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Yllairies, Mépris, and Keilah each have their own reasons for travelling to the harsh, spirit laden land of Rashemen, but none of them are prepared for what the land has in store. . . Join four women playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes they swear.

Yllairies, Mépris, and Keilah each have their own reasons for travelling to the harsh, spirit laden land of Rashemen, but none of them are prepared for what the land has in store. . . Join four women playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes they swear.
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Yllairies, Mépris, and Keilah each have their own reasons for travelling to the harsh, spirit laden land of Rashemen, but none of them are prepared for what the land has in store. . . Join four women playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes they swear.




Announcement - Victoria Has Been Plotting

Exciting news! Victoria has joined the communications and creative team of Dice for Brains, and she couldn’t be more excited. Tune in for details! And don’t forget! The Patreon Live Stream of our Fate game set in the Mass Effect universe is open to all tiers levels. For just a dollar a month, you get access! Visit today!


S01E22 - Blood Magic

In an act of desperation to save her father from possession, Yllairies does something she had sworn to never to: perform blood magic. Everything is going to be fine. . . Special guests are Ross Rockafellow of Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of The Dice Unkind. Join us on the second Tuesday of every month for a patron-only live stream of a Fate game set in the Mass Effect universe. Pledge only $1 a month and you get access. Visit today! For CC...


S01E21 - What Did You Do?

The broads make it to Storung, the Vremyonni keep in the mountains. It is time for Yllairies to meet her father. Will he live up to her exacting expectations? Meanwhile, Mépris and Keilah decide to take advantage of being around a bunch of magic item crafters. We are joined by special guests Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains and Jeremy Oleksa of the Dice Unkind. Victoria will be at GenCon! Go see her at events with The RPG Academy, Hello From the Magic Tavern, Godsfall, The...


S01E20 - Breakfast?

After defeating the Banshee and learning some cool new moves, the broads head into the capital city of Rashemen. Want really amazing dice accessories? Head on over to with some shipping promo codes! For U.S. customers, use the code ‘broadsquad’ for free shipping. For those of us outside the U.S., get $10 off international shipping with the code ‘broadsquad10′ And want sweet dice to go with your sweet dice accessories? Use the promo code ‘BroadSquad’ over at...


Fan Art Contest Winner and Broads in Space Promo

Hello! Congrats again to Jammy Scribbler for winning the fan art contest. Thanks so much! And here you go, here’s our Broads in Space promo for our monthly Mass Effect stream using the Fate Core system. The stream is open to all Patron levels and airs this Tuesday! Once we hit our next goal, we’ll release the audio in podcast format. Visit our Patreon today!


S01E19 - Ancestral Protection

The broads emerged from the tomb triumphant, only to find that the rest of the group had left them with Novik. Awoken in the night to the shrieks of a banshee, the party tries to smooth talk the undead creature. Mépris is confronted with something from her past. . . Adal Rafai of Hello From the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar continues with his guest role as Novik. Congratulations to Jammy Scribbler! You won the Fan Art Contest! For music attribution, please go here. Want to join...


S01E18 - Cloth in the Trees

The broads have made it out of the dungeon! They break out into the night and come across their old friend Novik, waiting for them. Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar joins us for the next two episodes as Novik, our second favourite barbarian. Congratulations to Kara F. and Mike M. for winning our dice and sticker giveaway! They’ll be receiving sweet dice from Tabletop Loot, a dice bag made by Victoria’s mother-in-law, and stickers! If you want to vote for...


S01E17 - Through the Gates

Last episode we left off with Keilah being attacked. Will the broads make it out of this dungeon alive? Let’s find out! So much news! We have guests coming up. Lots and lots of guests! Adal Rifai of Hello from the Magic Tavern and Siblings Peculiar, Russ More from Dumbgeons and Dragons, Jeremy Oleksa from The Dice Unkind, Ross Rockafellow from Dice for Brains, Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way, and Travis McElroy of MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone! We are thrilled! We hit 25K...


S01E16 - Do Skeletons Eat?

The broads left Urling to meet Yllairies’ long lost father in the northern Vremyonni stronghold. On their way, they were dropped off at the Gates of Tethrys, an old tomb. So far, they haven’t had much luck learning its secrets. Victoria leads Kristin, Bianca, and Tracy through their first dungeon.


S01E15 - The Gates of Tethrys

The broads leave Urling and face their first dungeon! Seriously, it’s Kristin, Tracy and Bianca’s first dungeon delve. Congrats to Izzy S., Catharine L., Nathan B., and Bethany B. for winning the patron one shot draw! Expect an e-mail within the next week. For CC Attribution, please go here. Remember! Podcasts of Foes starts on Monday, May 7th on the Dungeon Delve RSS feed.


Trailer and Announcements

Hello! Here’s a trailer to get us into your and/or your friends’ eardrums. Also, announcements! We’ve got a new Patreon goal and we’ve got a Fan Art Contest starting. This trailer is a snippet from Episode 7 - The Gazing Pool. For CC Attribution, please visit here.


S01E12 - Fire Bolts and Bath Tubs

Lady Yhelbruna, Othlor of Rashemen, has been peering into our heroines’ pasts. Next up: Yllairies. We have two guests in this episode! Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way reprises her role as Lady Yhelbruna and Daniel from Bros and Dragons plays someone from Yllairies’ past. Our Patreon is going strong. Pledge today and gain access to behind the scenes episodes, session doodles, and a chance to play some one shots with Victoria as the DM! You can become at a patron at:...


S01E11 - Mulhorandi Dreams

Lady Yhelbruna peers into the past of our favourite tiefling barbarian. Our Patreon is live! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. We are flabbergasted and delighted at all of your support. Haven’t pledged, but would like to help us achieve our second goal so we can purchase new mics for Bianca and Tracy? Visit For Music and SFX CC Attribution, please visit ‎


S01E11 - Trailer

Sneak peek at what’s in store next episode! We’re peering into our favourite tiefling barbarian’s past on Saturday. We started a Patreon and the response thus far has been amazing. We are grateful for all of your support. Thank you. On Saturday March 10th, listen to the new episode for details regarding our Listener Appreciation giveaway! For Music and SFX CC Attribution, please visit:


S01E09 - The Circle

Our trio have all had visions under the watchful eyes of the Hathran of Urling, leaving them more confused than they were before they entered the witches’ lairs. Is anything in Rashemen ever straightforward? Listen in and find out what the Hathran have in store for our heroines. We welcome guest player Kristine Chester from Heroes of the Hydian Way as well as Victoria’s husband, Kevin Patrick making an appearance as the Great Stag. Next episode will be up Saturday, February 24th. For...


S01E08 - The Great Stag

Mépris is summoned by the hathran, and as per usual, Bianca leads Victoria down unexpected paths. We’ve got a Patreon in the works! Let us know what you’d like to see. Tweet, post on our Facebook Discussion Group, or send us an e-mail at TheBroads (at) TheBroadswords (dot) com We have special guests lined up for you in the coming weeks. Kristine from Heroes of the Hydian Way and Daniel from Bros and Dragons will be playing some important NPCs. Next episode is up February 10th. Please...


S01E07 - The Gazing Pool

Yllairies leaves her meeting with the hathran Nythra both bemused and shaken. It is Keilah’s turn to meet with the Witches of Rashemen. Will she be able to face her past? Meanwhile, Mépris makes an unexpected friend. Please see CC Attribution here.


S01E06 - Yllairies’ Dream

Yllairies is summoned by the hathran, but it doesn’t quite go as she expected. Meanwhile, Keilah and Mépris bond and get up to some shenanigans. We now have a Facebook Group! Go check it out! See CC Attribution here.


S01E05 - The Lover’s Noose

Can’t a woman get some sleep? Apparently not, because these women have bloodshot eyes and tension headaches. The Not So Merry Three learn that there is more to Borovic’s story than meets the eye. See CC Attribution here.


S01E04 - Into the Woods

After a night of prophetic dreams in the shadow of the Moss Stones, the caravan members awake to find interlopers in their midst. . . See CC Attribution here.