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Bringing the 'herf' experience to cigar enthusiasts on-demand since 1995!

Bringing the 'herf' experience to cigar enthusiasts on-demand since 1995!
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Bringing the 'herf' experience to cigar enthusiasts on-demand since 1995!




Blowin' Smoke Deposition #2 : Tom Person of Commonwealth Cedar Spills

Tom Person of Commonwealth Cedar Spill. Plus a CONTEST!


Blowin' Smoke #220 : CAO Flathead Steel Horse Roadkill

Blowin Smoke #220 is here! Cigar of the Day - CAO Flathead Steel Horse Roadkill Plus talking sports spectating and cigars, and food at The Masters along with Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars. More Smoke Buzz with Chris Kelly. Tom Person from Commonwealth Cedar Spills with contest chatter, and a variety of stories about things you should not do with items like metal rings and vegetables and poo. All this and more! It is Blowin Smoke #220!


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #6

Do you want a receipt with that virus?


Blowin' Smoke Deposition #1 : Enrique Sanchez of 1502 Cigars

Enrique Sanchez of 1502 Cigars takes the stand.


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #5

Words with flu!


Blowin' Smoke 219 : Alec Bradley 2016 Filthy Hooligan

We are not sure if that rodent was right about an early spring, but we were herfin in 60+ degrees in February. No complaints from the Cretins for Blowin Smoke 219! IF spring is right around the corner, so is St. Patricks Day and that means the annual release of the Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan. We grabbed a fistful for the Cigar of the Day along with our local Alec Bradley rep Ryan to join us in the Havana Room for some herfications and conversation. We also talked to Tom of Commonwealth...


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #4

Black coffee matters.


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #3

Open up and say...


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #2

Here's a story... It's Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #2!


Blowin' Smoke 218 : My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT Toro

New year...same odd smell coming from the Havana Room. That could only mean Blowin Smoke 218! While most of the east coast was digging out of a major snowstorm, the Cretins were herfing with virtually zero snow on the ground. Since that situation is usually the opposite, excuse us while we enjoy our lack of shoveling, spinning tires and falling on our collective arses. To celebrate, a new Cigar of the Day...the My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT box pressed toro. Was it worthy of the no snow...


Blowin' Smoke Roadkill #1

From the hot rod, it is the debut of Blowin Smoke Roadkill!


Blowin' Smoke 217 : Romeo Anejo by Romeo y Julieta

Back like a bad penny! It is Blowin' Smoke 217. Just in time for Christmas, the Cretins gathered around the on-demand high definition yule log for a new Cigar of the Day...the Romeo Anejo by Romeo y Julieta, and some pre-holiday BS. The gifts kept on coming with visits from Tom Person of Commonwealth Cedar Spills, and Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars. Plus, a new Smoke Buzz with Chris Kelly of Leaf Lovers Tobacconist, listener calls, a trip down the Cretin Christmas gifts memory hole, and...


Blowin' Smoke 216 : Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto

Calling all Cretins! Well, some Cretins anyway... It's Blowin' Smoke #216! It's a new podcast and a chance for one lucky Cretin at large to score the coveted post Cigar Crawl prize pack loaded with cigars and stuff from the 2015 Western Pennsylvania Cigar Crawl. Who will be the lucky winner? Plus, as always, we review a new Cigar of the Day...the new Alec Bradley Sanctum . We check in with Chris Kelly at Leaf Lovers for a new pre trade show Smoke Buzz, and even got a surprise call from...


Blowin' Smoke 215: Joya Red Toro

Back after a long delay, it's Blowin' Smoke #215! The struggles and hardships and backed up sewers of your Chief Cretin, El Freako, are largely in the rear view mirror and a new podcast is finally here. With fellow Cretins gathered, we sparked up a new Cigar of the Day...the Joya Red Toro. That means a new contender in a fresh new Cigar Match too. How did the Joya Red fair? We also checked in with Chris Kelly of Leaf Lovers Tobacconist for the latest news and views in cigars with a new...


Blowin' Smoke #214 : Rocky Patel Prohibition Mexican

With a brief thaw from their long wintery deep freeze, the Cretins gathered around a hot stove for some herfin' and called it Blowin' Smoke 214! Supplied with a new Cigar of the Day, we lamented the lingering long winter but felt hope in the approaching Cigar Crawl in May. Chris Kelly joined in for a new Smoke Buzz which sent out a new clarion call over Pennsylvania's new tax and spend governor's desire to raise taxes (again) on well as everything else that isn't already...


Blowin' Smoke 213 : Trill Robusto

With resolutions already a distant memory, it's Blowin' Smoke 213! New year...same Cretin losers! Some things you just can't change, but their is a certain beauty in Cretin mediocrity. It's predictable...the perfect balance to the unpredictability of the Blowin' Smoke Podcast. We kick off the new year with a fun show featuring special guest Tony Bellatto...a cigar retailer (Havana House) in northeast Ohio AND owner of La Barba cigars...a young boutique brand with growing fan base. Tony...


Blowin' Smoke 212 : Leaf & Bean by Oscar Connecticut

Oh, what fun it is to herf with the Cretins all day long... It's Blowin' Smoke 212! With the Havana Room heaters cranking a combined 50,000 BTUs, or burning tobacco units, we gathered for a pre-holiday herf complete with a new Cigar of the Day...the Leaf & Bean by Oscar Connecticut. It's a cigar with a local connection most of us have been familiar with but had not had the chance to review on the show...until now. We also hooked up with Chris Kelly for the latest Smoke Buzz, and had a...


Blowin' Smoke #211 : Azan Companas by Roberto Duran

With visions of insulin pumps dancing in their heads, the Cretins gathered for some post Halloween herfing and Blowin' Smoke #211! With all the candy flying around after Halloween, the Cretins sparked up a new Cigar of the Day, put on their thinking caps, and hosted a Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Draft...five teams...five candy players per team. So, who drafted the best Halloween candy team? That decision came down to the "Candy Commissioner" and his word is final...even if it totally...


Blowin' Smoke #210 : New World Toro by A.J. Fernandez

With a hint of Ebola in the air, the Cretins gathered for Blowin' Smoke 210! Armed with a new Cigar of the Day, and a new Cigar Match, it was high time to dispel the fear and myths of the Ebola virus. So, with our projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea temporarily under control, we checked in with the official Blowin' Smoke physician, Dr. HardCrab, for the "real" facts. Or not. We also listed our eight cigars we would want in the event of an Ebola quarantine. We talked to Chris Kelly...


Blowin' Smoke #209 : Añoranzas Gran Toro

A early taste of fall made the Havana Room perfect for Blowin' Smoke #209! The little chill in the air had the coffee pot make an appearance along with our new Cigar of the Day from Miami Cigar & Company giving the Cigar Match a new contender. Plus, we welcomed @cigar_maverick to the Havana Room and officially christened him a Cretin. Chris Kelly delivered the latest Smoke Buzz, Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars called in from the road and let us know what he's working on for 2015 and how he's...