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The Afterhours Podcast has you covered for all your the latest news and stories for your teams including BYU, Utah and extensive coverage on the Utah Jazz. Our coverage also includes the NBA league wide as well as College Football on a national scale.


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The Afterhours Podcast has you covered for all your the latest news and stories for your teams including BYU, Utah and extensive coverage on the Utah Jazz. Our coverage also includes the NBA league wide as well as College Football on a national scale.






Jazz vs Nuggets Game 7 Preview

Tanner Hart & Taylor Bingham join me as we give a brief recap of game 6 and look ahead to game 7. We discuss what went wrong for the Jazz? How can they solve this and does Quin have the tools to do it? We give you our thoughts and predictions ahead of game 7. We are in for another showdown in the wild west and our focus is solely on this game.


Jazz vs Nuggets game 6 recap, DLH decides to sell RSL, What is the future of RSL?

The Utah Jazz fall to the Denver nuggets for the second straight game. are the Utah Jazz slowly starting to fall apart and can they recover? I break down game 6 and take a peek at game 7. RSL made the national spotlight over the weekend. I go further into detail on DLH and the comments he made in regards to his team opting out to play last Wednesday against LAFC. DLH decides to sell team and will their be any buyers? If you haven't already, subscribe, leave a rating and a review to the...


A recap of NBA All-Star Weekend, Rudy Gobert Dominates in first All-Star Game, BYU Basketball cracks the Top 25 in Latest AP poll

The University of Utah Schedules a Home and Home series with LSU in 2031, 2032. What does it mean for the program? BYU Basketball makes this weeks AP top 25 coming in at #23. We discuss the job that Mark Pope has done and what this BYU team is able to do come march. NBA All-Star weekend may have been the best its been in years. Has the NBA finally figured out how to keep fans entertained during the All-Star game? It has me wanting more in the future.


Covid-19 takes a devastating toll on the sporting world

The Coronavirus has taken a massive toll in the sports world which has caused several leagues to Suspend or postpone league play until further notice. Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have tested positive for Covid-19 and has caused a massive spill over not only in the sports but to the general public. I breakdown the last 24 hours and keep you up-to-date on everything thats happening.


Jazz vs Rockets, Can the Jazz compete for the 2 seed?

The Utah Jazz win on a crazy buzzer beater 3 from Bojan Bogdonovic. What went well for the Jazz and what went wrong? Can the Jazz use this as momentum moving forward? They are still within reach of the two seed so can they get back to that level of play. Also I answer the questions you guys have and much more.


Remembering Kobe Bryant

We take a look back at the Legacy Kobe Bryant left behind on and off the court and Why we are all so affected about what happened. I dive into the Mamba Mentality and more.


Utah Jazz are on FIRE, Rudy and Dovonvan are All-Stars, The Sacrificial lamb that gave us Bojan.

The Utah Jazz are 18-2 over the last 20 games and are only getting better with each game. Is this team poised for a deep Playoff run? Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are doing things in a Jazz Uniform that haven't been done before since the Stockton and Malone era. Bojan Bogdanovic and Rudy Gobert are critical to what the Jazz do offensively.


The NBA Season Has Begun (All things Utah Jazz)

In this episode I am recapping the first 3 games for the Utah Jazz and how the have performed thus far. As bad has they have looked offensively the first 2 games, they have showed us what they are capable of doing and how good they can be. I give you my thoughts on all these topics and much more!


Hard Work Pays Off (My Story)

I finally had a break through and have received a job offer from a local sports radio station. I tell you my story and give you my background of How I started my Podcast, What I Wanted to get out of it and Where I am now. This is not a sports podcast. Just my Story. Hope you enjoy!


Flags, flags and more flags. Weekend recap for BYU & Utah

BYU and Utah struggled with penalties and mental mistakes that cost their teams a shot at a big win. Utah struggled to contain USC's 3rd string Quarterback and USC's incredible receivers. What else went wrong for the Utes? BYU was having trouble keeping up with Washington as they finish the 4-game stretch 2-2. What went wrong for the Cougars and what does this loss mean to both schools?


Preview and Predictions for BYU and Utah Week 4

In this episode I preview Utah vs USC and BYU vs Washington. Is Utah as dominate as we think? BYU looks to keep momentum rolling as Washington comes to Provo. Is BYU capable of coming up with another win over a P5 school?


Utah Cruises past Idaho State, BYU gets Thrilling OT win over USC

Week 3 provided some exciting games nationally and BYU beating USC was one of the more exciting games from the weekend. I break down BYU's thrilling overtime win over USC and what this means for BYU. Utah blows past Idaho St. as they prepare to take on USC. What does Tyler Huntley need to do if Utah wants to have a shot at the CFP?


BYU Football 2019 Preview

In this episode we give you everything you need to know about the 2019 BYU Football team. What are realistic expectations to have for the upcoming the upcoming season and how will they fair against arguably their hardest schedule in the independence era.


2019 Utah Football Preview

The 2019 College Football season is upon us. In this episode I preview the upcoming 2019 football season. Utah has there eyes set on a Rose Bowl appearance and even a contender in the CFP. Can this team live up to the hype?


The Superstars vs The System.

Tanner Hart joins me to recap NBA free agency and to give his thoughts on the Western Conference. He gives you his bold predictions for the upcoming NBA season. We also discuss how this Utah Jazz team measures up against the rest of the league.


Kawhi moves Swiftly and Quietly, My 2020 Projections and the Utah Jazz are very Good.

We have never seen anything like we have witnessed over the past week like we have this offseason. I recap the major moves from free agency and give you my projections on the upcoming year. Where do the Utah Jazz end up? I'll just say the Jazz will be very dangerous this upcoming year.


Why I love the Mike Conley trade... And that's all.

After letting the dust settle on the Mike Conley trade, I give you my reasons why I love this trade so much and how he helps the Utah Jazz compete for an already wide open race in the West.


The NBA Free Agency Dominos are starting to fall; How does this affect the Utah Jazz?

Top story lines from the weekend including the Anthony Davis trade. How does this affect the Utah Jazz during the offseason? We break down the major moves that are yet to come and give you our way-to-early predictions for next year.


NBA Finals, Kevin Durant's Injury and His Future, Most Dominating Performances in Sports History?

The NBA Finals are leaving us lots to talk about including Kevin Durant's injury. What does his future hold after an injury that has so many unknowns? The USWNT scored 13 goals in their opening match of the World Cup. That leaves us to question; What are the most dominating performances in sports history?


Jazz Season Comes To A End, Who Will Be Wearing A Jazz Jersey Next Year?

Recap of game 5, Jazz vs Rockets. I break down what went wrong for the Jazz in this series and the "What If?" possibilities. We take a look at what the Jazz will need to do to make sure this doesn't happen again and who will they look at picking up this offseason.