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2019 Episode 23 - NBA Draft Preview

Adam and Jack give you this week's brushes with greatness. As Ted Leonsis announced the Wizards will delay hiring a President/GM until weeks after the draft, Adam lays into the Wizards owner (as expected). Adam and Jack get into the benefits of "White Fanging" Bradley Beal to save the franchise. Adam previews the NBA draft and who the Wiz could take at 9. The Seminoles are in the College World Series.


2019 Episode 22 - KD's Achilles

In this week's episode, Adam and Jack introduce "A Brush With Greatness" where they talk about something great that happened this week. (Send us your own #ABrushWithGreatness on Twitter or Facebook). The Florida State Seminoles are in some college baseball tournament or something. Adam suggests where he sees the NBA Finals heading after Durant's catastrophic injury. Adam preps for the weekend.


2019 Episode 21 - No GM No Problem

In this week's episode, Adam and Jack discuss the Wizard's curious plan to do the NBA draft without a GM. Adam explains why the Raptors should be up 2-0 in the NBA finals. The O's and Nats hit home runs with their MLB draft picks. Adam had "issues" with a piece of furniture. Adam preps for Jeremy's upcoming bachelor party in New Orleans.


2019 Episode 20 - Fell In Love With A Stripper

In this revised episode, Adam and Jack recap Adam's recent date, Jack talks about Jordan's bachelor party (redacted to protect the sanctity of bachelor party privacy), and Adam finally replaces his atrocious furniture.


2019 Episode 20 - I'm In Love With A Stripper

Jack recaps Jordan's bachelor party and talks about how the best man fell "n luv wit" a stripper. Adam finally gets new furniture. Adam previews the NBA Finals.


2019 Episode 19 - GOT Finale, Wiz GM Search

Shocker--Adam and Jack have differing opinions on the Game Of Thrones finale. There's a quick recap of the Barry finale as well. Adam has issue with the Wizards GM search campaign. Jack continues to win on and off the field.


2019 Episode 18 - NBA Draft Lottery

Running through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), Adam takes you through the horrific draft lottery results for the Wizards. What players will be available at the 9 spot? Adam and Jack recap the Game of Thrones episode 5 and breakdown Dany's breakdown.


2019 Episode 17 - Game of Thrones

Adam's finally on the GOT train and this episode is full of Westeros chatter! Find out which house Buzzfeed thinks will have Jack and Adam. What twists and surprises are on Adam's projections? Did Brienne make the right choice going for Jaime? How did Adam celebrate the Kentucky Derby? Also, the duo talk some NBA playoffs and Adam gets a delicious surprise.


2019 Episode 16 - Mr. Right Now

In this episode, fleeting unrequited love takes center stage. The Cardinals move on from last year's first round pick at QB, Game of Thrones now strikes Adam's interest, a nursery school dad really wants to hang out, and Adam moves on from Miss Right Now.


2019 Episode 15 - NFL Draft Preview

It's one of Adam's favorite events of the year--the NFL Draft! Adam gives you his top 10+ mock draft. The duo recap the Caps loss in game 6 and prediction for the pivotal game 7. The ghost of Ernie continues to haunt the Wizards. Jack describes his plumbing issue that struck right before the Passover seder.


2019 Episode 14 - Playoffs & Tiger

Caps had a rough go in Game 3 against the Hurricanes. Adam thinks Ovechkin should have hugged it out instead of obliterating Svechnikov. Tiger Woods wins the Masters and it couldn't have happened to a better person. Adam has a run-in at the grocery store and continues his quest to learn how to cook. He's still afraid of knives.


2019 Episode 13 - Nats Bullpen

Adam discusses how he was let down in his game of squares at the NCAA basketball championship. Adam gets into the Nats dumpster fire of a bullpen and Jack and Adam compare the futility of Trevor Rosenthal and Chris Davis. Adam and Jack talk about what they're doing this weekend.


2019 Episode 12 - Ernie Is Gone

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! After centuries at the helm, GM-for-life Ernie Grunfeld has been relieved of his duties. An ecstatic Adam talks you through this emotional day as we highlight the lowlights from Grunfeld's tenure.


2019 Episode 11 - Reunion

Adam and Jack break down the Sweet Sixteen matchups. The duo break down a quote from Wizards owner Ted Leonsis. Jack does a therapy session on Adam to break down Adam's reluctance to go to their summer camp reunion.


2019 Episode 10 - March Madness

Adam and Jack preview the NCAA tournament with their picks of upsets and the Final Four. Jack explains why one of his Final Four picks gives him a guaranteed chance at happiness. Adam talks about his new friend he made at his front door. Jack talks about how long Sudafed can last after the expiration date.


2019 Episode 9 - NFL Player Moves, Sydney Bergman Interview, Adam Almost Dies

In this episode, the dynamic duo reviews some of the latest moves by players and NFL teams. Adam expresses his displeasure that FSU's Hamilton did not win ACC coach of the year. Special guest Sydney Bergman breaks down her work with Baseball Prospectus and previews your Washington Nationals. Adam talks about how he almost died last night. Enjoy! You can check out Sydney here: Baseball Prospectus


2019 Episode 8 - NFL Combine

Adam's in a good mood tonight because Florida State came back to win against VT. The duo get into the combine and discuss Harper's signing with the Phillies. Troy Brown finally gets some minutes for the Wizards. Jack describes how his experience getting a massage was vastly different than the reports about Robert Kraft. Adam gets pumped for March Madness.


2019 Episode 7 - Blizzard

The Adam Gravitz Weather Show comes at you with predictions for the big snowstorm! There's some sports talk too, as the duo get into the Machado move to San Diego, talk about where Antonio Brown might be headed, and Adam talks about his upcoming trip to New Orleans.


2019 Episode 6 - Valentines Day

Cuddle up with that special someone and have a listen to this week's episode! We break down the first week of Allegiance Football, get into recent NFL player issues, and update the Wizards situation. Adam gives his side of the Nick Cross to Maryland story. Jack gets into his run-in with Matthew Lillard at LAX.


2019 Episode 5 - John Wall's Achilles

Some pits have no bottom, as the Wizards receive horrible news about John Wall. Coming off a pep talk from NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller, Adam has a new outlook on life and chooses to be happy that the weather is warmer outside. Adam and Jack discuss how the 'Zards should operate going forward. The duo recap the Super Bowl and talk about Adam eating all the wings.