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Carp fishing chats with real anglers


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Carp fishing chats with real anglers




Winter 22 Q&A Part 1

This is quite an informal episode (aren't they all!) where I go through your questions in more of a quick-fire fashion. Usually I like to do longer podcasts so we can get into things in greater detail, unfortunately I just don't have time for that right now but I wanted to get something out for you guys. I know you don't like waiting too long for episodes! In the upcoming second part of this Q&A, I plan to make the time to answer in much more detail. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel...


Stephen White Part 4

The second half of the recent interview with Stephen White is here. Stephen continues to give his insights and theories on bait for big carp as well as talk time releasing attractors, nut nutrition, dealing with undertow, and numerous other aspects of this hobby we love so much. Enjoy!


Stephen White Part 3

Mr Stephen White is back once again to share his fascinating theories on bait as well as his big fish captures of late. In this instalment, Stephen talks about his angling and captures since appearing on the show two years ago. He then shares his theories on numerous bait subjects that are sure to get the grey matter ticking. Enjoy!


Dean Towey Part 3

Well, this one has been a long time coming! Dean returns for the third time in this casual chat about bait and carp fishing. Enjoy...


Jake ’The Heron’ Hughes ~ Local legends

Jake 'The Heron' Hughes joins us for a carpy chat on big pit adventures, guesting nature reserves, run-ins with gypsies and a whole host of carpy chat. This is not one to be missed! Sit back and enjoy...


Question Time With Sam

Sam answers listeners' questions on a wide range of thought-provoking topics ranging from watercraft to bait and lots in-between! Sam also chats with one of our long time listeners Ian about product development, Scottish carp fishing, Psychology and numerous other random topics. Enjoy!


Dave Moore Part Two

Deep into the 72-pint keg, we have a boozy chat about hydros, milk protein vs fish meals, preservatives, and a whole load more! Enjoy...


Dave Moore Part 1

What an episode!!!! Pete & Sam travel to Daves private lake and work their way through a 72 pint beer keg whilst chatting all manner of things regarding carp bait, ingredients, attraction, and much more! Pour yourself a cold one and enjoy...


Carp and Watercraft With BP Milling’s Ben Pinniger

Sam sits down with Ben in the BP milling pellet feed factory to discuss all manner of things to do with the science of carp and their watery home. Ben Pinniger is a carp farmer, feed manufacturer, Sparsholt college graduate and carp fishing enthusiast. Enjoy!


Drunken Festive Special!

Sam & a hammered Pete sit back and reflect on fishing and life. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!


Question Time!

Pete and a rather drunk Sam answer your questions and go on tangents in this catch-up episode. Enjoy...


Revisited ~ Hormone-Like Substances

In this episode we revisit the subject of hormones and clarify our message.


Hormone-Like Substances ~ A Chat About Ethics

We sit down with Stephen White to chat about the emerging issue of hormone-like substances being used to attract carp and the potential downsides of doing so.


A Drunken Chat About Big Carp, Flavours, Seasonal Approaches, And More!

Basically this episode involves us getting drunk and waffling on about our recent captures, Bait Bros, seasonal edges, how to fish differently, and loads more! Expect plenty of rants in this one...


British Aqua Feeds ~ Callum Wilson

Sam sits down with British Aqua Feeds main man Callum Wilson. Callum has been with BAF since day one and has grown the company into one of the premier carp bait ingredient suppliers in the UK. We talk about how you can make a better bait, what carp find attractive, base mix ingredients, hydrolysates, and much more! Enjoy...


Bill Cottam Part Two

The long-awaited part two with Bill Cottam is finally here! Since our first episode with Bill, we have had an overwhelming amount of requests to release the second half of the recording, well here it is. Enjoy!


Jason Rider Returns!

Jason returns to discuss his incredible hauling run on his recent trip around France. His captures include some truly incredible , elusive fish. He also answers some of our listener's questions as well as giving his ever-interesting views on bait. Expect many tangents and fascinating subjects as we sit down with a few beers with the awesome Jason Rider...


We're Back!

It’s been a while but we are back to answer your questions which range from how to tackle new venues to baiting strategies and beyond. We also go over our current hookbait range and upcoming ingredient range. And don't worry, we aren't going anywhere and we have some fantastic episodes coming in the near future! Enjoy...


John Baker ~ A Flavour Masterclass

What an incredible episode we have for you! John Baker joins us to give a masterclass in flavours and carp bait. We cover many topics such as flavour science, what makes a flavour exceptional, flavour compounds, over-rated ingredients, shared recipes with Rod Hutchinson, how the famous scopex and monster crab came about, and so much more! This is an absolute treat for anyone interested in choosing the right bait to catch the carp of your dreams. Sit back and enjoy this very special...


Bill Cottam ~ Raw Talk

Bill Cottam joins us to talk about all manner of things involving bait and big carp! We cover classic recipes, big carp boilie formulation, essential oils, flavours, GLM, and so much more. Bill also opens up about his departure from Nutrabaits, which I am sure many of you want to hear. Enjoy...