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[PODCAST] Golf: 100 yards and in so you can Break 100, 90 and even 80

This podcast and all of our podcasts are recorded live, with audience interaction invited and welcomed. To register for the next LIVE event, please visit: This special RedZone edition of the Birdie Brigade podcast focuses on 100 yards and in. We will demonstrate 4 drills and give you a challenge you can perform to track your progress. We’ll even help you reduce pressure on the course with our special Pressure Cooker game. In...


Golf: How to Get Your Brain in Order So You Can Score Better

Life is hard. Golf is harder. Golf and life are intertwined and help propel each other forward. Lessons learned in golf can help propel you farther in life. This isn't your usual golf podcast, this is how to get your mind in order... divorcing your old habits and how to develop new ones. Visit us @: Christian Henning Read my blog: Become a member:


Rust Buster Challenge (part 2)

If you are a golfer and over 40... this is an important podcast to tune in to. Update on the Rust Buster Challenge. Workouts, stretching programs, golf lessons and tips on building habits that will lower your score permanently and deliver more consistency. Group 2 starts March 21st. Sign up today. To enter, just visit: Visit us @


The Rust Buster Challenge

Last week we discussed warming up your mind for the golf season… this week we will discuss warming up your body. Preparing your body for the season is crucial to prevent injury, perform your best, and live longer. This Challenge isn't going to be based on results in your score or performance… rather, we are going to do a 'consistency' challenge. This means, you will score yourself based on the items we give you each day and report in. We will be putting our


Golf: How to Be Ready for Golf Season on Day 1

Knocking the rust off every year seems to take forever... it's almost as if you have gotten worse. It doesn't need to be this way. Today's podcast will cover how to speed up your recovery time so you start fast and improve more this season than any ever before. Neural programming, getting comfortable, and even refining your grip, setup and alignment can be done in just a few minutes per day. In addition, Rich and I release a brand new Practice Routine 'Workout'. You can use this just like...


Golf: How to Build Your Own Golf Man Cave So You Can Break 80 Facility Winter Cave

Every year, about this time… this really annoying happens in the Northern Hemisphere… I think it's called cold or something… It gets windy, cold, and this white ice substance falls from the sky and blocks the ground so you can't swing a club… and it even has the heartless soul to be the same color as a golf ball. And many a golfer simply writes off this time of year and packs it in… but at what cost? By turning your neural system off every winter - you are basically accepting regression....


Golf: How to Build a Custom Practice Program

Links: In our last podcast, we discussed the basic fundamentals you need to accept in order for your score to start improving… and today I’ll give you a simple formula you can use to create your own practice routine. I don’t believe getting better at golf has to be hard… but you can make improving harder for yourself. Tip of the day golfers will NEVER beat...


Golf: 5 Fundamentals of Practice

How do you practice? Think about it for a moment… are you leaving the golf course better, the same, or worse after each session? If you don’t know… or your score hasn’t gone down in the past 3 months – you are probably practicing the wrong way. ALL OF THE GREAT GOLFERS… ALL SCRATCH GOLFERS… ALL OF THEM… use the methods I’m about to reveal to you. If you are looking for the ‘secret’… this is it. The secret isn’t sexy and it sure isn’t easy… but it’s the TRUTH. Here are the 5 Fundamentals...


Golf: Why Fitness Matters to Your Game and Life

Fitness for golf... fitness for health... both can be achieved with one workout. To be honest, golf is as close to real life movements as you will get. Rotation, posture, power, static holds, it has everything... and in the span of just a few seconds. In addition, endurance plays a big role in your health as well as golf. And you don't need to be a gym rat to have success and drop unwanted pounds of fat and become more flexible. In today's podcast, we are going to talk about better ways to...


Golf: 5 Death Moves of Chipping

Is your short game the real reason your scores are not going down? Club manufacturers have brainwashed most golfers into believe the fastest way to a better game is through new drivers and equipment upgrades. Certainly, new equipment feels good… like a brand new suit off Savile Row. However, equipment is NOT the key to lower scoring. Nope… technique is. When reviewing the videos Rich and I receive inside our Facebook Coaching group, we notice many golfers lack a good foundation. many of...


Golf: How to Simplify Your Game

Lowering your golf score – it’s the number one goal on just about every golfers list… and I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… the Golf Channel and golf magazines DON’T WANT YOU to get too good. Nope, they want you addicted to their endless tips. How else are they going to keep feeding their wallet if you don’t need them? Some of you may not like the content in today’s post… but I owe it to you to cut through the BS that’s out there. Golf is a complex sport, but the solution to...


Golf: 3 or 4 Tips for Driving the Ball Better

One night during jiujitsu class I was schooled by a black belt on how to escape the mount… and you may be wondering what jiujitsu has to do golf. Quite a bit actually… both are art forms in their own right. Let me explain… Sometimes there are invisible things you don’t see and aren’t taught that have a huge impact on the outcome of your swing or jiujitsu. Much like a master painter working on a masterpiece… it’s the things you don’t see that make the painting a masterpiece. The black belt...


Golf: 15 Reasons You Aren't Getting Any Better

Sometimes you can work your butt off and see no results. That's pretty frustrating, and I think we've all been there at some point or another. After all, who wants to shoot +/- 5 of their score the rest of their life? Not me! I want to break 70 as my goal.. and it's not much fun when you hit that sticking point (or glass ceiling as I call it). Today's podcast we discuss mental reasons, physical reasons, and brainwashing reasons that might be holding you back... we go into 15 reasons or...


Golf: How to Deep Dive Assess Your Putting

Assessing your putting game beyond the norms of today is essential if you want to pinpoint issues that could be costing you strokes on the green. In our podcast today, we talk about various ways to assess your putting both on the practice green and again on the course. Once we have gathered enough statistical data, we can then develop a plan of action, and ultimately imrove our weaknesses. The assessment for the practice green is very simple: - x 5 and 10 footers (10 putts to each, record...


Golf: How to Find a Golf Mentor

Everyone can use a mentor... in life, business, romance, parenting, and yes... even golf. A mentor is the lighthouse that keeps you off the rocks... away from danger and steering on a successful course. In my younger days, I always thought I knew the best way. As I've aged, I've learned that doing it alone is not the best way, it's the WORST way. When I lost my grandfather, I learned this the hard way. The man I had spent so much time with, and received so much advice from, was gone. Going...


Golf: How to Break 80

Fore more content on How to Break 80 click here: Breaking 80 is the dream of every golfer. Most golfers think that breaking 80 is out of reach… that they need to have Sergio Garcia’s iron game, Ben Crenshaws putting, and Rory’s driver distance and accuracy. To be honest, you don’t need to do any of these things great in order to break 80. All you need are a few spare minutes each day and a solid game-plan. In addition, you need to throw out the idea that a single...


Golf: How to Become Deadly Accurate from 100 Yards and In

Visit us at for more mind, body, and skill tips and drills.100 yards and in for most amateurs is a guessing game. Guessing about how hard to hit their irons instead of regulating their backswing length. Total confusion really… but this could be the holy grail when it comes to scoring. What good is being a great putter if you are putting for bogeys constantly or doubles?It’s really important to know how far you hit your clubs, and its even more important to equate...


Golf: How to Eliminate Blowup Holes

Link to additional content: Ahh yes… your best buddy – the blow up hole. There you are, stringing a few pars along with a few bogeys. I’m going to break 90 today! Wipe that grin off your face sir… you just lost millions of dollars of endorsements and a chance at legend status. Then, almost as if some evil force takes control of your mind and body… you hit a bad shot into the woods. Your mind races… I’ve GOT to save par or bogey to...


How to Eliminate the Back 9 Fade

The big golf trip to Myrtle Beach was in full swing. Four days and six courses. Some people I knew, but the majority were strangers.It was hot. Really hot… and humid.Late June in South Carolina brings temperatures to a boiling point. This particular week, we experienced a heat wave even by South Carolina standards. In the weeks leading up to the trip, Rich had kept telling me that I was going to be hurting. We would be driving between courses, playing 36 holes, and staying out into the...


How to Break 90 in 42 Days or Less

Is it really possible to break 90 consistently in 42 days or less? YES! But it won’t happen if you practice like most hackers who go to driving range and randomly hit hundreds of balls. We’re going to laser focus on quickly mastering the 6 most critical golf skills. Mastering these skills is a simple shortcut to lower scores. Add in some simple course management strategies and you’ll be breaking 90 faster then you ever imagined possible. And you’ll have more fun playing golf too! -- 5 Star...