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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better

A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better
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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better




254 – The Edge to Age Tale

Players grow and some want to move from the Edge of the Empire style of scum and villainy and a shade of grey for every action to something more obvious of good and bad. We have ideas on how to suggest this to your players and a few ways to nudge them into the rebellion. … Continue reading "254 – The Edge to Age Tale"


253 – The End of Thursday Tale

Ben’s Thursday night campaign is coming to an end, but he’s unsure how he should do it. Rissa has several helpful ideas on how to bring it in for an end in a satisfying fashion. Things talked about in this episode: Star Wars Sheets Allies and Adversaries Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom You can find us … Continue reading "253 – The End of Thursday Tale"


252 – The Failing Up Tale

After a session or two when your players are having no luck with the dice it can be so disheartening, and which can lead to player resentment. We talk about how to deal with failure after failure in a story and how to make it more interesting and fun for the player. Things talked about … Continue reading "252 – The Failing Up Tale"


251 – The Tale of Destiny

We get talking about the Destiny pool and how to keep it in play and moving between sides. From using it as a GM intrusion to an adventure to upgrading rolls and so many places in between You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt Help us out financially for … Continue reading "251 – The Tale of Destiny"


250 – The GM Experience

We have David and Leslie on to talk about our methods of preparation, what we find needed, and how to encourage a new GM into running a second campaign. Things we talked about in the episode: Fiasco Dice for Brains Force Majeure Dark Heresy Realms of Terrinoth NPC deck Android NPC deck Star Wars Allies … Continue reading "250 – The GM Experience"


249 – The Period Tale

Playing in the Old Republic Era has no stats behind it, nor does the Sequel Era. We have ideas on how to still use the system to tell amazing tales and not worry about the mechanics behind everything. Things talked about in this episode: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Saw Gerrera Steela Gerrera Star … Continue reading "249 – The Period Tale"


248 – The Composition Tale

Translating the inspiration for a campaign into what the players hear and see is hard. We have a few ideas on how to take that comncept that evoked your desire to run the adventure into what your players are having a blast in doing. Things described in this podcast: Rissa’s Stream Kelly’s Heroes Seven Samurai … Continue reading "248 – The Composition Tale"


247 – The Rumble Tale

An episode of Heroes makes Ben wonder about different ways of presenting encounters to the players. Rissa and Ben have some ideas on how to make sure that the players weapons aren’t always the first thing grabbed for. Things discussed in this episode: Heroes Season 2 Mask of the Pirate Queen Act 1 Episode 2 … Continue reading "247 – The Rumble Tale"


246 – The Player Pet Tale

Recounting a few missteps in our own history we have a few ideas on how to make the pets of a player matter to the game and to the players in ways that aren’t always obvious. References for the show: Force Majeure Podcast Lassie You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa … Continue reading "246 – The Player Pet Tale"


245 – The Growing Threat Tale

We said it was going to be a series, and we’re starting it. Threat is a tricky thing to use since it’s very easy to undervalue it, we have ideas on how to make it more vibrant and how to not try to steal the success of a roll with threat. Things Discussed in this … Continue reading "245 – The Growing Threat Tale"


244 – The New Advantage Tale

We start our discussion about the extra mechanics in the FFG narrative system with advantage, as we start talking about the scale of what makes one advantage a small boost versus making three or four amazing and how to scale mechanically and narratively between. Things discussed in this episode: BC rain forest Supernatural Tomb Raider … Continue reading "244 – The New Advantage Tale"


243 – The Indecisive Tale

We talk about methods of how you as a player and a GM can move a disagreement at the table between characters and players along to some form of resolution, with a few examples from our own tables. Things we talked about on the show D&D Alignment Chart Enemy Mine Tabletop Simulator You can find … Continue reading "243 – The Indecisive Tale"


242- The Unexpected Tale

Surprises can be an amazing thing, and we have a few ideas on how to turn a cliff hanger into something that the players will never expect. From fantastic settings to NPCs that will haunt your players long after they’re put back in the box, we have ideas. Things talked about in this episode: Baby … Continue reading "242- The Unexpected Tale"


241 – The Conflicted Party Tale

An explosion of discussion happens in this episode about using the conflict mechanic as two GMs talk about their strategy for completely integrating the mechanic into their adventures and sessions. Things discussed in this episode Trolley Problem Star Wars the Old Republic You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt … Continue reading "241 – The Conflicted Party Tale"


240 – The Momentum Tale

We talk about how to end a scene and how to keep narrative momentum up when interest feels like it’s flagging. From adventure starts and getting that spur into adventure to the pacing when your player group is traveling. Things we talked about in this episode Mask of the Pirate Queen Oceans Eleven You can … Continue reading "240 – The Momentum Tale"


239 – The Narrative Tale

We talk about getting your players to narrate their actions more, from beginners who have never played an RPG before, to dungeon crawlers, to GMs who are there to relax. Things talked about in the episode Fiasco Tabletop Simulator You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt Help us out … Continue reading "239 – The Narrative Tale"


238 – The Explosive Character Tale

Ben and Rissa watched a live stream of Star Wars the RPG and things happened, over the top things, things that made us want to talk about it. Here we are talking about what happens when a group that’s combat heavy comes to your more moderate adventure. Things talked about in this episode Season 2 … Continue reading "238 – The Explosive Character Tale"


237 – The Starting Character Tale

A longtime patron got in touch with us about something that was on their mind and we thought it would make a good episode. This is talking about what do you give characters to start with and how do you guide them into directions your story might want to put on display. We only talked … Continue reading "237 – The Starting Character Tale"


236 – The Force Majeure Tale

We have Adam Beltane on from the Force Majeure Podcast to talk about their experience with running their games, how they prepare, and how they got into the fun of Star Wars Roleplaying Things we talked about in this episode Force Majeure Podcast Dice For Brains Redemption Silhouette Zero West End Games Star Wars RPG … Continue reading "236 – The Force Majeure Tale"


235 – The Escort Tale

We looked to a list of RPG plots and figured out many ways of making them work, from escorting NPCs to transporting items, to what happens when you find a ghost ship? Things discussed in this episode Rolltop Indigo – List of RPG plots Magnificent 7 Rogue One Tron Tron Legacy Hitmans Bodyguard Big Lebowski … Continue reading "235 – The Escort Tale"