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Special Guest Erik Magnuson

Special Guest Erik Magnuson joins the podcast! Erik was interviewed by Mike and Zach and we are sharing that experience with you! Erik provided a lot of insight as to what it is to be on the team, seeing teammates be cut/traded, what it was like under Jim Harbaugh and how he compares to coach Shanny! Be sure to tune in for all that and more! Check out the website: Subscribe to the youtube channel:


Emmanuel Moseley Interview

Emmanuel Moseley was interviewed on our youtube page but we know that not everyone watches there. For those who didn't catch it, this is for you!


NB9ers Draft Recap

Mike Nick and Tony (our resident GM) breakdown the Good, bad and everything else concerning the 2018 NFL draft for the 49ers. The guys provide some premature grades and then explain why they feel the way they do. You will also hear Mike's idea on how the 49ers decided to draft guys with injuries and consider it a steal! Be sure to visit the website for all things #NB9ers related Check out the YouTube page as well and hit that subscribe button!...


49ers 2018 Off - Season Recap Part I

Mike and Nick discuss the moves that have been made this off season in chronological order. Later in the show, the fellas open the floor for a few guests to give their opinion on the moves made so far. As neither of the guys believe the team is done adding free agents, this is labeled "Part I" so they can revisit the issue later.


Cornerback Conundrum Ft Connor Rogers

The Nothing But Niners crew was honored to have a special guest on this podcast! Connor Rogers of B/R (Bleacher Report) chats with the fellas over a number of corners in the draft and which ones that will fit the 49ers scheme and system. Mike and Nick kick things off with a brief debate on when the team should address the need. Then Scott, Eric and Connor finish with the strong analysis. Be sure to check out the websites: Stick to...


Dylan DeSimone Chimes In On Team

Mike and Nick are joined by a special guest! Founder of, Dylan DeSimone sat down to chit chat about the state of the 49ers and his thoughts on the upcoming draft and free agency. The hour long chat was fun and full of interesting tidbits! Be sure to leave feedback and rate the podcast! Also, stop by the website to see all the latest news, notes and nuggets concerning the San Francisco 49ers


NB9ers Begin The Off - Season Program

The Nothing But Niners crew is back togther with our resident GM (Tony). Mike and Tony discuss the remaining 49ers free agents and if they are worth bringing back. Also on the docket: What 3 players could the niners bring in that would make them playoff contenders (assuming the players perform to their ceilings). Please stop by the youtube page and hit the subscribe button ( Check out the website for all episodes as well as our other social media pages...


Jimmy Contract and Listener Questions

Nick and Mike bring you the latest NB9ers Podcast. Topics Discussed: -Jimmy Garoppolo's Contract -Joe Staley -John Lynch speaking up for Jed York -49ers Free Agents -Listeners Voicemails get played Much more is here along with media clips, and sound bites! Be sure to visit the website: Also, see how our podcasts are made! This episode we did a behind the scenes look for a portion of the recording. Click the link below to see it! And since you're there, you might as...


NB9ers Titans Review And Jags Preview

The 49ers are now on a 3 game win streak and they face their toughest challenge of the season next! Jimmy Garoppolo looks poised and unstoppable but the baddest (bad meaning good) defense in the league is kicking down our door! What should we expect!? Mike breaks down the past game, shares his beast of the week and gives a minor prediction as to what will happen this coming Sunday. Will Christmas eve be the first gift all faithfuls can share together? Only time will tell!...


NB9ers Texans Recap

The 49ers find victory for the 2nd time in as many weeks! The first winning streak since November 16th and 23rd of 2014 Jimmy Garoppolo is a perfect 4/4 in games that he has started in the NFL!!! And Mike discusses it all! Beast of the Week award is given out, and Mike has called out 2 players so far this year and they have each done something special the following week. See if it works again with the player that needs to Step Up. Please leave feedback and rate our podcast! Also check out...


KC's Corner Ep. 228 #9erGangRemix

Jimmy! That's all that needs to be said. Jimmy GOTDAMNIT!


NB9ers Recap 1st Win

This is a quick recap of the 49ers' first win of the season! Kyle Shanahan was given a two-cup gatorade bath (very appropriate), but hear how it went down in the head of Mike! Check out the website Leave feedback for the podcast as well!


NB9ers Beathard Gets Beat HARD

The 49ers are off to a franchise worse 0-9 start! But that does't mean that there aren't some positives to take away from it all. Mike touches on the positives but not before he tells everyone how he feels about the starting QB CJ Beathard! Be sure to check out the latest articles by NB9ers at:


NB9ers Jimmy Garoppolo Emergency Podcast

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PODCAST!!! The San Francisco #49ers traded away their (own) 2nd round pick to the New England Patriots to acquire backup quarterback Jimmy Garappolo. A story that seems to be swept under the rug in all of this is that, the 49ers also released QB Brian Hoyer. He is expected to immediately sign with the Patriots. So what does all of this mean? When will Garappolo start? Is this the end of the CJ Beathard experiment? What will the 49ers do in the 1st round of the 2018 NFL...


KC's Corner Ep. 227 #9erGangRemix

49ers lose another close heartbreaker, this time in D.C., we got a new QB though! And we take a little time to say so long to 49er Legend Navarro Bowman.


Behind Enemy Lines 49ers Cardinals

Nothing But Niners (@NothingBut9ers) has teamed up with the Fangirl Sports Network ( to bring you the week 4 edition of Behind Enemy Lines. Mike (@49ersMike_NFL) and Sande (@CardinalsFGSN) break down both of the teams and try to give a hint as to what to expect this upcoming game! The 49ers are off to a 0-3 start while the Cardinals are 1-2! What to expect from each team as well as a few predictions will be discussed!


KC's Corner Ep. 224 #9erGangRemix

49ers lose a tough one in Seattle. I'll look back on the defensive performance, Brian Hoyer's anemic performance & Carlos Hyde about to bust out on the entire league.


49ers Vs Seahawks BEHIND ENEMY LINES

Today we take a trip into the mind of the opposing fans! Introducing our new Behind Enemy Lines segment! With special guest Christina (@seahawksFGSN), we dive into what makes the Seahawks tick and what to expect from today's game! We talk strengths vs weaknesses and try to predict the outcome of the game!


KC's Corner Ep. 223 #9erGangRemix

I preview the 49ers going up to Seattle to take on the Seahawks in that House of Horrors that is Century Link Field.


NB9ers Panthers Review Seahawks Preview

The 49ers have concluded week 1 and a lot of people are only focussing on the box score. What they are failing to realize is that there are a of positives to take away from the outing against the Panthers. Scott and Mike take a look at the pros and the cons on both sides of the ball. Following the recap of the game, the fellas then take a sneak peak into the future and say what the they hope will bring the team success against the pissed off Seahawks. Be sure to subscribe on youtube and...


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