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Knicks-Pacers Recap & How to Fix the Knicks Defense | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio and Bryan Gibberman reunite immediately after a hard-fought Knicks loss to the Indiana Pacers, dropping the team to a 9-22 record. Timestamps: (01:08) Knicks-Pacers notes, including Enes Kanter's mixed bag performance, Tim Hardaway Jr hitting his 2's and Emmanuel Mudiay continuing to prove himself (08:39) Determining Trey Burke's role in the rotation (12:04) Luke Kornet seeing playing time and where he, and other plays, should see more minutes come from (17:53)...


Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina Shine in Another Knicks' Loss | TKW Podcast

Timestamps: (00:35) Emmanual Mudiay in crunch time. (5:25) thoughts on the new starting lineup and Kevin Knox’s performance (13:15) Mitchell Robinson’s quiet night and the center position. (18:25) The Knicks and their slow starts, especially Tim Hardaway Jr. (23:12) Frank Ntilikina has another strong scoring game. (30:00) Is Mudiay going to start the rest of the season at point guard and more on Ntilikina. (48:40) What’s coming up next? RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!...


Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox Deliver Huge Games | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio & Bryan Gibberman return to the microphone to discuss a Knicks loss to the Charlotte Hornets that was anything but disappointing due to big nights from Frank Ntilikina and Kevin Knox. Timestamps: (00:54) Frank Ntilikina's incredible 3rd quarter (06:09) Kevin Knox's continued aggression and analyzing his shot selection (11:11) Mitchell Robinson's defensive prowess both at the rim and on the perimeter (16:32) Noah Vonleh's defensive leadership and odd stat line...


Celtics Loss, Vonleh Praise & Another Ntilikina DNP | TKW Podcast

Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio & Bryan Gibberman come together to discuss a disappointing loss to the Celtics, Frank Ntilikina's third straight DNP, and much more Timestamps (01:37) Frank Ntilikina's third straight benching and why starting Hezonja no longer makes any sense (08:35) Knicks — Celtics recap, including much praise for Noah Vonleh (12:50) Mudiay's inconsistency (17:09) Frankie Smokes vs the metrics (21:32) Kevin Knox's renewed confidence (24:41) Mitchell Robinson's recent play...


The Step-Over, Mudiay's Takeover & Frank Ntilikina's DNP | TKW Podcast

A monumental Knicks win over Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks brings lots to celebrate — and question — in this episode of the TKW Podcast. Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio return to the microphones with plenty to discuss after downing the bucks in overtime, including Mario Hezonja's dunk and step-over Giannis Antetokounmpo, plus Noah Vonleh's profound defensive coverage on the Greek Freak (04:47), Emmanuel Mudiay's fourth quarter/overtime takeover (13:54), Frank Ntilikina's DNP-CD and how this...


76ers Blowout, More Ntilikina Woes, & Fizdale Refusing the G League | TKW Podcast

The TKW Podcast returns with a sad loss and a sendoff. Matt Spendley, Anthony Corbo, and Kyle Maggio reunite for the final time with Matt as host to dive into the New York Knicks getting smacked against the Philadelphia 76ers (03:24), Frank Ntilikina continually not showing up and what the solution may be (07:03), if Fizdale's decision not to use the G-League a stubborn mistake (11:02), if Kevin Knox is experiencing "Gary Sanchez Syndrome" (18:10), Enes Kanter, Mario Hazonja, Emmanuell...


The Resurgent Knicks, Mudiay Madness & A Win for Fiz | TKW Podcast

TKW's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio dish on the suddenly hot New York Knicks (0:28), the continued impressive play of Noah Vonleh (7:32), Emmanuel Mudiay: Starting Point Guard (17:11), Enes Kanter's mammoth night (28:30), and a look ahead at what's to come (35:52). RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Matt: @mattspendley Kyle: @kylemaggio TKW Podcast: @TKWPodcast TKW: @TheKnicksWall MUSIC!! “TKW Podcast Theme”—Nadaboys...


Feasting on the Celtics, Burke Dominating (again) & Shortening the Rotation | TKW Podcast

It's Thanksgiving Day and the TKW Podcast is celebrating with a big night from Trey Burke and an even bigger win against the Boston Celtics. Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio bring you a Thanksgiving spread of Knicks takes and celebrate a much-needed win over an Atlantic Division rival, going deep into Kevin Knox and Noah Vonleh's solid showings (00:56), the Knicks' legitimate rim protection prowess (03:43), how New York took advantage of Boston's clogged offense (07:12), Trey Burke coming alive...


Losing (to) the Magic, Fiz's Decisions & Enes the Menace | TKW Podcast

TKW's Matt Spendley is joined by Bryan Gibberman to touch on the loss in Orlando (1:03), Kevin Knox's tough game (8:05), why Bryan hates Walt Frazier (10:41), Emmanuel Mudiay's status (15:47), the Kanter conundrum (23:47), the Frank Ntilikina debate (30:52), judging the 4-13 Knicks during the rest of this season (37:47), and a grab bag of ancillary Knicks storylines (40:47). RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!! FOLLOW US!! Matt:...


Kevin Knox is a Starter, Kevin Durant Smoke Signals & the Road to Zion | TKW Podcast

A highly disappointing stretch of games for the New York Knicks has the TKW Crew looking towards the future. Matt Spendley, Kyle Maggio, and Anthony Corbo discuss the 25-point loss to a Russell Westbrook-less Oklahoma City Thunder(01:01), Kevin Knox joining the starting lineup (04:49), Zion Williamson's illustrious start to his college career (13:10), continuous inconsistency with the guard rotation (16:15), another night of quiet play from Frank Ntilikina (18:38), the plight of watching...


The Great Magic Debacle, Mitchy Blocks & the Point Guard Carousel | The Knicks Wall

The Knicks dropped to 4-10 with an awful showing against the Magic at MSG on Sunday night. Let's talk about it. TKW's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio take you through the latest in the number one basketball team in our hearts (0:30), the number two basketball team in our hearts (5:27), Frank Ntilikina's minutes share (9:40), positive signs from an awful game (18:05), Mitchell Robinson's block party (22:07), Kevin Knox looking comfortable (35:32), Robinson's career outlook (46:15), and finding...


Mudiay Emerges Over Burke & Looking Ahead to the 2019 NBA Draft | TKW Podcast

A rare Knicks win leads to an exciting new episode of the TKW Podcast. Matt Spendley, Anthony Corbo, and Kyle Maggio break down the New York Knicks' performances against the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls, with topics including a bounce-back game for Frank Ntilikina (01:20), the Knicks' rotational questions (05:42), Emmanuel Mudiay getting minutes over Trey Burke and David Fizdale's emphasis on the "hot hand" (07:59), balancing minutes between developing players and veterans (13:47),...


Should Robinson Be Starting? & Allonzo Trier vs 2018 Lottery Picks | TKW Podcast

Matt and Kyle fill you in on a tough loss to the Wizards and recap an eventful weekend for Knicks fans everywhere. The boys discuss every facet of Sunday's game against the Wizards, including Frank poor performance and encouraging showings from Trey Burke, Enes Kanter, and Allonzo Trier. From there they hop into whether or not Mitchell Robinson should continue to start (05:23), the Knicks' newfound energy on every possession (10:45), concerns over David Fizdale's rotational choices (15:19),...


Spooky Knicks Loss, Timmy's Value & The Intriguing Noah Vonleh | TKW Podcast

The Knicks lost yet another close contest on Wednesday night, dropping their record to 2-6. We speak words into mics about it. TKW's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio review the Knicks-Pacers contest, including Oladipo's takeover (0:28), Noah Vonleh's exciting play (9:58), some lineup struggles (23:37), how to operate in crunch time (35:57), and some Tim Hardaway Jr. thoughts (44:45). RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!…53?mt=20953?mt=2 FOLLOW US!! Matt: @mattspendley...


Frankie Point Guard, Knicks-Warriors Roundup & Fiz's Lineup Choices | TKW Podcast

The Knicks played the Warriors. It was fun. Until it wasn't. TKW's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio cover everything from the Golden State-New York showdown, including the Warriors flipping the script (2:00), Fizdale's brutal fourth quarter (7:44), Frank Ntilikina's memorable game (13:52), the emergence of Damyean Dotson (26:22), finding the best lineups moving forward (41:33), and Frankie's new nickname via Steph Curry (54:31). RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!...


Frank Ntilikina in the Long Term & Is Tim Hardaway Good? | TKW Podcast

After a tough loss to the Miami Heat, Matt Spendley, Anthony Corbo, and Kyle Maggio catch up on the status of the Knicks. The TKW Podcast is back with the biggest takes on the New York Knicks through the first five games of the season. The guys discuss the Knicks' declining performance against the Miami Heat (02:24), how Courtney Lee will impact the team upon his return (04:34), poor first impressions of Mario Hezonja (05:23), In-Or-Out on the Knicks roster (08:33), Enes Kanter's first rough...


Kevin Knox Injury, Evaluating Frank Ntilikina & the Speedy Knicks | TKW Podcast

The Knicks lost two heartbreakers this weekend, first to the Nets and then to the Celtics. We break it all down. TKW's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio go through everything from this past weekend in Knicks basketball. Kyle can't do horror movies (0:30), a tough loss to the Celtics (4:35), Tim Hardaway Jr.'s frisky defense (11:30), Enes Kanter balling out (22:10), Knox's rookie season pre-injury (34:30), Fiz's Knicks in transition (38:26), the ongoing Frank Ntilikina position debate (46:01),...


Hardaway's Big Game, Knox's Debut & New Look Knicks | TKW Podcast

The Knicks are baaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Game 1 of the 2018-19 NBA season is in the books for the New York Knicks and Matt Spendley, Anthony Corbo, and Kyle Maggio are here to get you ready for the year to come. The guys go through (02:18) Tim Hardaway Jr.'s big opening night, (07:08) Knox struggling to begin the season, (10:10) Allonzo Trier making an immediate impact, (12:39) Noah Vonleh with a double-double off the bench, (15:04) David Fizdale's first game as the Knicks' coach, (17:40) Frank...


Goodbye Joakim Noah, Knicks-Hawks Preview & Season Predictions | TKW Podcast

The Knicks Wall's Matt Spendley and Kyle Maggio talk about the Knicks' decision to waive Joakim Noah (0:45) and then offer up some thoughts on the first game of the season coming on Wednesday night at MSG (12:55). After, they welcome on TKW's Tyler Marko to talk about the team's over/under (29:21), TKW's Ty Jordan for Enes Kanter and Allonzo Trier praises (43:29), and TKW's Harley Geffner on Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson (1:05:41). RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!...


Fizdale on the G League, Kevin Knox's Preseason & Frank Ntilikina's Value | TKW Podcast

Matt Spendley, Anthony Corbo, and Kyle Maggio reunite for another TKW Podcast! The guys take a look at the latest Knicks news and preseason performances, including: (7:50) Fizdale's comments on Mitchell Robinson & Allonzo Trier spending time in the G League (11:21) The current logjam in the guard rotation (16:50) How the minutes may be distributed amongst the rotation heading into the season (25:14) The 2015 NBA Draft in hindsight (31:39) Where Kevin Knox can improve heading into the season...