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BREAKING NEWS The 49ers Lose More Coaches From Staff

The 49ers have lost Assistant Offensive Line Coach Adam Stenavich, to the Green Bay Packers. With his departure comes a promotion for Stenavich. He will become the Packers' Offensive Line Coach (good luck with that). How will the 49ers answer back? Will he be replaced and if so, will it be in time for the Senior Bowl coverage that starts Monday? The fellas break it all down here!


NB9ers Mailbag Q&A

This is our first mailbag episode of the off-season so we hope you enjoy it. We could NOT get to all the questions as some were repeats and others involved draft prospects that we won't be covering until much later. We would like to thank those of you who sent some questions in: @Carolina9er(TWITTER) @TIM______ (6 underscores TWITTER) @LiveJustToBall (TWITTER) Kevin Watts Sr. (EMAIL - we will answer prospect questions later) If you would like to participate in the next mailbag segment there...


BREAKING NEWS 49ers Hire Joe Woods As Pass Game Coordinator

The 49ers made a coaching staff hire and the guys dive into it full throttle! Tony, Anthony, Nick and Mike break it all down here with some history on the coach and what he could bring to the table. Not to be overly optimistic, the guys talk about both PROs and CONs concerning Joe Woods! Be sure to check out the website for extra coverage Check out the YouTube channel for delete audio/video from this episode (the first 4 or 5 minutes are very different!) A direct...


Off Season Discussion Continues

The #49ers off-season has begun and things haven't gone the way that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch led us to believe they would. The last time we heard from the GM and HC, they were adamant that there wouldn't be any changes about with the staff. As time has passed since the presser, there have been many *RUMORED* changes with the staff, and the #NB9ers crew is here to talk about it. With the new hires in place, what changes to the 49ers draft plans stand to be effected? Should we be worried...


BREAKING NEWS Reuben Foster Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge

Foster was arrested in Florida for DV and we talk about it all. The story is still unfolding but what we've gathered so far is that the victim is someone that Foster has had history with for over 3 years. According to Foster's social media pages, he has a new girlfriend that did indeed travel with him to this game. Foster is currently being held in Hillsborough County jail. He wasn't able to post bail because he can't see a judge until 7:30am (Nov 25th, 2018)


Robert Saleh Debacle

This bye week podcast is one of a few that will be produced this week. The #NB9ers crew will attempt to analyze and evaluate the coaching staff and some front office members. This week's focal point is DC Robert Saleh. Mike moderates and Tony and Scott give their opinions on the up and down defense that Saleh has run out on the field so far this season. Please leave feedback and 5 stars!


49ers Week 9 Recap

Nick and Mike recap all of the week 9 happenings and also deep dive in some of the 49ers Pressers. Mike is wild and swears the 49ers defensive players are tired of CJ Beathard not finishing games! Check out the website:


49ers Update And Cardinals Preview

Nick and Mike talk about the state of the 49ers and touch on the upcoming games against the Arizona Cardinals. -Are fans' expectations too high? -Does Shanahan make excuses for Beathard -Grant Cohn questions -Game Prediction and much more! Visit the website: Check out the youtube page: Follow on twitter:


Previewing Chiefs

Mike and Stefan have some time to kill, so they decided to record a podcast. The game coming up against the Chiefs is going to be a tough one, but can the 49ers win it?! The fellas give a break down and their thoughts! Be sure to check out the youtube page for the latest videos concerning your favorite team: Check out the website as well for the latest news from all over:


Vikings Review And Ian Wiliams Interview

There is a lot here so be sure to listen! There is an Ian Williams interview in the middle of the podcast somewhere! Nick and Mike had the honor of speaking with him and Mike almost blew it with his first question! But thanks to some fancy editing, you guys won't hear how pissed Ian was at Mike's first question. WE LOVE YOU IAN! Before the interview, Mike and Nick reflect on the vikings game. Mike gets overly excited about the trajectory of this team and starts making some bold...


Behind Enemy Lines 49ers Vs Vikings And Keys To Victory

This is a podcast comprised of various youtube videos. Behind enemy lines with Vikings fan girl AND KEYS TO VICTORY!!!


Richie James Interview

The WR camp battle may be the most fierce of all other position battles. One of the emerging fan favorites within the group is 7th round pick Richie James! The 240th overall selection battled his way through college injuries and still set NCAA records. He has a huge chip on his shoulder and an even bigger smile on his face! The NB9ers crew had the privilege of interviewing James and we decided to make it available in podcast form. The original was done on YouTube and can be viewed on the...


49ers Updates! Review and Preview of Preseason Games

The #NB9ers crew go deep into what has happened with the team over the last week! Topics discussed include: -Alfred Morris -Runningbacks -Cowboys game -Upcoming Texans Game -Jimmy Garoppolo AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Every minute of this podcast is worth your time! Please leave some feedback and share your thoughts along with that 5 star rating!


Training Camp Recap

Mike and Nick happily bring you a recap of everything that has happened so far through training camp. There will be special sound clips and interviews shared within the episode, and some you may have never seen/heard! Mike gets in his conspiracy bag a few times in this podcast as well, but you shouldn't take him to serious this time (we think). Be sure to rate and review us! Also check out the website for bonus content and directions to our various social media sites!


NB9ers And Larry Krueger

Former NCAA/NFL scout and radio show host, Larry Krueger, was kind enough to speak to Mike and Zach about all things #49ers! The guys discussed everything from the last 2 drafts, the upcoming season and even the Golden State Warriors! Be sure to leave us some feedback! Check out the website: Check out the youtube page: Check out the twitter page:


Predicting Positions DBs

This is the next edition of the position battles and predicting the 53 man roster (waaaay too early)! Mike breaks down all the player in the secondary and where he expects them to play this year. Check out Mike Messner's article on what this season means to/for Jimmie Ward this season: ALSO!!! Be sure to see the interviews of some of the players mentioned below! We had the privilege to speak with...


Position(s) Prediction TE & RB

A quick breakdown of who Mike is predicting to make the 53 man roster. A short podcast because the position groups are short (running back and tight end), Mike admittedly says something that will shock most people, so PLEASE hit him up on twitter ( @49ersMike_NF ) and tell him just how nucking futs he is!


Predicting Positions OLine

This episode is a breakdown of the most important group on any NFL team, but they won't get any of the glory. This group of men will undoubtedly determine the outcome of any team's season yet, when the lights go out and people reflect on the game, none of their names will be mentioned with the glory. Well, Mike tries to predict the 9 linemen that will be protecting Jimmy G at some point this season. It's hard to come up with any surprise cuts, but lets see how he does! If you haven't seen...


Position - Prediction - Wrs Recording - 1 2018 - 06 - 21 - -t02 - 04 - 47am - -nothingbutniners

This is the first of many installments that Mike will be bringing to the podcast side of NB9ers!!! He will be going through each position and try to predict who will make the final 53 man roster! This will be done based on the numbers that were used last season from the final 53. This week, the position of focus was the Wide Receiver group. Mike does a cheesy assessment of each contributor and what they bring to the table and then determines if its enough to make the final cut! Please leave...


Special Guest Jullian Taylor

Scott and Nick interviewed 7th round pick Jullian Taylor on the youtube page. Since so many people asked for us to make it a podcast, here it is! Please subscribe and leave us a 5 star rating. Also, check out the website Subscribe to the YouTube channel