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Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive

Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive


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Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive








Listening to my wild voice – SDO055

Welcome back to Swim Wild podcast - the podcast for anyone who swims outdoors. My guest this week is Sandra Dee Owens. Sandra has cultivated her own philosophy and approach to life which encompasses adventure, the outdoors and movement, and wild swimming, especially through the winter is a key part of this. We talk about motivation, taking control of fear and making it work for you, being on a solo journey with friends and bringing more adventure into life by inviting it in. Sandra has so...


Training for a challenge that might not happen – JQ054

Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast. This week's guest is Jason, and he is in the unenviable position of having a channel swim crossing scheduled for 4th August, but no guarantee that it will go ahead due to coronavirus. How do you stay focused under such uncertainty? How do you stay fit and acclimatised with pools closed and access to the sea severely restricted? How do you psychologically prepare? All the answers are in the podcast. If you'd like to support the Aspire charity that Jason is...


The sea talks to you – SI053

Welcome to another Swim Wild podcast. This week I am speaking to Sally in Orkney about her first season wild swimming. It is a lovely, reflective conversation which took place with the back drop of coronavirus lock down in full force across the UK. This puts into sharp relief what things mean to us and their significance in our lives when they are temporarily, although we don't know how long for, out of our reach. Our realities through this crisis will differ depending on where in the world...


I love the outdoor community – HBL056

This week's guest is Helen and as we approach week... 7? 8? of lock down in the UK, it could not have come at a better time. Helen is a powerhouse of joy and fun. She shares all that positive energy in this interview, and like swimming outdoors, I felt better afterwards than I did at the start. What a gift. Despite having a broken ankle, Helen greeted me on our Skype call in full swimming gear - costume, hat, goggles and tow float, plus Polar Bear buff and medal. When we can't easily access...


Looking back at winter – TP052

This week's guest is Tina, and we spoke 3 weeks into coronavirus lockdown in the UK when we were both still trying to process what was happening. It is a quiet, reflective conversation, through which we learned how uplifting it was, actually, to talk about our winter swimming season just gone, even though wild swimming is inaccessible to us at the moment. Things we talk about Polar Bear Challenge, intermittent fasting, Parliament Hill Lido - fish event, Portishead popsicle event, ice mile


Fully immersed in colours – JT047

This week's podcast was recorded back in January when the world felt like a totally different place than it does now. Juliet had just swum at a pond where she broke the ice for the first time. We talk about her work as a textile artist where she does free motion machine embroidery inspired by wild swimming and the nature that surrounds her. You can find Juliet on all her social media and see examples of her work here Things we talk about Sharrah Pool, Transylvania Food Company,


The Outdoor Swimmer magazine team – 051

Welcome to this special episode of the Swim Wild podcast with all of the Outdoor Swimmer magazine team. I am joined by Simon Griffiths, publisher, Jonathan Cowie, editor, Joanne Jones, sales executive, Luke Chamberlain, editorial assistant and Ella Foote, contributing editor for a chat about wild swimming in the world of coronavirus lock down. If you don't already subscribe to the magazine, please consider becoming a subscriber. I know many people have lost their income due to the virus, but...


Making peace with the past – BH050

This week's guest on the Swim Wild podcast is Becca. She talks about how she got into wild swimming after a car accident, and why she is now on the brink of her first ice mile. She is a glorious soul who will lift your day. Things we talk about IWSA winter swimming world championships, Alice Goodridge - Scottish winter swimming Championships, Caroline Saxon, Team GB, Barbara Hernandez, Chile ice mile, South West Seals, Clevedon Marine Lake, Cath Pendleton, Swim Your Swim, Fenwick Ridley, H2O...


Winter warrior – SB044

Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast. This week's guest is Sara. This was recorded back in January 2020 when we were all still out swimming, and had heard of coronavirus but were not overly concerned. It is a joyful chat from a time when we probably felt we had far less to worry about, although we were blissfully unaware of what was to come. Sara is hopefully is wonderful antidote to self isolation. If you want to hear more from her you can follow her on Instagram @middleagethread


It’s episode 50!! With Megan from Flotsam Prints – MH045

Welcome to episode 50 of the Swim Wild podacst! What a milestone. It is very exciting that this coincides with the launch of my new logo - which was only bloomin' designed by Megan! Megan is the Artist behind Flotsam Prints, which many of you will be familiar with. If not, get over to her website and check it out now. I've absolutely adored her work since I first saw it, and so was delighted when she agreed to design me a bespoke logo for the podcast. I could not be happier with it, and I...


Creating Tekrapod – JH049

This week's guest is John, Based on his experience of outdoor swimming, he ended up spending a significant amount of time, developing, testing, refining and launching a new safety product, called Tekrapod. It is really interesting listening to how he took the issues he was having with existing devices and applied his own experience, knowledge and passion to creating something different that worked in a specific environment.


Happy international women’s day – FD049

This week's guest is Francesca. I selected her interview to go live on International Women's Day especially. I really wanted to share what she had to say about the way the wild swimming community on social media feels like such a safe space. And how an ill-judged comment, about bodies, can jeopardise that. She has first hand experience of that. So also chose to challenge it, despite knowing that this might result in other people, hiding behind fake names and laptop screens piling on and...


I’m a trekkie now – GR043

This week I am talking to Genii who lives in Upstate New York. I'm fascinated that she came to wild swimming as a bi product of teaching SUP Yoga - taking lessons when she was in her 60s, as she's never learned to swim properly. This was about added security for her SUP Yoga clients, but what she found was a whole community of open water swimmers and a series of events that she was actually quite good at. She may think that she has won medals because she is "lucky" that there aren't many...


Season 3!! Become friends with the cold water – JP046

Welcome to Season 3 of the Swim Wild podcast. Apologies for the extended break. This week's guest is Janne from the Telemark region of Norway. The lake she swims in most often is Tinnsjå. Things she mentions that you might like to look up BBC documentary about reducing the need for medication through wild swimming, Ella Foote - a dip a day in December, Parliament Hill Lido, Leap In, Turning and Taking the Plunge books


Best bits of the year – episode 3

This is the 3rd 'best bits' episode pulling together some of the best clips from the 40 or so interviews I've done so far. Sorry there are no photos or links this week - my boiler is leaking and the insurance firm can't get the right person here to fix it between Christmas and New Year. Brrr. But on a positive note, I now do have a cast iron roll top bath in the back garden for cold water acclimatisation!


Best bits of the year – volume 2

Another 'best bits' episode this week, featuring these fabulous guests (click on their photo for their individual episode) Sarah Jane Beverley Suzanna Vicky Sylvia Gilly


A ‘best bits’ episode

This week we are looking back at 2019 and some of my favourite bits from some of the interviews I've done. This week I have chosen Sylvia Laycock of Pacific Open Water Swim Co, Beth French and Dee Newell. I hope you enjoy it.


I like to nerd out on stats – JJK040

If most of your social media is wild swimming connected, chances are you already follow this week's podcast guest, James 'Jumpy' Kirby. James chronicles his swims, both photographically and in terms of key data. When I bumped into him back in February 2019 at Millerground in Cumbria after a swim, I recognised him instantly from Facebook! It was such a joy to finally meet up with him properly in October 2019, to swim together at Colwith Force and then to record a podcast with him. He is a...


Make mad things seem normal – CR039

This week's guest has done 6 ice miles so far and is planning another 4 this winter. She might as well, she says. Get to a nice round figure while she works out where this might be taking her. My conversation with her got me thinking about the ideas that we connect with. We can't always articulate what it is about them that appeals to us. Why something within them innately resonates and makes sense to us. But what brings us joy, also brings us into new communities, where we find people, like...


Courage over comfort – TS039

This week's podcast guest is Dr Tara Shine. She is an environmental scientist tackling climate change both on an international stage, and in her local community. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the climate crisis, and wondered what impact you, as an individual could possibly have on it, this episode is for you. Our conversation focuses on how we can all live more lightly on the planet. This includes what we can do about plastic pollution, how we can live more...