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Buzz Beat Ep. 67: Priming The NBA Draft

In the 67th episode, we begin our discussion with Michal Jordan's influence on draft-day decisions and how that can be problematic. We then jump around discussing prospects such as Miles Bridges, Zhaire Smith, Collin Sexton, and Kevin Knox. We also discuss Kemba's future and if drafting a point guard signals anything for his future. Join us on Periscope for our Live Draft Show on Thursday (6/21/18)


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 83 – NBA Draft Analysis

We are not year round draftniks so we are not going to try to provide analysis on all of the draft prospects. There are many other content providers that we value, as we are sure that you do, that are providing excellent, comprehensive analysis on the 2018 NBA draft class at large. But we did take some time to provide our evaluations on some of the players that seem to be up for some prospects that are moving up and down mocks and big boards since the NBA draft combine. On this episode we...


2018 NBA Draft Part 1: The Lottery Picks

Cole Zwicker, from the Stepien, returns to breakdown the 2018 NBA Draft lottery guys.


Brickhouse Ep 194: NBA Draft Rough Draft

The second NBA season starts on draft night. Find out the best case and worse case scenarios for the first fifteen picks. Will the Cavs use the eighth pick to somehow keep LeBron James? Could the Grizzlies use their pick to jettison Chandler Parsons? What if, somehow, the Sacramento Kings reckless decision-making leads to the end of the world?! Anything can happen on draft night so it's best to prepare yourself for everything. You won't want to miss Matt's plan for the Cavs to protect...


Spurscast Ep. 500: Update on Leonard, LeBron Rumors, and Celebrating Episode 500

Note: This episode was recorded prior to this morning's Kawhi Leonard reports. In Episode 500, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and former Spurscast host/Project Spurs writer Aaron Preinediscuss the following topics: The latest reports regarding Kawhi Leonard The LeBron James – Spurs rumors Kyle Anderson’s Upcoming Restricted Free Agency Offseason questions from Spurscast Listeners Celebrating episode 500 of the Spurscast You can visit Aaron’s online store here. If you listen to the Spurscast on...


The LLP Ep. 188: Arts & Drafts (Final NBA 2018 Draft Thoughts, Potential Trades, & Promises + #25 & #47 Deep Dive w/ @OdetoOden's Sean Derenthal)

Before Lebron puts on his Purple & Gold crown, we've got the draft to attend to! So for our penultimate episode before the 2018 NBA Draft, we've got Ode to Oden and The Stepien's Sean Derenthal to give us one final deep-dive, cram session to this year's prospects that could fall to the Lakers in the #25 and #47 range! + We also cover Lakers draft rumors, multiple prospect promises, potentially moving up, trading Luol Deng on draft day, and much, much more! ... Please consider donating to...


SuperFlight – 101 – NBA Draft 101 with Phil Boileau

This week on the SuperFlight Joe takes a jaunt down memory lane and tells a tale of close encounters, but if you want to skip that, just jump to about the ten minute mark where Phil Boileau joins the show to break down the top ten NBA Picks. There's a few surprises and a bunch of nonsense but a whole lot of fun. Follow Phil on Twitter @SportingPhil and @pressbasketball


Buzz Beat Ep. 66: 2018 Draft Wishlist

 In the 66th Episode of Buzz Beat, we give our top 5 realistic options (12:45) for the Charlotte Hornets at the 11th pick. While Brian and Spencer's prospects were the same, they debate the differences in their order. The evolution of the center in today's NBA is also discussed and we profile Robert Williams (44:00) and how he could fit that mold. Another name that keeps popping up, although it may be a pipe dream, is Wendall Carter (51:45). The crew wonder if he could fall to the Hornets...


Hollywood_Hoops Ep. 88: Can’t Get Away From the LeBron James, Lakers Conversation

Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus and Josh Martin continue the LeBron James/Los Angeles Lakers watch, Too many silly rumors to track but we try to make sense of it all. Also, Irish win girls minors championship. Are the Golden State Warriors as hated as the Kobe/Shaq/Pau Lakers?


Inside The Cylinder Ep. 56: The Dwane Casey Episode! Featuring Shameek Mohile

In this week's episode, David is joined by Shameek Mohile, Detroit Pistons savant and host of the 2 Gods and a Goose podcast. They'll discuss the Pistons new head coach, Dwane Casey, who was recently let go from his position with the Toronto Raptors, and who will most likely be named 2018 NBA Coach of the Year. The guys chat about the Pistons hiring process, their current front office, and Dwane Casey from a basketball perspective. What does his leadership mean from a locker room...


Above The Rim Ep 60: Put Up or Shut Up Vol 2

This week I'm joined by the homie Jarv,(@Chet_Ohara) host of The Gray Area Podcast. It’s time for volume 2… On Ep 51, I debuted the ATR pressure cooker scale, and it was time for certain NBA stars to “Put Up or Shut Up”. Well now is the time we re-visit that list & give slander to those who didn’t meet our expectations. Slander is at a premium so buckle up. We also discuss this weak NBA finals & how much I didn’t care for it. As always rounding out the show, the “Crossover Segment”. Keep...


Brickhouse Ep 193: Back to the NBA Whiteboard

The season's over and the Warriors won convincingly. That means it's back to the drawing board for the rest of the NBA's teams. Inspired by the leaked photo of the Orlando Magic whiteboard from last year, we tell you the bullet-point plans of a handful of the league's most interesting teams. We break them down into categories: Contenders, Pretenders and the Don't You Remembers??? Strategies from everyone from the Celtics to the Kings. Plus, we take a peak at Bryan Colangelo's plans and...


Spurscast Ep. 499: Latest on Leonard; Vegas Puts Spurs on List of Possible LeBron Destinations

In Episode 499, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs writer Stephen Anderson discuss the following topics: The latest reports regarding Kawhi Leonard Monty Williams going to Philadelphia and Ettore Messina and Ime Udoka remaining candidates for head coaching vacancies The Spurs being listed by odds makers as one of the teams LeBron James could be on next season Offseason questions about Kostas Antetokounmpo, Tony Parker, and the upcoming draft If you listen to the Spurscast on...


Suns Solar Panel Ep. 73- Veteran Point Guard Targets

We look at some names of Veteran Point Guards who are not free agents but could be on the move this summer. What is an appropriate trade package the Suns could acquire for the respective players? The #16 draft pick has one name surfacing ovcer and over, could he be our point guard of the future? And some other meaningless banter Listener question of the episode by Gabriel González on _____________________________________________________ Support the show ----->...


The NBA Podcast: #149 – Can the Cavaliers come back against the Warriors?

In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) are joined by longtime NBA editor Spencer Lund (@spencertyrel) to discuss the 2018 NBA Finals, give an update on the Bryan Colangelo saga and ponder why Luka Doncic's draft stock may be dropping. Do the Cavaliers have any prayer of winning Games 3 and/or 4 against the Warriors? What adjustments can they make? If the Warriors win the title this year, have they ruined the competitiveness of the NBA? Why...


The Baseline: Autopsy Report: Celtics and Rockets | TweetGate

This week we put the Celtics and Warriors on the SLAB and dissect their present and future. Also we provide our take on the Sixers, Coangelo and TweetGate


Ode to Oden Ep. 58: Huerter, Okogie, Milton

Cole and I start by talking about a few of the notable prospects that recently made their decision to stay in the draft or return to school. Then we discuss how bad one-way players are for a team in the playoffs and how that effects a few prospects in this draft. We then break down Kevin Huerter, Josh Okogie, and Shake Milton. To wrap-up we "rank" all the potential first round perimeter players that we have discussed all season. Enjoy.


Golden State of Mindcast: How Warriors vs. Cavaliers Round IV is like a Black Mirror dystopian sex scene

29:00 - Houston Rockets hatred from Ryan as well. 30:30 - LeBron should be MVP this season, not James Harden. 37:00 - The ongoing, baffling plague of Kobe-stans. 40:15 - Predictions for the rest of the series. 45:30 - Something got messed up in the world as a whole once the Cavs won their championship. Did they trigger the downfall of humanity? 48:30 - Change in our personal feelings for basketball since both our teams won their first championships. Also, a really, deeply unfortunate Black...