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Making your Star Wars RPG better


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Making your Star Wars RPG better




300 – The Tales Tale

We look back at what has happened in the last 300 episodes and some of the lessons we’ve learned, what is happening on The Hydian Way, and where our hearts will take us. Things discussed in this episode Xphile Brian Casey Spider Robinson Challahan’s Crosstime Saloon Sink the Bismark Thisspasian You can find us on … Continue reading "300 – The Tales Tale"


299 – The Mindset Tale

We had two Heroes and two denizen the Force Majeure podcast on to talk about what they put into developing characters for a short and long time, including how far ahead they make it, as well as what extra thoughts that are beyond mechanical go into a character. Things we talked about on this episode: … Continue reading "299 – The Mindset Tale"


298 – The Rise of the Republic Tale

We have Kristine and Adam on to talk about the fun to be had with Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic. We go in depth on the new careers and how they can mold your campaigns in new and fun ways. Things discussed in this episode: A New Dawn Ahsoka Queens Shadow … Continue reading "298 – The Rise of the Republic Tale"


297 – The Revenge of the Sith Tale

With three others Ben dives into the end of the prequel trilogy and comes up with several ideas and complications for campaigns and settings in some very novel ways. Things discussed in this episode: Darth Maul Hope Punk 1313 Star Wars: Infinities Ahsoka Crokinole A New Dawn You can find us on TwitterShow updates are … Continue reading "297 – The Revenge of the Sith Tale"


296 – The Heroic Build Tail

Brandon and Wren come to talk about how their characters were built and grew over the season 2 of the Heroes of the Hydian Way, from taking a universal specialization to start with, to getting almost all 25 talents in the doctor specialization. You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceHelp us … Continue reading "296 – The Heroic Build Tail"


295 – The Attack of the Clones Tale

With a band of merry co-hosts we look at the middle movie of the prequel trilogy, the highs, the lows, the car theft. We have fun and come up with some interesting ideas for our own tables Things talked about in this episode: Poetry of the skywalker series Coruscant Knights Fifth Element Sandbaggers Queen and … Continue reading "295 – The Attack of the Clones Tale"


294 – The New Wren Tale

Wren joins us to talk about their introduction to the Narrative Dice system, as well as their experiences in joining a podcast. How the dice shapes their outlook and how to choose a character that fits their narrative style. Things talked about in this episode: Make_Believe_RP Starfinder Call of Cthulhu Dungeon World Burning Wheel Mouse … Continue reading "294 – The New Wren Tale"


293 – The 30 Years In Between Tale

Between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens there is a new galaxy for our adventures, we have Kristine on to talk about this era and man of the plot hooks that jump to mind when talking about the shift in the Galaxy Far Far Away. Things discussed in this episode Bloodline Phasma Aftermath … Continue reading "293 – The 30 Years In Between Tale"


292 – The Perspective Change Tale

We have Kristine on to talk about several of the outlooks that change when moving to a Force and Destiny game in Star Wars RPG, and how that perspective shift colors everything else in the players galaxy. Things talked about in this episode: Obsidian Entertainment Arrowverse Legends of Tomorrow Glass Dagger Jewel of Yavin Omen’s … Continue reading "292 – The Perspective Change Tale"


291 – The Conflict Tale

With a special guest we talk about using conflict in the Force and Destiny system and how it can both help and hurt a campaign idea if it’s not discussed ahead of time. Things talked about in this episode: Force Majeure Glass Dagger Batman Gambit Xanatos Gambit Soloshot Expanse You can find us on TwitterShow … Continue reading "291 – The Conflict Tale"


290 – The Low XP Force Tale

We discuss the ways that starting force powers are deceptively powerful, as well as how to make sure that players at your table are not getting frustrated by starting experiences with a force user. You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt Help us out financially for the show on … Continue reading "290 – The Low XP Force Tale"


289 – The Prologue Tale

This episode has us talking about the tiny adventure before the big adventure so we all can get comfortable with our characters. From pilots to prologues we talk about how to set your own expectations for your games. Things talked about in this episode: Murder on the Mantellian Express Light saber tonfa Encounter at Farpoint … Continue reading "289 – The Prologue Tale"


288 – The Reason for Violence Tale

We bring Brandon on board as a guest to help talk about encounters and adventures looking to resolve without violence, from how to frame an encounter to ideas to discuss the topic at the start of the campaign. Things discussed in the show: Enterprise Club Star Trek Discovery Star Trek Adventures Murder on the Mantellian … Continue reading "288 – The Reason for Violence Tale"


287 – The Mutant Tail

We decided to use the Expanded Setting Sheet and create our own setting. What came out was an empowering setting filled with fanciful technology of medical heights. With mutations in the world and how the world has been shaped by them. Things discussed in this episode: Expanded Setting Sheet Watchmen Steel Atomic Robo Umbrella Academy … Continue reading "287 – The Mutant Tail"


286 – The Vehicle Encounter Tale

We talk about using vehicles in your encounters and what happens when you do finally give the pilot an episode focused around them. From ideas on what others can do, to ways of structuring the encounter. Things we talk about in this episode: Space ship Combat Cheat Sheet Serenity space battle Solo X-wing Alliance Rebels … Continue reading "286 – The Vehicle Encounter Tale"


285 – The Expanded Players Guide

Our look into the Expanded Players Guide continues with a look into themes, magic, and some of the cool ideas we have about how to bring this to the table. From helping new players learn the system and advancement to the vast fields of story that can be had. Things talked about in this episode: … Continue reading "285 – The Expanded Players Guide"


284 – The Expanded Players Tale

We take a look at the Expanded Players Guide from Fantasy Flight Games and give our thoughts on this new book for Genesys. From the depths of a post apocalyptic future to the high Gothic of old school monsters we talk about how to use this book and some of the ways it inspires us. … Continue reading "284 – The Expanded Players Tale"


283 – The Phantom Menace Tale

We find the tales in The Phantom Menace that we think would be amazing adventures from podracing to the heights of Courscant intrigue. Things we talk about in the episode: Master and Apprentice Queens Shadow Bourne Last Shot Star Wars Racer Star Wars Racers Revenge Speed Racer Sil Zero Day the Earth Stood Still Star … Continue reading "283 – The Phantom Menace Tale"


282 – The Mandalorian Tale

To talk about The Mandalorian we brought on Brandon from Heroes and Chris Ing. We have a fair bit of fun looking at the surface of the show, some of the themes and some of the very generic ways that the galaxy is working in a post Endor time. Things talked about in this episode: … Continue reading "282 – The Mandalorian Tale"


281 – The Follow On Tale

Preparing to improvise is one of the trickier things to happen. We talk about some of how players can twist how we change things because how our players act and expect to make a much more engaging story. This episode also contains a crossover from Ted on the Manellian Express. Brought up in discussion in … Continue reading "281 – The Follow On Tale"