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Home of The Daily Stampede's Bulluminati Podcast, part of the SBNation community.

Home of The Daily Stampede's Bulluminati Podcast, part of the SBNation community.


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Home of The Daily Stampede's Bulluminati Podcast, part of the SBNation community.








The Temple Of Doom Edition

It’s not all bad this edition of the Bulluminati Podcast, but it certainly could be better as Nate, Seth, and Steeg discuss the heartbreaking loss at Temple. As we consistently discuss it’s about program building and everything up to the last minute-ish had us feeling positive vibes. We also preview the home game vs. Tulsa on Friday as Nate explains why he started confident in this week’s game until further review. 0:00: The guys recap the Temple game. The 2-point play, the timeout, the...


The Keelhauled Edition

Just like Johnny Ford we’re tap dancing down the sideline to talk about what happened in the homecoming loss to ECU - the second loss to ECU in progrum history - and why that’s not the end of the world. Nathan, Seth, and Steeg come together to discuss what they saw on Saturday from their perspective and why this might be a long season (and again it’s OK.) The Bulluminati Podcast is looking for a podcast sponsor! Want to publicize your business to hundreds of USF fans weekly? Multiple times?...


The Gasparivalry Edition Featuring Banner Society’s Ryan Nanni

The Bulluminati Podcast welcomes Banner Society’s own Editor-In-Chief to the pod, Ryan Nanni! You may know Ryan from Shutdown Fullcast and Bloomin’ Onion mascot fame, but he’s here today to talk about his time living in Tampa and the validity of Gasparilla celebrating a real pirate or not. Nathan, Collin, Jamie, and Senator Giggity also join in on the fun! Afterwards Nathan, Collin, and Seth discuss the skyline chili turnover woes at Cincinnati and the game some are naming Worstlemania II...


The Stanley Cupede Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast is back to ring in the October spooky season look towards USF’s second consecutive top-15 foe at Cincinnati. We recorded later in the week to get the most up-to-date information regarding the status of the football game and across athletics and the college football sphere*. Nate, Seth, and Steeg come together to look at the continuing QB derby, the 2-deep this week, and what USF needs to do to be successful. *We also were still celebrating the TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING...


The Shamrocked Edition

Well that was a thing! Nathan, Seth, and Steeg discuss USF’s game at Notre Dame and why we should just burn the tape and move forward - ND is a really good team, it’s fine - and the upcoming game vs. Willie Taggart, Jim Leavitt and FAU. What can we expect for the rest of the season with one more out-of-conference game before AAC play begins? How many more games will be postponed due to COVID-19? How long will the QB derby last? So sit back, relax, and heal with us as we discuss these burning...


The Ad Victoriam Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast is back on the first victory Tuesday in 322 days with Jeff Scott notching his first win as a head coach against The Citadel. Nate, Seth, and Steeg discuss the outcome of the game, the weirdness of having no fans in the stadium, and Notre Dame week! 0:00: We talk about the win vs. The Citadel - keys to the game, surprises, and areas that need improvement. 13:24: We talk Notre Dame week. What will give the Bulls the most trouble? What does USF need to do to stay...



Fire up those cellys boys cause COLLEGE FOOTBALL is back! After a long and uncertain offseason we are finally at opening night. Nate, Seth, and Steeg preview Jeff Scott’s inaugural game as a head coach vs. The Citadel and look at expectations for this season. So turn up that podcast machine and lets dive right in! 0:00: New season, new era! What stood out as the most note-a-bull offseason story? What stats should we pay attention to? 6:30: Jeff Scott’s initial depth chart vs. The Citadel has...


The Megacast Preview II: The Expectations Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast kicks off the fall with real honest-to-goodness COLLEGE FOOTBALL talk! We have so much to discuss we broke down our recording into two podcasts - if you missed it, don’t forget to listen to Part I. In the second edition: Nate, Seth, Steeg, and Senator Giggity talk about the AAC Media Poll where USF is picked to finish last - nowhere to go, but up! We also discuss Michael Kelly’s scheduling wizardry once again, our best and worst case scenarios for the year, and more!...


The Megacast Preview I: Breakdown Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast kicks off the fall with real honest-to-goodness FOOTBALL talk! We have so much to discuss we broke down our recording into two podcasts - look out later this week for the second edition. In the first edition: Nate, Collin, Seth, Steeg, and Senator Giggity are here to do a real deep dive through all of the position groups on offense, defense, and special teams. So sit back, relax, and prepare for COLLEGE FOOTBALL! 0:00: Week 0 has come and gone and we have a lot of...


The Uncertain Edition

We’re back with another episode of the Bulluminati Podcast and there is a lot to catch up on from the last couple of weeks. Collin, Nate, Seth, and Senator Giggity jump in the zoom machine to discuss how the current climate of the pandemic has affected NCAA championships, college football, and the health and safety of student athletes. We also talk some actual football! 0:00: We open up with some good news and talk about the #EDSBSCharityBowl. 8:02: We discuss covid-19 and how the pandemic...


The Lunchbox Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast is back with a bite-sized audio lunch that serves some opinions and plates up some updates on if football is happening in the fall, recruiting, and more! 0:00: Nathan and Vito open by asking, are we having a football season? What are the possibilities? 3:09: Collin Sherwin joins the pod! 10:05: Robert Steeg joins the pod to discuss recruiting during covid-19 and how USF has had success despite the pandemic.


The Covid-19 and NCAA Inquiry Edition

Nathan Bond and Collin Sherwin jump in the zoom machine to discuss some major topics from the last couple of weeks. 0:00: USF started their first phase of summer workouts with zero covid-19 cases; now there are two. Programs around the nation are having more positive cases; how does this bode for a football season happening? 6:01: We talk about the NCAA investigation into former Head Coach Charlie Strong, his staff, and the program. 19:04: The do’s and don’t do’s during an NCAA...


The Michael Kelly Athletics Update Edition

Michael Kelly joins Nathan Bond and Collin Sherwin remotely to discuss the latest updates on USF Athletics during the COVD-19 pandemic. The VP of Athletics provides what the department is doing to prepare for summer workouts safely, the fall semester, and the 2020-21 athletic season. 0:00: Michael Kelly discusses how the pandemic is affecting USF Athletics and is playing at Corbett or somewhere else a possibility if games are played with no fans? 8:50: Is six weeks of training camp feasible?...


The NFL Street USF Roster Swap Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast dives into some unusual and fun #content by asking the question on everyone’s mind in these times - what happens if real life was like a video game?* More importantly the NFL Street franchise. If you missed Seth Varnadore’s piece on NCAA Street: Building the Ultimate Team, you should probably take a look before strapping in those ear buds and listening to this supplement; because we’re diving into three USF seasons to see what the rosters could look like if the winner...


The Pandemic Edition

For the first time since late February, the guys are back with a socially distanced Bulluminati Podcast from the safety of our zoom machines. Nathan Bond, Robert Steeg, and Seth Varnadore discuss the positive momentum in this strange recruiting time and the affects of missing spring practice and the remainder of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In case you missed it, check out our decade uniform power rankings with none other than Steven Bench, Chris Oladokun, and Auggie Sanchez...


The Uniform Power Ranking Zoomcast

Welcome to the penultimate post on TDS’ uniform power rankings - the players review! QBs Steven Bench and Chris Oladokun, and all-time leading tackler in USF history Auggie Sanchez join Nathan Bond and former equipment manager Will Kennedy to discuss the TDS top ten and what they enjoyed wearing the most. 27:55: Nate asks Chris about his time at USF and what made him consider transferring and Auggie talks about the coaching change going into his senior year. 38:14: Nate asks Auggie about his...


The Olympic Sports Update Edition

We liked spending time together we decided to record a third second podcast dedicated to the spring sports. 0:00: Nate opens with Men’s Tennis and Women’s Basketball. 10:51: Men’s basketball! Steeg has a spicy take. 18:45: Men’s Golf! 21:01: Baseball has a rough opening couple of weekends. 28:22: Softball bounces back from 0-6 to take down multiple top-25 teams. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen to the podcast on our host site Soundcloud, one of these apps: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google...


The Projection Edition

It’s #OffseasonContentSZN* and we’re talking about USF Football’s 2020 schedule and what to expect in Jeff Scott’s first year as Head Coach. We have a little fun with this one taking three different approaches from three different writers on what may happen to the Bulls at the end of the year. These are three different point-of-views, not necessarily how the guys think the year will play out. 0:00: The American Athletic Conference released their conference schedule for the 2020 season so we...


The #NSD2020 Edition

Nathan, Seth, Steeg, Collin, and special guest Will Turner from Bulls247 are back together at Collin’s post-Gasparilla South Tampa abode to present a national signing day bonus! It’s been awhile since we’ve recorded together so we discuss the class in-depth, transfers, the new regime under Jeff Scott after his first month, and much more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy us talking crootin’. 0:00: #NSD2020 chat. We take a look at the new Bulls that signed their LOIs today and what to expect from...


The Official Visit Edition

We’re back for the first podcast of the new decade with Nate, Seth, and Steeg talking Jeff Scott and staff in full swing at USF, and basketball updates. So slip on those headphones at work and procrastinate on Gasparilla Eve with us! 0:00: Jeff Scott is on NBA Jam fire with his first official visit weekend. We talk #ScottsTots ahead of traditional signing day. 12:56: Thoughts on the signee/commit/transfer board and how this class addresses needs from last season. 18:44: We talk the social...