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The Blether with Paul Graham and friends is a weekly Scottish podcast with a focus on sport, physical activity, health and fitness. Each week features a special guest from the sports industry or someone where sport has impacted on their life.

The Blether with Paul Graham and friends is a weekly Scottish podcast with a focus on sport, physical activity, health and fitness. Each week features a special guest from the sports industry or someone where sport has impacted on their life.
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The Blether with Paul Graham and friends is a weekly Scottish podcast with a focus on sport, physical activity, health and fitness. Each week features a special guest from the sports industry or someone where sport has impacted on their life.




Episode 21, Lesley Reid- Glasgow Dietitian

In this episode I Blether with local dietitian Lesley Reid. With everyone on a health kick in Jan who better to get some dietary advice from that someone like Lesley!? We discuss a number of topics including the links between IBS and people involved in sport and how this isn't necessarily something that effects people who may be "unhealthy". Lesley discusses a relatively new diet plan for those with gut issues called FODMAP (Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides Monosaccharides)...


Episode 20, Guy Ramsay- Thai Boxer, coach and part of the team that owns The Griphouse Glasgow

In this episode I Blether with Guy Ramsay; we discuss his own background in Thai Boxing and competing all over the world. We also discuss how he got into coaching and developed one the most successful Thai Boxing clubs- Calendonian Muay Thai which has produced Scottish UFC star Joe Calderwood. We also look at how he was part of a team of people that built one of the most successful Scottish MMA gyms- The Griphouse, Glasgow.


Episode 19, Eilidh Macrae- Author of "Exercise in the Female Life Cycle in Britain 1930-1970

In this episode, the first of 2018, I Blether with Eilidh Macrae- University West of Scotland lecturer about her book. "Exercise in the Female Life Cycle in Britain 1930-1970" We discuss her research and some of her key findings which I found fascinating.


Episode 18, Neil Elliott Part 2

Part 2 of my Blether with Nelly we continue to discuss his journey and competing across the world in various Strongman, Power Lifting and Highland Games competitions. The Highland Games are where Neil's real passion lies which takes him all over the world and he gives me a little Scottish history lesson on famous stones that can be found all over the country and how these stones were very much part of our culture and a right of passage was about being able to lift and carry them which...


Episode 17, Neil Elliott Part 1- Scottish Highland Games, Strongman and Power Lifting Champion

In this episode I have good Blether with Neil "Nelly" Elliott about his love for the Highland Games, Strongman and Power Lifting. Neil talks about his journey and from an early age loved being in the weight room. From here he ended up competing in Heptathlon, discuss and shot put to a very high level but his passion was always in the Highland Games. We also talk about Nelly's success in Power Lifting where he's won multiple titles including the Scottish, British and World Championships....


Episode 16, Neil Gibson- Director of Performance Sport and Health at Oriam; Scotland's state of the art performance centre.

This week I Blether with Neil Gibson- Director of Performance Sport and Health and Oriam; Scotland's Sports Performance Centre in Edinburgh. We look at this amazing facility and the resources that are available to try and develop sport at all levels across the country. Neil also touches on his experience working with SPL club Hearts and the Scottish National Team. Neil has also carried out a significant amount of research in and around the sport and health sectors. We chat about some of...


Episode 15, Dougie "The Hammer" Armour- Thai Boxing journey and experiences

This week I Blether with old friend Dougie Armour "The Hammer" who has been a student of Thai Boxing for over 15 years. If you know anything about Thai Boxing you would know it's a martial art that isn't for the faint hearted given it's the only one that incorporates both elbows and knees. Dougie talks about how he first got into the martial art after he got into a scuffle on a night out defending his girlfriend. He had no intention of getting in the ring but was eventually encouraged by...


Episode 14- Joe Parish and Tony Pang, Part 2! Q & A on all things fitness.

Part 2 of my Blether with Joe and Tony focuses on questions sent in by some listeners. We look at various topics including bulking vs cutting and is it possible to add size and drop body fat at the same time, the alarming increase in 16-24 year olds reportedly taking steroids and simple lifestyle changes that can help you drop a waste size.


Episode 13- Joe Parish and Tony Pang, Part 1. Preperation and coaching for body physique competition

In Part 1 of this 2 part series I Blether with Joe and Tony, 2 people who know exactly what it takes to get ready for a body building/fitness physique competition. We discuss the preparation, commitment, dedication, mind set and hard work that needs to go into getting your body in the best possible shape for competition. Joe and Tony reflect on what they have learned from their experiences and how this has helped them when it comes to working with clients who wish to take that same...


Episode 12- Alan Martin, Scottish goalkeeper currently of Queen of the South. Past teams include Motherwell, Leeds Utd, Barrow, Crewe, Aldershot, Clyde, Ayr, Hamilton Accies and Dumbarton

I have a Blether with Scottish goalkeeper Alan Martin who currently plays for Queen of the South in the Scottish Championship. With only 1% of players making it to the very top and the big £££, Alan gives a very intriguing insight into the challenges all up and coming players face to make it, not just as a player but in life. People can be guilty of assuming footballers have it all but it's a lot more difficult than you would think, especially in an environment that's forever changing.


Episode 11- Dr Andrew Murray, Ultra marathon runner, Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctor for European Tour Golf, SRU and Scottish Governments Physical Activity Champion

This week I Blether wit Dr Andrew Murray- A man who ran 7 ultramarathons on 7 continents in 7 days to promote the importance of physical activity. Winner of the North Pole Marathon and probably the only man to run from John O'Groats to the Sahara desert. Dr Murray also works for Sportscotland's Institute of Sport, European Tour Golf and the Scottish Rugby Union. If anyone knows the importance of Sport and Physical Activity, it's the Doc.


Episode 10, Jayne Nisbet- Tackling mental health and eating disorders to competing at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014

My 10th podcast is definitely worth a listen as I Blether with Jayne Nisbet. A top level Scottish high jumper who missed out on representing her country at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 due issues with mental health and an eating disorder. Jayne turned her life round and refused to give up on her dream of reaching the home games and competing at Glasgow 2014. We also discuss girls in sport, her journey through athletics, turning down a modelling opportunity, dealing with injury and of...


Episode 9- Stephen Morrison, A Journey from Morbid Obesity to Try Athlete and Active Traveller

In this Blether with Stephen the title says it all! Stephen was once 354lbs and after seeing a picture of himself from a Christmas night out decided that something had to change. We are all body conscious to an extent, some more than others. Stephen gives a humbling account of how he managed to transform his life and lose half his body weight.


Episode 8- Markus Stitz, Round the world on a single speed bike.

In this episode I Blether with Markus Stitz, quite possibly the first person to ever cycle round the world on a fixed speed bike which basically means, it only has 1 gear. Markus takes us round the world in 90min; we talk about all the countries he visited, how helpful and caring people were, the challenges, dealing with loneliness and a lot more. SUBSCRIBE RATE REVIEW


Episode 7- Susan Deacon, Scottish/British sprinter

In this episode I Blether with Susan Deacon, former top flight sprinter who represented Scotland and Britain at various championships including the Commonwealth Games and other major championships. Susan holds the Scottish ladies record over 60m (indoor) which has stood for over 10 years. Susan gives a great insight to athletics and not only about how tough competition is but also the challenges involved in reaching the top level.


Episode 6- Tony Pang, Personal Trainer and Sponsored Fitness Athlete

In this episode I Blether with Tony Pang; sponsored fitness athlete and well respected personal trainer and body transformation expert. We discuss everything from, basic fitness and diet tips, how Tony approaches each client and tailors their program specifically to them and Tony gives some sound advice for anyone looking to build a career in the fitness industry.


Episode 5- Paula McGuire, The Big Mad Swim round Britain

In this episode I Blether with Paula McGuire who will attempt to be the first person to swim round the coastline of Britain between April-October 2018. She is doing all this to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. Paula tells her inspiring story about how she was really affected by social anxiety and how she knew she had to make a change. This all started with trying each of the Commonwealth Games Sports in the lead up to Glasgow 2014. From there she has continued to push herself...


Episode 4- Shona Girdwood, Scottish Triathlete

In this podcast episode I Blether with Shona Girdwood who is a Scottish triathlete that will be taking part in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships this September in Tennessee. We Blether about all her achievements and how she came close to competing in the Commonwealth Games in swimming, athletics and triathlon. These experiences are what drives her to keep going, even at the age of 47. The expression......age is just a number is what springs to mind with Shona and her ability.


Episode 3, The boys!

In this podcast episode I Blether with a few of the boys; Wullie, Davie, Del and PT about the upcoming Mayweather, McGregor fight. We talk about all the hype and give our views on who will win.....all at the same time having a few laughs. Don't forget to subscribe!


Episode 2, Karen McInally and Lesley Scanlon- Scottish Women's Footballers who played for top clubs including Celtic and Hamilton Accies

In this podcast episode I Blether with two women who have played at senior level within Scottish Women's football, most notably Celtic and Hamilton Accies. We discuss the recent Euro Championships and Scotland's performance. We also look at how they both got into football and their journey; their favourite teams, players, funny moments and more. Don't forget to subscribe!