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A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!

A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!


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A no-holds barred pro wrestling podcast! So much fun you'll never want the ref to count to three!








Is AEW Doing Good? Which Wrestling Storylines Deserve a Reboot

It has been 3 weeks since AEW premiered on TNT and so far it seems reactions have been mixed.Should wrestling fans really be favoring one brand of wrestling over the other? Maybe we should enjoy all the wrestling? We also dive into which wrestling storylines should be rebooted. If you have a favorite storyline you'd like to see remade in wrestling today the give us a tweet @tntfpodcast!


TNTF Interviews Presents: Mike Kingston The Mastermind of Headlocked Comics

While attending NYCC this year the boys were honored to interview the creator of the best wrestling comics around, Mike Kingston. Mike, who created Headlocked Comics, has built his entire comics brand himself through a pure passion for wrestling and the comic world. We ask Mike how he managed to create and promote his brand as well as what wrestlers and matches influenced him the most. Mike also goes a bit into some of his writing and creative techniques that accelerated his brand along...


Pre NYCC Episode! AEW Premier and Headlocked Comics

Before we head off to NYCC 2019 we wanted to drop a little episode to discuss the latest in the wrestling world...and comics. We will be interviewing the mastermind behind the wrestling comics, Headlocked comics at NYCC so be sure to check that out!AEW also had its first-ever publicly broadcasted episode, but how did it stack up against NXT? Also more on Smackdown, Raw, and WWE news.


The Return of the King of the Ring!

WWE has brought back the famous "King of the Ring" tournament. With the last winner being Wade Barret, who do the boys think will win this year? They also discuss which matches they'd like to see WWE bring back (Great Balls of Fire anyone?) NXT is also making the move to the USA network. How does this sit with AEW? Get the low down from the guys!


When WWE Starts To Get Boring zzzzz

You have probably been there each Monday and Tuesday night when you just get sick and tired of the several talking segments put on by WWE during episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Lately it has been Shane McMahon who has been really overused for several story lines, not just on one of the brands, but on both Monday and Tuesday nights. Also, what is the deal with overusing these 2 out of 3 falls matches? Bray Wyatt also has a new friend who is just a new ray of sunshine, who goes by the name,...


FUCK THIS SHIT! Discussing Superhumman, Taker vs Goldberg and Bischoff/Heyman on Creative

The internet has been talking about the king of the giggalos and giggalettes, otherwise known as Superhumman, after Joey Janela mimicked his trademarked elbow drop at a live show. Is what Superhumman does on his channel good for pro wrestling? Dom gives us some insight on how pro wrestling can experience potential blow back and how he feels if this is truly fair towards indie wrestlers.With Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman getting new roles on the creative side of WWE, can this help enhance the...


The Revival of...TNTF!

Out of the ashes of time the boys of TNTF have returned! After a 2 month "vacation" they have finally come back to discuss the latest wrastlin' events. To kick things off they dive into some MITB discussions, Rey Mysterio's son (or Eddie's?) Dominic making appearances in the WWE. And Brock Lesnar becoming the new BEAST in the Bank!With AEW coming onto the scene with Double or Nothing we talk a bit on what we can expect to see from the promotion and how they can compete with WWE and other...


WWE Fastlane and Mania Talks, Batista GETTING WHAT HE WANTS, and Upcoming Retirement Matches

TNTF podcast has been going through some changes and we'd love to hear what YOU would like to hear us discuss. As of now we are looking to continue doing interviews and current wrestling event discussions from various promotions. However we will be adding in more general debates and talks about different wrestling topics. Today's episode features us doing a run down of WWE Fastlane and how the event went over. We also talk about the biggest upcoming wrestling event, Wrestlemania. With two...


Elimination Chamber Talks, DX Inducted To The Hall of Fame, & NEW NXT Call Ups

After a bit of a hiatus, we are finally back to our regular weekly episodes. Today we discuss the events that unfolded at Elimination Chamber and if it is truly Kofi Kingston's time to become the WWE champion. There was also a bit of controversy that unfolded when DX was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame as well. We also give our takes on the NXT call ups that happened this week AND what exactly we think of the new Daniel Bryan.


TNTF Interviews Presents: Alicia Atout

Impact Wrestling's very own "Interview Queen" Alicia Atout, stopped by the TNTF podcast to have a chat with the boys. Since Alicia has interviewed well over thousands of musical artists and pro wrestlers, maintains her own website (AMBY), and produces so many Youtube videos, we needed to ask how does she manage to keep up with so many bookings? We also needed to know, how does she typically conduct her research which lead to SO MANY great interviews with wrestling and musical...


Puroresu Nihongo Level 1 Lesson 2: Asking "What is this, that, and over there?"

This is the second part of Japanese level 1. Here Hisame and Dan will teach you about how to ask, "What is this?", "What is that?", and "What is over there?" using your Japanese abilities. Being able to ask what something is will really allow you to open up your vocabulary and make it easier for you to get around. In this example we will role play being at the merchandise stands at a show. Lesson notes:


TNTF Interviews Presents: Owner of Wrestle Gate Pro - Gary Ward

We had the pleasure of welcoming Gary Ward, the owner of UK based wrestling promotion Wrestle Gate Pro. The brand new promotion had its first event back in January which was titled, "Open Gate" and featured various talent from the UK, Germany and Japan. Having always wanted to be involved in the wrestling industry since he was young, Gary tells Dan all about what sparked his decision to finally go through with making Wrestle Gate happen. Gary also goes into what we can expect from Wrestle...


Intergender Wrestling Talks And More Superstars To Leave WWE

After the events of the Royal Rumble we discuss a particular entry that had wrestling fans discussing intergender wrestling. The topic of intergender wrestling has caused quite a debate between different view points. We go through why people should accept intergender wrestling and why there are tons of untapped potential in it. With the recent announcement of the departure of Hideo Itami (Kenta) and Dean Ambrose choosing to leave once his contract expires, are we going to see more talent...


Who's going to appear at the Royal Rumble? NXT Takeover Phoenix predictions & Jack Swagger heading to Bellator MMA

With the WWE Royal Rumble just a few days away we discuss our predictions for the "greatest time of the wrestling year". Who will we be seeing win the men's and women's rumbles? Which NXT talent can you expect to see make some surprise entries? And will there be any returns to expect? Possible title changes with NXT Takeover Phoenix coming up and some big matches where you can expect lots of intense battles. Plus we also go over Jack Swagger making his Bellator MMA debut and how we think...


TNTF Interviews Presents: Lufisto

Live from the BCW Queen of the North tournament, we had the privileged to sit down with the legendary Lufisto. We discussed what it was like for her being the only female football and baseball player when she was young, how it was training and wrestling with ASD, deathmatch wrestling, and how she managed to have such longevity in the business. There is also much talk about various metal bands and how heavy metal music still influences The Wounded Owl today.


TNTF Interviews Presents: John "Bad Bones" Klinger

We finally get the chance to sit down with John "Bad Bones" Klinger before he heads into battle against Mil Muertes at Wrestle Gate Pro's Open The Gate event. Coming from the German wrestling scene we discuss how the scene is evolving and how it compares to the UK and Japanese wrestling scenes. There is also some discussion on Bad Bone's previous work at TNA, some of his most brutal matches, and how it was working with some wrestlers like, Brian Cage, John Morrison and Joey Janela. All...


TNTF Interviews Presents: Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee stops by to chat with the TNTF boys before she enters the BCW Queen of the North tournament in the Bronx. We discuss her time training in the CZW school of wrestling under Drew Gulak, intergender wrestling, veganism and a whole lot more.


Will AEW Live Up To The Hype? And Just How Good Was WK13?

A brand new wrestling promotion is in town and its name is AEW. Recently the new promotion held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida where Cody, The Young Bucks and AEW found Tony Khan where they addressed some hot topics regarding the launch of the hot new brand. AEW has promised to have a strong women's division with equal pay, new talent coming abroad from the Chinese wrestling promotion OEW, and new signings. There were also a few "surprise" appearances. We then dive into Wrestle Kingdom...


TNTF Interviews Presents: Ayesha Raymond

On this episode of TNTF we welcome former Mae Young Classic competitor and UK indie wrestling star Ayesha Raymond. We discuss her time training and competing in Japan, how it was to compete at the MYC, and also how the UK indie scene is stacking up today. You'll also learn about how the Japanese wrestling scene differs from the western scene and how women's wrestling is fairing abroad in the UK and Japan. Ayesha has an upcoming match at Wrestle Gate Pro this month so we see how she feels...


Puroresu Nihongo Level 1 Lesson 1: Introducing Yourself & Being Polite At Japanese Wrestling Shows

Dan from TNTF podcast and Hisame welcome you into the world of Japanese learning with pro wrestling with our first episode. This lesson will provide you with keywords and phrases to help introduce yourself to new friends and people you will meet. You'll also gain a better understand of the proper manners that the Japanese follow while attending shows. Lesson notes are available on our website at