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NEW Outdoor Adventure Show! Host Rebecca Wanner aka “Bec” dives into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, conservation and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure and the one that got away. Hear not just about the gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone each week on The Bend Show!


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NEW Outdoor Adventure Show! Host Rebecca Wanner aka “Bec” dives into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, conservation and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure and the one that got away. Hear not just about the gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone each week on The Bend Show!




Here Are Tips On How To Backpack Food

Tis the season for backcountry hunting and fishing trips, which also brings about Dutch Oven cooking and what foods to be packing into the wilderness. Tips to save weight while keeping healthy on the trail. Plus we share the latest news headlines This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Episode 150 Details Well here we go, Hard to believe we are NOW up to 150 episodes!! of chasing Tigger & BEC around The Bend. We’ve taken you down dusty roads, to switchbacks chasing elk, to fishing big waters and even taken ya’ll along into the Rodeo Arena. AND THAT’s why you never know what’s Coming Around The Bend! SPOTLIGHT EASY BAKING RECIPE! Desserts ANYONE can make... Have you seen the latest trend on TikTok? Forget the water, TikTok creators like @jordan_the_stallion8, have been testing out the trend. Instead Mixing a ¼ cup of Dr. Pepper soda pop to a boxed brownie mix and an egg, bake like usual and you’ve got Pop Brownies… Well BEC hates to bust the bubble on this so-called “NEW TREND”! Our cabin master of the Dutch oven, aka Tigger, has been using soda or pop in his cakes for years when cooking over the fire! Tigger makes amazing desserts by simply melting butter on the bottom of a hot Dutch oven, adding the dry cake mix and pouring over the top a can of soda or pop, covering with the lid, and setting on the hot embers or coals. Don't forget to add those hot embers/coals on top of the lid too!! Want a cobbler?? Toss in a can of your favorite canned fruit canned pie filling and BOOM - You have a Dutch Oven Cobbler! Tigger isn’t the only one making delicious desserts using a can of soda pop. Head to for our good friend, Kent Rollins the Cowboy Chef and another lover of the dutchoven to grab his recipe and watch his easy “HOW TO” for an easy Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler. FEATURE BACKPACKING FOOD THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU For everyone who’s dreamt of packing into the backcountry from just wanting to hike, camp, fish, or hunt. Keeping that pack light, yet filling it with food that will keep energy up while not taking up space or adding weight can be a tricky feat. BEC dives into simple, basic tips to survive that first trip. The key is to begin planning now, weeks before you head out on that trip. It’s always tempting to head online and purchase pre-packaged meals, and freeze-dried foods that claim to taste great, weigh almost nothing while the ratio of carbs or protein is needed for physical activity. The oversight comes when not having tried them first at home! Adding in miles of physical activity first off we know often causes the body not just to burn up calories fast, but also can accelerate the process of digesting food and the need for #2 quickly (yup, we’re talking poop)!! Before being stuck on the trail with food that might be healthy but doesn’t necessarily agree with your stomach right off the bat, you’ll want to start adjusting your diet now and trying these tips BEC offers in this episode! SAVING WEIGHT The pack gets heavy fast, and especially when needing to stay hydrated too. Think food that can be consumed, the wrapping be burned or easily packed out and keep your energy intact. Believe BEC, it is not as easy as it sounds yet it can BE EASY to do with a little preparation and DIY R&D (aka research & development). We’re telling you, TRY everything you have before you pack your ride to head out to the backcountry. BEC was raised on a large ranch, has been a certified trail guide, packed in and elk hunted the backcountry. She is seasoned on what to know, but as one “never knows what’s truly around the bend” believes strongly you can never over-prepare. Do not make planning a headache either, have fun and make it a family adventure so that even if loved ones cannot join on this adventure they will still feel as thou they are part of the excitement! NEWS BULL RIDING...


The Backcountry - What To Know Now & Pro Fishing Walleye Tips

Episode 149 Details How did you wrap up summer, say goodbye, and Hello to Fall? For many, us included as trees have started to turn, and archery season opens, feel that Labor Day weekend is - The Start To Days of Fall. Tigger & BEC decided to do a “Day RoadTrip” on that Sunday of the long holiday weekend. As let's be real, on this outfit there's no such thing as a "long weekend". These crazy cats took off with the truck loaded with kayaks, and fishing gear and traveled their “own backyard” meaning, stayed within state lines. Driving around a massive lake the two know very well, came upon not one but TWO bays new to them and had vacant beaches. Instead of unloading the gear, Tigger & BEC on the LAST hot day of summer jumped in the lake, enjoying just playing and swimming while soaking up the sun. SPOTLIGHT FAN MAIL We received lots of “Fan Mail” after last week’s show when we talked about the recent backcountry expedition done by experienced outdoorsmen who had 3 pack horses tumble 80 feet and thankfully survive! We heard lots of comments, Want to give a shoutout to one listener, Scott Middleton from Alberta, CA - He shared photos of his Tennessee Walkers that they use on rougher terrain. Another listener texted in that he appreciated us sharing about transporting feed across state lines for horses (or any livestock). This individual was stopped and had feed checked for noxious weeds prior to being allowed to enter the national forest. Before heading to the backcountry including the national forests or grasslands, if you are crossing state lines it is highly recommended to contact your local veterinarians as Coggins tests, health certificates or even brand releases may be required as well as contact all states you Game and Fish departments you will be traveling through to your final destination. NEWS PADDLEBOARD FISHING Experienced Connecticut fisherman Eddie Carroll went viral in the fishing world when while fishing off his 12-foot paddleboard. What caused the excitement, off the coast of Madison in the Long Island Sound he hooked a large catch, so big that it began dragging him and the paddleboard. After fighting this monster fish for over an hour, he reeled up to the paddleboard a massive brown shark. Thinking smartly so folks would believe his “Catch Of The Day”, or catch of the year in our book… Eddie Carroll was able to turn on his phone to start recording as evidence to prove the catch. It was figured to roughly be an 8-foot Brown Shark, in which this fisherman did cut the line for the next lucky angler. We’ve got the video - Head to to watch this INCREDIBLE catch of a lifetime! ANIMALS DON’T STOP FOR PASSPORT CONTROL According to NPR - Apparently Wild or not, animals don't stop at passport control, including the reindeer that graze on the border of Norway and Russia. Forty-two crossed into Russia, and now the Norwegian government has to pay Russia for the loss of grassland - more than $4,000 per reindeer. The animals are just going where the grass takes them, I guess. So now Norway is repairing an old fence there to try to rein in their deer… like that pun.. but on a serious note… Norwegian officials, according to Fox 5 NY, state the work of building and fixing the border fence is a challenge, as the workers have to stay on the Norwegian side of the border "AT ALL TIMES" during construction, which as you can imagine is making the work extra demanding. As for example; If a worker crossed into Russian territory, without a Russian visa, that would amount to illegal entry. These reindeer have truly stirred the pot or shaken up a hornets' nest as Russia has sent two compensation claims thus far. One claim is for $ 4,700 USD per reindeer that crossed into Russia to graze in a nature reserve. In addition, the second claim is asking for a lump sum of nearly $4.4 million in total for the days the animals grazed in the nature reserve park, which consists mostly of lakes, rivers, forests, and...


Sitting Down With SAGE NEWMAN - Rodeo, Ranching & The Outdoors

This week we talk rodeo, ranch life, and the outdoors with PRCA Pro Rodeo Saddle Bronc current World Leader Sage Newman. Hear where you’ll find him when not in the arena. Back to school, we share why not to put the fishing poles away plus we tackle news. AND before you head out on that dream backcountry hunting trip - you need to hear this story and the tips learned from experience. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Episode 148 Details Labor Day Weekend!! For some, it rings the end of Summer…One last family campout or lake weekend before winterizing everything if you live here in a true four seasons climate. For others, especially those of us into archery, it rings in the beginning of that hunting season as almost across the country as a whole; whether it be deer to the western rugged states with elk, the scouting has truly kicked off, packs are loaded and hikes to stands or blinds is on… AND FOR THOSE we wish you a SUCCESSFUL but most importantly Memorable Season! SPOTLIGHT Pack Horses Miraculously Survive 80-Foot Fall from Wilderness Trail “Alone” alumni Cade Cole and Jordan Jonas had a seriously close call when three of their packhorses tumbled off the trail and into the steep timber According to Outdoor Life, Seasoned outdoorsmen, Cade Cole & Jordan Jonas with horse-packing experience were on their way to meet a group of clients for a survival course at the time of the accident. (Jonas, who won Season 6 of “Alone,” hosts survival and backcountry skills courses.) The horses were loaded down with cookware, camping gear, and other equipment. The area they were riding to was so remote, that the clients were flown in on a bush plane while the guides made the 32-mile trek in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness on the Montana-Idaho border. And like many of us with horses, they are like members of one's family. Luckily at the time of the horses' horrific fall, neither rider was atop their mounts. One of the horses acted up crossing a steep area, with a washout on a trail causing all three horses tied to one another to tumble. The men were able to with the use of rope lines climb down to the horses and quickly using their survival skills make ties and pulleys to secure two of the horses caught, rolling the horses back onto their feet to slide down to get their footing. Miraculously none of the horses were hurt. But this is a GREAT reminder for all who have dreamt of exploring the backcountry. The importance of staying calm in a stressful situation, not just for one's own safety but to keep the animals calm as well. Think clearly. We are happy this pair and their mounts survived however watching the video is extreme. If you go to; you’ll see some of the footage that Jordan Jonas caught on camera of the horses falling, beware it is graphic. And again, do your diligence and be prepared beyond for all unknowns when heading out this fall into the backcountry on foot or using pack horses and mules. BEC shares tips for those who have never attempted hunting or exploring the backcountry, but dreamt of doing so on horseback. The guidance and thoughts shared are very smart and basic. A must-listen! MEET SAGE NEWMAN While BEC was on one of her recent “Catch BEC If You Can” ( #catchBECifyoucan ) adventures, her being a PRCA Pro Rodeo Music Director takes her to some great rodeos which leads to meeting amazing individuals paving the way in the rodeo world. This trip was no different. Sage Newman, Current PRCA World Saddle Bronc Leader on the road to making his 3rd Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) appearance, took time to visit with BEC (aka Rebecca Wanner). We learn there is more to this cowboy than riding broncs and making 8 second rides that score big. Sage Newman hails from Melstone, Montana where he grew up on his family’s ranch. When not chasing the next rodeo, this man...


How To Keep Pushing The Limits In Life

Taking time to make memories, learn a skill, or join a club or organization is the theme this week. Hear how to push the limits in life. Expand horizons and one can always set goals. Plus even going to toss in the number one tip when it comes to grilling. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC' and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Episode 147 Details Tigger and BEC were able to slip away on a vacation! Yes, get off the ranch. They were Lake Michigan bound on the Wisconsin coastline. While their Tigger was able to for the first time partake in Lake Michigan salmon fishing, something that BEC has enjoyed many times over the years and was happy for Tigger to have the chance to try. Great family fun, he was joined by nephews and learned quickly how fishing with down riggers is a whole new ball game. SPOTLIGHT: 4-H Taylor Downing from Fairfield North Dakota shares how 4-H has been an integral part of her life. During not just elementary and high school, but also thru her college years. She shares how livestock showing taught skills that will continue through life as well as friendships made too. '4-H: Providing Youth Development, Mentorship & Education.' Both BEC & Tigger are advocates of 4-H as both were active in youth. For the third year in a row, the couple emceed and were master of ceremonies for the North Dakota 4-H Public Leaders Livestock Competition this summer. An event that brings well-known public figures from the state to learn from 4-H youth how to show and give reasons in a timed event in which these leaders must use the skills learned and compete in an actual “Showmanship Event”. 4-H is for all demographics and is an organization that strives to bring together youth from agriculture backgrounds to the city or suburbs, to unite in a positive, learning atmosphere that will provide lifelong skills and build friendships. This year both Jeff 'Tigger' Erhardt and Rebecca 'BEC' Wanner were recognized and given an award by North Dakota State University, President David Cook, for their ongoing support of 4-H and youth development during the North Dakota State Fair. They were humbled, and speechless as well as a tear was shed by BEC. Both have a passion for our youth and agriculture; and strive to lead by examples of how we can impact anyone at any age. Thank You NDSU, NDSU Extension and 4-H for this acknowledgement. PUSHING THE LIMITS FEATURE: LeighAnn Skurupey This woman shares how she continues to push the limits. Her backstory includes how early in life she was diagnosed with a heart condition did not keep her throughout life from becoming an adventurist. LeighAnn is an example of how no matter the challenge, we have the strength internally to overcome fears and look them in the eye. In this episode, LeighAnn shares learning how she learned to swim later in life. This now has led her to have eyes set on hopes to compete in Iron Man competitions to eventually qualify for the Boston Marathon in the future. LeighAnn Skurupey is a highly educated individual, she has a Ph.D. in Animal Science and works with North Dakota State University in 4-H Youth Development. A frequent to the show, as this woman empowers men, women, and youth to never stop, you can achieve your goals! DID YOU KNOW TRIVIA White-faced capuchin monkeys greet each other by sticking their fingers up each other’s noses. (How can you not laugh at that fact!) Gummy bears were originally called “dancing” bears. The hagfish is the only animal that has a SKULL but no SPINE. People weigh less if they stand at the equator than if they stand at the North or South poles. COOKING GRILLING TIP BEC's best tip of the week for conquering the GRILL when it comes to meats and vegetables is to make sure, "The Grill Is HOT!" Once the food is tossed on the grill, turn down the temp, but to ensure you get that great 'sear' on the beef or chicken to even...


Flies Biting Your Dogs? Answers here. Big Game Hunting Tags

Are the flies bugging your dogs and horses? We hear this veterinarian's take on fly control and prevention. Dig into Big Game hunting applications and tag understanding of a Lottery Tag versus Over the Counter Tag. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Episode 146 Details Unsuccessful big game hunting lottery draws again for us, Tigger & BEC. As luck would have it for the second year in a row, neither of us will be Antelope hunting in 2023. Just scouting and hunting with the camera. Big Game Hunting is about to get underway. Depending on your state. For example, if in the eastern part of the country where whitetail may be more plentiful such as Missouri. Units, tags, there may be no reason to apply and just buy over the counter. However big game the further west you travel, often the more tricky it becomes. Every state regardless of its Big Game population varies on regulations and these change from year to year. A lottery just to simplify further is as it sounds. Say for example in a particular unit there are 100 resident bull elk tags offered and a thousand resident hunters apply. The success of drawing a tag is 10 percent. Some states in an attempt to even up the lottery may offer “Bonus Points” or “Preference Points”. Now our explanation is just a general explanation. Again EVERY STATE IS DIFFERENT so this is just an attempt to simplify understanding the basics. If you were unsuccessful in winning a lottery tag then next year at application time you would get your name entered in with your current application and then again as many times as you’ve earned “Points” for past attempts at winning at tag. This can be done for a multitude of species and for both residents and non-residents. Again, all rules, laws, and regulations are dependent upon the state. OUTDOORS & WESTERN LIFESTYLE NEWS HEADLINES MISSED: PHONES & BATHROOMS, WHY THEY DO NOT MIX According to Saama TV, doctors are warning people not to use their phones while sitting on the toilet. YouGov revealed in a recent study that 57% of people while sitting on the toilet, use their phone. How does the medical field feel about phone usage while on the toilet? Doctors are not in favor of using your phone while on the toilet, and it’s not totally for the reasons you make think… meaning unsanitary. The warning is that long periods of time on the phone while sitting on the toilet can lead to painful and enormous hemorrhoids due to the straining and pressure. Not a fun topic or picture to think of while we bring this up, but there ya have it. Keep those phones for calling/texting family and friends and snapping those memorable moments… and OUT of the bathroom! EMBED: TARANTULAS? WATCH YOUR STEP There have been recent headlines coming out of Kansas already warning of Tarantula Season is almost upon us in September. I had never heard of this or REALIZED that tarantula’s where common in Kansas and Colorado. According to KAKE News, these tarantula spiders can be so thick along roadways and highways near Medicine Lodge in September on can actually hear their body crunching under tires!! UGH! The Texas Brown Tarantula has a leg span of about 4 to 5 inches and is considered to be the largest spider in Texas. EMBED: GARLIC AS PET FLY CONTROL We have been battling flies (Fly - Order: Diptera; Phylum: Arthropoda) around the ranch. They have become worse at bothering the dogs, especially flies chewing on the dogs' ears. Then also the horses seem to have no relief and now are covered with fly eggs. This spurred BEC into researching alternative uses for fly control. A popular one that we...


Why To Road Trip Now To This Cowboy Destination & More

ROAD Trip Now! WHY? Cooler temps, no crowds. Hear about this cowboy destination recently visited that you need on your travel bucket list and a new TV Show to go along with it. Plus upsetting news of another walleye fishing cheater scandal has made headlines. And a familiar store is revived in time for Back To School Shopping. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Episode 145 Details BEC and Tigger kick off today’s episode by chatting about the game draws that will be coming through across the country. Unfortunately, BEC is not going moose hunting this year and Tigger’s draw has yet to be determined so stay tuned for that update! Fishing & Hunting News In other fishing and hunting news, here is what you missed: Fishing Tournament Cheating Scandals One sure would have thought lessons were learned after last year's infamous Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament scandal last September. That ignorant decision of filling their caught walleye with lead weights resulted in the two men pleading guilty to felony charges of cheating and a misdemeanor count of illegal animal ownership after they were found to have used weights to make their walleye catches appear heavier. Both men were sentenced to 10 days in jail, fined $2,500 each, had fishing licenses suspended for 3 years, and had to forfeit the boat used in the tournament valued at $130,000. We are sad to say, lessons in cheating have not been learned. According to, during the last weekend in July, a competitor in the Bart’s Cove Walleye Duel held on Lake Erie, was caught messing with walleye catch weights. This time found to have stuffed the walleyes for weigh-in with more walleye. YES, you that’s what you read. On the line this time around was an all-inclusive fishing trip to Panama valued at $14,500. Small price to pay in our book, for the individual whose name we are leaving out at this time as the man is claiming "not guilty" has now been a headline across the outdoors world. At the weigh-in when the judge cut open two of the fish, the walleye were filled with smaller fish that had holes in their lips. Now we all know that fish eat fish, however, what really made it suddenly suspicious that this was another Cheater Scandal, was finding a 12” walleye that had 3” of its tail cut off before being stuffed down one of the walleye weighed. On top of that, the smaller fish inside of both walleye were not in any type of "digestive state". The investigation is now in the hands of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and The Bend Show will be paying close attention to not just how this story ends but also how tournaments across the nation will adjust their rules and regulations moving forward. HEAT CHECK We’re all tired of talking about the excessive heat, but after an accident of a different kind and how technology is continuing to control our lives. Felt this here story was one that EVERYONE needs to be aware of… An Arizona man was recently trapped inside his Tesla after a HOT 110-degree Arizona day caused the car’s battery to MELT. Yes, Melt. The Peoria, Arizona man was then trapped in the car which quickly became an Oven as the internal temperature rose quickly. Since the battery was melted, the car’s doors would not open, windows could not be rolled down, and had to now to access the dead computer that runs the car. He was trapped for 20 minutes until his sister whom he called was able to save him by using the Tesla app to prompt the car to open the passenger door. ABC 15 Investigators dug into this a bit more, turns on the Tesla Owners Manual there is outlined a manual exit option on the Tesla in case a battery failure occurs. However, it sounds like there have been many complaints filed against the car manufacturer. Ya know, back in the day, one used to keep in their car a pointed hammer or...


Place Trail Cameras Here In Hot Weather & SHOP NOW This Outdoors Gear

Trail Cameras! What you need to do now and know if using cameras for patterning wildlife with consideration to your weather conditions. And we have the Outdoors items to be shopping for while Back To School Shopping. Plus we share a twist on the latest trend going viral, Lemonade Marinade, you will want our recipe for Lemonade Marinade Grilled Chicken. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! EPISODE 144 DETAILS BEC & Tigger kick off a packed show filled with Outdoors Deals to shop for now, how heat can affect our wildlife tracking, and dig into a hot trending recipe that's gone viral on all of social media. SPOTLIGHT BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING… This means now is when to do your Christmas shopping or shopping for those items we will need or use next year come summer. The discounts and clearance Outdoors items have been showing up. So what we are saying is NOW is the time while shopping for back to school to be cruising the clearance aisles of your favorite stores too. We just gave you the excuse to look at more outdoors equipment. You might be finding deals on tents to sleeping bags, coolers, etc. Shop for those items that you found were super helpful this summer and will want for next year, and instead retire and toss out then what is worn out. There’s no reason to keep around, take up space equipment “for a rainy day” when you might find a better deal now, and then you will be ready come next spring and summer. Another idea is to be considering these items as Christmas gifts. Plan now ideas of say trips next summer or fun backyard activities to do with the kids. An example is to buy discounted sleeping bags for kids, then give these as gifts at Christmas telling the recipient how you want them to get excited and be prepared for once tenting season comes along next season. PLUS as a bonus, if you live someone that lives in colder temps or receives lots of snow; meaning “Snow Days” occur now you’ve given kids a gift too that they can “Practice Camping” within the living room on those days stuck at home or indoors. We have done this too with small 1-2 man tents, set them up for kids to watch movies from in the house when we can’t go outside. But our SECRET is that Tigger & BEC purchase all of these outdoors items now when everything is on clearance! NEWS DNR UPDATES After a hardship on wildlife, especially in western big game states, verify the areas you plan to hunt in the coming months. Reports are being received across the nation on different states' DNR's issuing new regulations. Know before you go. HEATWAVE ON WINE It’s been reported by KSBY that America’s current heatwave is not just affecting people and pets; but also wreaking havoc on California’s wineries. Everything these winemakers can do to keep wines at appropriate temperatures is being done including putting ice packs around bottles of red’s so that these wines do not get hot and ruined. MAPLE SPAM For all the SPAM fans, you are in luck, there is a new flavor in the house! Hormel has launched SPAM Maple Flavored, and it is retailing for $3.58. Hormel the makers of SPAM claim this is the perfect combination of sweet and savory to that kicks up any recipe. SPAM, “The Meat of many uses!”. TRAIL CAMERA PLACEMENT Hunting, Hunter, or Wildlife Patterns; Temperature Matters Using trail cameras has become so popular over the years that we hear of hunters at times even leaving them up year around. If you are NOT one of those that have your trail cam up year around or you ARE one of those that do. You are going to find this insight from one of our Bend Field Staffers - Travis Theel, Guide, Outfitter and host of the YouTube Channel Buckstorm very interesting. Are you placing your trail cameras in the right locations at the moment? Food for thought. Have you...


Hunting Prep Starts Now. Why To Beware of Mating Season

Hunting is right around The Bend. Learn what you need to be doing now to be ready and how the big game numbers are looking. Mating season, we share what animals to avoid and enjoy from afar. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! EPISODE 143 DETAILS BEC & Tigger intro the show reminding all that we know everyone is hitting the lakes, rivers and pool trying to stay cool; but beware of others. Watchout for each other, studies have recently showed that much fewer people know how to swim then in previous generations. Stay cool, Stay safe. Welcome to your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet, The Bend Radio Show & Podcast available on SiriusXM Rural Radio Channel 147, AM / FM Radio, and on all Podcast Players. SPOTLIGHT Dinner in The Dark?? A New Jersey chef has launched a new promotion called “Dinner in the Dark” at his restaurants! WHAT a fun idea!? If you dare… Chef David Burke blindfolds diners before serving them a five-course meal. Approximately 12 or 15 years ago during a Wine & Food Festival, David Burke, had tried the idea and it didn’t go so well. HOWEVER he never let go of the concept and has now launched these unique dinner experiences. An example of a meal is of course while blindfolded, diners have been served truffles, puree, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, cookies, parfaits and candied fruit. The dinner costs $100. NOW we’ve brought you this creative concept from Chef David Burke, so now I’m going to challenge you and your cooking skills. On your next family dinner, campout or dinner party; consider doing something of the “like”. Let’s see first how TRUSTWORTHY you are deemed by your friends and family, but then also, I see this as a fantastic way fun way to have a dinner conversation like no other plus puts your cooking skills to the test! NEWS TRY THAT IN A SMALL TOWN After the Jason Aldean backlash across the nation by some, according to Whiskey Riff; Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean’s Nashville restaurant has removed CMT from their televisions after CMT announced it would no longer be airing Aldean’s video for “Try That In A Small Town.” A statement was released by E3 Chophouse saying as follows, “We stand with Jason! E3 supports the small town because that is who we are! We will not air CMT at any of our restaurants until a formal apology is made and Jason’s music video is reinstated.” We too are in support of Jason Aldean, love his hit song that has been playing on country radio for months alre ady. Whether you are from a small town or not, we all strive to be better people and live in a community that supports one another. That’s America. Head to our website to watch Jason Aldean’s video for his latest hit, “Try That In A Small Town.” EMBED FACEBOOK POST: EMBED ALDEAN VIDEO: MATING SEASON We have all seen the jokes, the funny memes of Don’t Pet the Fluffy Cow… So in case you have not heard, two national parks thus far in recent weeks have had horrific incidents regarding people and bison or buffalo. The woman in North Dakota visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park is recovering from injuries to her stomach and foot after having been charged. In Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, there a bison gored a woman. Please Please, regardless if you are familiar with these types of animals, new to the terrain, landscape or otherwise these are great reminders. It is Mating Season across many areas for a diverse group of animals, not just bison or buffalo. Big Game to livestock such as bulls breeding cattle. Do not cross fences, do not tempt fate! PUMPKIN SPICE BEER? Ready or not, those fans or haters of Pumpkin Spice; there is a new brew of another kind about to hit the shelves while it’s still HOT...


How To Season Meat Like A Chef & Fly Fishing Firsts

Have you wanted to give Fly Fishing a try? We talk about what to expect for first-time fly fishing! Do you love cooking meat but have trouble getting the seasoning right? We’ve got an insight into why and how the chefs season beef to venison to chicken to fish and more. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE 142 DETAILS BEC & Tigger intro the show, sharing that Tigger has had his gallbladder removed. He is now recovering slowly and will be watching his diet and will need to slowly reintroduce foods. Health is upon us to monitor. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves as there are no other more valuable assets in your operation, in your business, or to your family. Please use this as a reminder to do wellness checks yearly! Welcome to your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet, The Bend Radio Show & Podcast available on SiriusXM Rural Radio Channel 147, AM / FM Radio, and on all Podcast Players. SPOTLIGHT It’s Hot, Kids are getting antsy, and parents or the sitter's nerves may seem frayed and wondering what to do with them. Turns out that instead of tossing a new video game or downloading another app for kids to play… Pull out the Board Games! Scientists studied several groups of 9-year-olds only to discover that hands down, children that played board games had higher math scores than those who did not. Board Games enhanced not just mathematical abilities for young children, but also improved strategy effects on basic and complex math skills, plus added to positive cognitive and developmental skills. So there ya have it! Pull out the Monopoly, The Game of Life Game or one of our favorites, especially if you grew up on a farm or ranch, the Farming Game and let the kids go wild! NEWS Iceland - If venturing to Iceland anytime soon and want an experience as unique as can be… For $400 per night, you can spend the night in the middle of an Iceland Forest inside a bubble. Yes, that's correct BUBBLE. The Buubble by Airmango offers guests the opportunity to sleep in bubbles that are heated, have electricity, a king size bed with bedding, a lamp, and a small bench with a nearby cabin offering bathrooms and other amenities. This has BEC wondering, what can she charge for sleeping on her picnic table with an air mattress… Food for thought. Aspartame, Healthy or Not? The World Health Organization is reviewing if they may soon label the artificial sweetener Aspartame as a possible carcinogen. Aspartame is used to sweeten Diet Coke, Coke Zero, chewing gum, breakfast cereals, ice cream, and Diet Snapple for example. It’s also known as NutraSweet, Equal, and Sugar Twin. Regardless of the decision, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on those “ingredient labels” when grocery shopping! Beer For A Better Tan? Have you heard of this latest Tik Tok trend, pouring beer on oneself in order to achieve a better tan? If you have or have not, this is a HECK NO from BEC. Experts have weighed in on this trend and it has been debunked. The Beer has of course NO SPF protection and actually ATTRACTS bugs and bees. Be Safe - Smear on the Sunscreen and Drink the Beer! Bunny Take Over The New York Post has reported that Wilton Manors, Florida is being overrun by Lionhead Rabbits. A bunny breeder in Fort Lauderdale illegally let loose the rabbits before they started multiplying on the street. Hundreds of rabbits are now living in the backyards of homes in Wilton Manors. The bunnies have a shaggy mane and resemble lions. Some families are feeding the rabbits while others consider them a nuisance as the bunnies are digging holes in the nice lawns. The estimated cost to catch and rehome the rabbits would be $40,000. If you’ve not heard of the Lionhead rabbits before, here’s a little more insight....


How To Hook The Fish In The Weeds? Beware Of These Health Alerts

From Rodeo Action taking place to Fishing tips to keep you landing the big ones from Pro Angler Johnnie Candle to health alerts for anyone that enjoys the outdoors. We dive into travel and outdoors news, a health watch, and a mustard food trend. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE 141 DETAILS Welcome to your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet, The Bend Radio Show & Podcast available on SiriusXM Rural Radio Channel 147, AM / FM Radio, and on all Podcast Players. BEC & Tigger dive into the dog days of summer as they are upon us. There's a new study from Harvard University that dogs are 11% more likely to bite on a sunny or hot day than on a rainy day. Remember, if you are feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather months so are our pets. Always have available shade, fresh cool water and give them less activity. SPOTLIGHT Our Spotlight shines this week on the National High School Finals Rodeo taking place as we speak in Gillette, Wyoming. “75 Years of Roping, Riding and Mentorship” is the theme as Top Cowboys & Cowgirls compete in the 75th Anniversary of this epic event, the National High School Final Rodeo. Deemed the “World's Largest Rodeo”, the NHSRA Finals features more than 1,700 contestants representing 44 states, and 5 Canadian Provinces, as well as coming from as far as Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. These top-notch Cowboys and Cowgirls are competing for more than just huge cash and prizes, but also there is more than $375,000 in college scholarships and hope to be named the National High School Finals Rodeo World Champion. Events include: Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding in the rough stock events where 8 seconds never took so long. Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Steer Wrestling, Goat Tying, and Pole Bending in the timed events where SECONDS, hundredths of a second can make or break the win! Cutting & Reining Cow Horse top the Judged Events. Plus the annual Queen competition… And LASTLY an added competition over recent years; that has us here at The Bend Show extremely excited is Shooting Sports. Included are competitions in the rifle .22 caliber and shotgun trap shooting. “Life Long Sports” being recognized on a national level for our youth always is a thumbs up on this outfit. We wish ALL contestants competing as we speak, having traveled near or far, to make the most memorable time while in Gillette, Wyoming! NEWS Taiwan - Has a new dish that everyone’s excited about!! I could see some of our southeastern fans already ahead of the game on this Trending Food Dish. The dish is Frog Ramen, it’ll cost you about $8 American money, and is ramen noodles served with a whole frog on the top. The broth, liquid contains scallion onions and clams. Now I do enjoy Frog Legs… and love ramen, however at this point, I’ll be passing on this delicacy of a dish for now! iPhone Alert Launched - The Apple iPhone has gained a new feature called the “Screen Distance” alert. This alert will sound if the iPhone is held too close to your face. Apple says, “Increasing the distance the device is viewed from can help children lower their risk of myopia and gives adult users the opportunity to reduce digital eye strain.” Think about it, have you been dealing with symptoms that could be from using your smartphone too close? Apple has also stated, “Screen Distance in Screen Time uses the TrueDepth camera to encourage users to move their device farther away after holding it closer than 12 inches from their face for an extended period of time.” Deodorant - Yay or Nay when spending time outdoors? Current Biology Journal has published a new study revealing that wearing deodorant reduces the risk of mosquito bites by 56%. Mosquitoes can pick up body odor 350 feet away!...


How A New Career Path Can Pave The Way

Career paths can be a hard decision. Hear one woman’s story on how she is breaking the rules, and taking her family’s business to the next level by her paving the way. We dive into travel and outdoors news, food trends, and country entertainment & western shopping. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! EPISODE 140 DETAILS Lots is covered in this episode in your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet on The Bend Show available on SiriusXM, AM / FM Radio, and as a podcast. BEC & Tigger dive into news headlines and a story of a gal that's pushing the limits with her career in order to keep the family business strong! SPOTLIGHT Gift Certificates… Still Good! We want to give a shout-out to the Muehlebach Hotel in Kansas City, MO. Tim and Melinda O’Brien stayed at this hotel the first night of their marriage in 1983. When sifting thru old photos, the groom came upon a gift certificate in a keepsake box from their wedding 40 years ago. The voucher read, “The Muehlebach Lifetime Honeymoon Certificate” and that “This certifies that anytime you stay at the Muehlebach during your anniversary month, your room rate will be the same as your original honeymoon rate.” The coupon also showed that the O’Briens had paid $38 to stay for one night in Room No. 314 at the Muehlebach Hotel. Upon finding this certificate, Tim O’Brien gave it a 50-50 chance that the hotel now under new management would consider honoring the certificate and decided to contact the hotel located in Downtown Kansas City and surprise his bride 40 years later. Luck was in his favor, the management agreed this was such a neat story. The same room that was then $38 and all the couple could afford for a one-night honeymoon as they were both college students, now holds a nightly rate closer to $250. Congratulations to the O’Briens on 40 years and if you’re passing thru Kansas City and would like to stay there as well as this hotel has quite a bit of history, it was a favorite of President Harry S Truman as well as the Beatles were said to have stayed. If you’re interested too in staying at the historic Muehlebach Hotel, it now operates under the name Kansas City Marriott Downtown. NEWS Australia - An American tourist recently got into a fight with a kangaroo while visiting a Wildlife Park in Australia. The kangaroo had been following a woman and child when the American intervened to ward off the kangaroo. This resulted in the American tourist and the kangaroo getting into a boxing match... with the kangaroo trying to drop-kick the tourist! The woman that had been followed, being a Mom as she is, walked up to the fighting kangaroo, scolding it harshly, causing the kangaroo to stop fighting and scurry off… Guess a Mother’s yell works on more than just the kids! Texas - A female angler recently ended an excellent day of fishing, walking away with a largemouth bass catch of a lifetime. Lea Anne Powell landed this trophy fish on Ivie Lake near San Angelo, Texas. The International Game & Fish Association (IGFA) certified the largemouth bass weighing in at 12 lbs 3oz as the new World Record for the 12lb line weight class. According to KETK, Lea Anne Powell’s lunker was caught on 10-pound Seaguar Red Label line and is considered the biggest largemouth bass ever caught for the line class of 12 pounds. Congrats Lea Anne Powell! Traveling Heads Up.. on this story, and could happen in a number of situations not just the one I’m about to share… Heading to Miami where an exotic dancer was arrested for stealing $62,000 from a potential client. The exotic dancer kept pouring tequila shots down her to be client’s throat. SO as you can imagine the man became so intoxicated that he could not even stand. She then stole the man’s phone and wallet, and she transferred $62,000 total between his Chase, Wells Fargo and American Express accounts!! Police did arrest her,...


Here Is How To Enjoy The Fourth Of July Outdoors

National Headlines this week had all eyes on the hunter, Carson Wentz, the NFL Quarterback. We discuss the support from the Outdoors World. And Are you packed, loaded, and heading out for the Fourth of July? We are! Pro Fishing Tips are given plus a HOT rocking cooking trend that you will definitely want to give a try. This is Rebecca Wanner aka 'BEC; and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE 139 DETAILS Deer lottery and Elk or other big game lottery results are being announced. How have you faired in your state? Many states cut back on their license numbers for the big game tags due to the long winter this last year. Tigger & BEC were both surprisingly successful. Both Tigger & BEC were drawn for "any antlered buck tags" in their state. Having resident rifle buck tags means that they now are able to harvest either a mule deer buck or a whitetail buck. Were you successful? Have you noticed a drop in tags available for big game in your state? Big Game is considered such as deer, elk, moose, bear, and big horn sheep just to name a few. SPOTLIGHT Age is ONLY a number. Today we spotlight one woman that’s not spending her days bored sitting around the retirement home. 84-year-old Kim Knor of Grand Haven, Michigan spends her days skydiving instead. You heard right, Sky Diving. Kim Emmons Knor knew she wanted to skydive after her uncle brought home a military parachute from World War II. After forging her parents' signatures, Kim Emmons Knor made her first jump back in 1959. She then sold all her possessions and bought a Eurail Pass and an open-ended plane ticket so she could travel as a “Parachute Enthusiast”, visiting 21 countries. Kim Emmons Knor was one of only two women to compete against men in the 1961 Team Tryouts at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and in 1962 made history as a member of the first U.S Women’s Parachute Team and they won Gold! She has been inducted into the International Sky Diving Hall of Fame and Her long-time goal is to complete 1,000 skydives, currently, Kim Emmons Knor has 400 skydives to go to reach that goal! And last weekend, she completed 3 skydives! Can you imagine, 600 skydives completed? NOW that is pushing the limits and still doing so at 84 years of age! You’re an inspiration Mrs. Kim Emmons Knor NEWS Football Fans and Hunting Enthusiasts stood behind Carson Wentz, the NFL Quarterback when he made national headlines after returning from a Bucket List Alaskan Bear Hunt. The hunt was for an archery black bear and had been done so according to legal Alaska hunting laws. What made this National News was when Carson Wentz shared the success of his hunt on social media the non-hunters grabbed at the opportunity to “Hate” on an Outdoorsman. The social media instagram post Carson Wentz shared was captioned, “Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal!” Carson Wentz has never been afraid to share his love for the outdoors and of course, social media along with National News outlets had a hay day trying to drag hunting, the outdoors and this NFL player's name thru the mud. In BEC's opinion, this was a well-played move by Wentz to relate to other like-minded people as Carson Wentz is like many proud Americans that love the outdoors, hunting, and football. Congratulations Carson Wentz on your successful Alaskan Black Bear hunting adventure! Embed Instagram Post: Lab Grown Meat This next story, I’m touching on ONLY because it makes my blood boil. Not too often, you will hear me become opinionated; but this one I feel was very overlooked by major news outlets. Our attention was placed elsewhere is what I am saying, and owning...


Can You Live In an RV Full Time?

Has the thought of living life in an RV ever crossed your mind? We visit a retired man, boondock camping his way across the lower 48 states. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Show, your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle radio show for the latest news headlines. Plus we have Fourth of July must-have food trending treats! Be sure to tune into The Bend Show! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE DETAILS BEC & Tigger share how the Outdoors and the Western Lifestyle go hand in hand. One of the only national news broadcasting couples, not only brings the latest headlines but also shares how their life is similar to many. A recent incident the couple had happened on their ranch is shared. Our host, BEC, tells us how we never are too old or seasoned to have a "rookie mistake". After a typical day of hauling a long distance, pulling a 30-foot stock trailer, it was after a Long Day that she forgot the simplest of things. Tigger jumps in to share how BEC delivered horses home, however after unloading horses and being hot, and sweaty; BEC jumped into the pickup to move the trailer to unhook the rig only to forget to close the back trailer door! With Tigger running across the pasture, frantically waving and yelling; did BEC then realize her mistake. Thankfully the trailer and door were not wrecked but laughed saying, "Yup - we're never too good to not have a 'rookie mistake' and that we love our 'working pen woes'. As Tigger chimes in that they keep life real by working out relationship issues 'On-Air'. The Bend Show kicks off with laughs! SPOTLIGHT Road trips! Who doesn’t love Road Trips?! A new survey by Hi-Chew reveals that 66% of people say SNACKS can make or break a road trip. What says you?? I can completely agree with that! And get this 71% of people say road trips give them a hall pass to eat as many snacks as they like. Lastly, it’s almost a 3-way tie when breaking down a road trip on the “Best Parts” of a road trip. The snacks, The company traveling with, and the stops along with way!!! Now for that reason to “Road Trip”... Last week we shared that The Bend Show was giving away a pair of tickets to hear & see true American cowboy, former saddle bronc rider Chancy Willams as he kicks off the start of the historic 144th Annual Mandan Rodeo Days in North Dakota. Chancy Williams will be joined by the country duo Southerland and country artist Zach Thomas. Considered the oldest continuous rodeos, the Mandan Rodeo Days are three full days of PRCA top notch rodeo action held at the all-new Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arena at the Dakota Community Bank & Trust Rodeo Grounds in Mandan, North Dakota. Thank you ALL for texting and calling! It was fun sifting thru the entries. Who’s the winner?? Tracie Carlson from Minnesota! Pack the cowboy boots and enjoy your 4th of July in Western North Dakota! NEWS Ontario, Canada - They have landed themselves with a new Guinness World Record. A hiker found a 58-foot poison ivy plant (Toxicodendron). The leaves of the huge vine didn’t start to produce any leaves until 10 feet off the ground, making the plant identification a bit tricky. Guinness World Record Beef Wellington - Famous chef Gordon Ramsay has set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Beef Wellington! He along with several chefs spent hours preparing the monstrous 56 lb Beef Wellington. That is one dish that we have yet to have attempted to make. SOO If you have a solid, bulletproof recipe to share; please do. We would love to give it a whirl, make your Beef Wellington recipe and share our results on The Bend Show. Email with your recipe! Oklahoma - We never know what we may come across in the outdoors, being land or water. A man scuba diving recently in a Love County, Oklahoma lake had quite the surprise when he discovered a GAS GRENADE. The diver immediately surfaced and called the police. Deputies quickly arrived...


How To Cook Like Kent Rollins, Have Fishing & Wildlife Questions Answered

Listener Questions Are Answered. Past special guests including Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins, Pro Angler Johnnie Candle, and JB’s Wildlife Designs tackle cooking, fishing, and taxidermy questions. We have Outdoors news plus the latest food trends this summer! This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors & western lifestyle show The Bend Show! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE DETAILS BEC often thinks of June, as is National Outdoors Month (according to National Day Calendar)… That June is almost like a whole month of celebrating Fathers, Uncles, Grampas, and Friends... Anyone that’s taken the time to share, show all of us the Wonders of the Outdoors. For that reason, as you cherish loved ones still amongst us, or think of those that have passed, cherish those memories and continue to keep making new ones! This season so far we have had quite a few interesting guests, in case you’ve missed them. Famous Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins, who has just come out with a terrific new book EVERY kitchen and cabin needs - "Comfort Food The Cowboy Way". Then fishing expert, guide and 25-year veteran Professional Angler Johnnie Candle joined our crew, and lastly most recently up and coming Taxidermist Jake Faehnrich owner of JB’s Wildlife Designs. We are ALWAYS asking for your thoughts and comments, and when one asks, one receives! We’ve heard ya loud and clear and later in the show Tigger goes into ACTION and gets these guys on the phone to answer the questions. SPOTLIGHT We have got something SUPER exciting for ya all this week to spotlight. Who doesn’t like, LOVE a Giveaway?! Or a reason to “Road Trip”??... Maybe somewhere you’ve never been? If you are a rodeo fan and a country music fan? You will love this giveaway! The Bend Show has teamed up with the historic Mandan Rodeo Days, considered one of the oldest rodeos in the country. We are giving away a pair of free tickets to the kick-off concert with true American cowboy, and former saddle bronc rider, Wyoming's Chancy Williams. This will be an epic party in the dirt. Literally! Country Artist, Chancy Williams, will be center stage joined by the duo Southerland, and Zach Thomas on Friday June 30th in Mandan, North Dakota at the brand new Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arena at the Dakota Community Bank & Trust Rodeo Grounds to kick off the 144th Mandan Rodeo Days. This is a World-Class, Premiere event venue; that we are excited to have added to the Rodeo Scene. How fun is that? Interested? Ever thought of road-tripping to or thru the Dakotas? The Chancy Williams concert kicks off your Fourth of July with the next 3 nights of Top Notch PRCA rodeo action. Here we go, to enter the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Chancy Williams concert at the Mandan Rodeo Days, Call or Text 305-900-2363, and say/text: I LOVE “The Bend Show”, or something like that... Besure to leave, this is important, when calling or texting, leave your full name, phone number, and address so that we can get in touch with the winner! All entries are accepted starting June 17th thru June 22, 2023. A random winner will be chosen and announced on next week’s show (June 24th)!! Visit North Dakota this summer, and plan to catch the Chancy Williams Concert and the 144th Mandan Rodeo Days in North Dakota over the Fourth of July! NEWS Columbia - This was the biggest story last weekend, one that touched all heartstrings. Four children were found last weekend alive in a jungle in Columbia. The siblings had been missing for 40 days following a plane crash that took the life of their mother and pilots. The children were ages 13, 9, 4, and 11 months. They were able to stay alive thanks to the 13-year-olds knowledge of survivor skills. Small footprints were discovered at the crash site leading search teams to believe the children were still alive in the rainforest, which is home to jaguars, snakes, and other predators. The knowledge of fruits and jungle...


Love Wildlife? Taxidermy Makes A Trophy Into Artwork

Talking Taxidermy. How to make those wildlife trophies; big game to small game, birds to fish, even mountain lions, into works of art. Grace your walls with the memories of a lifetime. Next, now that we are all in the midst of WARM temperatures, having us all cooking outside; we share the latest 'smoking' trend using bacon. We share the latest in Outdoor News plus have your Travel and Entertainment headlines! This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors show The Bend Show! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend Show YouTube channel. EPISODE DETAILS Tightlines is what Tigger is bragging about to kick off The Bend Show. Recently BEC and Tigger loaded the kayaks and headed north to a local small fishing lake for a spur-of-the-moment, evening of fishing. As usual with these two, it immediately became competitive. Tigger with his fly rod and BEC using her trusty spinning reel paddled away and started tossing lines. The good news, neither were skunked. Tigger reeled in 33 fish to BEC's small catch of only six. A blast of fun was had landing sunfish, crappie and largemouth bass. The Bend Show kicks off! SPOTLIGHT Air Travel. Could these be trends we see elsewhere in the near future? Recently an Australian teen was charged $65 dollars for wearing an extra 13lbs of clothing to avoid the overweight luggage charges. Well this tried and true travel hack, that almost all of us have done so when flying, FAILED. The Australian airline still charged the teen for now wearing the extra 13 lbs of clothing the overweight luggage charge of $65. So we're telling you this as just in the last few weeks it’s been announced that Air New Zealand is now weighing passengers before flights! The airline has stated that they have added scales to their boarding areas because the data collected helps them improve their load control and are wanting customers to be reassured that there is no visible display anywhere. We know that there’s been a lot of airline issues over the last year; be sure to be keeping a close eye on your flights and small print as we head in various directions in the months to come, and know we will be keeping a close eye ourselves on the Flight Travel News. NEWS Cotton Candy-Flavored OREO Cookies Hitting the store shelves this week! Hurry though, as the Cotton Candy Flavored OREO cookies are for only a limited time. Perfect timing if you ask us as county fair season begins to really kick off for many! Cotton Candy-Flavored OREO cookies were last available a decade ago... Back in 2013. Calgary Stampede Rodeo In Canada The historic Calgary Stampede Rodeo runs this year from July 7th thru the 16th. The Calgary Stampede menu to grace the midway has been released and they want you to remember, in reference to the menu, “It’s not something you eat every day. It’s something you come to once a year.” New amongst other items throughout is this Hot Dog that is getting all the buzz. The big-ticket item will be the Jalapeno Cheddar Gut Buster which will set you back $100! The huge 12-inch smoked jalapeno cheddar dog is comprised of elk meat and aged wagyu beef marinated in an aged red wine for five days, sitting on a bed of Bundenerfleisch (which I’ve never had) on baked red pepper and sun-dried tomato ciabatta bun and topped with cheese, imported german sauerkraut, onions, and bell peppers. Now we know that a few of you that specialize in everything sausage to being grilling masters are thinking… hmm "I need to make my OWN TWIST on this $100 idea" for a hot dog. If you take in the Calgary Stampede, be sure to tag us in your pictures! Tag @thebendshow World’s Fastest Trash Can? Never knew there were fast Trash Cans until today! Michael Wallhead, a British Engineer, recently claimed the new world record when his motorized trash can topped out at 55mph beating the old record by 10 mph. The trash can was purchased on Facebook Marketplace for 25 bucks, then $900 was spent souping it up...


Plan Now To Fish In June, Here Is Why

EPISODE DETAILS Fisherman or not, this time of year in June there really isn’t a bad spot to toss a line. Pro Angler Johnnie Candle joins our crew. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff 'Tigger' Erhardt with the outdoors radio show The Bend. We have Outdoors news, spotlight grizzly sightings in Yellowstone, tell about a Ghost Town, plus have your Travel and entertainment headlines. Be sure to tune into The Bend Show! SPOTLIGHT In case you needed some extra good news today, The Queen of the Tetons is still with us. The famous grizzly named 399 emerged from hibernation. She’s the oldest known bear in the Yellowstone ecosystem, spanning 7 decades of records, to give birth at the age of 27. Queen of the Tetons, Grizzly 339 was photographed last month with a new cub at her side. AND This leads to a great reminder! MANY animals are now with or about to be with, their babies. From cubs to calves to fawns; never be “That Guy” approaching to try photographing wildlife. There’s always a joke or meme at this time of year, “Don’t Pet The Fluffy Cow” aka Buffalo or Bison. That holds true on anything from Moose, they are mean, to of course mountain lions to bears. Enjoy the view, Be in the Moment. Do not approach wild animals especially while with their young. NEWS Poor Driving Hereditary - NOW if you’ve got a family gathering in your near future? This may just be the topic that could “Stir the Pot” if you’re looking to get the goat of some people, or just have fun with a little debate. A study from Scrap Car Comparison has revealed that bad driving might be hereditary. 1,000 drivers were surveyed and was discovered that 66% of these drivers who had tickets also had parents with poor driving records. 50% of the drivers with poor driving parents have received at least one ticket in the past 10 years. 55% of people say that they LEARNED speeding from their parents and 49% of drivers say they learned Road-Raging from their parents…. BEC dares you to bring up THIS TOPIC at your next family bbq! LOL Looking to relocate? How about buy your own town? A Texas ghost town is up for sale for $100,000. The town of Lobo, Texas is located 20 miles from the Mexico border and has been abandoned since 1991. If interested, we wish you the best - the town contains a gas station, a motel, a grocery store and several empty homes. To the north of Lobo is Guatelupe National Park; to the south is Big Bend National Park. North Carolina - is where one man calls home, and this man has not used Toilet paper in ten years. Robin Greenfield of Asheville, NC claims he has not used TP since 2013 and instead uses Blue Spur Flower leaves because they are eco-friendly and the same size as a square of toilet paper. Mr. Greenfield went on to explain that the average American spends over $11,000 on tp over the course of their life. The Blue Spur Flower leaves he claims have a natural, minty scent, and are easy to grow. I’m just going to believe him on that one… and still expect Tigger to pack the biodegradable toilet paper. JOHNNIE CAMPBELL, PRO ANGLER Meet 30-plus-year veteran pro angler, Johnnie Campbell, as the newest member of The Bend Field staff. Growing up fishing on his father's charter boat on the Great Lakes honing his skills on Lake Erie's central basin. By age 21, Campbell had obtained his Master of Great Lakes US Coast Guard Captain's License, beginning his lifelong journey to becoming a Pro Angler, a Fishing Guide, and Sport Fishing Communicator. Since 1993, Campbell has made a career out of fishing. He has guided trips from Trout and Salmon in the Lower Niagara River, to Walleye in the Dakotas, to guiding on the Gulf of Mexico. Johnnie Campbell's pro angler stats are phenomenal having taken to competing at the highest level on the USFA, NAWA, PWT, MWC and NWT tournament fishing trails. We are excited to have him aboard the ship here at The Bend Show. Hear his story on how his successful career came to be, and remains a passion to this day....


It’s Branding Season!

It is branding season. Make those memories and of course enjoy the great food. It's still beef month so we have those recipes you have to try. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors radio show The Bend. We have a fun easy summer meal idea and your Travel headlines too. Be sure to tune into The Bend Show! BEEF MONTH May is BEEF Month, BBQ Month and all is fitting as Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off to camping season. We share beef tips and tricks that will have you making easy meals all summer long. RANCH LIFE The month of May is busy on a ranch as that is when the calving season in many states comes to an end. This also means that ranch work changes gears. Fences are to be mended. Bulls have been bought. Now cows with newborn calves must go through being “worked” to be ready for summer. This is all done during a “Branding”. BRANDING What some look forward to the most in the spring, or the whole year are brandings. (For BEC this is her highlight, Christmas!) Ranches chose their day, many neighboring ranches having held certain dates for years, or even generations. Your ranch’s branding is a special occasion. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, everyone will be dirty. Yes, you will feel full-filled from a hard hard day's work usually filled with antics and the socializing you have missed all these cold winter months. Cows with their newborn calves are gathered or a “round-up” is held. Sometimes a ranch or farm can gather with just a few people. Bigger outfits will have help coming with horses. Cows sorted from the calves. The cows are run through the chute, given proper inoculations, and poured for flies so that they are ready for breeding. Calves are then worked as well. Some ranches will use a calf table that flips the animal on its side while it is “worked”. Cattle Ranches like where BEC & Tigger were raised are still “Cowboy”. Cowboys and Cowgirls will arrive with ranch horses ready for a full day. The calves are still roped with two wrestlers holding the calf once caught. CAMARADERIE & FELLOWSHIP Once the hard day is over, there is a sense of freedom. The sense of pride in seeing a job well done with friends. At the conclusion of branding, that ranch or farm will host a dinner or supper. This is an opportunity to share over a home-cooked meal. It is also a time to relax and enjoy one another’s company. A time to reunite the neighborhood. Western Lifestyle & The Outdoors Tigger & BEC represent the Working Ranch world, Rodeo and the Western Way of Life as well as advocate for the Outdoors and Wildlife Conservation. In turn, this duo strives to provide the hunter, adventurer, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher & successful farmer with the knowledge, education, and tools needed to bring high-quality beef to your table for dinner. The understanding of the importance of sharing meals with family, cooking harvested wild game and fish from your adventures, and learning to understand the importance of making memories in the outdoors. United together, this duo offers a glimpse & speaks about the insight of what life truly is like at the end of dirt roads. Tigger & BEC look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and sharing in the journey of making your journey in life a success story. Field Reports or Comments Call or Text your questions, comments to 305-900-BEND or 305-900-2363 Or email FOLLOW Facebook/Instagram: @thebendshow SUBSCRIBE to The Bend YouTube Channel. Website: #catchBECifyoucan #tiggerandbec #outdoors #travel The Outdoors, Rural America And Conservation are Center-Stage. AND how is that? Because Tigger & BEC… Live This Lifestyle. Learn more about Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt & Rebecca Wanner aka BEC here:


Plan Now! Add These Adventures To Your Bucket Lists

Bucket List Adventures, Trips or Destinations. Hog hunts to the Northern Lights; we will have you adding new locations to your wish list or maybe kickstarting you to start planning that next hunting or fishing excursion. We have a fun easy summer meal idea and your Travel headlines too. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors radio show & podcast The Bend Show. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app and YouTube channel to never miss The Bend Show! SPOTLIGHT Spotlight is on Bucket List Vacation Adventures, Trips & Destinations! First off - what is on your bucket list? A recent study done by Fair FX was released with the Top 5 places people have on their Bucket lists. BEC's first question is to our listeners of The Bend, as we need to know if these are "ON" your wish list, and if not, what should be added. Send a Text to 305-900-2363, and we will talk about what OUR LISTENERS feel should be on the Bucket List. From driving the famous Route 66 to a Safari in Africa to seeing the Northern Lights, there are many adventures to be had. Road trip to Fly away to Sail away. This list shared is just the beginning of what may be of most interest to you personally, a trip to share with a friend or a trip of a lifetime with your family. There is much to see, learn and explore. OUTDOORS & TRAVEL NEWS HEADLINES FEATURE The winner of the Veteran or Active Military Texas Hog Hunt sponsored by The Bend Show and the nonprofit Over The Edge Outdoors was US Navy Vietnam Veteran, Craig Mergelman of Colorado. BEC and Craig visit about the amazing, "once in a lifetime" trip shared with his wife Lindsay. The story covers the importance of building new friendships and bonds that exceed that will land a hog hunt or other adventure, to be added to your bucket list in the future. Hear how nature heals more than one can imagine. Hear how you can make a difference. Hear how you can take action to become a better person, live a life of purpose and appreciate the time you have with the people that matter. Texas Wild Hog we learn is delicious. A simple recipe for the smoker on how to cook a feral pig or wild hog is shared. The enjoyment of hunting is more than harvesting an animal, it is the journey that goes along with, and the memories made. FOOD BEC’s Barrel of the Good Stuff A story has been making headlines across the nation and BEC shares her 2 cents on how this easy family meal idea is one we really ALL should do. Backstory: A mother of a very large family became a viral sensation after throwing her family a “Nacho Pool Party” - YES you heard right. NACHOs as in chips, cheese, queso, and all the fixings! There were A LOT of haters on social media heckling this mom. AND for those that know BEC, she saw this as a BRILLIANT idea. This is what mom, Alicia Dougherty did. Dougherty took a child kiddie pool, washed it thoroughly, then filled it with Tex-Mex Nachos, Tortilla chips, covered in cheese meat, veggies, and sour cream. The ultimate Nacho platter as the woman than served her entire family directly from that Unusually Large Bowl.. aka Kiddie Pool. The answer to "What to cook?" or "What to make?" for your next “Night To Cook” at the annual camping trip, family reunion or summer gathering has been answered. Nacho Anyone? Who would not enjoy digging into THAT masterpiece! Save Time. Save Money. AND Guaranteed to be Rememberable. Checks All The Boxes this easy recipe! HUNTING DOGS A dog, co-owned by country music artist, Tim McGraw, won the New Breed category at the Westminster Dog Show this month. The dog is an Italian hunting breed, called Bracco Iltaiano, who loves everyone but needs a job such as hunting that keeps this dog breed busy . McGraw and his wife Faith Hill have owned several Bracco Iltianos over the years, sharing posts from time to time on social media. Over The Edge Outdoors (Nonprofit) This non-profit organization uses the healing power of nature and the outdoors. Their mission...


How To Prepare Now For Summer & Outdoors Headlines

Is your calendar full? Starting to feel overwhelmed with summer activities and travel? We have tips and tricks to have you enjoying the good times ahead while saving you money too. We have fishing reports from the Great Lakes and the headlines you don’t want to miss. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors radio and podcast The Bend Show! DETAILS In the Spotlight this week it is Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. A field report is received from longtime fan and listener, Joan Aalberts from Holland, Michigan. It is reported that the steelhead salmon are biting. Aalberts was able to do a charter with Yacht Basin Marina. OUTDOORS NEWS HEADLINES FEATURE How to plan for a stress-free summer? Tips for hosting and/or going on trip that if done now will you having fun. Often we wait excitedly for summer but then is ruined when the activities arrive and one is overwhelmed getting ready. Do these things now and your headaches will be much less. These are tried and true hacks that work for many different occasions, and if done right will save you money too. FOOD TikTok Trend on social media called "The $10 Meal Challenge". Tigger & BEC both can get behind this concept. BEC recommends getting the whole family involved. Share your success stories with @thebendshow or by emailing, and you will be in the spotlight in a future The Bend Show episode. FOOD LOVERS BEC's BARREL OF FEEL GOOD PEAR COMMENTS, FIELD REPORTS, CONTACT Call or Text your questions, comments to 305-900-BEND or 305-900-2363 Or email FOLLOW Facebook/Instagram: @thebendshow SUBSCRIBE to The Bend YouTube Channel. Website: #catchBECifyoucan #tiggerandbec #outdoors #travel The Outdoors, Rural America And Conservation are Center-Stage. AND how is that? Because Tigger & BEC... Live This Lifestyle. Learn more about Jeff 'Tigger' Erhardt & Rebecca Wanner aka BEC here:


Hunting Buffalo, Catching Walleye & The Latest Outdoors News

Dream of hunting big game? Hunting Buffalo? Fishing reports coming in from across the country, and hear the stats on this whopper Walleye reeled in. Hear the outdoors headlines missed and more... This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors radio show The Bend! Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app or on The Bend YouTube channel. DETAILS Antler J OutfittingMike Peluso Outdoors NEWS FEATURE Call or Text your questions, comments to 305-900-BEND or 305-900-2363 Or email FOLLOW Facebook/Instagram: @thebendshow SUBSCRIBE to The Bend YouTube Channel. Website: #catchBECifyoucan #tiggerandbec #outdoors #travel The Outdoors, Rural America And Conservation are Center-Stage. AND how is that? Because Tigger & BEC... Live This Lifestyle. Learn more about Jeff 'Tigger' Erhardt & Rebecca Wanner aka BEC here: