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Join Godswill Ugwa as he runs the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.


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Join Godswill Ugwa as he runs the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.






Making One Piece Live Action Good w/ Steven Maeda

We got Steven Maeda, one of the two executive producers of the hit live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix! We get into so much like what it took to make sure this show would be successful, casting choices, meeting Oda, and so much more in this episode. 1 - congrats on One Piece live action 3 - source material 4- GoT 6:30- executive producer role 11- South Africa 14- practical effects 17- pacing 21- faithfulness of adaptation 25- biggest struggles of filming 27- Luffy direction 29- casting and their stunts 34- start in production & show running 38- getting into project 41- working with tough actors 48- feeling before the show came out 53- meeting Oda 55- Cowboy Bebop and world building 1:05- favorite Straw Hat and non-SH 1:07- kid actors Special Guest: Steven Maeda.


Tony Tony's Facebook Group

Godswill and Dave bring on Tony Waldman, the leader of the 2 million One Piece Facebook group among many other things! We dive deep into One Piece again because the fandom is eating so well! Special Guests: Dave Schot and Tony Waldman.


Tony's Magic Trip

We got one of the funniest dudes on the internet, Tony Statovci, and we go to the stars and back with this banger of an episode. Shrooms, anxiety and therapy, relationships, and of course One Piece are all in this episode that you definitely don't want to miss! 1- Gear 5 transformation 5- Nashville refugee 9- cannabis legalization 12- shroom trip 28- Talk To Me while fried and horror movies 31- relationships while famous 46- therapy Special Guest: Tony Statovci.


Lee's La La Land

Godswill's movies and comic buff longtime friend, Lee Henry, joins the podcast to catch up to let everyone know the movies that you should be watching! Your movie queue is going to fill up with this episode. 1- Remakes in movies and games 11- Dixie Chicks concert 15- conservatives and Nixon 18- Shiny Happy Family 25- are we screwed with the world? 30- Buddhism and core values 35- old cartoons and movies 41- cancel culture 48- favorite Oscars years 51- Reading comics still 53- starting anime 1:01- Brendan Fraser 1:08- rewatching shows 1:17- Moonlight vs La La Land Special Guest: Lee Henry.


Ronnie Wrecks Us

Wreck-It Ronnie aka Bunni Black and her partner Ty join Godswill and Dave in reminiscing on the good times at Waifu Expo (now Kimochii Con), why One Piece is amazing, what's poppin at this coming DreamCon, and so much more. It's a crazy good time! 1- Meeting Ronnie and Ty at Waifu Expo 3- Who is Ronnie? 5- How do your parents feel? 8- Kimochii cuties 13- Waifu Expo experience 17- DreamCon cosplays 21- Favorite One Piece movies 27- TMNT movie coming out 30- One Piece spoilers 34- One Piece favorite characters 37- Sasuke hate 43- One Piece spoilers pt 2 47- One Pace 50- How Free! got started 52- Abridged anime series 57- Top 5 anime 1:06- Jojo's Special Guests: Dave Schot and Ronnie Bunni.


Real Life Waifu

We brought one of the biggest names in the adult world, Violet Myers, to talk about everything outside the adult world! Anime, relationships, and a lil adult content because of course we gotta know some things. Check the episode out here! Special Guest: Violet Myers.


The Cool Teen Titans w/ Picolo

We brought on the legendary artist @picolo and he's a total homie! We geeked out about his Teen Titans art, old cartoons, his rank in Pokemon Unite and so much more. Peep the episode now! 0:00 intro 6:00 legendary cartoons 10:21 episodic vs continuum 16:00 issue with pokemon cartoon 22:00 issue with games monetization 30:00 DC comics 36:00 Picolo's art 40:00 Teen Titans comics 48:00 Nerd culture in Brazil 53:00 being well known 58:00 kingdom hearts Special Guest: Gabriel Picolo.


One Hundred More

We celebrated making it to episode 100 by getting hype for more to come! We turned it into a working meeting of parties to come, we looked back to the friends who supported us along the way, and even to the future of how AI will grow. Thank you for supporting us along the way to episode 100! 1- thank you everyone 7- new plans for TD (streaming games) 12- AI taking over the world 18- Blanket Fort 2 24- 13 year school reunion 26- First dance crew 33- Waifu Expo 2 39- One Piece yacht party 43- MGS laser tag Special Guest: Dave Schot.


Full Circle w/ JV

With over 10 years and almost 100 episodes, it was time to bring back the other founding member, JV, and do what we do best, have dope conversations. Episode 99 brings back the magic of the first episode and keeps it going! 1:00 - taking care of cats 9:00 - hard video games 17:00 - long runnng cartoons (Arthur & Pokemon) 23:00 - ChatGPT 29:00 - Movies not to watch with parents (Black Dynamite, EEAAO, Wolf Children) 37:00 - John Wick, The Matrix, The Raid 43:00 - My favorite cartoons 47:00 - Fortnite and shared generational experiences 52:00 - Newer generations and the internet Special Guest: Justin Varghese.


The UnCommon Comic Book Creator w/ Tony Weaver Jr

Tony Weaver Jr is a man of many feats: on Forbes's 30 Under 30, CEO of his own media studio, hugely successful on TikTok, and creator of The UnCommons manga, and we got to have him on our latest episode! Our talk with Tony was filled with so many dope moments that you gotta check it out 1- Tony Weaver intro 5- comics or TikTok 9- The Uncommons comic 13- Black MCs 19- writing process 26- being a black creator 28- Yasuke anime and real person 33- Cool Japan process and samurai imagery 47- getting into writing 50- getting into education and talking with kids 52- representation matters with Black Panther 1:04- speaking well Special Guest: Tony Weaver Jr.


Godswill's Back! (From Japan)

Starting off 2023, Godswill and Sam catch up on the craziness of the past December! From taking care of Nami the Cat to exploring Tokyo for a month, there's a lot to hear this first episode of the year! 1:00 - new year goals 4:00 - taking care of Nami my cat 9:00 - Yakuza tattoo 14:00 - Japanese work ethic 17:00 - awe of Japanese culture 21:00 - fixing US infrastructure 27:00 - coming to US and speaking English 33:00 - drinking culture 40:00 - getting a motorcycle 44:00 - World Cup 49:00 - Top Gun Maverick 54:00 - Chainsaw Devil Gun Devil 57:00 - Spyware and mafias 1:03:00 - reading books


The Queen of the WWE

We were graced by the queen of the WWE, Thea Trinidad AKA Zelina Vega, and we geeked out fully about Naruto! We get to learn what she thinks about her wrestling career, why Naruto is her favorite anime, and so much more in this powerful episode 1 - No one to talk anime with 2- traveling for wrestling 4- WWE umbrella and mix of performance vs scripting 8- wrestlers as one take actors 11- Ronda Roussey 14- mental health 16- video games (RE5 & Sonic Adventures 2) 19- Fake nerds 22- bringing Naruto into wrestling 26- Madara and Rengoku costumes 31- Neji in Shippuden 33- Hating Naruto characters 42- wishes from Dragon Ball dragon 44- Itachi as a sociopath 50- Sasuke as a sociopath 53- Naruto hip-hop 57- anime husbandos 1:01- Yashahime 1:05- Meeting Rengoku VA 1:13- favorite anime VA 1:19- favorite DBZ moments 1:23- family into anime 1:27- bringing Neji back to life 1:38- Demon Slayer cosplaying with cats Special Guest: Thea Trinidad.


The Bangladeshi James Bond w/ Sy

Special guest Sy Huq is lowkey like James Bond! This jetsetter director and producer of movies has created charities, trained in the mountains of Japan, forged international anime deals between Japan and the Middle East, and so much more. You're gonna want to hear about this cool dude! 3 - The Journey movie premiere 6- Blanket Fort 8- Sy's intro (Norway, exposure to anime) 13- Technologic Radio (EDM music) and iHeartRadio 18- challenges of running a live radio program versus making a movie 23- shirobako 25- making a movie based on directors 31- Things That Fall (first movie) 38- consultant to backpacker 44- lost in Japan 56- sharing what's in a creator's head 58- what's Sy up to now (Panorama & The Stranger) 1:00- Grendizer anime reboot 1:04 - stand out moments in media (Cyberpunk & Entergalatic) 1:15- Wild & Free short movie 1:19- Overwatch 1 ending Special Guest: Sy Huq.


The Dancing Warrior w/ Fik-Shun

Fik-Shun is straight up a legend that we got to bring on the podcast! A winner of So You Think You Can Dance, a katana-wielding warrior that can cut bullets in mid-air, and one of the strongest dudes out there that does 500 pushups daily, Fik-Shun also watches One Piece! This episode will get you inspired to make your dreams come true and should get you into One Piece. 1- intro 2- how Fik-Shun got into dancing (Power Rangers, martial arts background 4- training regimen (Super Trunks, calisthenics) 12- favorite anime characters (Asta, Zoro, Rock Lee) 21- learning how to use a sword 29- almost stopping swordsmanship thanks to anime 36- type of anime protagonist 38- Avatar tribe/Book of Five Rings 43- One Piece 1:25- Ending quote Special Guest: Fik-Shun Stegall.


Voicing Alchemists to Zoo Animals w/ Caitlin Glass

Our special guest is a veteran voice actress and ADR director in the anime scene, Caitlin Glass! From Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist & Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club to directing the latest anime on Crunchyroll, Caitlin has always been on the forefront of making the anime dub scene pop. Listen to the newest episode to see how Caitlin has grown in the field and how she continues to make anime dubs better! 1- intro 2- being in the world of anime as a career 4- legend of becoming a voice actress from a tour 9- going from school to actress to director 17- becoming full time director in 2015 21- process of dubbing shows 26- still passionate about anime these days 32- being in stage plays 35- Disney figures 37- meeting husband 38- spiritual journey 52- using Spanish in dubbing Garo 1:08- Favorite titles (Ranking of Kings, Radiant, Fruits Basket) Special Guest: Caitlin Glass.


A Genuine Guy

One of our favorite YouTubers, Super Eyepatch Wolf, came through on the podcast and it is a banger. Starting off with his process into how he got into his hardest hitting videos, we then get into the real nitty-gritty: which Sonic games are actually good. We get into if YouTubers are real people, what we wish we could do if we could live life again, and so much in this packed episode! 1- intro 2- COVID Restrictions 5- Garfield 7- research for making content (Berserk) 14- romance in video making 17- AoT video and what makes a hero feels real 20- favorite things and putting on others 24- Dr Eggman as an interesting villain 25- Sonic games and Tony Blair moment 28- meeting gf 30- YouTube Brain 36- New Game+ IRL/learning wrestling 45- passion projects 47- changing tracks in life 51- manga to binge (One Piece, One Punch Man, JJK) 54- eye for detail 56- authentic self vs YouTube persona Special Guest: Super Eyepatch Wolf.


The Nerd Bite

VampyBitMe joins the podcast and gets right into her favorite passions: Monster Hunter, Gundam, anime, making the nerd community better, and so much more. This episode will get you hype along with us! 1-Monster Hunter Sunrise 6- weapon of choice in MH 8- Who is Vampy- xanga, cosplay 13- immigrant parents and growing in a small town 21- Suncoast and Evangelion and FLCL 24- Kingdom Hearts fandom 26- Getting into Gundam 33- gundam games 40- model kits- gunpla, zoids 50- cosplay and fandom communities 56- toxicity in fandoms 1:04- meaning in life after COVID 1:07- FOMO mental health online 1:15- calling friends and being connected 1:18- being nice on the internet 1:24- favorite TMNT and the 80s 1:31- being old and having kids 1:35- online personas Special Guest: VampyBitMe.


Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber Productions joins the podcast to show off their American manga! Coming from black creators, Echo Chamber aims to show off black protagonists in a medium that could use more diversity. Peep the episode and peep their manga now! Read their manga here (! 1- black publishing house Echo Chamber 4- Is Yasuke good? 8- black stories to tell 12- Echo Chamber's story 17- inspiration in making manga 20- manga vs anime 21- titles they like 23- reasons why they stay away from other titles 31- innovations in anime 34- relatable as the goal 36- Samurai Champloo/Michiko and Hatchin as representative anime 42- characters in Echo Chamber 45- where to find Echo Chamber manga 48- making manga as the outlet Special Guest: Echo Chamber.


Zen Slapper

The homies assemble to talk about the ethics of slapping offenders, the philosophy of sticking it out in Elden Ring, ableism, and death. It's a lot but a lot that you don't want to miss! 1- being adults 2- throwing controllers 4- Elden Ring 14- mindset of getting gud 21- ableism and accessibility 29- ways to play Elden Ring 32- Will Smith and ableism 39- bullying situations 45- situations when you can hit others 1:10- death and memento mori 1:18- religion on the impact of dying 1:35- gatekeeping 1:39- group pixel art


Feelin' Good

The homies reconverge and catch up after the events of the Blanket Fort! We get deep with a smidge of waifu talk and a ton about symbolism in movies, eugenics, nature vs nurture and much more! 1- Blanket Fort party 2- Ivan's healing tips 3- Calling friends vs text 6- natural talk like a work talk 9- best female protagonist Dandadan 14- what makes a waifu 16- diving into horror 18- Get Out and Jordan Peele movie 23- symbolism and theories in movies 26- human inventions 28- ethics of keeping animals alive 33- iq tests as human grades 39- types of intelligence 45- nature vs nurture 53- Dunning Kruger 56- memory 1:01- emotional awareness 1:11- online emotions