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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better

A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better
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A podcast about making better stories and adventures in the Star Wars universe and how to GM better




Episode 228 -The Social Tale

We’re back and talking social skills, how we use them, how the intent of the rolls are a good indication of how they should be adjudicated, and how two skills can be used for the same roll Things talked about in this episode: Braveheart Speech Ezra Rebels Divine Divinity Original Sin Knights of the Old … Continue reading "Episode 228 -The Social Tale"


Episode 227 – The Single Shot Tale

Thinking about the one shots we’ve run, and how we’ve gone into preparing the adventures. We look at two vastly different styles of creating an experience for our players. Things we talked about in this show: Star Wars Armada Hunt the Bismark Vindicator Class Cruiser MC 40A light Cruiser The Pit Visas Marr You can … Continue reading "Episode 227 – The Single Shot Tale"


Episode 226 – The Road Ahead Tale

We talk about what 2018 has brought to the show and where we’re planning to take Heroes and Tales in the next year. Things we talked about in the show: Tales from the Loop Jeff Romo The Glass Dagger Legends of the Five Rings Things from the Flood Star Trek Adventures Force Majeure Solo Episode … Continue reading "Episode 226 – The Road Ahead Tale"


Episode 225 – The Charming Combat Tale

We talk about how big can one social check be in a combat action, especially one that has gone on quite long. From there we talk about types of actions that are easier to adjudicate and give some fun examples of how charm can be used to deflect combat from happening. Things talked about in … Continue reading "Episode 225 – The Charming Combat Tale"


Episode 224 – The Present Player Tale

People aren’t always paying attention and can be distracted by a great many things, we talk about when it starts impacting their participation at the table as well as others. Thing talked about in this episode: Eldritch Horror You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt Help us out financially … Continue reading "Episode 224 – The Present Player Tale"


Episode 223 – The Adding a Player Tale

We look at the difficulties in adding a new player and their character in the middle of an ongoing campaign and making it as seamless and as rewarding as possible. Thing we talked about in the show: Oggdude You can find us on TwitterShow updates are @TheHydianWayBen is @DeuteriumIceRissa is @KookyKitt Help us out financially … Continue reading "Episode 223 – The Adding a Player Tale"


Episode 222 – The Secret Society Tale

Secret societies show up in more places than we’d normally think. They are a very valuable story telling tool and we explore them in a fashion that makes them easier to use. Things talked about in this episode: Freemasons Red Herring Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Mummy The White Lotus – Avatar the … Continue reading "Episode 222 – The Secret Society Tale"


Episode 221 – The Group of Individuals Tale

We talk about a topic from the discord regarding mixed groups and how to make it feel that everyone is in the story, instead of just given simple tasks to do. From magic users and Genesys to how to get force users to constrain their powers, we have ideas. Things we talk about in the … Continue reading "Episode 221 – The Group of Individuals Tale"


Episode 220 – The Villainous Tale

We talk about villains in your game, from introducing them, how much different types of adventures bring a villain out to the players, and so many places in between. We have advice and tales of when things didn’t go right. Things talked about in this episode Die Hard Under Siege Indiana Jones with Belloq Curse … Continue reading "Episode 220 – The Villainous Tale"


Episode 219 – The In Character Tale

From policing what or why your character would act a certain way to figuring out ways to make sure your split party compartmentalizes we have ideas on how to get your players and characters to identify closer to each other. We talk about how to metagame with a much freer conscience and a few simple … Continue reading "Episode 219 – The In Character Tale"


Episode 218 – The Plotting Tale

Your players do weird things and will deal with situations out of the order in your head. We talk about some of our experiences with players going left when we’d have expected them to go right, and give a few ideas on how to deal with it otherwise. Talked about in this episode: Mission Impossible … Continue reading "Episode 218 – The Plotting Tale"


Episode 217 – The Going into Business Tale

Ben has players that through paying attention to all the little throw away ideas he had have found enough parts to go into business for themselves as an arms manufacturer. This boggled his mind, so he asked Rissa for advice. Also there are tales of a wookiee rescue and commune. Things talked about in this … Continue reading "Episode 217 – The Going into Business Tale"


Episode 216 – The Player Guidance Tale

Sometimes players get analysis paralysis and it gets frustrating for both the GM and the players alike. We have a few strategies to lessen the effect of it at the start of a session when the last session seems so long ago Things talked about in this episode: Force Majeure Podcast Silverwing Armory Newfounlander dog … Continue reading "Episode 216 – The Player Guidance Tale"


Episode 215 – The Backstory Tale

Ben is joined by Heroes Kristine and Leslie to talk about character backstory and motivations. From informing the characters actions to providing hooks for the Game Master to propel the story along we dive deep in these concepts. Things talked about in the show: Kristine Leslie West Marches Fagin Tony Toponi Princess Bride Leverage Critical … Continue reading "Episode 215 – The Backstory Tale"


Episode 214 – The Lost in Space Tale

We talk about challenges we’ve had as GMs to get players engaged with the stories we’re trying to tell and some of the solutions we’ve had for when the players actively try to derail your plot. Things talked about in this episode: Total Eclipse of the Heart Assassin Corvette Fiasco Imperial Assault You can find … Continue reading "Episode 214 – The Lost in Space Tale"


Episode 213 – The Murder Mystery Tale

Rissa and Ben set out to talk a little about making careers in Genesys, that idea was a red herring apparently as they fall into the trap of making a whole murder mystery one shot for you to use. Things talked about in this episode: The Steam Setting Tale Poirot Sherlock Holmes Nancy Drew Peter … Continue reading "Episode 213 – The Murder Mystery Tale"


Episode 212 – The Forgotten Skill Tale

From discipline to astrogation many skills are forgotten by the whole table. We talk about several ways to make them more valuable for you and your players. Things talked about in this episode: Vapor Lock Iocaine Powder A New Hope You can find us on Twitter Show updates are @TheHydianWay Ben is @DeuteriumIce Rissa is … Continue reading "Episode 212 – The Forgotten Skill Tale"


Episode 211 – The Player Choice Tale

This week we start with a Minotaur stepping on the gas and it gets weirder from there. We talk about how you can plan for players being unpredictable and how you can recover from them doing something completely unexpected. Things talked about on this show: The Steam Setting Tale Fast 5 safe chase Heroes of … Continue reading "Episode 211 – The Player Choice Tale"


Episode 210 – The Expanding Narrative Tale

Ben and Rissa talk about bringing meaning to your scenes and items. From making the blaster your gambler is carrying mean something extra to the framing of a dead body at the start of an adventure. We have ideas and tips for bringing your players into being more descriptive and making those descriptions matter. Things … Continue reading "Episode 210 – The Expanding Narrative Tale"


Episode 209 – The Driven Tale

Ben and Rissa talk about the differences in approach that character driven and plot driven campaigns can take and are generated for your players. Things talked about in this episode Buffy The Vampire Slayer Bones Castle Murder She Wrote Taken 2 Die hard With a Vengeance Princess Bride Spider-Man home coming Mass Effect You can … Continue reading "Episode 209 – The Driven Tale"