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Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.

Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.


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Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.








Postcards from The Edge

Cricket on film special: Barney Douglas, director of The Edge and Warriors, on how to make a cricket documentary and the challenges of portraying the sport on the big screen. Then film expert Joe Ursell reviews The Edge and looks over cricket's other cinematic outings.


Years and years

The final part of The Broken Wicket's look at the ICC's teams of the decade, considers the women's ODI and T20 teams, and the associate cricketers of the decade.


Lies, damned lies and statistics (part 2)

After some delay, Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return with the second part of their look at the ICC teams of the decade. This time it is the men's ODI and T20 teams under the microscope.


Lies, damned lies and statistics (part 1)

New year, new season, same old tough love for cricket; Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return to discuss the latest cricket news. To start the year, your hosts discuss goings-on in Australia. How bad is Tim Paine's sledging? Is Steve Smith a scuffing idiot? Then the ICC's Test team of the decade gets the treatment as the TBW supercomputer whirrs into action again. What if no minimum Test criteria were applied? And, if not a Broken Wicket experimental EDM side project, what exactly is The Voges...


Cricketmas 2020

Even sub-par years deserve a round up. Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return to chew the cud on 2020. After digging into India's 36 run shocker and contemplating what they would put on Lord's new Father Time Wall, your hosts take a look back at a unique year, offering up some highlights and lowlights, plus handing out some team and individual TBW gongs. It's also time for the by-now-traditional TBW Cricketmas Quiz. Six questions each, can Andrew claim his first title at the third time of...


Storm in a teacup

Tim and Andrew return to discuss the latest pressing issues in cricket. Your co-hosts run the rule over England's T20Is in South Africa, pondering whether Chris Jordan is chronically underrated and getting into an existential crisis over Dawid Malan being anointed the best T20I batsman of all time. Elsewhere, Tim goes on a fun 5 minute rant, this time about tea provision in Sussex, Andrew assesses Spurs' cricketing creds, and a dubious clothing item makes an appearance. Like we said,...


One-cap wonders

Stats to the fore in the latest episode of The Broken Wicket as Tim rises to Andrew's most recent challenge: to find the greatest one-cap wonder of all time. From tales of dodgy contact lenses to a Hollywood star unknowingly playing a Test, the topic throws up some great stories. Your co-hosts also receive a listener letter about unusual physical features of cricket grounds, and discuss the winners of an exciting albeit truncated season. And an Aussie has been caught cheating.


Let's get ready to grumble!

Richard Clarke, author of Last-Wicket Stand: Searching for Redemption, Revival and a Reason to Persevere in English County Cricket, joins Andrew Mizner to talk about mid-life crises, the meditative qualities of cricket, the future of the counties, The Hundred and more. Follow Richard on Twitter: Remember to follow us at: And visit the website:



Regular hosts Tim and Andrew reunite to chew the fat over a wide range of cricketing topics this week, including Babar Azam's ludicrous CV, a flat in a scorebox, and some surprising stats about the follow-on courtesy of the latest Stats Challenge. There is also an interview with affordable bat-making upstarts The Village Cricket Co, and your hosts discuss their respective grass-roots playing returns, which yielded mixed results.


Having a Ball, North of the Wall

Andrew Mizner gets an update on Scottish cricket from author and podcaster Jake Perry ( Plus some recommendations of cricket documentaries and one drama currently available on streaming. Remember to follow us at: Twitter: /BrokenWicket Instagram: /BrokenWicket Facebook: /BrokenWicket And sign up for our newsletter at


It's not easy being green

Ahead of this week's one day international series between England and Ireland, Andrew Mizner catches up with Cricket Europe correspondent and Irish cricket expert Barry Chambers ( Listen to Barry update us on the state of the game in Ireland and the fortunes of both men's and women's teams. We've also got a preview of the three-match series itself. Remember to follow us at: Twitter: /BrokenWicket Instagram: /BrokenWicket Facebook: /BrokenWicket And sign up...


Skill, Commitment, Emphatic, Winning

Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return to discuss the Windies' impressive victory over England in the first Test, including how the statistical omens don't look good for Joe Denly. To get the West Indian perspective, Andrew talked to Barbadian commentator and analyst Nikhil Uttamchandani. Tim, on the other hand, has been playing a lot of Cricket Captain and gives his verdict on the newly released 2020 edition of the game.



Praise be! Cricket returns in earnest this week as England and West Indies start their three-Test battle. Tim Part and Andrew Mizner size up the teams and make some bold (and inevitably incorrect) predictions for the series. Otherwise, your hosts discuss the impact on the recreational game, we an interview with cricket author Colin Babb on the relationship West Indies fans have with the game, and after too much time without playing Tim starts to think cricket is played on horseback.



As cricket prepares to return from its hiatus, the Broken Wicket also makes its comeback on your airwaves. Regular hosts Tim Part and Andrew Mizner round up the news from around the game, including the game's response to racism, the ongoing absence of recreational cricket, and the convoluted T3 format. We also have Andrew's interview with Cricket Mexico's Craig White (not that one) and the results of Tim's first stats challenge - who has the most Test caps without ever playing consecutive...


Authors special

Andrew Mizner is joined by Jake Perry, author of The Secret Game: Tales of Scottish Cricket, and Colin Babb, author of 1973 and Me: The England v West Indies Test Series and a Memorable Childhood Year, to hear about their new cricket books. Remember to follow us at:


Covid-19 Not Out

Tim and Andrew return after a few months away, to be greeted by... a likely few more months without cricket. Where else to start other than the fundamental threat to the game posed by the current pandemic? Your hosts chew the fat over the implications from the top to the bottom of the sport. But it's not all doom and gloom - there is also an interview with County Cricket Matters editor Annie Chave, a new stats challenge feature, and a dissection of Cricket Australia's shirt design...


Review of 2019

Tim and Andrew return for the final time in 2019 to look back at a packed year in cricket. They reappraise the World Cup and men's and women's Ashes series and discuss the outlook for the year ahead, the final time (thank god) that anyone can talk about 2020 vision. It wouldn't be a TBW Christmas without a head-to-head quiz ruckus. 12 months, 6 questions each - which of the hosts will prevail this year?


Women's Cricket Special

The winds of change are blowing through the women's game. Two years on from England winning the 2017 World Cup, the domestic system is being reinvented - it's goodbye to the Kia Super League, hello to The Hundred. Tim talks to Raf Nicholson (CricketHer), Richard Clark (Women's County Cricket Day), and Katie Levick (Yorkshire Diamonds) to understand the potential impact of the new structure, find out what else needs to be done, and ask how healthy the women's game is overall.


Oh hey, EU again!

Picking up where we left off in Episode 21, The Broken Wicket returns to the continent for its cricket fix this week. This week sees Spain and Finland begin a three-match T20I series, the first to be played in Finland since the ICC granted Associate games full T20I status. Andrew talked to Juan Carlos Rodriguez Martinez and Christian Munoz Mills, President and Captain respectively of Cricket Spain, and to Andrew Armitage, Chairman of Cricket Finland, about the series and their hopes for...


This one's a keeper

Having (just about) recovered from the World Cup, Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return to the airwaves. Our hosts look back at the final reacting to unreleased audio recorded on tour the day after the game. They also preview the Ashes series - after all, like Ben Stokes on Red Bull, cricket never sleeps... Andrew also gets out of the studio to talk to former pro WK Michael Bates and journalist Tom Huelin, co-authors of the newly-released book Keeping Up, to discuss the role of glovemen in the...