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Ride stoke from passionate riders with unique stories


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Ride stoke from passionate riders with unique stories






Ep:10 Suspension tuning with Diaz Suspension Design

Anthony Diaz grew up xc running, tried out xc biking and went pro in Downhill. He has been racing bikes and working in bike shops since he was a kid. In 2012 Diaz opened Diaz Suspension Design, offering shock and fork rebuilds as well as custom tuning and re-valving. Soon after he invented the RUNT....


Ep:9 Can a Professional Make YOU Shred Faster & Harder?

Aubrey Volger, Licensed Massage Therapist, PMBI Level 2 Certified Mountain Bike Coach and kick ass mom, came in to talk about mountain bike skills coaching.


Ep:8 Sell Your Car for a Bike & Get Struck by Lightning Riding It

Why were Jon and his wife driving around Durango naked? What happens when you get struck by lighting while riding a bike? Do you love mountain biking enough to sell your car for a new bike? Jon Reed came in to answer these questions and give some insight into racing the Big Mountain Enduro series.


Ep:7 Yeti Cycles Back in the Day & Track Cycling

Steve was one of the earliest Yeti employees and happens to be an amazing story teller and one of the nicest guys ever. We dive in to Yeti back in California, the bikes they were building, the race culture they bred and some of the even how their iconic name came to be.


Ep:6 Mountain Unicycling & Training with Power

Jason came in to chat about how he ended up riding a Mountain Unicycle in Moab where he and his family later lived for 9 years. We talk about riding with Kids, deviate to jeeps and end up talking about his winter training. Spoiler alert: he lost 25 pounds and gained a ton of fitness.


Ep:5 Whole Enchiladas in Tucson brought to you by TORCA and Homegrown MTB

Art has spent 8 years rebuilding trails and clearing trees in Tucson Arizona to bring epic mountain biking back to life. Art is obviously proud of his work, but he should be because little known Tucson boasts 3 Whole Enchilada like trails. We also discuss Art's wife's work over at Homegrown MTB.


Ep:4 12 Hours of Mesa Verde & Heli Hut Trip in Canada

Matt Watson talks about driving up to Canada in his homemade camper to get picked up in a helicopter and dropped off in a remote hut for a week of Backcountry skiing. Matt and his Wife Katy are also members of my 12 hour "race" team in May.


Ep:3 Dying Alone in the Desert & Targeting an Ironman at 40

Matt Sullivan talks about how a series of questionable goals led him to completing an Ironman at the age of 45. He also tells the story of his first attempt at bikepacking from Durango, CO to Moab, UT and how a little bit of poor planning and a fair bit of bad luck/weather led him to break down and almost die alone in the desert


Ep:2 Becoming a Brand Ambassador & Mountain Biking Phoenix in the Winter

How can you become a brand ambassador and ride a new frame every season? Robert Conner aka Bobby Duracell talks…


Ep:1 Designing a CX bike & Drunken Fat Bike Racing

Beer, Guns, Bacon and bikes on snow - Matt talks about the Silverton Whiteout. We also dive in to who Matt is as a rider and how this led him to design a CX bike for Luv Bikes.