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John Barchard takes a light hearted look at Philadelphia & national sports while also spotlighting some of the wonderful culture, arts, music and food of Philadelphia.


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John Barchard takes a light hearted look at Philadelphia & national sports while also spotlighting some of the wonderful culture, arts, music and food of Philadelphia.






11: Sixers Free Agency Primer with Adam Aaronson

John Barchard chats with's Adam Aaronson (@SixersAdam) to go over whether or not running it back is really the best option for the Sixers moving forward, who would make the most sense for the Sixers and if JJ Redick is coming back in any scenario.


10: Sixers Post Draft Thoughts

John Barchard understands the outrage towards not drafting cheap talent on the bench for the 2nd round, but he also thinks that Brett Brown wants nothing to do with developing talent right now


9: Bad Calls Are Good For Sports, Butler Best for Embiid/Simmons?

John Barchard dives into why he thinks we actually need bad calls in sports because it make them more interesting. The demand to "get it right" will make sports a lot less entertaining. AND: John is on board for team "run it back" with the Sixers but is Harris and Butler the best FIT for Embiid and Simmons? All that and more on episode 9


8: Stop Being Cowards

John Barchard goes over the ridiculous notion of everyone wanting to trading Ben Simmons with a Game 6 yet to be played.


7: Brett Brown Lifetime Contract, Matthew Del Rio

WHAT A NIGHT. Embiid takes over the Wells Fargo Center and we all change our minds on how much we love this team in one night. We really don't give enough credit to Brett Brown and what he's been able to accomplish in one of the craziest situations in sports. PLUS Matthew Del Rio, the 'Mike Scott Hive' tattooer and contributor joins John as he describes the process of getting the tattoo, how it came about and how the rest of this series turns out.


6: Simmons & Embiid Take Strides, Food Takes, Pay QBs

Today on The Barchard Show, John reacts to the Sixers hard-fought win in Toronto and although Butler was really impressive last night, Simmons & Embiid from year 1 to year 2 in the playoffs might have been more impressive. PLUS John tells Kevin Hart to #StayAtHome, goes through all of your food takes and his REALLY tired of hearing "don't pay the QB" in the NFL.


5: Ross Tucker, Sixers-Bucks Spiderman Meme, Gross Yet Impressed

John Barchard welcomes in Ross Tucker as they go over his new gig as the Eagles color commentator for the preseason, why he was impressed with Andre Dillard selection, what to make of Jordan Mailata's role now and a lot more. PLUS, John goes over the Sixers brutal loss over the weekend and asks if the Sixers and Bucks should just use the Spiderman meme from now when the fans talk trash. AND what is something that you were too impressed by to be grossed out by it?


4: Thank You Dave Gettleman, NFL Draft Takeaways, Cardinals is a Disgrace

John Barchard takes a long look at the NFCE picks and thanks the football gods for Dave Gettleman's decision-making skills. PLUS how does Washington have players everyone likes and it ends up never mattering? AND John touches on what he likes in Day 2 of the NFL Draft for the Eagles and updates us on the Chris Long situation.


3: Agholor on the Trade Block, Don't Think Long Comes Back

LIVE every Wednesday night from 10p-2a you can catch John Barchard on 94WIP! So we get the reminder that Agholor is on the block, Cleveland is looking to trade their young LB and everyone thinks Hollywood Brown is gonna land in Philadelphia. Coincidence?! John doesn't think so. Plus a big reason why Chris Long might not come back this season.


2: Donovan Doesn't Like Us and Boy Do We Care

John Barchard goes over the weird relationship that we have with Donovan McNabb as we all want him to be a part of the Eagles club and he wants nothing to do with it. He's not gonna be our friend and we should stop seeking his approval like an older brother. PLUS the Phillies had a really weird game last night and Jimmy Rollins let a curse slip on the live broadcast last night... which got John thinking... would you pay for rated-r commentary?


1: Loving Dudley, Shooting Don the Messenger, Kate Smith

In his debut episode, John Barchard professes his love for Jared Dudley and how it's brought the Sixers together. Everyone is mad at Donovan McNabb for saying the thing we are all gonna be thinking about anyway... what's the big deal? AND, with audio from Kate Smith, John goes over all of the contexts with over the controversial songs that made the Flyers pull her version of God Bless America and her statue.


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