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Your home for smart discussion of tenkara and other forms of fixed line fly fishing.




Ep. 10: New Gear, Events, & A Lot of Rambling!

In Episode 10 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, Anthony and Mike chat about (semi) current events in the tenkara and fixed line fly fishing community. Topics such as new gear releases, recent gatherings, and early summer fishing outings are discussed in depth, with quite a bit of meandering (guitars, woodcarving, and hot dogs), just for good measure. That’s right, no special guests and no pre-produced segments this time, just two friends talking about tenkara. Make sure to check the “show notes” at the end of this article for links to some fo the topics referenced. We hope you enjoy! Show Notes & Links: 01:33 – New Product Launches river peak Sangaku Special DRAGONtail TalonMINI Tenkara USA Fly Weight Jacket Riverworks Rod Co. / Oni Convert Program Tenkara Adventure Outfitters 17:11 – Recent Events (Focus on Driftless) 2023 TenkaraCamp Tennessee 2023 Oni School Recap (TenkaraTalk) 2023 Great Driftless Tenkara Campout Five Days in the Driftless (Article) Sunfish Woodworks Dave’s Guitar Shop / Beanie’s Diner / Borgen’s Cafe Anthony’s Gear: Tanuki 375 / Tenkara Rod Co. Kita 330 Mike’s Gear: Wader Gaiters / Oni Honryu 395 / DRAGONtail Kaida 43:41 – Summer Fishing Do You Keep A Fishing Journal? (Article) Frank Nale Maggie Valley Fly Fishing Festival Valley Forge National Historical Park The Pass Lake Wet Fly (Article) TYROAM Wading Staffs / Buggins / YGK Ultra Sight Line Unsuspecting Minimalist (Article) 1:09:39– Tenkara Angler Housekeeping 2024 TenkaraCamp? Contact Us Rocky Mountain National Park / Shenandoah National Park Content Contributions / Print Magazine Want to see more? Tenkara Angler: https://tenkaraangler.com/


Ep. 9: Listen In - Septomber: A Tale of Three Trips - with Paul Vertrees & Dave Rosset

In Episode 9 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, we pivot a little bit and introduce a taste of our "Listen In" audio articles as featured on the Tenkara Angler YouTube channel. This particular recording was a little bit longer than most, so we thought it would lend itself well to podcast form, almost like a mini audiobook. Enjoy! Septomber: A Tale of 3 Trips - Written by Paul Vertrees and read by Dave Rosset Notes & Links: 00:58 – Introduction 02:54 – Trip One: The Gore Range 06:09 – Trip Two: The Arctic Circle 15:45 – Trip Three: The Front Range 19:59 – About the Author, Paul Vertrees Want to see more? Original Article: https://tenkaraangler.com/2022/04/11/septomber-a-tale-of-three-trips/ Listen In Playlist on YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsMrTIA9H5kut084rrzrNSKYRUgTnHe_s Tenkara Angler: ⁠https://tenkaraangler.com/


Ep. 8: Fish Stories Volume 2 - Nick Feller, Ryan Kimball, Dave Rosset, Isaac Tait & Jeff Lomino

In Episode 8 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, Mike sits down with some of his friends to gather more fish stories. From hard earned fish, to environmental challenges, to first and personal bests, these stories are a great listen. And don't miss the bonus story at the very, very end! A big thanks to guests Nick Feller, Ryan Kimball, Dave Rosset, Isaac Tait, Kris Franqui, and Jeff Lomino for telling us their stories! Show Notes & Links: 00:55 – Nick Feller (NorCal Tenkara) 04:56 – Ryan Kimball (My Tenkara) 13:11 – Dave Rosset 23:50 – Isaac Tait (Fallfish Tenkara / Ilovetofish) 28:35 – Kris Franqui (Tenkara on the Trail) 42:48 – Jeff Lomino (Riverworks Rod Co.) 52:20 – Post Credits Bonus Story Want to see more? Tenkara Angler: https://tenkaraangler.com/


Ep. 7: Q&A with Tenkara Angler and Guest Paul Vertrees

In Episode 7 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, Anthony & Jason give some topical updates and field listener questions with the help of Mike, Matt, Tom, and special guest Paul Vertrees of Royal Gorge Anglers. Questions include clear tenkara lines, euronymphing, "go to" tenkara rods, getting kids started with tenkara, the future plans for the podcast, and a deep dive into tailwater tenkara. Show Notes & Links 00:43 – Tenkara Angler Updates 03:05 – Upcoming Events 10:25 – Clear Tenkara Lines 16:09 – Euronymphing 21:27 – "Go To" Tenkara Rods 32:32 – Getting Kids Started with Tenkara 37:15 - Choosing Rods & Lines 45:57 - Podcast Plans 46:27 - Tailwater Tenkara with Paul Vertrees (Royal Gorge Anglers) For More: Tenkara Angler


Ep. 6: Fish Stories - Jared Willadsen, Dre Fornasiero, Jonathan Antunez, Arran Kerr & Adam Trahan

In Episode 6 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, Mike sits down with a handful of friends to talk about their most memorable fish stories. From first fish, to big fish, to hard earned fish, to the fish that got away, these stories certainly capture the imagination. A big thanks to guests Jared Willadsen, Dre Fornasiero, Jonathan Antunez, Arran Kerr, & Adam Trahan for sharing their stories! It's interesting to hear the backstory of what makes a fish memorable to each angler. I know more than one of the stories will hit home. You're not going to want to miss this episode. Show Notes & Links 01:20 – Jared Willadsen, Tenkara Genki (YouTube) 04:44 – Dre Fornasiero, New School Tenkara (Facebook) 20:10 – Jonathan Antunez, Trout Conjurer (Instagram) 25:00 – Arran Kerr, Appalachian_AF (Instagram) 28:19 – Adam Trahan, Tenkara-Fisher (Website) 39:59 – Mike’s Story, Troutrageous! (Website) For More: Tenkara Angler


Ep. 5: White Mountains Tenkara Campout - Bill Holleran, Amanda Hoffner, & Nate Camp

In Episode 5 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, we check in with Bill Holleran, Amanda Hoffner, & Nate Camp to recap the first White Mountains Tenkara Campout held June 10-12, 2022. Hosts Mike Agneta & Matt Sment sit with Bill, Amanda, & Nate to get an update on a recent tenkara gathering in New Hampshire. With other events taking place in North Carolina and Wisconsin, this was the first organized community event to be held in New England in quite some time. Bill gives us background on his company, Red Brook Tenkara, the White Mountains, as well as the origins of the campout, while Amanda & Nate introduce themselves and discuss their tenkara histories and role in the weekend. The meandering conversation also covers topics such as fly patterns, gear preferences, and techniques for fishing in the White Mountains, as well as hub cities, travel details, and plans for next year’s event! Show Notes: 01:10 – 2022’s Tenkara Event Calendar 03:45 – Intro Bill Holleran, Red Brook Tenkara 05:35 – Intro Amanda Hoffner, Lady Tenkara Bum 07:10 – Intro Nate Camp, Camp Kebari 08:44 – White Mountains Campout overview 14:55 – The “Incident” on the water 16:35 – Fly tying with Amanda & Nate 21:05 – Strike indicators & attractor flies 23:08 – Confidence flies 24:16 – Beadhead strategies 28:50 – Rod Choices & Bad Axe love 37:12 – Community & social aspect to events 40:55 – Nate’s knife hand! 41:34 – Timber & Fins, North Country Angler, Yonah Packs, Rod Raffle 50:50 – Tenkara Outlaws 52:01 – A traveler’s guide to the White Mountains 55:44 – Closing remarks 57:18 – The legend of Shyman Want to See More? Red Brook Tenkara Lady Tenkara Bum (Instagram) Camp Kebari (Etsy) Ledge Brewing Co. Timber & Fins (Instagram) North Country Angler Yonah Packs Bad Axe Rod Tenkara Angler


Ep. 4: Mike Lutes - Co Founder, Badger Tenkara

In Episode 4 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, we check in with Mike Lutes to see what his post Badger Tenkara fixed-line fly fishing experiences look like today. Mike Lutes brings a unique perspective to fixed-line fly fishing. Living in Wisconsin, he has access to many different species of fish – from the trout of the Driftless, to smallmouth of the rivers, and even the fish of a thousand casts, the muskie. In this podcast interview Mike Agneta and Matt Sment speak to Mike Lutes about his background in fly fishing, the progression toward tenkara, a top secret fishing location in Wisconsin, his gear choices and tenkara “style”, targeting machaca in Costa Rica, the origin story of Badger Tenkara, as well as some quick hit questions on favorite species, flipping guitars, conservation, natural phenomena, advice for a new tenkara angler, and hair care tips. In all, it’s a little over forty minutes of tenkara and fixed-line fun we’re certain you’ll enjoy! Show Notes & Links: 01:40 – Intro to Mike Lutes, co-founder Badger Tenkara 02:54 – Mike’s intro to fly fishing 05:07 – The transition to tenkara & top secret water 06:55 – Mike’s local waters and species 08:17 – Trout vs. Smallmouth bass gear 09:14 – Props to Tenkara Times! 10:34 – Mike’s tenkara style & choice of flies 11:20 – Chucking streamers 14:23 – MACHACA! 18:00 – Fixed line + boats 20:05 – Origin story of Badger Tenkara 26:40 – MWTF & the tenkara community 30:48 – Post Badger Tenkara 33:00 – Mike’s favorite species 33:54 – Flipping guitars 35:43 – Interesting natural world happening 37:50 – Bigfoot meets Tenkara Gandalf 38:51 – Trout Unlimited and Project Green Teen 39:38 – Advice for a novice tenkara angler 40:10 – Mike’s glorious flow Want to see more? Badger Tenkara Tenkara Angler


Ep. 3: Dennis Vander Houwen - Tenkara Path

In Episode 3 of the Tenkara Angler Level Line Podcast, Matt & Mike have the pleasure of spending time with tenkara enthusiast, philosopher, and magician (not an exaggeration), Dennis Vander Houwen. While Dennis has previously written articles for Tenkara Angler, including “The Three Paths” and “Finding Happiness with Less,” those that have been around the tenkara scene are surely more familiar with Dennis from his always interesting blog, Tenkara Path, or perhaps the popular wooden line spools available in his Etsy shop. In this interview, we talk to Dennis about his fishing background, his favorite type of water, how the simplicity of tenkara sets the standard for his everyday life, his blogging background, experiences fishing with friends, woodworking, brook trout, art, bread baking, and bigfoot! Show Notes & Links: 01:14 – Intro to Dennis Vander Houwen, Tenkara Path 04:44 – Meditative aspects of tenkara 09:07 – Purpose for Tenkara Path blog 10:20 – Connecting simplicity to everyday life 11:30 – Finding Happiness with Less 14:21 – Unnecessary gear, line spools, & “One Fly” 17:09 – Favorite type of water, Trip to Wyoming 21:45 – Fishing with friends… and Graham too 24:55 – Woodworking / Tenkara Path Etsy shop 31:30 – “Master of the Illusionary Arts” 35:40 – COVID opening doors 37:44 – The tenkara community 39:19 – Dennis’ favorite fish species 40:39 – Hobbies – Art, bread baking, foraging, and a patient wife 43:29 – Most impressive natural sight while fishing 44:46 – Bigfoot!… and Dennis’ son as our next guest 47:49 – Advice for new tenkara anglers 50:19 – Ways to find Dennis – Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy Want to see more? Tenkara Path Tenkara Angler


Ep. 2: Tom Davis - Teton Tenkara

If you've ever searched for a tenkara rod review online, you've undoubtedly come across Tom Davis' website Teton Tenkara. It is by far the most comprehensive source of tenkara rod information, with reviews of over 150 models! In Episode 2, Tom spent a little time catching us up on his fly fishing & tenkara background, his favorite types of water and gear preferences, and obviously a lot of rod talk. We cover the Rod Flex Index, a few of Tom's favorite rods (as well as a few not so faves), and of course his role in the development of the DRAGONtail Mizuchi. We then close out the interview with a few "quick hit" questions before saying goodbye. In all, it's slightly over an hour of entertaining conversation! Show Notes: 0:01:34 - Intro to Tom Davis, Teton Tenkara 0:03:27 - Guatemala Mission 0:05:31 - Tom's fly fishing background 0:12:25 - Everyone's first tenkara rod 0:17:15 - Favorite types of water 0:22:02 - Tom's tenkara style 0:29:30 - Specialized rods & #nottenkara 0:32:27 - The origins of Teton Tenkara & the rod reviews 0:37:00 - Rod Flex Index 0:38:15 - Saint Chris Stewart of the Penny Scale 0:42:55 - Tom's Favorite Rods 0:51:52 - Tom's Not So Favorite Rods 0:53:45 - The Mystery Rod 0:56:48 - The DRAGONtail Mizuchi 0:58:40 - Quick Hits: Favorite Species, Conservation, Hobbies, Sasquatch, Advice 1:04:35 - Closing remarks Want to see more? Teton Tenkara Tenkara Angler


Ep. 1: Tom Bayly - Tenkara Adventure Outfitters

Tom Bayly from Tenkara Adventure Outfitters was kind enough to "meet" with Matt & Mike for an interview that we know you'll enjoy. In this discussion we cover Tom's personal background, his competitive archery career, and a nice mix of hunting & fishing stories. He goes on to explain his jump from tenkara angler to retailer, profiles some TAO rod models, and finally we finish up just chatting for a spell. Show Notes: 01:01 - Intro to Tom Bayly, Tenkara Adventure Outfitters 03:29 - Tom's competitive archery career 05:45 - Atlatl - a spear throwing lever 06:19 - Scout tenkara rod in bow quiver 16:03 - Tom's introduction to tenkara 17:54 - Tom's preferred gear set up 22:22 - Tom's Tenkara Angler Interview with Bernhard Niedermair 29:28 - The beginning of Tenkara Adventure Outfitters 33:14 - Classic | Wisco 2 | Bad Axe | Scout | U.N.C. rods 36:52 - Carlos Blatt U.N.C. fishing in Brazil 39:39 - The impact of COVID-19 on business 47:49 - "Dream" fishing destination 51:45 - Trout Unlimited | Backcountry Hunters & Anglers 54:45 - Tenkara Sasquatch in Nebraska? 56:33 - Tom's final remarks Want to explore more? Tenkara Adventure Outfitters Tenkara Angler