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Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.

Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.


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Giving cricket the tough love it needs in these harsh modern times. The Broken Wicket brings you the latest news from the cricket world, getting under the skin of the story.








Authors special

Andrew Mizner is joined by Jake Perry, author of The Secret Game: Tales of Scottish Cricket, and Colin Babb, author of 1973 and Me: The England v West Indies Test Series and a Memorable Childhood Year, to hear about their new cricket books. Remember to follow us at:


Covid-19 Not Out

Tim and Andrew return after a few months away, to be greeted by... a likely few more months without cricket. Where else to start other than the fundamental threat to the game posed by the current pandemic? Your hosts chew the fat over the implications from the top to the bottom of the sport. But it's not all doom and gloom - there is also an interview with County Cricket Matters editor Annie Chave, a new stats challenge feature, and a dissection of Cricket Australia's shirt design...


Review of 2019

Tim and Andrew return for the final time in 2019 to look back at a packed year in cricket. They reappraise the World Cup and men's and women's Ashes series and discuss the outlook for the year ahead, the final time (thank god) that anyone can talk about 2020 vision. It wouldn't be a TBW Christmas without a head-to-head quiz ruckus. 12 months, 6 questions each - which of the hosts will prevail this year?


Women's Cricket Special

The winds of change are blowing through the women's game. Two years on from England winning the 2017 World Cup, the domestic system is being reinvented - it's goodbye to the Kia Super League, hello to The Hundred. Tim talks to Raf Nicholson (CricketHer), Richard Clark (Women's County Cricket Day), and Katie Levick (Yorkshire Diamonds) to understand the potential impact of the new structure, find out what else needs to be done, and ask how healthy the women's game is overall.


Oh hey, EU again!

Picking up where we left off in Episode 21, The Broken Wicket returns to the continent for its cricket fix this week. This week sees Spain and Finland begin a three-match T20I series, the first to be played in Finland since the ICC granted Associate games full T20I status. Andrew talked to Juan Carlos Rodriguez Martinez and Christian Munoz Mills, President and Captain respectively of Cricket Spain, and to Andrew Armitage, Chairman of Cricket Finland, about the series and their hopes for...


This one's a keeper

Having (just about) recovered from the World Cup, Tim Part and Andrew Mizner return to the airwaves. Our hosts look back at the final reacting to unreleased audio recorded on tour the day after the game. They also preview the Ashes series - after all, like Ben Stokes on Red Bull, cricket never sleeps... Andrew also gets out of the studio to talk to former pro WK Michael Bates and journalist Tom Huelin, co-authors of the newly-released book Keeping Up, to discuss the role of glovemen in the...


Bonus: Fantasy T20 Blast 2019

Like Ben Stokes after too many Red Bulls, cricket never sleeps. Hot on the heels of the World Cup, the 2019 edition of the Vitality T20 Blast is barging its way into the summer, so it's time for Tim Part to get his fantasy league hat on again. Tim talks to last year's Telegraph league winner Rob Graham to find out what it takes to win and has cranked up the TBW supercomputer again to give some player recommendations of his own.


CWC19 Update 4 - It's a knockout

It's all over bar the shouting for the World Cup group stage... which means it's business time! Tim and Andrew return to discuss the (probable) semi-finals, the merits of the round robin format, and the spate of golden ducks. They also answer the hard-hitting questions such as "is spider-cam rubbish", "what's with vertical celebratory throws", and "would you poke Brad Haddin in the eye?"


CWC19 Update 3 - Hot hot heat

Humidity has replaced rain and it's heating up in the World Cup kitchen. Tim and Andrew run the rule over all 10 teams, propose an XI of the tournament so far, and discuss a large pachyderm that has entered the recording studio. As a special feature, Andrew consulted Dr David McCabe who has completed a Monte Carlo analysis of the remaining group stage fixtures, which is a lot less glamourous than it sounds. Also featuring fantasy league chat, other (non-CWC19) news, and a reference to a...


CWC19 Update 2 - And another thing...

It's been a wet week in the World Cup, but The Broken Wicket's enthusiasm remains undiminished. So much so in fact, that Tim goes on one of his fun rants about the state of the game prompted by the media coverage of the tournament thus far. Andrew joins Tim to discuss all the rest of the news - including heavy bails, Michael Holding, Alec Stewart and England Women's dominance over the Windies.


CWC19 Update 1 - The Gloves are Off

After the first week of the World Cup, Tim Part and Andrew Mizner pore over the tasty cricketing dishes (and the washed out semolina) that have been served up so far by the globe's best. News, reviews, discussing the fan experience, and plating up our latest power rankings - this is the first course of your regular diet of Broken Wicket CWC19 updates.


CWC19 Preview

It's quadrennial-ophenia. As the ten teams of the 2019 Cricket World Cup assemble, Tim Part and Andrew Mizner take a look at the prospects for each side. Our hosts also take a closer look at the anatomy of the tournament. Who should you put in your fantasy XI? What the hell is the official song about? Why is there no mascot? Help is also at hand from local experts Nakul Pande (@NakulMPande, India), Tim-CricketGuy (@Tim32_cricket, South Africa) and Adam Bell (@cricketeersnz, New Zealand).


Bonus - Now That's What I Call Cricket 2018/19

The Broken Wicket is 1 year old! To celebrate here are some of our greatest hits including interview excerpts, a couple of previously unheard clips, and 17 different Ed Sheeran songs. (Not really.) (Thank god.) Includes such classics as: Why cricketers cheat, Which Curran is best?, How data is changing cricket, How to pick & build a team, Which World Cup was best and What did Durham ever do for us? Featuring: Jeremy Snape, Matthew Maynard & Anthony McGrath, Jarrod Kimber and many...


European Special

It's a World Cup and Ashes year, but we think the most exciting development in cricket in 2019 comes from an unexpected source. Tim Part interviews European Cricket League founder Daniel Weston, and discusses the new league’s potential impact with regular co-host Andrew Mizner and European cricket expert Bertus de Jong. Tim also interviews Marcus Andersson, CEO of Wicket Gaming the company developing Cricket Tycoon, and Andrew runs through the news. All without mentioning the B-word a...


Bonus - Cricket Charity

Roving reporter Andrew Mizner interviews Dave Terrace of Cricket Without Boundaries and Saima Mohsin of the Street Child Cricket World Cup. Tim Part joins to discuss their work. Cricket Without Boundaries uses cricket as a vehicle for delivering health and social messages in sub-Saharan Africa. The first Cricket World Cup for street-connected children will take place ahead of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England and Wales.


Bonus - Fantasy County Cricket Guide

Geeks assemble! The start of the County season heralds the return of the Telegraph Fantasy Cricket County Challenge. Join Tim Part and Tasneem-Summer Sadiq Khan to recommend the best value players to select in your squad and to throw up some unexpected contenders.


County Countdown

The clocks are forward, and Easter eggs are in the shops... County Cricket must be back! Everyone's favourite social justice wicket keeper Tasneem-Summer Sadiq Khan joins Tim Part and Andrew Mizner to discuss the county season ahead, and make some inevitably woeful predictions. The team also pore over Mankadding, Amy Jones and the Nigerian Men's U19 team. Plus there are interviews with Richard Clark of the Women's County Cricket Day, and Stuart Rayner, author of Five Trophies and a Funeral.



In which our heroes, faced with a dastardly challenge, rise to the challenge with a mixture of bravery, cunning, and a computer scientist in Brooklyn. This week Andrew and Tim talk to Englishman in New York Jamie Gray, whose Test match simulation model helps them work out what would happen if the best bowlers in the world played the best batsmen. The team also discuss England Women in Asia, MCC rule changes, and declaring on 14/1.



In a bumper episode we debate England's high-octane batting style, ponder Dwaan Ollifeer (right-arm phonetic-medium) Kolpakking in his Test career, and get into a deep discussion about the point of cricket via Kusal Perera's wonder-innings. Tasneem Sadiq Khan also pops her head in to discuss the first half of the PSL and to give her take on the India-Pakistan cric-political beef. DISCLAIMER: may contain traces of Star Trek, no Slovakian handball players were harmed in the making of this...


Class of '92

Regular hosts Tim Part and Andrew Mizner cast their mind back to the 1992 World Cup, one of the classics. Andrew talks to Jonathan Northall, author of Ruling the World: The Story of the 1992 Cricket World Cup, the tale of the time of legendary kits, even more legendary players, and awesome mullets. The team also chew the fat over the West Indies - England Test series and debate the Jason Holder ban. They even manage to squeeze in several plugs for the new website -