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Destination Race - Vacations aren't just for relaxing anymore SBR Ep. 6

This week we discuss how vacations are changing as more and more people opt for vacations that are race filled or adventurous. This includes taking trips centered around marathons, triathlons, or touring cycle trips to destination locations. Before heading out onto one of these trips its important to make sure everything is packed and ready but often there are questions around how do we pack for a trip like this, how do we transport our bike or other equipment, and what are some of the...


Dispelling the Myths of Triathlons - Episode 5

Swim Bike Run the Planet Episode 5 brings some of the most fun we've had as we explore several of the top myths associated with triathlons. A special shout out to Ironman for putting together a great article on the myths of triathlons. http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon-news/articles/2016/01/ten-tips-for-happiness-in-2016.aspx#axzz5NeFtSQll As always Swim, Bike, Run the Planet is full of encouragement and provides motivation to get everyone out there and enjoying the sport.


Motivation - Keeping it going all training long - SBR ep 4

Motivation is what gets us going and keeps us going all season long. This week we explore several different ways that we stay motivated including the importance and value of crosstraining to keep those long training sessions from getting stale. Included is a brief explanation of fartlek, pyramid running, and the popular interval method. As a bonus we also tell the story of our first marathon including a very valuable story about why encouraging the people around you is important and vital.


Shoes Why they matter - SBR Ep. 3

Sure they go on your feet but are you wearing the right shoes when out there doing the miles and how do you know. This week we dive into the world of shoes to talk about the differences between neutral and pronating, when its time for a new pair of shoes, and we give some great advice to make sure your next race is a good one. On our tech tip this week we explore insoles and what types of advantages they can help give you on the course. Our weekly race again this week is the tour divide...


Episode 2 - Helmet Safety

This week on Swim Bike Run the Planet we explore the different types of helmets, the technology around them, and share a very important story about why you should always wear a helmet. Be sure to follow along to keep learning more about all of the great topics that we cover as we explore the world of triathlons, racing, biking, and all things sport.