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looking forward to joining your podcast community!






Episode 160: Steve Seftel

Talking with former Washington Capital and author Steve Seftel, about his new book "Shattered Ice". Steve battled his way through the OHL and AHL to finally make his dream of playing in the NHL a reality, all while dealing with a mental illness. "The Biscuit" is presented by SPONSORS: PROMO CODE : BISCUIT10


Episode 159: Rico Phillips

Talking with the winner of the 2019 Willie O'Ree Community Hero Award presented by the NHL, Rico Phillips. Rico is a Flint, MI native who's Flint Inner-City Youth Hockey Program is changing the lives of young people in Flint. The program provides equipment, ice time, and rides to and from the rink. "The Biscuit" is presented by SPONSORS: PROMO CODE: Biscuit10 to save 10% off at checkout


Episode 158: Matt Nickerson

Talking with the American, Matt Nickerson. He has led 3 different leagues in PIMs, apprenticed the mighty Yablonski, and played hockey all over the world. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 157: Sam Jardine

Talking with Sam Jardine, fresh off another Kelly Cup Championship. This time with the Newfoundland Growlers. Thats three championships in three years, but who's counting? "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 156: Daniel Amesbury

Talking with "The Danimal" Daniel Amesbury, you'd remember him from his days of lighting of the SPHL with PIMs and his year with the Tulsa Oilers in the CHL, where he won the award for the Toughest Pound for Pound player. Daniel is full of amazing stories including not only being on the bus in the minors, but at one point actually driving the damn thing, fighting roommates on the ice, and the incredible feeling you get when a stadium is packed full of fans and you're at center ice fighting...


Episode 155: Derek Helling

Talking with Derek Helling, writer for about his latest installment covering the lawsuit against the NHL and 300 of its former athletes. This is the third interview with Derek on said lawsuit, so be sure to go back and check out Derek's other appearances on "The Biscuit". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 154: Kurtis Gabriel

Talking with Kurtis Gabriel, fresh off one of his best years in the NHL, playing with the New Jersey Devils. You have seen him go 12 rounds with Milan Lucic, fight Ryan Reaves with one good hand, and represent "Pride Tape" on his stick. He's becoming one of the toughest dudes in the NHL/AHL and loves that responsibility. Listen close and you might even hear an Easter egg on who he would like to fight next year! "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 153: Anthony Longo

Talking with Anthony Longo, of Warriors Choice Foundation, a non-profit organization that trains and breeds service dogs for combat veterans. They have team up with Parkers Platoon to further spread the good word on their amazing program. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 152: Griffin McCarty

Talking with Griffin McCarty, who's currently playing club hockey for UCLA Bruins. Griffin grew up in Detroit, MI where "The Joe" was his second home. He also played junior in Canada, finishing up his junior career in Essex, ON where he and his teammates won a Championship. Griffin has had days with the cup and remembers watching his dad, Darren McCarty win at all costs. Griffin is wise beyond his years, and it shows in this conversation. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 151: Zac Rinaldo

Talking with Zac Rinaldo, fresh off of his season with the Nashville Predators. Zac is one the last enforcers left in the NHL, and he has a no holds barred attitude. He is currently revving up for his youth hockey camp in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Wether its his fights or his hits, Zac remains one of the most entertaining players in the NHL. Watch your ass too, cause he might just toss that biscuit in while you least expect it. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 150: Terry Ryan

Talking with the legend, Terry Ryan. The hockey protege, author, actor, politician, father, and all around awesome dude joins "The Biscuit" to talk about playing junior at 14, being in the WHL, being drafted in the first round, along with much more! Be sure to check out Terry's movies and TV appearances, as well as his book "Tales of a First Round Nothing", and his podcast "3rd Man In". Terry is king. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 149: Dani Probert

Talking with the Queen, Dani Probert, about the upcoming 9th annual "Bob Probert Ride". We also get into the recently released documentary from Geordie Day "Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story". "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 148: Joshua Riehl

Talking the hit documentary "The Russian Five" with the director and writer of the film, Joshua Riehl. If you haven't seen his film make sure you find a theatre playing ti and go! Joshua spent years getting everything he needed in place to make this picture happen. That even includes making a trip to Moscow. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 147: "D2: The Mighty Ducks" - Ronnie Miller & Stefan Knuckles #TBWHMWHF

"The Biscuit Watches Hockey Movies With His Friends" William Bartrum is joined by his friends Ronnie Miller [Akula] & Stefan Knuckles [Kizzy Hall] on this episode of #TBWHMWHF they dive hard into the 1994 hockey classic "D2: The Mighty Ducks". This movie gets rave reviews from the boys, and the on going saga Bombay continues! If you think "The Mighty Ducks" is better then "D2: The Mighty Ducks", fuck you. "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 146: Jay Rosehill

Talking with former Toronto Maple Leaf and quite possibly Philadelphia's Flyer's last true enforcer, Jay Rosehill. Olds, AB own shares his journey to putting on "The Leaf", learning to fight on the fly, breaking his face, and deciding to help his community after his playing days had ended. Find out why Jay's battle looked better then alot of fights on ice, you wont believe why! "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 145: "MVP: Most Valuable Primate" - Ronnie Miller & John Nash #TBWHMWHF

You wanted it, you got it! The second installment of "The Biscuit Watches Hockey Movies With His Friends" Fire up a copy of this tremendous hunk of shit and enjoy while Ronnie Miller, a drummer extraordinaire from bands like Akula, Artillery Breath, and Storm Brewer, and John Nash, Ohio's real Grass Man crack beers with The Biscuit and try to make fun of this terrible, terrible movie. #TBWHMWHF "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 144: Bo Reichenbach

Talking with the Navy Seal, sled hockey World Champion, Bo Reichenbach. Bo's story is absolutely incredible. He was playing high level hockey before getting into some trouble and then joining the Navy. In 2012 Bo stepped on an IED losing his right leg immediately and soon there after losing the left. After his accident he was on the ice facing the Washington Capitals before he joined the USA national sled hockey team. Bo has been on the cover of USA Hockey and now coaches his son in hockey....


Episode 143: Ryan Wilson

Talking with Ryan Wilson, fresh off his Spengler Cup Championship. He dominated his way through the OHL and had an incredible NHL career with the Colorado Avalanche. Ryan is the best kind of hockey player, a fun one to talk too! Enjoy Biscuit babies! "The Biscuit" is presented by


Episode 142: Playoffs 2019 with Gate Keeper, Farmer Rob, Ken Boehlke, and Andy Piccarro

Talking with a rag tag group of hockey's finest insiders. This is a massive podcast, with coverage of the first round matchups of each division. Gate Keeper from and host of the "The Blackhawks Rinkcast" drops in to talk Slayer, the Blackhawks, and breakdown the Central's first round matchups. [49:55}Then comes Canada's most famous agriculturist, Farmer Rob. With the power of his mighty silo we breakdown the Atlantic division. [1:34:52] Las Vegas's own Ken Boekle owner and...


Episode 141: Nicky Watt

Talking with Nicky Watt, he has the second most fighting majors in EPIHL history, and was truly one badass hockey player in his 10 year professional career. He has ran hockey camps for kids in the UK and played all over the world. He even had a stint in United States when he was younger. Growing up with a dad who played high level hockey its no mystery why Nicky and his brother Ryan have had successful careers in hockey. Tune in and hear stories of goalie fights, fighting crime, and being...