Watson be utilized? * Is there a better goalie tandem in the #NHL than Halak and Rask? * Much more


10-08-19 - Patriots throttle the Redskins- Bruins week in review

* Tacko era has begun * Early impressions of the #Celtics * Playcalling of Josh Mcdaniels * Which #patriots player could be traded for offensive help * Boston Bruins - Change up the first line pairings * Much more