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Episode 20 - Winter Meetings, La Russa Harsh Words, Free Agents, Personal Questions

It's time for the final episode of the year! Our very first Christmas Special. I am joined by my new friend and colleague Brian Handzel from BellyUp Sports and 27 Outs Baseball Network. Join us as we discuss some of the signings that went down during the Winter Meetings in Vegas as well as the HOF inductees. I'll tell you what... Tony La Russa sure gave his opinion on all the criticism over Harold Baines. Drama, Drama, Drama! Brian and I end the show on a personal note by asking 4-5...


Episode 19 - Heisman Baseball Player, Puig is Crying, Barry Bonds a Terrible Coach, Banning the Shift

We are creeping toward our 20th episode! But in episode 19 I talk about resent signings, disgruntled players, new ballpark experiences, a baseball player winning the Heisman, and a very controversial topic... Banning the Shift! Play ball! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Episode 18 - Team Signings, New Ballparks, Joe Buck Sounds Off, Addison Russell and the Cubs, Pete Rose and MLB Gaming Deal

We are creeping up on my 20th Episode, but this one is a doozie! Hardball headlines like new ballparks, player signings, and Knuckle Trivia is back!! Three controversial topics. I give you my raw opinion on Baseball announcers hurting the game, Addison Russell and the Cubs decisions, and what MLB's partnership with MGM has to do with Pete Rose (spoiler: they are not connected whatsoever). Sit back and enjoy and I look forward to interacting on Twitter:) Play Ball! This podcast is...


Episode 17 - Thanksgiving Edition! Women in Baseball with No Crying in Baseball Podcast

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Day Episode! The only thing that's related is my emoji dabbing on a gaint Turkey and the fact that I am releasing this a day early on Thanksgiving. I say absolutley nothing about Thanksgiving in this episode. Sorry. In this episode, I am joined by Pottymouth and Patti from No Crying in Baseball Podcast. I have brought them on the show to talk about women and their involvement in the America's Past time. Enjoy! Also, Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gooble! This...


Episode 16 - Replaceables Players, ROY, NL East Free Agents, Baseball Evolving with Sean Norberg of Clutch Baseball

Joining me on today's episode is Sean Norberg, co-founder of Clutch Baseball, a fantasy card/board game for every baseball lover! Sean shares his journey from inception to production of Clutch Baseball as well as weighs in on some great baseball topics. Bill James, writer and adviser of the Boston Red Sox makes a controversial statement about payers being replaceable. We also chat about how the game of baseball is evolving into something very different. It's just a matter of time. I...


Episode 15 - Interview with Bridget Mulcahy

"Please, sir, may I have another?" You sure can. Here's another guest on The Ball & Mitt Podcast. I am joined today by Bridget Mulcahy author of The Cheap Little Swing blog. Bridget has worked for many baseball clubs that span numerous leagues. From the Newport Gulls, to the Cap Code League, and MLB teams such as Arizona and Colorado. A talented writer and lover of baseball, Bridget is a hardball expert! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Episode 14 - Post WC Thoughts, Alex Cora Legacy Begins, AL East Free Agents, Gold Glove Nominations

I am joined by Preston Phillips of the Just a Bit Outside Podcast to discuss our thoughts on the 2018 playoffs and World Series. Was it what we wanted or were we disappointed? We also chat about the beginning of the Alex Cora Legacy in Boston, our predictions on the AL East free agent market, and our picks for the Gold Glove Awards.


Episode 13 - World Series Prediction, Roberto Clemente Award, Manny, and Sign-Stealing Cheaters

I make my World Series Predictions (well, I tell you about predicted before Tuesday), and give you an update to all things Ball & Mitt! Molina wins an award, Astros' fans show their true colors, Manny being Manny, and a whole bunch of accusations of stealing. All in this cool little episode!


Episode 12 - Reseeding Playoffs, Rookie Karaoke, and No Hustle

Reseeding Playoffs, Rookie Karaoke, No Hustle, New Pizza Topping, and Hawk Harrelson Tribute.


In Memory of Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez (1992-2016). Thank you for your love of family and the game of baseball.


Episode 11 - Batflips, Smoltz, and Boston Knuckleheads

On today’s 11th episode we have an 8-year-old starting pitcher, two knuckleheads from Boston, the Orioles unintentionally tanking, Smoltz sounds off, and bat-flip celebrations. Play ball!


Episode 10 - Division Realignment... And Other Stuff

I am back, baseball fans! And it sure feels good! On today's episode I discuss bigger ballparks, happier commentators, George Bush's perfect 9/11 strike, and divisional changes. Grab your pine tar and hold on tight, it's gonna be fun!


Another Podcast Update

Hey guys! I am back with another new update. I also chat about how silly Michael Wilbon is and how he should just stick to the NFL and NBA. On forth to Denver!


Podcast Update

Hey Baseball fans! I am still alive and kicking. I just wanted to let you know that the Ball & Mitt Podcast is still a thing. Just a lot of transitioning going on as I sell the house, find a job, and move to Denver all with two bum shoulders:)


Episode 9 - Lets BALK About It!

Now, what in the world is a balk? Does anyone even know? Do the umpire’s even know. It’s hard to say. The issue isn’t even the criteria surrounding a balk. It’s more of the interpretation of a pitcher’s intent. But isn’t this subjective approach the very reason why we tried to objectively define what constitutes a balk. It is very difficult to objectify something so subjective. But here we are. Let's talk about it!


Episode 8 - DH Yay or Nay

The NL has its strategic, yet often boring baseball and the AL has the exciting yet sometimes chaotic approach. But I think the time has come. The time for the leagues to adopt the DH or get rid of it. And then put the issue to rest. Let’s talk about it.


Episode 7 - Disappearing Act

The game of baseball is changing. Sometimes in ways we may not even notice. I'm not talking about sabermetrics, or "Make Baseball fun again" trucker hats. There are small but vital actions that are slowly fading away. Parts of the game that were once very common place are now just... disappearing. Let's talk about it!


Episode 6 - Say No to Robo

It seems that umpires are missing more and more calls when it comes to balls and strikes. What needs to be done? Since technology has come so far in such a short amount of time, should an automated strike zone, a Roboump, be implemented to better call the game? Sounds all nice and packaged with a bow on top but I think we are missing the point. Let's talk about it!


Pop-ups 3 - Mensa Man Project

Mensa Member, Nick Elam, suggests several ways to make the game more exciting for fans as well as players. Mensa Man Project


Episode 5 - Umpire or Empire

The words Umpire and Empire don’t seem to have anything in common. In fact, the former rules over its subjects while the later arbitrates between two subjects. But is the first letter of these words slowly becoming the only difference? Are umpires making sure the game is under control or are they trying to take control of the game? This episode takes a dive into some issues, 5 specifically, that I have observed this year concerning umpires and their presence during the game. Do they need...