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A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!

A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!
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A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!








TNTF Interviews Presents: John "Bad Bones" Klinger

We finally get the chance to sit down with John "Bad Bones" Klinger before he heads into battle against Mil Muertes at Wrestle Gate Pro's Open The Gate event. Coming from the German wrestling scene we discuss how the scene is evolving and how it compares to the UK and Japanese wrestling scenes. There is also some discussion on Bad Bone's previous work at TNA, some of his most brutal matches, and how it was working with some wrestlers like, Brian Cage, John Morrison and Joey Janela. All...


TNTF Interviews Presents: Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee stops by to chat with the TNTF boys before she enters the BCW Queen of the North tournament in the Bronx. We discuss her time training in the CZW school of wrestling under Drew Gulak, intergender wrestling, veganism and a whole lot more.


Will AEW Live Up To The Hype? And Just How Good Was WK13?

A brand new wrestling promotion is in town and its name is AEW. Recently the new promotion held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida where Cody, The Young Bucks and AEW found Tony Khan where they addressed some hot topics regarding the launch of the hot new brand. AEW has promised to have a strong women's division with equal pay, new talent coming abroad from the Chinese wrestling promotion OEW, and new signings. There were also a few "surprise" appearances. We then dive into Wrestle Kingdom...


TNTF Interviews Presents: Ayesha Raymond

On this episode of TNTF we welcome former Mae Young Classic competitor and UK indie wrestling star Ayesha Raymond. We discuss her time training and competing in Japan, how it was to compete at the MYC, and also how the UK indie scene is stacking up today. You'll also learn about how the Japanese wrestling scene differs from the western scene and how women's wrestling is fairing abroad in the UK and Japan. Ayesha has an upcoming match at Wrestle Gate Pro this month so we see how she feels...


Puroresu Nihongo Level 1 Lesson 1: Introducing Yourself & Being Polite At Japanese Wrestling Shows

Dan from TNTF podcast and Hisame welcome you into the world of Japanese learning with pro wrestling with our first episode. This lesson will provide you with keywords and phrases to help introduce yourself to new friends and people you will meet. You'll also gain a better understand of the proper manners that the Japanese follow while attending shows. Lesson notes are available on our website at


TNTF Interviews Presents: Matt Turner

The boys from TNTF have a chat with PA wrestling talent, Matt Turner. We discuss his training in the ROH school of wrestling and learning under CM Punk, catching wrestling with Samoa Joe, Japanese strong style wrestling, pro wrestling NOAH, comics and video games, and much more.


2018 Year End Choice Awards Special

We go through the best choices of 2018 from our picks to YOURS. For this choice awards we let allowed nominations from ANY brand. Find out who was selected to be the the top superstar of the year, match of the year, event, and more. Did your picks make the list? Or do you hate our selections?


WWE Creative Restart, TLC, & ROH Final Battle Talk

This past Monday on Raw saw Vince McMahon and family addressing the WWE universe by saying that they have not been listening to their audience and for now on will be paying more attention to what the fans have to say. However this past Raw seemed as ordinary as usual with a few changes made which some found to not be the changes they were hoping for. We discuss if the WWE is really genuine with their promise and how long it will take for them to prove it. With two big PPVs this weekend for...


The Kingdom Awaits! Wrestle Kingdom 13 Talk!

Alright so this is our first episode on anything related to NJPW so be patient with us... We here at TNTF have been getting more requests from listeners to cover more non-WWE promotions, and with one of the biggest promotions people are talking about today being NJPW, well we just decided to jump on in! After Dan watched the finales of World Tag League 2018, he's been binge watching NJPW and has garnered some knowledge of the promotion. Dom and Moses have watched Wrestle Kingdom 11 and 12...



Moses was busy so we have our first "guest referee" for this TNTF podcast, as our buddy Dave joins us. With the recent move of NXT Takeover to Friday during Wrestlemania weekend, how does this impact attendees to the event? Are other promotions going to be effected with this change as well? We also get into some talks on Will Ospreay vs Pac (Neville) and WWE monopolizing indie talent.


Survivor Series Yelling..I...I Mean Friendly Debating

Dom and Moses had rather differing opinions during WWE Survivor Series. So we decided to bring those two together for a nice friendly debate (if you want to call it that) regarding each individual match. Follow us as we evaluate this WWE event with a complete match-by-match run down along with some talk on washed up wrestler Enzo Amore who got escorted out of the Staples Center.


Badass Becky And PPV Predicitions

In this episode we COME AT YA with some real SHOCKERS that happened this week on Smackdown Live! With Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey now cancelled will Survivor Series suffer? We also go into some NXT Wargames and Survivor Series pre-show predictions, which you definitely want to hear!


What The HELL Happened At Crown Jewel?

This past week the WWE had a rather...uhhh...less then satisfactory event in Saudi Arabia. Wrestling fans have voiced their disappointment at the Crown Jewel event and have gone in on dismantling each match that was put on with various comments on the horrible booking. Dan, Moses, and Dom take a deeper look into the possible future setups with the story lines, the reasoning for such bad booking at this show, and Moses goes on a rant....this is one episode you cannot miss.


WWE Evolution Review From Someone Who Attended

Dom over here at TNTF attended the historical all women's wrestling event, WWE Evolution this past Sunday. I on the other hand checked it out through Twitter. We go through some discussion regarding the attendance of the event, the energy of the crowd, why the lighting and production was the way it was, and of course THE MATCHES. Oh and of course we hit upon a bit of the piss poor decision to advertise Crown Jewel at this event.


What Was The WWE THINKING?: The Crown Jewel Stir Up

WWE is once again the center of controversy in their decision to host a live Saudi Arabia. What makes this whole situation worse is the fact that the WWE is putting on an all women's PPV event known as Evolution around the same time as this event in Saudi Arabia, known as Crown Jewel. Dom and Dan dive into the heat WWE is coming under and just what exactly were they thinking? We also go over some recent character turns in both Ellias and Dean Ambrose.


Episode Numero Uno: Thank You Roman

Dom, Dan, and Moses kick off the first episode of TNTF Podcast with a shocking statement made by the Big Dog himself Roman Reigns in regards to his current health. Without a doubt this came as a massive shocker to all of us and really made us re-evaluate Roman to begin with. A man who is often booed by the crowd was now suddenly appreciated by the WWE universe. This really has put wrestling and wrestling fans in a whole new light.