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Coaster101 has been a source for theme park news, reviews, interviews, engineering breakdowns and more for over 15 years. Now, finally, we've figured out how to record ourselves, and are coming at you in audio form! Follow us on all social media platforms @Coaster101, and visit for more. The Coaster101 podcast is property of, LLC.

Coaster101 has been a source for theme park news, reviews, interviews, engineering breakdowns and more for over 15 years. Now, finally, we've figured out how to record ourselves, and are coming at you in audio form! Follow us on all social media platforms @Coaster101, and visit for more. The Coaster101 podcast is property of, LLC.


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Coaster101 has been a source for theme park news, reviews, interviews, engineering breakdowns and more for over 15 years. Now, finally, we've figured out how to record ourselves, and are coming at you in audio form! Follow us on all social media platforms @Coaster101, and visit for more. The Coaster101 podcast is property of, LLC.








Inside Skyline Attractions with Jeff Pike and Tyler Mullins

Skyline Attractions has it written into their business charter that they will create at least one new concept each year, and after seven years, they have no signs of slowing down. We're joined on the podcast this week by Jeff Pike, President & Co-Founder of Skyline Attractions, as well as Tyler Mullins, a design engineer for the company. From their work with Great Coasters International on Titan Track and the new Infinity Flyer trains, to their impressive ride catalog with rides like Crazy...


This is How We Roll with Coaster Studios and Upstop Media

The history of Rocky Mountain Construction is one that many coaster enthuasists think that they know. But do you know the whole story? We're joined on the podcast this week by Taylor and Sarah from Coaster Studios and Scott from Upstop Media, to learn more about their new documentary project: This is How We Roll. Ahead of the big Texas premiere at the end of the week, Taylor, Sarah and Scott talk about the origins of the documentary, the history of RMC from Fred Grubb's garage to Stunt...


John Goes to Disneyland and FINALLY Rides Rise of the Resistance

If you've been listening to the podcast for awhile, you'll remember the saga of John's inability to get a boarding pass during his Walt Disney World trip last fall. Well, during his recent trip to Disneyland, he got to ride Rise of the Resistance not once, but twice! John and Andrew return to talk Rise of the Resistance, Spider-Man Webslingers, the coaster credits at Disneyland, and their thoughts on active vs. passive dark ride experiences! You can connect with the show by emailing us at...


Hooray for (Universal) Hollywood!

When many people think of Universal theme parks, Orlando comes to mind. But Universal Studios Hollywood is able to hold its own, evolving over the years from a tram tour into a full blown theme park. This week on the podcast, Andrew is joined by Shane, John, and Eric, who talk the highlights of the California theme park, including Secret Life of Pets, Jurassic World: The Ride, and everyone's favorite Seawar Spectacular: Waterworld! You can connect with the show by emailing us at...


Chatting with Valleyfair Vice President/General Manager Raul Rehnborg

Happy National Roller Coaster Day! This week on the podcast, we're joined by Valleyfair Vice President/General Manger Raul Rehnborg. Raul is a 35-year theme park veteran, whose career has included stops at Knott's Berry Farm, Knott's Soak City (in Buena Park & San Diego), and California's Great America, before joining Valleyfair as VP/GM in 2018. We talk about Raul's history in the industry, his Valleyfair favorites, the upcoming fall season and everything that makes Valleyfair one of the...


Defiance (and much, much more!) with Glenwood Caverns General Manager Nancy Heard

Last week, we found out where Gerstlauer's "Mystery Coaster" for 2022 was going to be built -- Glenwood Caverns in Colorado, going by the name "Defiance." This week on the podcast, we're joined by Glenwood Caverns' General Manager Nancy Heard to learn, not only about Defiance, but a little more about America's only Mountaintop Amusement Park. Did you know that Glenwood Caverns dates all the way back to 1895, or that they opened the first-ever Alpine Coaster in North America in 2005? Or that...


All The News Fit To Print

For a random week in July, there was A LOT of theme park news. While we're not typically a news-y show, we wanted to recap some of the biggest theme park stories of the week. There were a pair of World's First Roller Coasters announced last week, one in Texas, and one in Central Florida. We talk about Kings Dominion's Map Coordinates. We talk the first roller coaster at Sea. It's a quick show, but it's a fun one this week! We're also looking for writers and others to join the C101 team....


A "Grand" Tour of Carnivale at Kings Dominion and Carowinds

We talk about Carowinds a lot, but when one of our podcast co-hosts visits the park for the first time, you know we've gotta hit the highlights! Shane was vacationing in Charlotte with his family, and not only did he meet Andrew at Carowinds, he also managed to snag a few hours at Kings Dominion on his way home. He hit the highlights! Fury 325, Copperhead Strike, Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers, and Carowinds' Woodstock Express! This week on the podcast, we're talking about the two park...


Coaster(101)Stock with Don Helbig

Believe us when we say "Not All Coaster Enthusiast Events Are Created Equal." Half of the Coaster101 team got a taste of one of the best enthusiast events in the country at Kings Island's Coasterstock on July 9-10. The weekend was filled with ERT, amazing Food, and incredible behind the scenes opportunities. Andrew, Kyle and Nick are joined by Don Helbig, Digital Marketing Manager at Kings Island, who remains one of the driving forces behind the event, to talk the sixth edition of...


Thinking Like A Theme Park Creative with Patrick Kling

We're all theme park fans, but there's a fine line between fan and theme park creative. Sometimes, as a fan, it's difficult to see why things are done the way they're done, but everything happens for a purpose. This week, we're joined by Theme Park Creative Leader Patrick Kling, who inspired us with a recent LinkedIn post about what it took to think like a theme park designer when experiencing an attraction. Patrick approaches theme parks from multiple perspectives, including design,...


Inside Cedar Point's Snake River Expedition with The Weber Group

Cedar Point is celebrating their 150th Anniversary this season, and part of that major celebration is the addition of the Snake River Expedition, a spiritual successor to the park's former Paddleboat Excursion. This week on the podcast, we talk with two team members of The Weber Group, who helped bring the attraction to life. We talk inspiration, creative processes, production animatronic animals and exploding buildings, and everything in between. You can connect with the show by emailing...


Coaster101 Goes to Orlando - Velocicoaster, SeaWorld, and Epcot!

This week on the podcast, Shane joins Andrew to discuss his recent trip to Orlando, celebrating his 21st birthday. During the trip, he visited Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and arguably the best park in Orlando for someone turning 21, EPCOT. Listen for Shane's thoughts on Velocicoaster, his recounting of his 5-Hour wait for Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures, Day at SeaWorld, and why he thinks Mission: Space is Walt Disney World's most underrated E-Ticket...


Follow The Yellow Brick Road to Holiwood Nights

It was a big week for roller coasters last week. Velocicoaster and Jersey Devil opened to rave reviews, so obviously, we're talking about Holiwood Nights. This week on the podcast, join Andrew and John as they talk about John's recent trip to Holiwood Nights, one of the premier coaster enthusiast events in the United States. We talk Holiday World's coasters, and coaster enthusiast events in general! You can connect with the show by emailing us at or hitting us up on...


Georgia Parks On Our Minds

Coaster101 went down to Georgia, they were looking for wood and steel. They were in a bind, credit counts way behind, and they were willin' to make a deal...or something like that. This week on the podcast, Andrew chats with fellow C101 team members John, Kyle and Nick about their recent trip to the Peach state, visiting Lake Winnie, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Fun Spot Atlanta (as well as the Georgia Aquarium and at least one Waffle House.) Why is Twisted Cyclone great? Why is the Great...


Knott's Bear-y Tales and Knott's Berry Farm's 100th Anniversary Celebration

Recently, Eric had the opportunity to visit Knott's Berry Farm for a preview of their 100th anniversary celebration. With the food, fun, pomp and circumstance that comes with an anniversary, there's also a new ride opening at the park this season: Knott's Bearry Tales: Return to the Fair. We recount Eric's visit to the park, and go in-depth on Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair, and why we feel it could end up being far superior to its predecessor, Voyage to the Iron Reef. Read more...


"Hidden Gem" Theme Parks

This week on the podcast, Shane recounts his recent trip to Lake Compounce, a park considered a hidden gem by many enthusiasts. Shane and Andrew then get into a discussion about several other "hidden gem" parks, including Conneaut Lake Park, Waldameer, The Great Escape, and Family Kingdom! If you like small parks, this week's episode is for you! We also talk Kentucky Kingdom's new chaperone rule, because it seemed newsworthy. Are the teens going to cancel Kentucky Kingdom again? Are they...


The TPEG Alumni Community Competition

Last year, while everyone was at home, the TPEG Alumni Community, led by a group of recent Ohio State alumni, held their first ever competition. While the world is getting back closer to normal, the TPEG Alumni Community is once again hosting a theme park design competition for college students and recent graduates. This week on the podcast, we're joined by Tiffani DuScheid, Carissa Vance, and Kirsten Szydlowski of the TPEG Alumni Community to discuss their history with TPEG, this year's...


Virtual Park Mania Victory Parade and Season Preview with Carowinds

Earlier this year, Carowinds was the Champion of our 5th Annual "Park Mania Bracket Contest." When someone wins a title, they get a virtual victory parade! (Now that we've got a podcast, anyway.) We're joined on this week's podcast by Carowinds' Digital Marketing Manager Patrick Wisniewski, who actually grew up as a fan of the park, to talk Park Mania, Carowinds 2021 Season, and his favorites at Carowinds! We also talk about the tweet that inspired the #GentleBreezeSquad hashtag! You can...


The Cedar Fair Reopening Roundtable with Valleyfair, Kings Dominion and Schlitterbahn!

Stop us if you've heard this before. 2020 was a roller coaster of a year. The good news is, it's now 2021, and theme parks are getting ready to open again. All of Cedar Fair parks open later this month, and we're joined on the podcast this week by Valleyfair's Public Relations and Communications Manager, Kelsey Megard, Kings Dominion Public Relations Manager Maggie Sellers and Schlitterbahn's Director of Sales and Marketing, Aaron Martinez, to talk 2021! We go in depth on a variety of...


Theme Park & Roller Coaster "Hot Takes," Part 2

Last week on social media, we asked our audience the question "What is your most unpopular controversial theme park hot take?" Spoiler alert: The responses didn't disappoint. While there were too many to cover in one episode (or even multiple episodes), we decided to discuss a few of these hot takes on the Coaster101 Podcast. The takes were so hot that we had to break it up into two episodes! This week on the podcast, join Andrew, Shane and John for Part 2 of our "Theme Park & Roller...