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Home Cookin'

All four major sports are offically in season. Matt and Jake touch on each one of them on this Friday episode of The Cheap Seats. The guys give their weekly MLB and NHL updates. Are the Championship Series's over? And what will the Penguins do without Justin Schultz for four months? Since Matt and Jake are both scholars, The C Team gets scientific and break down analysis of home field advantage right before they dive into college football and NFL storylines. All that plus the weekly "Where...


Who Runs The Soccer World? Girls. American Girls.

It's not often that the United States get to dominate on the world level. Especially in soccer. But the US Women's National Team has been the class of the globe for some time now. And tonight they take on rival Canada in the CONCACAF Championship. Today in The Cheap Seats, Tanner Burke is joined by guest co-host Christian Heimall to try and break it all down. Brice Burge of Your Soccer Passport by Public House Media joins the guys to help. With each team already qualifying for the World...


Topsy Turvy Football

Halway through October and things continue to get weird in the world of football. Multiple Top-25 teams went down in college football while there were other upsets in the NFL. Today in The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall welcomes in Max Wolpoff as his guest co-host to break it all down. Plus, a recap of the first two games in MLB's Championship Series, the latest headlines in sports, and our "Mojo Monday". Don't forget about the weekly poll question, which you can vote on at The Cheap Seats...


Protect the McNuggets

The Championship Series's are set after a dud of a divisional round. Matt and Jake go in on who has the edge going in to baseball's final four. Also, the NHL regular season is now just over a week old. What has stood out thus far? And what is with the surplus of goals scored? Matt and Jake also preview the week ahead in the NFL as well as their weekly segment, "Where in the World is Keith?" All that plus the draft of the best football movies of all time on this Friday episode of The Cheap...


Century Mark

The Cheap Seats has come a long way since our first episode back in February. Today, get ready to hear about how the new star of the Washington Wizards has a butt injury. That's right: Dwight Howard is literally butthurt. The NLCS matchup is set between the returning Los Angeles Dodgers and the upstart Milwaukee Brewers. How will the Brew Crew's pitching measure up to a staff anchored by Clayton Kershaw in Dodger blue? Will their offensive prowess be enough? Max Wolpoff and Tanner Burke...


Football is Dumb

Yeah, that's right, we said it. Football is DUMB! Here in The Cheap Seats, we aren't afraid to side with the unpopular opinion. Join Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder this week to break down another stupid weekend on the gridiron. From the Fighting Irish being a virtual lock for the College Football Playoff, to the ridiculousness of the NFC East and AFC North, there's a lot to be frustrated about in the game of football. Christian and Jon rant about it all and debate just how likely it...


Shower Curtain

Amongst the many NFL storylines over the first quarter of the season, none may be bigger than the dumpster fire that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matt and Jake dive in to what is wrong with the Steelers, and what is going right with other teams, including Chicago, as we anticipate huge games in Week 5. Keith Hoehne weighs in on the discussion as he joins Matt and Jake for the weekly "Where in the World is Keith Hoehne?" segment. Hear what he has to say about the Steelers debacle as he...


October Baseball & Football: Let the Real Fun Begin'

October is finally here! And that means it's time to get real in two of America's favorite sports: Baseball and Football. With the first month of the NFL season complete, we can finally start seperating the best from the rest. Plus, it's MLB postseason time. Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder are ready to talk about it all today in The Cheap Seats! But first, it's not often Jon talks about golf, but Christian is gonna make him. Europe reclaimed the Ryder Cup and America's two biggest...


Flag it Down

What on Earth is happening to the NFL? Penalty records are broken each week and the season is taking a turn toward straight confusion. Matt and Jake have some pretty strong opinions about what is happening to the NFL, you wont want to miss it. But on a positive note, fall is here. Which means the MLB postseason and NHL regular season is right around the corner. Matt and Jake dive in to the NL Central and West race to see who has the advantage going into the MLB's final regular season...


Stay or Go

Let the "Bryce Harper Sweepstakes" begin! The Washington Nationals star outfielder is set to become an unrestricted free agent, and suitors are lining up to pay for his services. Can the Nationals keep him for another crack at the playoffs, or is he no longer in the team's plans? Join Max Wolpoff and Tanner Burke in playing some "oddsmakers," and hear their first of many disagreements. Be sure to weigh in at The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook. They also take a look around...


Let's Get Weird

It finally happened! Things got weird in the game of football. Five of the Top-25 teams in the country got upset, including one by a school that didn't have football 10 years ago! Plus, the Buffalo Bills DOMINATED, the Miami Dolphins are undefeated and the Cleveland Browns won a game! Join Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder as they recap a crazy weekend of sports that included a costly walk-off in New York and the return of Sunday Tiger. Plus, get their thoughts on Jimmy Butler, Le'Veon...


Contender or Pretender?

Join Matt and Jake as they try to figure out what is going on after 2 weeks of NFL games. You also don't want to miss as they chime in on all of the drama surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are the Steelers in trouble? What do they think about Antonino Brown's tweet? Matt and Jake will also give you their take on some of the 2-0 teams and if Patrick Mahomes is the real deal. Keith Hoehne also stops by again to fill us in on his next adventure in Rocky Top. Matt and Jake also take a look...


I Want to Help You

There are lots of decisions to be made this Wednesday on The Cheap Seats. Who will celebrate October baseball in the super-tight National League race? Will Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer say anything noteworthy in his first press conference back from suspension? Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers give Jameis Winston his starting job back after this week? And when, if ever, is it OK for an umpire or referee to use the phrase "I want to help you"? Max Wolpoff and new co-host Tanner Burke do...


Snap Back to Reality

With Week 2 in the books, all of the terrible Opening Weekend overreactions can cease. From the Ravens being Super Bowl contenders to Sam Darnold writing his Hall of Fame speech, along with the Bills and Lions being atrocious. Well, those last two are probably gonna stick around. Today in The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder recap the weekend on the gridiron including the first real upsets of college football season and the latest in the Heisman race. Not to mention, there was...


All Tied Up

Now that the dust has settled from the NFL's opening weekend, football fans are reunited with some of the most frustrating aspects of the sport, including ties and their least favorite commentators. Matt and Jake recap the happenings from Week 1 and are joined by Keith Hoehne for the segment, ""Where in the World is Keith Hoehne?"" as he talks about his Week 1 experience. Matt and Jake also breakdown two blockbuster trades in the NHL this past week. Does Erik Karlsson make the Sharks the...


Who Wore It Better?

"Now that we are fully engulfed in football season, it's time to begin the age old debate of which level is better. Today in The Cheap Seats, Max Wolpoff is joined by Christian Heimall to discuss the differences between college and pro ball. The emphasis on this breakdown though is who had a better Opening Weekend? Join the guys as they present their cases to you and the world. Christian takes the side of the amatuers while Max vouches for the NFL's first weekend as the better of the two....


What The Actual "F"ootball?!

"The first full weekend of football is in the books and all we can say is ""What the...?"". From stunning victories, disappointing efforts, and the whole Le'Veon Bell situation, join Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder in the first of many football freakouts in The Cheap Seats. Jon and Christian also recap the biggest headlines in sports, including Serena Williams, along with how the top Heisman candidates fared over the weekend. They also get in to how Nike's latest campaign will impact...


Hello... Where Are You?

"Just hours removed from the NFL's Opening Night, Matt and Jake discuss teams and storylines to look out for this weekend to get you completely ready for the first Sunday of NFL action. Matt and Jake are also on the lookout. Where on Earth is Le'Veon Bell? The C Team has pretty strong opinions about the Steelers' runningback. Also, Matt and Jake introduce a new segment, ""Where in the World Is Keith Hoenhe?"" as they talk to Keith about his unbelievable sports journey. All that plus The...


September Call Ups: Hang Up or Dial In?

When the calendar flips to September, MLB rosters expand like pants after Thanksgiving dinner. But is that a good thing? Join Max Wolpoff and Christian Heimall as they debate the validity of the September call-up. Max is quite in favor of rosters going from 25 to possibly 40 players during the final month of the season. It makes for some great stories and adds some flexibility for the manager late in the season. Christian, however, hates it. From slowing down the game to changing how you...


Kickoff Party

Football is BACK! The College Football season officially kicked off over the weekend and the NFL season is ready to start on Thursday. Today in The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall and Jonathan Lauder talk about it all. On the college football gridiron, the Top-25 got very little shakeup Week One. So how did the best teams in the land fair? What about the Heisman hopefuls? The boys break down everything. Meanwhile, with the NFL about to begin, which storylines will dominate the season? And on...