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The enforcer of all hockey podcast. "The Biscuit", presented by, brings you news and interviews, with important hockey figures, that you won't find anywhere else. Hosted by William Bartrum.

The enforcer of all hockey podcast. "The Biscuit", presented by, brings you news and interviews, with important hockey figures, that you won't find anywhere else. Hosted by William Bartrum.


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The enforcer of all hockey podcast. "The Biscuit", presented by, brings you news and interviews, with important hockey figures, that you won't find anywhere else. Hosted by William Bartrum.






Episode 183: Joe Daly

Joe Daly is a writer, photographer, heavy metal absorber, and hockey freak! You can find his writing in "Metal Hammer" and "Mens Health". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 182: Eric Fyke

Eric Fyke is a American song writer, playing guitar and bass in "Artillery Breath" for a decade, animal rescuer, college graduate, and one of my absolute best friends in the world. Together, on this episode, we cracked the COVID-19 Virus. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 181: Alec Ohlensehlen

Alec Ohlensehlen is the host of the "Five for Fighting" podcast, creator of the popular facebook group "Best Enforcers and Hockey Fights, a veteran of the USMC, a beer league legend, and a friend on "The Biscuit". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 180: Kwame Mason

Kwame Mason is a Canadian film director, producer, and writer. His most recent projects include co-curating the NHL's "Black History Mobile Muesum" and directing "Off-Ice with Wyclef Jean". Be sure to check out his classic film "Soul on Ice: Past, Present, and Future". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 179: Mike Liambas

Mike Liambas is a Canadian enforcer, currently playing in Iowa with the Wild. He's a new father and soon to be husband. He has had over 1,000 PIMs and 50 TP in the AHL, and remains one of the most entertaining fighters in hockey. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 178: Captain Blue Jacket

Captain Blue Jacket is the painted super hero you see sitting behind Torts at Nationwide. He's slowly become a fixture in the Blue Jackets fan lore. He's got the paint, he's got the shield, and he's got a fun story behind it all. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 177: Kevin Harvey

Talking with Hamilton, Ontario's Kevin Harvey. He's a Canadian hockey player who was drafted by the Calgary Flames 2003, has played in North America everywhere from New Mexico in the CHL, to his days in the AHL with Syracuse and The Crunch, which just happened to roster maybe the toughest squad ever assembled. He is a world traveler. Playing hockey in England, Slovakia, where he won a Championship, Australia, and now back home playing for Dundas where he's going after the convented Allen...


Episode 176: Darren McCarty

Talking with the one and only, Darren McCarty. Darren is a 4 time Stanley Cup Champion, host of the "Grind Time Podcast", an author, a musician, and a stand up comedian. "The Biscuit" is presented by PROMO CODE: BISCUIT10


Episode 175: Aaron Shields

Talking with a goalie! Aaron Shields joined "The Biscuit" to talk all about semi-pro hockey life. Aaron is headed off to Vegas to play with the Jesters in the MWHL. He has been bouncing around playing for any squad he can, when he can. He previously was rostered with Biscuit Alumni, Todd "Screwy" St.Loius, in Fort Worth with the Baracudas. Aaron loves playing goalie, and I had a great time talking with him. "The Biscuit" is presented by PROMO...


Episode 174: Nate Kiser

Talking with "Nasty" Nate Kiser. Nate is the franchise leader in PIMs for the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL. He is also a member of their hall of fame and consider one of their Top 25 players of all time. If that isn't badass enough for you, he also fought MMA after retiring from hockey! "The Biscuit" is presented by PROMO CODE: BISCUIT10


Episode 173: Breakfast with The Biscuit & Bellamy 12/8/19

Is The Biscuit a crazy hockey dad? Did Bells ever beat up a dude, for fucking with his brother on the ice? How far will a dude go to impress a lady? Find out the answers to these burning questions, on this rendition of "Breakfast with The Biscuit and Bellamy". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 172: Breakfast with The Biscuit & Bellamy 12/1/19

Fuck you, fuck the internet, and fuck Bill Peters.


Episode 171: Kacey Bellamy

Talking with Kacey Bellamy, a member of the 2018 Gold Medal Olympic Champion Women's Ice Hockey team. If you can think of a title or championship in hockey, Kacey has most likely won it, once or twice. She's currently championing the PWHPA, an association destined to change women's hockey forever. She's a role model, an inspiration, and one hard working human. "The Biscuit" is presented by PROMO CODE:...


Episode 170: Breakfast with The Biscuit & Bellamy 11/23/19

William and Corey go ham on the freshest hockey topics. This week the dudes talk about figure skating hockey players, the "Surge", Arizona Coyotes, Babcock, pissing in maple lines, Thanksgiving, and much more!


Episode 169: Breakfast with The Biscuit & Bellamy 11/16/19

It's the inagural episode of "Breakfast with The Biscuit and Bellamy", each week William Bartrum a.k.a "The Biscuit" will sit down with 2014-15 SPHL's Most Penalized Player, Corey Bellamy. The dudes will cover all relevant hockey news, answer listeners questions, and shoot the shit about life in general. Send any and all questions to #BreakfastWithTheBiscuitAndBellamy


Episode 168: Rob Bellamy

Talking with Rob Bellamy, current musician and former 3 round draft pick to the Flyers. Rob played in the AHL, ECHL, NCAA, and the EIHL, where he won a Championship. Check out Rob's tunes at "The Biscuit" is presented by Promo Code : BISCUIT10


Episode 167: Todd St. Louis

Talking with Todd "Screwy" St. Louis. After a 17 year hiatus, the minor league fight legend is back in the saddle. "Screwy" played in the OHL and all over the south, with teams like the Fort Worth Brahams and Arkansas Glaciercats. He had 331 PIMS with the Glaciercats and now he's looking to mix it up at 43, with the Forth Worth Barracudas, in the MWHL. I Couldn't be more excited to see "Screwy" playing hockey again. "The Biscuit" is presented by...


Episode 166: Corey Bellamy

Talking with American hockey enforcer, Corey Bellamy. He led the SPHL, with the Huntsville Havoc, in PIMS, with 302, in 2014. He had upwards of 100 professional fights. Would go anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hear some crazy stories from his years in the FHL, and much more. "The Biscuit" is presented by SPONSORS: PROMO CODE: BISCUIT10 for 10% at checkout


Episode 165: Tyler Johnston

Talking with the Canadian actor, Tyler Johnston. You've seen him in "Supernatural", "Wrath of Grapes", "Less then Kind", and as Stewart in the cultural phenomena know as "Letterkenny". Tyler is a huge hockey guy and I had a blast talking with him. Get your asses ready for a new season of "Letterkenny" coming in October! "The Biscuit" is presented by SPONSORS: promo code: BISCUIT10


Episode 164: The Gatekeeper

Talking with The Gatekeeper, from, he also host the "The Blackhawks Hockey Rinkcast". He's back for another year of Central Division mayhem! Of course we couldn't help but talk about Slayer. "The Biscuit" is presented by