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A unique podcast hosted by Basil Mahmud and Trent Zuberi takes you behind the scenes in the world of independent professional wrestling and what brings the show from backstage to the fans!

A unique podcast hosted by Basil Mahmud and Trent Zuberi takes you behind the scenes in the world of independent professional wrestling and what brings the show from backstage to the fans!
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A unique podcast hosted by Basil Mahmud and Trent Zuberi takes you behind the scenes in the world of independent professional wrestling and what brings the show from backstage to the fans!






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Episode 46 - Glory Pro, Big Damn Arches, and Much Ado About Nothing!

The Backstage Boys, Basil, Trent and Nate are back this week to talk about...nothing! Yes, this was like an episode of Seinfeld, ladies & Gentlemen, a show about nothing BUT we managed to sprinkle in a preview of our upcoming road trip to see Glory Pro Wrestling this coming Sunday in St. Louis! We also touch on a myriad of various topics, various insults, and general insanity in what can only be called a going off the rails quick episode. BUT in true BSB form we had a lot of laughs and...


Episode 45 - The Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2019 Review

The 4th annual Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament is in the books and the Backstage Boys Basil Mahmud and Trent Zuberi are here to break it all down for you! On what was one of the biggest professional wrestling weekends of the year with AEW's All Out, Starrcast 3, GCW and Warrior Wrestling 6 rounding joining in AAW's JLMT double shot, there was plenty going on and lots to cover. The talent that converged on Chicago this weekend was the best of the best and what resulted was some of the best...


Episode 44 - AAW Pro Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2019 Preview

The BSB are here to break down and preview one of the most prestigious events in the world of professional wrestling today, AAW pro's Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament! The fourth annual JLMT is mere moments away and Basil Mahmud, Trent Zuberi, and Nate Speckman look at a match by match rundown of night 1 and offer unswayed predictions of each and take a look at non-tournament matches for the night. How will night 2 of the tournament shape up as night 1's predictions come to fruition? Only one...


Episode 43 - Lynam Tournament, Getting Over, and Chicago Wrestling Insanity!

Basil and Trent are back this week without a net! It's been a soft lull in the Chicago scene as we build up to quite possibly the biggest weekend of the wrestling calendar at the end of August taking place in our very town! We discuss Trent's band HEMI getting another slot in an IMPACT Wrestling commerical, this time for Bound for Glory coming up on October 20th 2019 from Chicago along with Basil's upcoming Freelance Wrestling shows this weekend for Get Over or Die Trying. We also discuss...


HOT TAG with 2 Heels And A Face: AAW - JLMT 2019 Preview

The annual BSB/2 Heels and a Face Hot Tag podcast is here! For the second year in a row the Backstage Boys joined our friends 2 Heels and a Face to break down the highly anticipated AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament! Yes we were missing members of both parties due to scheduling conflicts but that didn’t stop Trent Zuberi, Nate Speckman, Rob Malinowski and Cris Romero from getting into all the insanity and ridiculousness that happens when these two megapowers meet! We go through the...


Episode 41: AAW Destination Milwaukee Review

It’s Destination Milwaukee and we are back from the land of cheese and dairy to break down the big show from the Turner Hall Ballroom as AAW made their Wisconsin debut on July 12th 2019! So while Basil and Trent forgot that this show marks one year of doing this podcast we did a deep dive into Destination Milwaukee with a match by match review and a full scale breakdown on production and creative. All this plus the usual BS on this week’s episode of the Backstage Boys! Results: Singles Match...


Episode 40: AAW Destination Milwaukee Preview

The Backstage Boys Basil Mahmud, Trent Zuberi, Rob Malinowski, and Nate Speckman are back to preview AAW's debut in Wisconsin for the upcoming Destination Milwaukee show! Full match listing and analysis along with our picks on who we think will come away with each match. We also recap Basil's weekend shooting for Freelance Wrestling, MLW, and IMPACT Wrestling's Slammiversary ppv along with Nate's referee gigs for the weekend. We also talk upcoming films and production with Rob and Trent and...


Episode 39: AAW Never Say Die 2019 Review

AAW's Never Say Die is in the books and the Backstage Boys, Basil Mahmud and Trent Zuberi are joined by referee Nate Speckman to break the show down match by match with expert analysis, insider takes, and a hell of a lot of connection problems! The show featured a Loser Leaves AAW match between Mance Warner and Jimmy Jacobs, the three-way tag team title match between LAX, The Rascalz, and The Besties in the World, the official death of WRSTLING, and a mystery opponent for Sami Callihan and...


Episode 38: AAW Never Say Die 2019 Preview

It’s preview time! AAW’s Never Say Die is coming up and The Backstage Boys are here with your official preview! We take a look at whats on deck for the big show that kicks off the Summer live from 115 Bourbon Street! We have some big matches on deck with AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan getting ready to face a mystery opponent, LAX defending the AAW Tag Team Championships against The Besties in the World and The Rascalz, Mance Warner taking on Jimmy Jacobs in a Loser Leaves Town match,...


Episode 37: Making Movies, History Lessons, and The King!

Two weeks in a row? Looks like the BSB is back on track after the debacle known as May 2019! Basil and Trent are back this week joined by fellow ZMT member, Filmmaker Rob Malinowski to discuss a variety of topics including the release of his critically acclaimed film, "And Then There Was King" The Story of Eddie Kingston, Of course in typical BSB fashion we couldn't focus on just one topic and this one went all over the damn place as we also discussed past and present AAW, spoke of some...


Episode 36: Extended Vacations, Making Towns, and ZMT!

It's been a long time, a way way way long time, 27 days to be exact since we last dropped a podcast but we're sorry! We really are! However a soon as you hear this show you'll see why! The BSB of Basil and Trent were busy, super busy as were our ZMT compadres Rob Malinowski and Nate Speckman! We were all over the place between Austin, Texas to Philadelphia, PA to Milwaukee, WI and all points in between! As we head closer to our AAW show Never Say Die 2019 at 115 Bourbon Street where we all...


Episode 35: AAW Take No Prisoners 2019 Review!

AAW's Take No Prisoners 2019 is in the books and already our favorite show of the year! Basil and Trent are here this week to break down the show match by match and provide full background and analysis on the card and even some insider information. What else would you expect from the Backstage Boys? It was truly a memorable night that saw new champions crowned, other champions retain their place, and contenders fall back down the ranks. We also got to see the returns and debuts of various...


Episode 34: IMPACT in Philly, AAW Take No Prisoners 2019 Preview, and Warrior Wrestling 5!

We had a week off and things got a little nuts! Basil and Trent were traveling to Philly for Impact Wrestling and special guest this week, filmmaker Rob Malinowski wrapped up and premiered his new David Starr film "MASTRMIND" at Marz Brewery in Chicago! After all that we are back this week and headed right into another chaotic weekend consisting of not only Mother's Day but also AAW's Take No Prisoners 2019 and Warrior Wrestling 5! The BSB talk Impact Wrestling at the ECW Arena, Philly...


Episode 33: Keyboard Warriors, Misconceptions, and Twitter Insanity!

Well this has been one hell of a damn week! We had angry fans, frustrated promoters, defensive wrestlers, and two production guys who had enough and are using their podcast to vent it all out! Basil and Trent saw and heard a lot this week and are letting it loose after what they had to witness this week! No show talk, no hype talk, no review, only letting loose on the BS the internet wrestling community brought out in the world. But we did manage to discuss Six Flags Great America for about...


Episode 32: AAW Epic 2019 - The 15th Anniversary Review

AAW's EPIC 2019 - The 15th year anniversary show is in the books and my my what a 15 years it has been! On a show marred with scheduling issues and missing talent not only did the locker room step up to deliver one of the most memorable shows of the year thus far but so did the production crew to make this night extremely special and to give back to the fans for all fifteen years of AAW! Basil and Trent are joined by Rob Malinowski this week to go match by match and break down the talent and...


Episode 31: Wrestlemania Week Insanity, No Sleep, and AAW's EPIC 15 Preview!

Wrestlemania week aka hell week is OVER and Basil is back from shooting his 4,786th show in a week to break down all the insanity that went on New York while Trent's carrier along the narration and asks the hard hitting questions like "exactly how much DID you spend on Ubers this week" The answer was $400, yikes! We discuss GCW Bloodsport, Joey Janela's Spring Break, Wrestling Revolver's Pancakes and Piledrivers, Black Label Pro, IMPACT Wrestling's United We Stand, and The Bullet Club Block...


Episode 30: Rise, Glory Pro, and Wrestlemania Week!

Tis the season for Wrestlemania! What a crazy week coming up for one half of the Backstage Boys as Basil not only worked the Rise and Glory Pro shows leading into Mania week but he's also heading out to New York to be a part of the insanity of the biggest week of pro wrestling of the year! The Boys discuss what went on this past weekend at Rise and the state of Women's Wrestling as well as all the fun of Basil's trip to St. Louis for Glory Pro Wrestling. Trent anchors the conversation to see...


Episode 29: Border Stops, Stolen Photos, and Making Movies!

The Backstage Boys are back and this week we are once again joined by filmmaker Rob Malinowski who comes in to talk about some of his recent projects at AAW and what is coming up in the future of film from his end. We also talk about the recent trip Trent, Rob, and Nate took to Windsor, Ontario Canada to attend the IMPACT Wrestling tapings and some of the shenanigans they got into at the border trying to get into the country! This is a must hear story. Basil and Rob also discuss visual...


Episode 28 - AAW Hell Hath No Fury 2019 Review

What a hell of a weekend in Chicago! Tons of professional wrestling that included debuts, returns, title changes, and farewells! We kicked things off with Warrior Wrestling 4 at Marion Catholic High School for a supercard of epic proportions and crescendo'd with an incredible AAW Hell Hath No Fury 2019! We touch on WW4 briefly as Basil was on site but deep dive in to AAW's Hell Hath No Fury with a match by match discussion and analysis along with a peek behind the curtain as to what was...


Episode 27 - MLW Intimidation Games Review and Freelance Wrestling Thrill Your Idol's Preview!

Chicago wrestling stayed busy as always with MLW making their return to the Cicero Stadium on March 2nd 2019 for Intimidation Games where Basil was taking photos and being right in the mix for the night. We also run down the card for Freelance Wrestling's Thrill Your Idols coming up on March 8th 2019 from the Logan Square Auditorium and while Trent isn't too familiar with the product he asks all the questions anyone who doesn't know will ask alongside his own production opinion and...