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Big Media is trying to silence the voice of average fans across the nation. Join Bobby Fever and PokerGuy98 as they explore the lighter side of sports from the fan's point of view. The coals are burning hot and fools are getting roasted!

Big Media is trying to silence the voice of average fans across the nation. Join Bobby Fever and PokerGuy98 as they explore the lighter side of sports from the fan's point of view. The coals are burning hot and fools are getting roasted!
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Big Media is trying to silence the voice of average fans across the nation. Join Bobby Fever and PokerGuy98 as they explore the lighter side of sports from the fan's point of view. The coals are burning hot and fools are getting roasted!






#43: NFL Championship Weekend Preview

Bobby's heart is broken now that Nick Foles' magic run is over. But, it's Championship weekend! We've been in the film room watching every All-22 film for every squad's 2018 season. Time to break these games down and pick some winners. Every position group for each team is evaluated, as it's discovered that maybe our research wasn't as complete as we thought it would be. Only 3 games left in the NFL season. music by


EP 42: NFL Division Round Playoff Preview

Bobby and PokerGuy pick your NFL Divisional Round of the playoffs winners. Get your checkbooks out and #FadeBobby. Also, where are each of these new coaching hires in 4 years? Any future XFL coaches hired this week? music by


EP 41: Woman marries ferris wheel, Hoarders Poop Lady

Woman marries Carnival ride; 20 year old gets intimate with inflatable pool toys. Trangendered man with mega sweet beard gets pregnant, Junior style. The long awaited breakdown of Hoarders Poop Lady. I think it's the urine and feces that's causing the smell. music by


EP40: NFL WildCard Round Recap

NFL Wildcard Round is in the books. Oh, no, Cody. What have you done? BDN and the Eagles are heading to New Orleans. Geaux Eagles. Philip Rivers loading up the cargo van to take the kids to New England. Ravens fans lusting for Joe Flacco. Dallas wins, but those that bet on them didn't thanks to old SeaBass. PokerGuy has already put Bill O'Brien on the 2019 Hot Seat. music by


EP 39: Flowers from PokerGuy

No sports here. Just the fluff. PokerGuy sent Bobby flowers for Christmas. He recounts how he made that mistake. Meet Nichole. She likes pony play. She is a grown woman that pretends she is a horse. PokerGuy accidentally goes on a Tinder date with an old asian lady who can't speak English. music by


EP38: NFL Wildcard Preview

Bobby and PG get you ready for the wild card weekend of the NFL playoffs. #FadeBobby. music by


EP 37: Week 17 NFL Recap, Horrible PS4 Parents

Bobby and PG recap a wild finish to the NFL season. Alabama and Clemson are ready for round 4. Nick Foles and the Eagles are back, baby! Anthony Lynn gets Melvin Gordon hurt for no reason. Which coaches are getting fired? NFL Draft order. A high percentage of PS4 users are shitty parents.


EP 36: THICC Otters, Trans Gamestop Freakout, Week 17 NFL Picks

Bobby explains to PokerGuy why Gus Malzahn is an asshole. Bobby had to babysit on vacation. The movie "Solo" sucked. More my 600lb life commentary, as Schenee can't stop lying. THICC otters. A transgendered person loses zer mind in a Gamestop. Week 17 NFL picks. music by

EP 35: Giant Steers, Giant Poops, VHS Tapes

Bobby and PokerGuy are on vacation this week, and haven't been able to deliver on their NFL recaps. In order to satisfy the hungry listeners, here is an excerpt from "The Lost Pod". Bobby and PG discuss Knickers the Giant Steer, Classic VHS tapes, and the Biggest Poop Bobby has ever seen. Spoiler alert, it had to be chopped up to be flushed. music by


Ep 34: Week 16 NFL Picks, Josh Gordon, Urban "Professor of Integrity" Meyer

Week 16 NFL Picks and Preview. Josh Gordon's going to get his mind right. Rick Pitino and Urban Meyer both get new jobs. Don't get caught masturbating in a public pool. A woman gets hosed down on her porch. Don't eat sugar free candy. This version doesn't have 6 1/2 minutes at the start of Bobby and PokerGuy planning the podcast and bullshitting. If you downloaded that, you got to see how the sausage is made. Music by


Ep 34: Week 16 NFL Picks, Josh Gordon, Urban "Professor of Integrity" Meyer

Week 16 NFL Preview. Josh Gordon is going to take some time to off to work on himself. Rick Pitino is on his way to Greece. Urban Meyer, Professor of Character and Integrity. Week 16 NFL Picks. Don't eat sugar free candy, ever. A man gets caught jacking it in a public pool. PokerGuy sees Brett Favre's modest penis for the first time. music by


EP 33: NFL Week 15 Recap, Alley BJs, and My 600lb Life

Week 15 NFL Recap. Live reactions as Bobby goes full tilt on the Eagles. Jaheem Allen leads the Bills to victory. Raiders fans get in a fist fight. A man on a scooter gets a BJ in an alley. A 600lb women can't get on a hotel bed, and much more! music by


EP 32: Week 15 NFL Preview, Moon Landing, Hepatitis Kidneys

In this week's "Have you seen this, Have you heard about this?" the guys discuss the moon landing, Robert Sarver's threat to move the Suns, The return of Nick Foles, Jordan slapping Malik Monk, and the biggest Property Brothers fan ever. Week 15 NFL games picked against the spread. PokerGuy angers Bobby by fading him . music by


EP 31: Week 14 NFL Recap, Kyler Murray Heisman, French Riots

Week 14 NFL recap. Kyler Murray is the Heisman Winner, but gets dragged through the mud by a scumbag USA Today Reporter. Trans Australian Handballer is an absolute unit. French Rioter catches a beanbag to the beanbag. The Miami Miracle. Oakland's terrible turf secures the victory. Pat Mahomes has an MVP moment. Bobby Fever finally gets a few bets right.


Episode 30: Week 14 NFL Preview, Kareem Hunt Fight Club, Bad Neighborhoods

Bobby Fever and Poker Guy make corrections to their Kareem Hunt coverage. Kareem Hunt can't stop kicking people's asses. Kevin Durant is a little bitch...still. How to identify a bad neighborhood. Plus, get Bobby's picks for Week 14 in the NFL so you can make a bunch of money by fading him. Music by


Episode 29: Week NFL Recap, Kareem Hunt, Mike McCarthy Fired

The NFL turned upside down in Week 13. Kareem Hunt sure doesn't seem sorry. Tyson Fury can't be knocked out. Mike McCarthy has been fired. Bill Bellichick isn't going to take any crap from Adam Theilen. Bobby crushes up some Excedrin PM after a terrible week of betting on NFL action. music by


Episode 28: Week 13 NFL Preview, Giant Cows, Skydiving

Week 13 NFL games are previewed and picked ATS. Zach Smith Twitter Update. Bomani Jones thinks taking charges is for dorks, and Bobby agrees. Gigantic cows. A horrifying hang gliding incident is reviewed. Bobby tells PG about his ONLY time ever going skydiving. Baker Mayfield just keeps taking a dump on Hue Jackson. Blake Bortles has been benched. The Dude from the FSU racist tweet is going to need to pull a Bobby Valentine to get another job. Music by


Episode 27: Week 12 NFL Recap, College Rivalry Week, Kickers Suck

PokerGuy98 is back after successfully storming the border. Bobby goes full Skip Bayless after the Arizona Wildcats blow a lead in the Territorial Cup. Apparently you can't get mad when your kicker chokes anymore. Bobby disagrees. Urban Meyer mushroom stamps the entire state of Michigan yet again. Racist FSU fan tweets. Everyone is Cleveland takes a dump on Hue Jackson. The Bills screw over Bobby yet again. Adrian Peterson hasn't learned anything.


Episode 26: Thanksgiving Special. Week 12 NFL, College Football Rivalry Week

Bobby Fever harnesses his inner Colin Cowherd and goes solo this week. Bobby talks about watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade with his wife. Al Roker has a BoogerMobile. Marching bands suck. Week 12 NFL games are picked against the spread. The Falcons have been Buffalo Bills black listed. Josh Allen vs Jalen Ramsey. Plus, this week is Rivalry Week in College football.


Episode 25: Week 11 NFL Recap, Condi Rice, and Les Miles is back!

Condoleeza Rice is a head coaching possibility for the Browns... or is she? Thank God, Les Miles is back. We're worried about Urban Meyer's health. Week 11 in the NFL. Alex Smith just got "Paul Georged." Dirk is going to ride or die with Jameis. Is Eli no longer done? Life finds a way, and the Chargers will always find a way to 9-7. Never go Full Bortles.