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The 3 Old Reds Fans are Jeff Gilbert, Tom Sizer and Kim Jenerette. We love baseball and the Cincinnati Reds, we talk about the Reds as often as we can and we just might have a good insight or two now and then.

The 3 Old Reds Fans are Jeff Gilbert, Tom Sizer and Kim Jenerette. We love baseball and the Cincinnati Reds, we talk about the Reds as often as we can and we just might have a good insight or two now and then.


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The 3 Old Reds Fans are Jeff Gilbert, Tom Sizer and Kim Jenerette. We love baseball and the Cincinnati Reds, we talk about the Reds as often as we can and we just might have a good insight or two now and then.






Episode 52: 162 games here we come

A full baseball season is upon us, and us Reds fans are a mix of optimistic, cautiously optimistic and guarded. Basically, we have concerns and we're just not sure what all to make of this team. Join Jeff, Tom, Kim and our special guest Nick Carrington as we analyze, wonder, pontificate and make things up and get ready for another riveting season of Reds baseball.


Episode 51: Are the Reds rebuilding or repositioning?

Raisel Iglesias, Curt Casali and Archie Bradley are gone with little in return. Some say the Reds have given up on the 2021 season. What do we say? As curmudgeonly as we can be, you won't find us giving up on 2021.


Episode 50: 'Somebody has to win Game 1'

The Reds are headed to Atlanta for the first round of the playoffs, and we haven't been this excited about a Reds team since 2012. Join us for our 50th episode, which is almost as remarkable of an accomplishment as what the Reds did over the final three weeks of the season. Nobody gave us or the Reds much of a chance to make it this far. Hang in till near the end to hear quite the logical discussion of whether it's more important to win Game 1 or Game 2.


Episode 49: The playoff push

The Reds - yes our Reds - are knocking on the door of the National League playoffs. We're excited, and you should be too. Listen and see what we think needs to happen on the final weekend.


Episode 48: How long is long enough for a starter?

We attempt to answer that question with our less than infinite wisdom. We do get some help from our old friend and coach, Don Callan. He coached a little baseball back in the day, watches the Reds every day and wore a leather helmet the first day he stepped on a football field. Join us for fun, old stories and the laughs that go with them and for a deep dive into what the numbers say about how David Bell manages his pitching staff.


Episode 47: Feels like summer is finally here

Baseball is back this week and so are we. We run down the changes to baseball, discuss the roster and lineup and make some pretty bold predictions for the 60-game season.


Episode 46: Waiting on the season

Jeff and Tom gather via Zoom with a friend who is a Pirates fan. But don't let that scare you. We have a good time talking about what it's like not to have any baseball, let alone the majors. But we are hopeful the season will find a way to start in May even if the division alignments are wacky.


Episode 45: Do the Reds have enough offense?

Will the 2020 Cincinnati Reds win more than 80 games? Are the new position players - Moose and Shogo - enough of an upgrade? Can old Votto be at least a little more like young Votto and not 2019 Votto? Who will be in the outfield rotation? We know thousands are asking. And we're here with answers, or at least muddled thoughts.


Episode 44: #GetTheHitting

It's no secret that the Cincinnati Reds need an offensive boost next season. We compare the Reds to the Cardinals and Dodgers and talk about the kinds of changes we want to see before next season. Please forgive the audio quality. We had some technical issues, but we wanted to post this show anyway. Please hang in there. It's a shorter show than usual anyway. Go Reds!


Episode 43: It's August and the Reds are relevant

The Reds might be only on the fringes of the playoff chase, but that's better than being the completely out of it like the Pirates. We talk about Trevor Bauer the roster shakeup (and Aquino), what this team might do down the stretch (and Aquino) and what next year's roster might look like (and Aquino). Lots of good stuff to talk about this time of year for a change. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Episode 42: Happier than usual at All-Star break

To be in the hunt at the All-Star break is fun for a change. But can the Reds play at a high enough level over the last 75 games to climb into first place or earn a wild-card berth? We figure it's going to take playing close to a .600 level or better. Fortunately none of the other teams in the division look like a 90-win team either. We talk about our all-star pitchers, who we want around next year (and disagree on Puig) and try to guess a little at what the Reds might do. But it's not easy...


Episode 41: Feeling positive about the Redlegs

Positive vibes are vibing around the Reds these days. What should we expect? Hard to say, but we have some opinions of course. We talk about the whole buyer-seller thing at the trade deadline, possible future of the starting rotation, Senzel and many other insightful things. We also take another look back at the big trade in '71 and discuss why we remember Ed Armbrister.


Episode 40: Going batty waiting for this team to hit

We're back after a too-long hiatus with another exciting episode. When will this team hit? Wish we knew the answer. One thing is for sure: the next four weeks are crucial and will determine whether the Reds are buyers or sellers after the All-Star break. We field several questions from listeners, and we wish we had more concrete answers. And we look back at one of the key acquisitions in the big 1971 trade with Houston. Bet you'll learn something or be reminded of something you forgot if...


Episode 39: Theoretically the Reds are getting better

In our first episode since opening day, we grade David Bell on his performance as a manager while he's navigated the treacherous lineup waters with a team that hasn't exactly been known for its offense. Of course, we love what we've seen from the pitching staff. We talk about some interesting theories we are developing. Hang in till the end and hear our predictions about whether the Reds can be over .500 a month from now and when we think Senzel will get the call. And in honor of Episode 39...


Episode 38: Opening Day edition and bold predictions

A more anticipated Opening Day than we've had in a few years is here. The roster is set and we talk about that, the Senzel injury and handling, the bench, the bullpen and well, just about everything. We also give our over-unders on the how many wins we can expect. The gap between the least optimistic and the most optimistic of us is six games. That's a pretty big gap. And Tom is going to Opening Day. Jeff and Kim are jealous, but we've got Fox Sports Ohio.


Episode 37: Roster decisions, pizza and M&Ms

We discuss the depth the Reds have suddenly amassed and think out loud about what it all means. We have different opinions on what to do with Nick Senzel, who to start opening day, etc. Jeff clarifies how to pronounce Taylor Trammell's last name while trying not to cough too much. Mostly we have a good time as always talking about our favorite baseball team.


Episode 36: Caravaning with the Reds

Reds superfan Jim Lisle joins Jeff and Kim fresh off three stops on the Reds Caravan. We've got interviews with Scooter Gennett, Sal Romano and Cody Reed from the Dayton stop. They talk about putting the rebuild in the rearview mirror, the excitement of the coaching and player additions, and about being ready and healthy for spring training and the 2019 season. This is a must-listen episode. But, of course, they all are.


Episode 35: New arms, new bats, new attitude

The Reds celebrate a Merry Christmas with a blockbuster deal with the Dodgers, and we break it down. We like the aggressiveness of the front office and the additions of Wood, Puig and Kemp as well as Roark. We also debate the merits of Peraza and Winker as leadoff hitters or at least top part of the order guys. And what about another pitcher? There is no shortage of opinions on this show. And could one of our current pitchers throw like an ace at least for one season. It's happened before,...


Episode 34: Christmas wish list

Yes, we are eagerly awaiting our new starting pitchers. We're not too picky, but they have to be good. We hope Billy Hamilton lands in a good spot in the new year. But we are intrigued to see who our new center fielder will be. Will it be Nick Senzel? Two of us want to see him there. One of us says, "Yeah, but he's not proven."


Episode 33: Reds ring the Bell

David Bell is the big topic of conversation in this episode and there are varying opinions from the 3 regulars, our friend John and a new friend to the show Jim, an uber Reds fan, who runs the popular Cincinnati Reds Rounding Third and Heading for Home Facebook page. He loves Suarez.