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It's 2001 All Over Again

The conference title games are over, and we're partying like it's 2001 all over again (well, if you're a Patriots or Rams fan at least). Josh Powers fills in for Christian on a Monday, and it's all about football as the AFC and NFC title games have been decided.


Marching In

The conference championships are here and Matt and Jake have the breakdown leading up to the big games. Compared to recent AFC and NFC championships, are these the best matchups? And how much of an advantage do the Patriots have, if any? Matt and Jake also touch on the storylines from the entire NFL season. What has led to the progress of Pat Mahomes? And are these really the best four teams in the NFL? All that plus predicitions and the poll question on this episode of The Cheap Seats catch...


Fast Food and 1000 Dollars

Championship weekend is set up to be exactly what we all had hoped for. For the first time in NFL history, the top four scoring offenses in the league are facing off against each other in a battle of four goliaths. Jon Lauder joins the show and helps Tanner break down Championship Sunday while looking into their dream matchups for the perfect Super Bowl. Following a dispute that Tanner recaps between Jon and himself from earlier in the season, they look into the possibility of a few dream...


And Then There Were Four (NFL Divisional Recap)

Let's be honest, the Divisional Round was kind of a clunker. From blowouts to predictable exits, there wasn't much to get excited about in the quarterfinals of the NFL Playoffs. That being said, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder are ready to get Conference Championship Week started. From the G.O.A.T. vs. The Phenom to Hollywood vs. The Big Easy, there is plenty to talk about. Plus, the boys recap some of the head coaching hires while examining the two remaining vacancies. Don't forget to...



Once known as the most stable, solid organization in all of sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers are an absolute laughing stock. Matt, Jake and a few friends delve into the Steelers biggest issues and what should happen with the organization moving forward. Also, since Matt and Jake last spoke, the NHL standings have shuffled big time. Get all of the updates and why the standings are shaping out the way they are. All that plus the poll question, predictions and quick headlines on this episode of...


The Bubble Bowl

Face it, the halftime show at the National Championship game was terrible. Tanner Burke and Max Wolpoff have some great ideas on how to fix it, but they all pale in comparison to what one online petition wants. Join our hosts in The Cheap Seats as they take a look at the numbers for TV ratings and way-too-early odds for next year's championship. Some of the NFL head coaching vacancies are filled, the hosts hand out Halfway Awards for the NHL, and how D.C. area basketball teams are helping...


NFL Wild Card Roundup

WIth the first weekend of NFL Playoffs in the book, how has the landscape of the postseason changed? Join Christian Heimall & Jon Lauder in The Cheap Seats as they break down Wild Card Weekend. From who played best to the not-so-surprising results, each game has had it's impact on the road to the Super Bowl. Can any winner advance further in the coming divisional round? Who stands the best chance at pulling an upset? Christian and Jon discuss that plus the latest on the NFL Coaching Carousel...


NFL Coaching Carousel Match Game

It's that wonderful time of year again when NFL coaching vacancies become available. Trying to pinpoint which candidate will land where can be as unpredictable as anything, so why not leave it up to chance? Today in The Cheap Seats, Jake Holmes is joined by Christian Heimall to play a new game "Wheels of Fate" as they try to fill every head coach opening. Who will sign where and how will it work out? Only the wheels know! Plus, the guys also preview the NFL Wild Card round and give their...


2018 Sports Year in Review Part 2 (2019 Preview!)

Last week, members of The Cheap Seats family gathered round to talk about some of the biggest stories from the sports year. This week, some of them are back to share more personal memories 2018. Christian Heimall, Jon Lauder, Josh Powers, and Tanner Burke look back on their favorite sports memories in 2018. Tanner has to go to 2017 to find his, Jon embraces his family heritage, Christian surprisingly doesn't choose the Red Sox, and Josh gives love to those showing love. Plus, each host...


2018 Sports Year in Review Part 1

The year 2018 was an exciting one in the world of sports. From record-breaking runs through the postseason, to historic comebacks from legends of the game, there was plenty to remember. Join Christian Heimall, Jon Lauder, Baxter Colburn, Tanner Burke, Josh Powers, and Matt Coyne as they talk about the biggest stories in the sports year. The guys discuss their top instances both on and off the competitive field of play. Make sure to post your thoughts on what they talk about on our social...


Merry Christmas from PHM!

A special holiday message from PHM founder Baxter Colburn.



The mood changed drastically on the Friday episode of The Cheap Seats after the Pittsburgh Steelers finally beat the New England Patriots. You wont want to miss Matt and Jake's reaction to not only this development, but the entire wild week in the NFL. The C Team also discusses the matchups ahead of the College Football playoffs. Both Matt and Jake have an interesting take on who they want to win. All that plus the poll question, hockey updates and predictions on this episode of The Cheap...


Random Name Generator

Max Wolpoff just found a fantastic new website to play around with: the Random College Football Bowl Name Generator! He and Tanner Burke spar in a battle of the funny, the absurd, and the downright stupid names the machine comes up with inThe Cheap Seats. Also, two teams just fired their coaches; which one will be re-hired by another team first? Who replaces them at their old jobs? And why is Eric Reid getting his seventh "random" drug test in a matter of eleven weeks? All those questions on...


The DNA of an MVP

As the NFL Season comes to a close, we begin to debate who should/will win the Most Valuable Player Award. But what does it actually take to earn the honor? Today in The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder debate what exactly makes an MVP. From whether or not team success matters, to post-season numbers, and everything else in between, the guys talk about it all. Plus, they give you their reasons as to why defensive players/pitchers don't get the love they deserve when it comes to...


Slip and Fall

The mood hasnt improved on the Friday edition of The Cheap Seats after the Steelers' loss to the 10-loss Raiders. Matt and Jake discuss what the heck has gone wrong in Pittsburgh. Also, where the heck as Keith Hoehne been? Well, he's making his return to the Friday episode of The Cheap Seats to discuss his travels over the last few weeks. All that plus a draft of the best sports traditions, predictions and the poll question on the episode of The Cheap Seats. Catch us wherever you access your...


The Case for CFB Playoff Expansion

Last week, Christian Heimall set the show on fire with his 16-team college football playoff. Today in The Cheap Seats, he and Jon Lauder look at a more realistic argument: expansion in general. The boys will lay out the pros and cons, tying in how to include Group of 5 schools, and prevent players like Will Grier from sitting out. Then, they turn the verdict over to you. Head to The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook to vote on our CFB Playoff based poll question. Don't miss out...



Matt and Jake have been in better moods. After the Steelers' Sunday night debacle and a string of bad luck in fantasy, The C Team is back at it once again. With the NHL season two months old, Matt and Jake break down the standings. Who belongs where? And who is here to stay? A few weeks ago, The C Team brought up the fact if last year's Crimson Tide could beat the Cleveland Browns? Find out what Matt and Jake have to say about that. All that plus predictions and the poll question on this...


Would You Take It?

You have been offered your dream job in sports, but it is with your favorite team's arch rival. Would you take it? Tanner Burke seems more in the "yes" camp than Max Wolpoff on this episode of The Cheap Seats. Should the Group of Five conferences make their own College Football Playoff and crown their own National Champion? Max is firmly on board, while Tanner prefers expanding the current playoff. Today is also a big day for a few D.C. sports teams: the Nationals signed Patrick Corbin to a...


The CFB Playoff and the NFL's Biggest Problem

Football's Selection Sunday came and went. Did the comiitee get it right? Could they have done better? Join Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder in The Cheap Seats as they talk all things College Football Playoff. During their chat, Christian rehashes his favorite argument: Expansion. And he did research! The guys analyze his look at a 16-team playoff and if it will improve the postseason. They also dive in to the NFL's biggets problem following yet another shocking video of a star player....


Back in Black

The C Team is back and fired up about this upcoming week of football in both the NFL and NCAA. Matt and Jake have a bout of "what if" in preview of the college football conference finals. What happens if everyone (except Alabama) loses? Could UCF get in? You wont want to miss this segment. Once that is settled, Matt and Jake discuss the NFL standings. Who is overrated? Who is underrated? And what do Matt and Jake think of the Pittsburgh Steelers this week? All that plus NHL talk and of all...