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A Year in Review: WWE's 2000

Hello friends! This is the first installment in AB's Year in Review series. Once a month, AB will take a dive into one year in a wrestling company's history and talk about major feuds, stories, events and stars. This month is the first year AB ever watched this crazy form of entertainment: WWE's 2000. AB breaks down the pivotal moments and stars that made AB fall in love with wrestling. From Triple H and Cactus Jack to the Armageddon Six Man Hell in a Cell and everything in between, AB...


Smackdown Recap 4/23/19 - KO Turns Heel

Hey friends! This week’s Smackdown Recap brings up many topics ranging from -Roman Reigns and Elias -The opportunity for a strong IC Title Feud -Unhappiness with another Iiconics loss -The strength of the Women’s division -Kevin Owen’s heel turn -How Smackdown is faring post-Shakeup -Much more! Twitter - @ThatWrestlePod That Wrestling Pod is available on iTunes and iTunes supported platforms, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn,...


Raw Recap 4/22/19

AB is back with another Raw Recap. This week we’re talking about impressions on Raw’s impressive new depth, big wins for Cesaro and ROBERT Roode, another Viking name change, AJ Styles is the new number one contender for the Universal title, Lacey Evans continuing to impress, the brilliance of Sami Zayn, the bizarre new Bray Wyatt character and plenty more. Be sure to rate, subscribe and share. Thanks! Twitter -...


WWE Superstar Shakeup Final Reaction

What's up folks! AB puts a bow on this year's Superstar Shakeup by dissecting every move. AB breaks down each show division by division and gives insight into who could do what moving forward. From the Universal and WWE title pictures, to the Women's division on each show, to the Tag Team Divisions and even potential heel or face turns, AB covers it all and predicts how WWE's next few months will shape up and hopes they take advantage of the opportunity WWE has to provide us with fresh...


Smackdown Recap 4/16/19 - Superstar Shakeup Results

Hey folks! The first ever Smackdown Recap episode covers the final night of WWE's Superstar Shakeup and AB gives insight into the moves made and discusses what potential it brings for the Blue Brand. Finn Balor debuts in a solid match with Ali, Kevin Owens is an honorary member of the New Day, Lars Sullivan beats down R-Truth, the Women's Division gets much needed depth and Tuesday Night's now feature Roman Reigns and Elias. It was a much needed shakeup and AB gives you the insight to...


Raw Recap 4/15/19 - Superstar Shakeup Results

AB brings to you the first of many Raw Recap episodes and discusses his thoughts on the Superstar Shakeup. There's a lot to talk about including the Miz making another jump, the War Raiders bringing a new "Experience" to Monday Nights, Andrade and Rey Mysterio adding sorely needed depth to Raw, Lacey Evans finally speaking and wrestling, why AB doesn't like champions losing in short, non-title matches, Monday Nights becoming Phenomenal with the addition of Smackdown mainstay, AJ Styles and...


WWE Superstar Shake Up 2019 Wish List

WrestleMania week is officially at a close and with that comes WWE's annual Superstar Shake Up. AB wraps a bow on this WrestleMania season with final thoughts on the Grand Daddy of them All. There's a reaction to the controversial ending to Raw this week as well as thoughts on Lacey Evans stepping up as the first challenger to Becky 2 Belts. AB shares his wish list for this year's shake up and thinks WWE is in a good position to really change up the stories in the company moving forward and...


WrestleMania 35 Weekend Recap

WrestleMania 35 is in the books! What a weekend of wrestling we got to experience, and I'm gonna break it all down for you here. I watched Impact Wrestling for the first time in YEARS when they presented United We Stand and share my thoughts on that at the top of the show. I went in depth on the INSANE card that Takeover gave us from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and talked about how incredible of a show it was. I experienced my first G1 Supercard when ROH and NJPW invaded MSG for the...


WrestleMania Weekend 2019 Predictions

Mania week is finally here! AB sits down with Brandon (@TheRealClassic on Twitter) once again to give thoughts, insights and predictions on the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. The duo start off with predictions on the stacked NXT Takeover card and the five championship matches. Brandon then educates AB on the G1 card and promotions and gives insight into the major stories and matches offered on this wildly stacked show. The two finish off with the card for WrestleMania 35 and share...


The Top 15 WrestleMania Matches of All Time

This week's episode continues the theme of WrestleMania season, counting down the Top 15 WrestleMania Matches of All Time! AB goes over his opinion on the best matches seen on the Greatest Show on Canvas and talks about what each match means to him and how well most hold up to today. AB also touches on Charlotte Flair winning the Smackdown Women's Championship, how this year's WrestleMania is shaping up, this year's Hall of Fame class, Mustafa Ali's name change, the potential unification of...


The Top 10 WrestleMania Performers of All Time

What's up folks?! AB comes back with another edition of TWP with his Top 10 WrestleMania Performers of All Time! Who cracks the top 10 and who just missed out? What matches were the best among the best and why was someone higher than another? It's an in depth list looking at the performers that made the last 34 years of WrestleMania so special. AB also gives thoughts on the latest week in wrestling including: this year's Mania card and how it's shaping up, thoughts on Kurt Angle facing Baron...


The Magic of WrestleMania

For the first time ever, That Wrestling Pod features a guest appearance from AB's friend Brandon (@TheRealClassic on Twitter) and the two sit down to talk all things WrestleMania. Both talk about their first memories of WrestleMania and how the show has evolved since. What's their favorite WrestleMania? What are some of their favorite matches? How did they feel about the Streak? Were they glad it ended? What matches over the years lived up to the hype and what matches disappointed? How do...


Fixing WrestleMania 2000

AB comes to you this week from his fantasy booking chair as he tries to fix one of the worst WrestleManias of all time: WrestleMania 2000. Without trying to change much that got us to that year's WrestleMania, and changing little to nothing that happened afterward, AB takes a bad show and tries to make it far more watchable. WrestleMania 2000 is known for not having one traditional one on one match, and also suffered from missing out on Stone Cold and the Undertaker due to injury. We go in...


WWE Fastlane 2019 Recap

AB hops on the mic to deliver his thoughts on WWE's Fastlane PPV. From fun matches to weird booking, AB breaks down everything that happened on the show and provides insight on some of the biggest feuds going into WrestleMania 35. Be sure to share, rate, and subscribe for more great content. Thank you! Twitter - @ThatWrestlePod


Negativity and Pro Wrestling

This week's episode of TWP is all about negativity and pro wrestling. AB goes in on why we should all be better about managing our expectations without blindly accepting when something is actually bad. AB also gives brief predictions for this week's Fastlane, as well as thoughts on Tomasso Ciampa and WrestleMania going to Tampa in 2020. This week gives thoughtful insight on how we can better manage the thing we all have in common - our love for pro wrestling. Be sure to rate, subscribe, and...


Welcome Back, Roman Reigns

Holy week of returns, Batman! Welcome back, Roman Reigns! AB talks about the return of the sorely missed Big Dog to the WWE and what it means going forward. AB also touches on the super fun Charlotte Flair/Becky Lynch/Ronda Rousey feud, the direction of the WWE championship with Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and the returning Kevin Owens, the return of "The Animal" Batista, the state of the tag team division, utilizing the Intercontinental and United States Titles better, and more! Make sure...


That Wrestling Pod 8 - Top Ten Non-WrestleMania PPVs of All Time

AB is back with his opinion on the Top 10 Non-WrestleMania PPVs of All Time. AB counts down with some of his favorite shows in WWE history, and talks about each show in great detail. Stick around towards the end for general thoughts from news coming out of this week in wrestling. AB also introduces new segments for the weekly pod, including Album, Movie, and Match of the Week. Be sure to rate, subscribe, and share! Twitter - @ThatWrestlePod


That Wrestling Pod 7 - WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Recap/Thank You Kofi

AB is back with thoughts on the WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 PPV, including: -The Women's Tag Team Championship -Becky owning Ronda and Charlotte Flair -The men's Elimination Chamber match -The emotion of Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Kofi Kingston reminding me why I'm a fan -Thoughts on the rest of the show Be sure to rate, share, and follow! Twitter - @ThatWrestlePod


That Wrestling Pod Episode 6 - Elimination Chamber 2019 Predictions and Top 10 Elimination Chamber Matches

AB gives predictions on this years Elimination Chamber ppv as well as a ranking on the Top 10 Elimination Chamber matches of all time. Follow on Twitter @ThatWrestlePod


That Wrestling Pod Episode 5 - Why Charlotte Deserves to Be in The WrestleMania Main Event

This week on That Wrestling Pod, AB discusses why Charlotte being added to the Wrestlemania main event is the right move. AB also discusses Iron Kofi on Smackdown and how the New Day would make the WWE Championship fun again, the state of the tag team division (SAY YEAH!), and other topics from this week.