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Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive

Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive


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Meeting members of the wild swimming tribe and hearing about why our sport is so addictive








The Chatter Challenge

This week's podcast guest is Jacqui. Based up in the North East, not far from me, Jacqui only took up wild swimming in 2020, but loved it so much, and was so determined to swim trough winter, she set up The Chatter Challenge to help swimmers, new and old, to stay motivated and keep going. The Chatter Challenge looks likely to become a regular feature amongst existing winter swimming challenges. Jacqui brings new energy and enthusiasm, an inclusive approach and she has a puppy who looks great...


The kingfisher made us do it

Welcome to the last episode of 2020. This is a small treat for any of you missing your swim buddies. It's a group episode. Katy, Justine and Erica join me to talk about starting wild swimming in 2020 and what a gift it has been in a year of so many losses, both big and small. I hope it conjures the illusion of being surrounded by your swimming friends, laughing and joking after a swim, high on adrenaline. However your year is ending, I hope this at least brings a smile and a small ray of...


A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim – with Ed Accura

This week’s podcast guest is Ed Accura, creator of A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim and co-founder of the Black Swimming Association. If you aren’t familiar with the statistics in the UK, 95% of Black adults and 80% of Black children don’t swim. 25% of Black children leave primary school unable to swim, and only 1% of Swim England competitive swimmers are Black or mixed race. The reasons why people from Black and other ethnic minority communities can’t or don’t swim are many and complicated....


Getting in the cold water makes me laugh out loud

Welcome to another episode of Swim Wild podcast and this week I'm thrilled to have Emma Duff as my guest. Emma is ordained as a parish priest in the Church of England and our conversation focused quite a lot on the connection for Emma between wild swimming and Christian spirituality. Whether you have any type of faith or none, I hope you will find the conversation as fascinating as I did. Emma is an honest, thoughtful and generous guest and it was a pleasure to speak to her and to stumble my...


One of the nicest people in wild swimming

Welcome to Swim Wild podcast. This week my guest is Ella Foote. In the UK, and beyond, Ella is well known in the wild swimming community, for her work as a freelance journalist, including with Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and with her company Dip Advisor. She is one of the nicest people in wild swimming and it was my pleasure to finally speak to her for the podcast. There is a lot in what we talk about, and you might want to find more information about lots of it, so here are some useful links...


To focus and feel good, I train

This week's podcast guest is Rachael Lee from Oceanbreakers. She holds the Irish record for a solo English channel crossing and the world record for 3 person North Channel relay. She's got motivation sorted and she is incredibly inspirational. For anyone looking for tips on reaching your swimming goals, this episode is for you. Things we talk about you might want to know more about Portmarnock, Raynaud's syndrome, Sarah Thomas, Lake Zurich marathon swim, North Channel, Liffey swim, Oceans 7,...


People get out of the water with a massive smile on their face

Welcome to the latest episode of Swim Wild podcast. This week I'm speaking to Claudia who is a host of her local Mental Health Swim. During Covid lockdown, it seems as though more people are becoming aware of their own and others' mental health, even more so than before. Wild swimming, if that is still possible where you live based on the rules, can be a real tonic. Something to boost your mood, to get you outdoors, more connected to nature, more connected to others, and really in the moment...


I’m a much better version of myself when I’ve been for a swim

Welcome to Season 4 of the Swim Wild podcast! Welcome back. It's been fabulous having some time off over the summer but it is also good to be back. I'm back with an absolutely brilliant guest. Niamh is perfect to open season 4, with so much reflection, insight and joy in the way she talks about swimming. I'm sure everyone will get something out of hearing her talk about her experiences and what wild swimming she has been able to do under lockdown. Things we talk about you might want to look...


I just have to swim to my next chocolate mini roll – AG065

This week's podcast guest is Alice Goodridge, founder of Swim Wild UK and the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships, ice miler, channel swimmer, artist, illustrator and now with a wild swim inspired clothing range. She is an intensely interesting guest, with so many strings to her bow, all fuelled by her passion for wild swimming. Her company Swim Wild, like everything else, had to close during lockdown, but here is an update on what is now possible as lockdown in Scotland eases. "SwimWild...


Getting under a waterfall is so much easier than a cold shower – CB065

Welcome to this week's swim wild podcast. My guest this week is Col. A self proclaimed hippy, living a semi nomadic lifestyle, speaking to me from his campervan while he waited for the cross channel ferries to restart, to take him on a wild swimming journey to the Pyrenees. It is a stream of consciousness type of chat, touching on topics such as the benefits of sauna, sleep science, the wisdom of flip flops as hiking footwear and more.


I’ve found my family – MH063

Welcome to the Swim Wild Podcast. This week's guest is Mark. Our conversation is an unapologetic celebration of what we love about wild swimming. Mark is a new convert, and was hooked from the first swim. What I love about this episode is the pure joy, the excitement of swimming outdoors, the addiction to cold water, the appreciation of the newly acquired swim family. You can read Mark's blogs about the Diabetes 22 mile challenge here, here and here. Things we talk about you might want to...


To be able to do what we do is a gift – RDC058

My guest on the podcast this week is Robert. Robert talks about his involvement with Ainsley's Angels - supporting inclusive triathlon. He also explains why marathon swimming made him a better person. It is an uplifting, inspirational and lively episode full of interesting ideas about what wild swimming does for the body and soul. Things we talk about that you might want to know more about Total Immersion, Adam (ocean) Walker


I’m really grateful for the pool because it brought me the ocean – KOS057

This week's Swim Wild podcast guest is Kathleen. After we spoke, Kathleen shared some more details about the places she swims, so I am sharing her words with you here. Prevelly - this stretch of coastline is different from Cowaramup Bay which is sheltered by the shape of the land and had granite rocks in/ under the water. Prevelly though, whilst only approx 10km South, has a limestone geology instead and it’s this limestone reef that provides protection from the incoming swell. Great for...


If it was too easy there would be no reward – MR056

Welcome back to Swim Wild podcast. My guest this week is Matt from Soak Up Skye. This episode comes with a slight warning, that, if like many of us, your travel is severely restricted due to coronavirus, this episode will definitely make you want to visit the Isle of Skye - so be warned! Matt runs wild swimming tour on the island, and in his episode he mentions too many places and swim locations to actually mention here. What I would recommend is that when lockdown is lifted and it is safe...


Listening to my wild voice – SDO055

Welcome back to Swim Wild podcast - the podcast for anyone who swims outdoors. My guest this week is Sandra Dee Owens. Sandra has cultivated her own philosophy and approach to life which encompasses adventure, the outdoors and movement, and wild swimming, especially through the winter is a key part of this. We talk about motivation, taking control of fear and making it work for you, being on a solo journey with friends and bringing more adventure into life by inviting it in. Sandra has so...


Training for a challenge that might not happen – JQ054

Welcome to the Swim Wild podcast. This week's guest is Jason, and he is in the unenviable position of having a channel swim crossing scheduled for 4th August, but no guarantee that it will go ahead due to coronavirus. How do you stay focused under such uncertainty? How do you stay fit and acclimatised with pools closed and access to the sea severely restricted? How do you psychologically prepare? All the answers are in the podcast. If you'd like to support the Aspire charity that Jason is...


The sea talks to you – SI053

Welcome to another Swim Wild podcast. This week I am speaking to Sally in Orkney about her first season wild swimming. It is a lovely, reflective conversation which took place with the back drop of coronavirus lock down in full force across the UK. This puts into sharp relief what things mean to us and their significance in our lives when they are temporarily, although we don't know how long for, out of our reach. Our realities through this crisis will differ depending on where in the world...


I love the outdoor community – HBL056

This week's guest is Helen and as we approach week... 7? 8? of lock down in the UK, it could not have come at a better time. Helen is a powerhouse of joy and fun. She shares all that positive energy in this interview, and like swimming outdoors, I felt better afterwards than I did at the start. What a gift. Despite having a broken ankle, Helen greeted me on our Skype call in full swimming gear - costume, hat, goggles and tow float, plus Polar Bear buff and medal. When we can't easily access...


Looking back at winter – TP052

This week's guest is Tina, and we spoke 3 weeks into coronavirus lockdown in the UK when we were both still trying to process what was happening. It is a quiet, reflective conversation, through which we learned how uplifting it was, actually, to talk about our winter swimming season just gone, even though wild swimming is inaccessible to us at the moment. Things we talk about Polar Bear Challenge, intermittent fasting, Parliament Hill Lido - fish event, Portishead popsicle event, ice mile


Fully immersed in colours – JT047

This week's podcast was recorded back in January when the world felt like a totally different place than it does now. Juliet had just swum at a pond where she broke the ice for the first time. We talk about her work as a textile artist where she does free motion machine embroidery inspired by wild swimming and the nature that surrounds her. You can find Juliet on all her social media and see examples of her work here Things we talk about Sharrah Pool, Transylvania Food Company,