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The TOVG Podcast #138: ...and Endings

Thank you all for sticking with us for 138 episodes! All things must come to an end, and so the crew discusses games and news one final time before setting off on new adventures! George really wants to talk about watching the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray, Jimmy finally bit the bullet and dove into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Matt digs in to EA Origin Access with Mass Effect: Andromeda. Castelvania series on Netflix gets a badass trailer, and much much more! Follow the TOVG...


The TOVG Podcast #137: Origins...

Jimmy isn't so sure he's liking Afterbirth anymore, George takes on the critically acclaimed What's Left of Edith Finch, and Matt dives deep into the world of Pillars of Eternity. The crew discusses 4Loko, the merits of Destiny 2 on Blizzard's platform instead of Steam, and competition in the PC Market, among other things. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break: Truth and Reconcilliation Suite - Halo OST...


The TOVG Podcast #136: Very Cool

Somehow, the entire crew played games this week! George finishes up Nier: Automata, Jimmy tackles Laura Shigihara's new Rakuen, and Matt has been going back to Elite Dangerous while yearning for more VR games. Vanquish recieves a PC release, a popular Overwatch YouTuber gets bombed on reddit by false accusations, and a Nier Mod features a Piracy check. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break + Outro: Toejam and Earl OST...


The TOVG Podcast #135: Near a Tomato

George and Matt discuss Metal Gear, Nier: Automata, and how ridiculous both games can potentially become. Jimmy has played pretty much nothing aside from 5 minutes of Mega Man Zero 2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC has finally arrived and it's incredibly whelming. Darksiders 3 announced, New Nintendo 2DSXL exists, and EVE Online users wage war over anime. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break:Gravity - Megaman Zero 2 OST...


The TOVG Podcast #134: The Bush

This episode is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. Go to and get a one month membership of ANY razor for $1. FREE shipping, no commitments, cancel anytime. George makes his way through the Wii U's catalogue to see what he missed while Matt takes another crack at indie classic Braid. They also take a look at the real Nintendo Switch sales numbers and future plans laid down by Nintendo. Meanwhile a South Korean presidential candidate makes a Starcraft 1 map....


The TOVG Podcast #133 ft. Liam FG: Japanese Lessons

Liam FG joins the crew all the way from Japan to discuss Wonderboy on the Switch, Bayonetta on PC, and more Duck Game beta! #PepareToDine becomes Code Vein in a whiplash-inducing change of style, Call of Duty is headed back to WWII with a stupid name, and there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront II that is a different game than the previously released game also titled Star Wars: Battlefront II. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Guest: Liam...


The TOVG Podcast #132: A Billion P

Matt and George return from Japan to talk about losing their lives to Pachinko Machines and recording one TERABYTE of footage of the country. Jimmy kinda likes Yooka-Laylee but also a bunch of criticisms of it's classic design choices. Nintendo had a new Direct but also discontinued the in-demand NES Classic, Bandai-Namco makes some kinda cool vampire game as well, so that's neat! Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music:...


The TOVG Chill Conversation Cast ft. RatedSGames and NFreak

George and Matt are across the Pacific in Japan, so Jimmy has some buddies in Todd and Naveed to come talk game design, what they've been playing this week, and all about Atlus being ridiculous about streaming Persona 5. Games discussion includes things like Metroid Fusion, Neo Geo, and if Ocarina of Time really is a good game! Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Guest: Todd - @RatedSGames Naveed - @NFreak1 Music: Outro: Kraid's Lair -...


The TOVG Podcast #130 ft. Furst: George-less in Japan

George is out to Japan for a bit, but Jimmy and Matt hold down the fort and bring on frequent friend Furst to talk video games in his place! Instead of news, they discuss Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Titanfall 2, and Destiny 2 being announced! Also more things, like Taken 3 having a 14-angle fence-jump sequence. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Guest: Furst - @ForrestFurst Music: Outro: Chessmaster SNES Theme...


The TOVG Podcast #129: Mass Defect: An-DRAMA-da

With Zelda finally behind the crew, they get to move on to other games! Jimmy has been getting down on some good ol' Rocket League with a brand new mode called Dropshot, George has been making his way through Night in the Woods and Nier: Automata, and Matt hasn't really played anything but that's okay! Also the new Mass Effect game has some issues and we talk about that because news. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break:...



This week the crew is joined by Nintendo YouTuber JWittz to talk a WHOLE LOT about the new Zelda game in detail. There are many spoilers ahead, and perhaps a bit of Korok feces as well.... you'll see.... Also I assure you that George actually does like this game, he's just good at articulating his issues so don't take it personally or email him nasty things. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Guest: JWittz - @TheJWittz Music: Outro:...


The TOVG Podcast #127: ZELDA (no spoilers)

This week the cast is talking all about THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD! This will be the no-spoiler coverage of the game, followed by a spoiler-filled discussion next week! Matt discusses the Switch at length, talking about its user-friendliness and the overall experience of Nintendo's new console. Also Bolivia isn't super happy with Ubisoft. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break: Zelda - Rabbit Joint...


The TOVG Podcast #126: The Switch is Out

This week is just weird, that's about it. George is still complaining about Nier, Jimmy hasn't played anything new, and Matt is ready to brave the midnight lines for a Nintendo Switch. Also Switch games are coated in the most bitter substance known to man, so there's that. Expect a regular episode after all of this Switch madness wears off! Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Outro: Forest Interlude ~ DKC OST (Michelle Heafy...


The TOVG Podcast #125 ft. ProZD: Meme Magician

Voice Actor and "Meme Magician" SungWon Cho a.k.a. ProZD joins the crew to discuss mobile games such as Pokemon Duel, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link, and Fire Emblem Heroes. George invests a little too much time into the side-quests of Nier, Jimmy is finally in the current age of technology, and somebody is getting fired for selling the Nintendo Switch before launch date! Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Guest: SungWon Cho - @ProZDkp Music:...


The TOVG Podcast #124: Catchy Title Related to For Honor

Everybody's been playing For Honor, with mostly positive response! Matt recaps Resident Evil 7 without spoiling George or the viewers, Jimmy has been grinding through gears and copper and iron in Factorio, and George has been keeping up with Siege as always. Apocalypse Now Kickstarted is pulled in favor of a different type of crowdfunding, the Yakuza series gets re-released, Valve is working on a few VR games, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild get's a Season Pass and DLC. Follow the TOVG Podcast...


The TOVG Podcast #123: Ubiquitous Software

Jimmy hasn't played much this week, but George has been diving in to For Honor and finds similarities to Rainbow Six: Siege. Matt gives Doom another go and isn't super impressed, but has been liking Resident Evil 7 in VR. Roller Coaster Tycoon creator Chris Sawyer discusses RCT Classic, Blizzard responds to players using a Keyboard and Mouse on console Overwatch, and Siege developers looking to have at least 50 Operators in the game's rotation. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George –...


The TOVG Podcast #122: Letting It Die

Jimmy finally gives VR a decent try, and discusses Thumper and Resident Evil 7 with George and Matt. Matt has been trying out the For Honor closed beta, George has been Letting It Die again and again and is kinda ready to let it stay dead. Zenimax wins half a BILLION dollars in a lawsuit against Oculus, EU trading laws look to end region-locked digital purchases in Europe, and startup Early Ninja attempts to "fix" the Early Access model for the gaming business. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew:...


The TOVG Podcast #121: Ansem the Wise

George, Jimmy, and Matt discuss butter and bad coffee in between recaps of Pokemon Duel and Minecraft VR. Popular movie Apocalypse Now has a game on Kickstarter and Pillars of Eternity 2 drops on Fig. Square Enix teases a new Marvel Avengers game, Breath of the Wild is the LAST Wii U game, and Kingdom Hearts is confusing as hell. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break: Jib Jig - Donkey Kong Country 2 OST...


The TOVG Podcast #120 ft. Danny O'Dwyer: New Donk City

Special guest Danny O'Dwyer joins the crew for their first podcast of 2017! Discussion ensues of Patreon and establishing an identity and following online. News topics include the Nintendo Switch details, Scalebound being cancelled, and Frontier Games forming a lawsuit against Atari over unpaid royalties for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3! Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Our Guest: Danny O'Dwyer - @dannyodwyer Music: Break: Forest Maze -...


The TOVG Podcast #119: The Empire Strikes Matt

Matt recounts the tale of being robbed again, George talks further on Titanfall 2, and Jimmy gushes over the mobile port of Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2! Nintendo continues to take down fan properties and the crew continues to be sad about it. Follow the TOVG Podcast crew: George – @superbunnyhop Matt – @MattVisual Jimmy – @SunderCR Music: Break: Mundus Theme - Noisia (DMC Soundtrack) Outro: N*SYNC - Bye Bye Bye (8 Bit Universe remix) Listen to it...