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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better

A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better
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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better




Episode 206 – The Cheese Wheel Tale

Ben, Risa, and Leslie were talking about the absolute cheese that is in Star Wars and related products, how it’s baked into the essence of it, and discuss many ways to add it in and vectors to add some tension breaking levity to your adventures Things talked about in this episode Ewoks Theme Mo – … Continue reading "Episode 206 – The Cheese Wheel Tale"


Episode 205 – The Player Mayhem Tale

We talk about the players who shoot first and may remember to ask questions after they’ve looted the bodies. We get ideas on how to make the experience broader with them and how to try and how to make their actions matter to the stories you’re telling. Things talked about in this episode Murder hobo … Continue reading "Episode 205 – The Player Mayhem Tale"


Episode 204 – The Investigation Tale

Ben is getting ready to run Mask of the Pirate Queen, Rissa runs a bunch of investigation and mysteries for her players. Rissa gives insights from her many adventures and what has worked and what hasn’t. Things talked about in this episode: Game Night Clue A Pup Named Scooby Doo Miss Marple Poirot You can … Continue reading "Episode 204 – The Investigation Tale"


Episode 203 – The One Shot Tale

This week we’re excited to welcome James D’amato from the One Shot Network to talk about improvisation and some strategies to make it easier at the game table when players throw you for a loop. Things talked about in this episode One Shot Campaign Podcast Fiasco OSR Cannibal Halfling Mech Rules X Card Star Crossed … Continue reading "Episode 203 – The One Shot Tale"


Episode 202 – The Captured Character Tale

A scenario that’s always hard to setup is getting player characters captured. We talk about how to make it more intuitive for the characters to be captured, how to deal with a near total party kill, and how to make it so the players get the idea to be captured ‘all on their own’ Things … Continue reading "Episode 202 – The Captured Character Tale"


Episode 201- The Thisspiasian Tale

We started to talk about playing different species for your games and how to make it matter for your players. From how NPCs interact to how to set expectations at the table Things talked about in this episode: Dice for Brains Galaxy Guide 9 – Fragments from the Rim McKays Chattanooga Defel Pao Drabata Peekpa … Continue reading "Episode 201- The Thisspiasian Tale"


Episode 200 – The Closing Tale

Episode 200, you’d think we’d talk about something profound. We talk about one of the most profound things you can actually do for your campaign. How to end it. Three hosts talk about the different kinds of endings we’ve seen and give some advice for GMs on how to make it satisfying. Things discussed in … Continue reading "Episode 200 – The Closing Tale"


Episode 199 – The Challenging Player Tale

The topic of difficult players came up in discussion in the Tales twitter DMs. This brought up the different sorts of ways players and GMs can not see eye to eye on ideas and drew us to this episode topic. Things talked about in this episode: Zuckuss Dice for Brains Rebels Jodo Kast You can … Continue reading "Episode 199 – The Challenging Player Tale"


Episode 198 – The Gambler Tale

We were asked about a particular build for a character, it raised a bit of a flag for us and all hosts decided we should talk about specializations that require a bit more work by those around the table. Things talked about in this episode: Domino Deadpool 2 Minority Report You can find us on … Continue reading "Episode 198 – The Gambler Tale"


Episode 197 – The Han Tale

We have a huge group to talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story and share our perspectives. To a person we liked the movie, but we also are the sort who can look at it and see what could be done better. Things talked about in this episode: Solo: A Star Wars Story Hail Ceaser! … Continue reading "Episode 197 – The Han Tale"


Episode 196 – The Difficulty Tale

Communicating difficulty in an encounter is trickier than just giving out a number of dice. The players need to know before hand how to set their expectations. We discuss how and a few things that would normally be missed. Things talked about in this episode: Toph Galaxy Quest Crushers You can find us on Twitter … Continue reading "Episode 196 – The Difficulty Tale"


Episode 195 – Into The Character Tale

We talk about how to inhabit a character and create a perspective to separate two characters in a scene. We also touch on ways of acting to make a character unique in your play group as a player Things talked about in this episode: Zork Gru Heroes Dice for Brains Accents A Manual For Actors … Continue reading "Episode 195 – Into The Character Tale"


Episode 194 – The Module Tale

Ben and Rissa discuss running a module and some of the pitfalls that can emerge from trying to follow too close to the text as written. Things talked about in this episode: Beyond the Rim Friends like These Nam Beroya Reom Jewel of Yavin You can find us on Twitter Show updates are @TheHydianWay Ben … Continue reading "Episode 194 – The Module Tale"


Episode 193 – The Steam Setting Tale

We created a steampunk setting in Genesys and look to different ideas that could come from the location we’ve created in Firemouth Outpost. Things talked about in this episode: Heroes of the Hydian Way – Genesys Warhammer 40K Cypress Hills Massacre East India Trading Company Hudsons Bay Company South Sea Trading Company – Extra History … Continue reading "Episode 193 – The Steam Setting Tale"


Episode 192 – The Genesys Vehicle Tale

Ben Rissa and David talk about vehicles in Genesys and how they’re different from Star Wars while trying to remember all the rules for both systems. Things talked about in this episode: Sea of Thieves Battlefront II Hunt for Red October Crimson Skies US Navy Recon Blimps Goblin Shane Edge of the Empire rules clarification … Continue reading "Episode 192 – The Genesys Vehicle Tale"


Episode 191 – The Rissa Tale

No, we haven’t gone full Star Trek. We’re bringing on a new host and we’re interviewing her in this episode to give our listeners an idea of her style and some of the things she’s bringing to the table Things discussed in this episode: Agatha Christie Pathfinder Lost Girl Surviving Mars Alien Star Trek First … Continue reading "Episode 191 – The Rissa Tale"


Episode 190 – The Starting Player Tale

Ben and Marcus talk about some of the mechanics involved with starting characters and why somethings are more important than others at low XP amounts. Things talked about in this episode: Old Man Logan Logan Dark Tower Blue Max Elom Elomin Wookiepedia Assassins Creed Solid Snake Gossam Neimoidian Nute Gunray Dice for Brains Ross Rockafelow … Continue reading "Episode 190 – The Starting Player Tale"


Episode 189 – The Tale Vs Darkside

Ben has Marcus on to talk about his Force and Destiny podcast he creates with his kids and the lessons that can be learned from there. So much of the advice can be well used for bringing in any new player. Things talked about in this episode: Marcus Hirschfield Force Vs Darkside Dan Shessel Dice … Continue reading "Episode 189 – The Tale Vs Darkside"


Episode 188 – The Tools Tale

Ben and David talk about preparation tools for GMs and players as well as communication and character creation. Things talked about in this episode: Adversary Cards OneNote Obsidian Portal Band Gamers Plane World Anvil DropBox Oggdude Roll20 Fantasy Grounds Hangouts Skype Zoom Evernote Sando Aqua Monster Colo Claw Fish Drop Bear Bear Sloth Arboreal Octopus … Continue reading "Episode 188 – The Tools Tale"


Episode 187 – Map Tales

Ben has guest Leslie on to talk about ways to use maps and things to consider when using maps in person and online for your players. Things talked about in this episode: Leslie Heroes Obsidian Portal Maps Easel Pads – grid Command and Colours Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed Betrayal at House on the Hill … Continue reading "Episode 187 – Map Tales"