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All Pro Nation Podcast- NFL Week 2

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys review week 1 and look ahead at week 2. Follow us on Twitter @AllProNation


All Pro Nation Podcast- We're Baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk

That is right. The summer break is over and the guys are back!!! We know you missed us!!!! Just Kidding. But for real, we are back from our long unintended break. In this episode the guys do their game picks for week 1 of the NFL season and look ahaed to the upcoming season and make some BOLD predictions on what could help!!!


All Pro Nation Podcast - The Lost Episode

The guys have been away on SUMMER VACATION but luckily for all of our amazing fans there was a lost episode that was never published!!!! HERE IT IS!!! The guys break down the NFC NORTH!!! Be sure to follow us online at and on facebook and twitter @allpronation We will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon!!! -Chris


All Pro Nation Podcast- AFC West Preview

In this special FOURTH OF JULY episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys talk about the AFC West and look ahead at what this division has in store. They are joined by Seth Kizer who covers the Kansas City Chiefs. Are you following us on Facebook and Twitter annnd now YouTube? Find us @AllProNation You can follow the guys on Twitter @318ChrisSmith and @Purple_Post Love the show? Give us a FIVE STAR Review and Share Share Share!


Wide Men Can't Jump- Draft Special

The Wide Men are back and its NBA Draft time. The guys will go through their entire mock draft and make the selections they see fit for the entire team. Tim serves as the head of the ceremony while Nate TR and Draft guest Thomas Bane make their picks. Who will go to your favorite team? Do you like the guys pick for you? Tune in and find out.


All Pro Nation Podcast- NFC West Preview

In this weeks episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast, Chris and Tanner welcome Brad from Locked On Rams BACK to the show!!! The guys break down the NFC West and talk about the crazy things that have happened in LA. Are you following us on Facebook and/or Twitter??? If you aren't you need to be!!!!! Find us @AllProNation. Did you know that we are on YouTube?!?! Check us out @AllProNation Follow the guys on Twitter. Chris is @318ChrisSmith and Tanner is @Purple_Post.


Wide Men Can't Jump- Offseason Tip-off

The Wide Men are back and its offseason time. Where will the free agents land? Who are the sleepers of the draft? Who’s got the best chance of challenging the warriors next season if the right moves are made? Where will Lebron go? The guys are joined by Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times, who’s covered the 76ers for 30 years. Also we’re joined by Kory Waldron by Off The Glass and Full Access Hoops go talk about the league. Nate and TR host.


All Pro Nation Podcast- AFC East Preview

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys welcome Travis Wingfield of the Locked On Dolphins to break down the AFC East. Chris and Tanner start things off with their opnions of the AFC East and break down some of the top stories of the week. Travis brings a bunch of great content. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @AllProNation Follow Chris and Tanner on Twitter @318ChrisSmith and @Purple_Post Check us out online at AllProNation.Com


Wide Men Can't Jump- 3 Games Down, 1 Draft to Go

The Wide Men return on the flagship program and this week its all about the NBA finals and the NBA draft. We're joined by Philip Rossman Reich of Fan Side, Orlando Magic Daily, and host of the locked on magic podcast to discuss who the Magic would be looking to add in the draft. We're also joined by Gerald Bouguet the editor-in-chief and lead suns reporter for Hoops Habit and the Fansided Network to discuss the Phoenix Suns potential draft pick. We're also joined by our sponsor Steven P....


All Pro Nation Podcast- NFC East Preview

WE ARE BACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris and Tanner are back from Summer vacation and welcome John Barchard to the show to break down the NFC East as we get ready for the 2018 pre season. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @AllProNation Check us out online at AllProNation.Com You can follow Chris @318ChrisSmith and Tanner @Purple_Post


The Sports Greek's Podcast: Please Don't Uninvite Me, Mr. President

Hosted By - Victor Logothetis More On Twitter Burner Accounts And 76ers President Bryan Colangelo President Trump Pulls His White House Invite To The Super Bowl Champs. LeBron And The Cavs In A Familiar Position. Are The Braves For Real? Should Arrieta Keep Quiet and More.


Wide Men Can't Jump- Rock Chalk Hawk and Playoff

TR and Nate are back to talk NBA conference finals as the Cavs and Celtics end game 5 and the Warriors and Rockets are tied up. The guys will also be joined by KL Chouinard writer for the Atlanta Hawks and contributor for Fox Sports Hawks to discuss the draft. Also jumping on the show is Brad Rowland, a writer and podcaster for DimeUPROXX who covers the whole league to talk about the playoffs and potential finals matchups. Nate and TR also dive into the impact of the draft lottery and...


The Sport Greek's Podcast- A Beautiful Day For Baseball

Victor talks about the Sixers season and why it was still special. Also MLB from the past week, including an apology to Albert Pujols.


All Pro nation Podcast- Guest Jon Ledyard

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast, Chris and Tanner welcome Draft guru Jon Ledyard to the show to give more reactions to the 2018 NFL Draft. The guys also talk about a few random news stories of the week and preview what is coming up ahead. Be sure that you are following us on Facebook and Twitter @AllProNation. If you like the podcast PLEASE give us a review and SUBSCRIBE to the channel. You can check us out online at You can also follow the guys on...


Wide Men Can't Jump- Bring in the Sub

Tonight WMCJ goes to the bench and brings in the rookie. Tim is back for his second episode in place of Nate and TR is going to channel his inner Lebron. We look at both series talk some draft lottery and if we have time a final eulogy for TR'S beloved 76er's.


All Pro Nation Podcast- QB Rankings

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys discuss their QB Rankings going into the 2018 season! Who would your top 10 be? Be sure to let us know in the comments on on our Twitter Page (@AllProNation). Be sure to FOLLOW us on both Facebook and Twitter @AllProNation You can also check us out on YouTube @AllProNation And IF YOU love us, be sure to tell everybody by giving us a 5 STAR rating! Check us out online at AllProNation.Com You can follow Chris @318ChrisSmith and...


Wide Men Can't Jump- Down Go The Coaches

The Wide Men are back and this week its all about the NBA Playoffs as The West Finals are set. Coaches are getting fired and potential hirings are happening all over the league. Nate and TR look at the Warriors and Rockets western conference finals, and are TRs 76ers still alive. Also the guys are joined by Bleacher Report writer Kelly Scaletta and Show Sponser Steven P New to talk all things NBA. Brought to you by: The Law Offices of Stephen P New....


Wide Men Can't Jump- Wizards, Wolves, and Walk With Elias

The flagship show is back for another week. Nate and TR are joined this week by Dave Johnson of the Washington Wizards commentary team to talk about the Wizards run this season and what's next for them. They are also joined by Alan Horton of the Minnesota Timberwolves Radio commentary team to talk about the Wolves breaking the postseason drought this year. The guys will also talk about the 2 game 7's from last week and the 2nd round matchups going on around the league with Jones from...


All Pro Nation Podcast- Draft Reactions

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast, the guys discuss the NFL and pick their Winner and Losers of the draft. Chris goes on a long rant about the Saints and no one knows where Dez Bryant will end up. Follow us online on and on Facebook and Twitter @AllProNation Follow Chris on Twitter @318ChrisSmith and Tanner @Purple_Post If you love the podcast leave us some love on iTunes!!!!


The Sports Greek's Podcast- The Best Is Yet To Come

Interview with Nate Bush of NBA Podcast Wide Men Can't Jump MLB Review - Phillies historical home start, Orioles offensive struggles and teams you should worry about. 76ers Flying High in the NBA Playoffs, Flyers Out OF NHL Playoffs